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Chapter 348- Rhino Horn Poison Curing Pill

Chapter 348- Rhino Horn Poison Curing Pill

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In his meeting with Ouyang Shuo, Sun Bin wasn't cold. Instead, he was really excited.

Since Sun Bin had the intention of coming out and joining the military, he naturally expressed his intentions.

When Ouyang heard this, he was elated.

Yesterday, he had put together Sun Wu's suggestions to reorganize the military structure. The arrival of Sun Bin helped to solve the most important component.

As the time was not right, the two did not have a deep conversation about the topic.

Ouyang Shuo asked him to come to the reading room tomorrow afternoon.

After meeting Sun Bin, Ouyang Shuo tuned to Bianque and smiled, “Mister, you came to Shanhai City, so I'll try to do my best as a lord. The medical department has a mansion that's currently empty. Would you like to live there?"

Bianque had heard of the rumors, so he naturally understood what the Lianzhou Lord wanted. The lord wanted him to settle down. In reality, the lord was inviting him to work in the medical department.

When Ouyang Shuo saw Bianque’s expression, he let out a slight smile, “Mister, you don't need to consider it, as the medical department won't restrict your freedom. Not only that, we will prepare servants and resources for your long trips. The only requirement would be for you to recruit a few disciples to help out the department."

Ouyang Shuo knew that if he did not raise up anything, Bianque would have his doubts. In fact, he wanted Bianque to register as part of Shanhai City. Of course, if he could meet the requirements for physicians to settle in the city, that would be the best.

After Bianque heard these words, he was actually tempted. When he thought about Sun Wu's introduction, he made his mind up, “I simply cannot reject all your kindness!"

"Great!" Ouyang Shuo was on cloud nine.

When he saw Bianque, Ouyang Shuo thought of a person and said, “Mister, there's someone with a hidden disease. I have tried every common treatment, but it didn't work. Can you help diagnose him?"

"Oh? There's such a weird illness? I'm really interested to go and take a look."

To someone like him, the more complicated and challenging the condition, the better it was to helping to raise his skills.

When he saw Bianque being so eager, Ouyang Shuo bid farewell to the grandfather and grandson pair. He smiled, “Since that's the case, there's still time now, so I'll bring you there."


Bianque entered his room and took out his medical suitcase. Then, he followed Ouyang Shuo out.

The person Ouyang Shuo referred to was his half master—Bajiquan Master Lin Yue.

Song Jia was having problems convincing Lin Yue. Since there was a chance, Ouyang Shuo was willing to give it a shot.

Since long ago, more dojos had spread across the entire territory. But the one Lin Yue set up remained the most famous one. The dojo was now named the Baijiquan Dojo, and its location had shifted many times.

Currently, it was located in the inner city commoner area, and it took up a huge area.

The disciples had increased from less than a hundred to thousands. A large portion of the disciples would choose to enter the military after training.

The earlier batch of disciples was doing really well.

Wang Feng was the colonel of the Guards regiment; he was one of the most trusted generals. The other disciples had all reached the rank of major.

As time passed on, Bajiquan slowly became an important power in the military.

Not to mention the fact that Ouyang Shuo himself learned Bajiquan. The other disciples naturally felt honoured, as if they were born to serve Ouyang Shuo.

When Ouyang Shuo rushed to the dojo, the disciples were preparing for the festivities.

After they noticed his arrival, all of them grew excited and went forward to greet him.




On the way, the sounds of greetings continued.

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand in acknowledgment. Under the guidance of a disciple, he entered the main hall.

Lin Yue rushed over upon hearing the news.

After the greetings, Ouyang Shuo asked everyone to back down. Lin Yue knew that the lord definitely had an important matter to mention.

All of a sudden, only the three of them remained in the main hall.

Ouyang Shuo introduced Bianque to Lin Yue, “This is god physician Bianque, he's here to treat you!"

When Lin Yue heard this, he felt a jolt in his heart. His disease had already become an unbearable pain in his heart, and he had felt despair after failing to find a cure for it.

If it were not for the dojo, Lin Yue would not know how to survive. To a martial artist, their art was their life.

Lin Yue looked at Bianque with a complicated expression. Although he felt eager, he also felt afraid of his hopes being crushed. His current feelings were not something anyone could understand.

Bianque was really experienced, and he had diagnosed an uncountable number of patients. Lin Yue’s feeling were normal in his eyes.

Many patients with weird diseases all felt a similar way.

Bianque smiled and said, “Please sit down; I’ll feel your pulse."

Lin Yue sat down like a well-behaved baby, totally different to his usual strict master demeanor.

Ouyang Shuo stood at the side and did not dare to interrupt.

The current Bianque was the main star of the hall.

In truth, the moment he entered and saw Lin Yue, the diagnosis had begun.

Chinese medicine focused on all aspects, and Bianque was a master of this art. He was especially good at looking at the patient’s color to make a diagnosis. He could even infer what had happened.

The famous story of when he visited Caiheng showed his skill.

After feeling Lin Yue’s pulse, Bianque had a rough idea of what had happened. Then, he asked a few more questions. Just like that, he diagnosed the problem and could cure it.

Oddly enough, after his series of questions, Bianque kept quiet, and his face looked a little ugly.

When Lin Yue saw this, his heart went all the way to his throat. One could say that Bianque was his only hope. If even the god physician could not cure him, he would lose all hope.

After a long time, Bianque opened his eyes and spoke, “There is a special ice poison in Lin Yue's body. An expert with a poisonous ice nature internal strength injected this into his body. This poison is highly venomous, and it will eat into the organs and cause organ failure."

When Lin Yue heard this, his eyelids twitched, as if he had remembered some unpleasant memories.

He raised his head and said, “As expected of a god physician. In fact, an expert who was good at Yin Ice Kungfu injured me."

Bianque nodded and continued, “If it weren't for your strong internal strength that could suppress it, you would have died. Even so, it has stayed in your body for a long time and caused much damage. If you don't cure it, you might not live past the New Year."

When Ouyang Shuo heard this, his eyes narrowed.

Lin Yue was more optimistic. He smiled; this was the same as he had predicted.

Bianque said, “I know that there's a pill that can cure your ailment."

"Is that true?"

Lin Yue could not remain as calm anymore. His eyes revealed a light of hope and delight.

Even Ouyang Shuo was feeling happy for Lin Yue. However, he was calmer as a bystander. He felt that things would not be that simple. Otherwise, Bianque would not make such a troubled expression.

As expected, Bianque nodded. But then, he shook his head, “Don't be so happy yet. There's a pill known as the Rhino Horn Poison Curing Pill."

"What's the difficulty?"

"Although I know the recipe and the pill making method, the required main ingredient is rare."

"What main ingredient?"

Lin Yue regained calm, but in his heart was a glimmer of hope.

The cause of one’s desperation was not seeing the problem, but failing to see a way forward.

This was the first time Lin Yue had heard of an exact way to cure his problem. Naturally, he was delighted. He had made up his mind—whatever the ingredient was, he would find it.

"Rhino Horn!"

When Bianque spoke out, his words made one’s spectacles drop to the floor.

"Rhino horn?" Lin Yue thought he had heard wrongly and asked, “Isn't that found in every herb shop?"

Bianque shook his head, “If it was a normal Rhino horn, of course, it would be easy to find. What you need is a spirit beast level Rhino horn."

Lin Yue's face turned white.

A spirit beast was incredibly rare. Furthermore, they needed to find a Rhino spirit beast.

Ouyang Shuo felt elated when he heard those words.

Everything in the world followed a cycle.

Wasn't there an iron armored beast horn in his storage bag? It was mutated from a rhino and met all the requirements.

When he saw Lin Yue’s depressed state, Ouyang Shuo knew it was time for him to speak.

He took out the horn and passed it to Bianque, “Mister, this is from a mutated desolate beast. Its name is the iron armored beast. Can it be used?"

In a moment, this horn became the focus of everyone.

Out of the three of them, Lin Yue had the most complicated feelings. He was happy, emotional, and nervous.

Bianque took it. After he observed the horn, he laughed, “This beast is even better than spirit beasts; this horn is very suitable."

When Lin Yue heard this, he went before Ouyang Shuo and emotionally said, “I'll never be able to repay your good grace!"

As he said that, he wanted to kneel on the spot.

Ouyang Shuo immediately stopped him, “Brother Lin, you don't need to do that. When you came to Shanhai Village, I already said that I would cure you. Today, I've fulfilled my promise."

When Lin Yue heard these words, he was very grateful. He did not expect Ouyang Shuo to remember that promise all the way till now.

Only death could repay such a huge favor.

Ouyang Shuo heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like he had solved the matter he promised Song Jia.

Ouyang Shuo did not stay for long. He left Bianque and returned to the Lord's Manor.