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Chapter 350- New Year“s Red Packet Snatching Event

Chapter 350- New Year's Red Packet Snatching Event

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Mulan Yue teleported over to Shanhai City and gave Ouyang Shuo a present. She handed him the platinum rank accessory that Chun Shenjun had dropped when he died.

Name: Golden Qilin Seal (Platinum Rank)

Type: Accessory

Specialty: Purify Evil (Doesn't get corrupted; evil avoids you)

Evaluation: A sealed emperor seal. The essence of a country protecting Qilin is needed to unseal it. After it's totally unsealed, it can suppress a country's fortune, a priceless treasure.

Ouyang Shuo trembled; he immediately thought of something—Imperial Jade Seal.

In the last life, Di Chen's Handan City had built a country first. For a lord to establish a country, apart from his rank, he needed two other things—an imperial decree and also an imperial jade seal.

Ouyang Shuo did not expect Chun Shenjun to possess such a treasure.

The lost of the golden Qilin Seal was enough to make Chun Shenjun’s heartache for a long while.

If he knew of the real use of the golden seal, he would probably just burst into tears.

Regretfully, the golden seal needed the injection of Qilin essence to unseal. The Qilin was an ancient prosperity beast. To find one and make it give up itself was harder than ascending the heavens.

The golden Qilin seal was a holy treasure, so one could not place this item into a storage bag. As such, they could only bring it around. If not, Chun Shenjun would not have lost it.

Luckily, the seal was not too large, so Ouyang Shuo could place it in a gold bag, which allowed him to conveniently hang it on his waist.

Gaia 2nd year 2nd month 20th day, New Year's Eve night.

The Shanhai City's lights shone brightly, and the atmosphere brimmed with the festive spirit

The loud explosions of fireworks filled the air.

In the main hall of the Lord's Manor, Ouyang Shuo welcomed the group of officials.

At both sides, famous figures had lined up.

As the music played and people danced, dish after dish of delicious delicacies were brought up to the tables.

Such a huge feast was something that Ouyang Shuo could not imagine a year ago.

His only regret was that Song Jia was not present. Currently, Song Jia had ventured into a mountain farmer's house. In there, she had spent an unforgettable New Year’s eve night.

Not only Shanhai City, the entire China region was immersed in the Lunar New Year spirit.

This was also the first time the China region players had gathered in the game, so it naturally held a special meaning to them.

Be it the global channel or the forums, both bustled with activity.

In the originally quiet wilderness, one could see flames rise into the air and light up the night sky.

Be it adventure mode players or lord mode players, they all celebrated the New Year in their own way.

The nine system imperial cities bustled with excitement and players pretty much swarmed these places.

Following the customs of the aboriginals, they spent the New Year's Eve with their families. To players, it was truly a different experience.

The New Year’s spirit and feelings had utterly awakened the memories of the players.

Some of the old men were filled with emotions and even secretly wept.

As for the children, they were even happier. All of them formed up into small groups and took small fireworks and firecrackers. They enjoyed a totally different New Year compared to the one they could experience in a modern city.

Bing'er, this little brat, ate a few mouthfuls of food and disappeared like a monkey.

To the kids, this was the happiest of times.

This was also the first time that the China region players could not look at New Year's Eve programs and performances.

Hence, after they finished their New Year's Eve dinner, the players all felt that something was not right. Something felt missing. Furthermore, they did not have any phones and could not grab red packets, so the teens all the more felt that something was off.

Luckily, be it the various large territories or the imperial cities, they all had show platforms that held performances for the people. These events allowed the people to throw away their regrets.

After the feast, the people in the Lord's Manor all walked out to the square to watch the performances.

The performing troupe did not just come from the theatre. There were also troupes that the Chamber of Commerces sponsored. On the other streets, there were also other smaller-sized performance platforms.

As the lord, Ouyang Shuo would naturally enjoy these performances with his people.

After the players had their meals with their family, they all had nothing to do. As such, they went on the forums.

All of the sudden, there were numerous bored people.

At this time, the players hoped that Gaia would hold a New Year’s event.

On the New Year's Eve night, the people would naturally look forward to the Nian beast event.

The only special one was Shanhai City.

Since the Nian beasts had become their city protectors, naturally, no more Nian beasts would come.

To normal players, the Nian Beasts were too rare and not all of them would face these monsters. Some of the players went on the forums and demanded for an event where all players could participate.

In truth, Gaia had really prepared a huge surprise for the players in the China Region.

At 9 PM, a system notification punctually sounded out.

"System Notification: Gaia 2nd year 2nd month 20th day, 9 PM. The Nian Beast ascend on the wilderness. All lords, please prepare!"


The Nian Beast event had officially started.

Only this time, Ouyang Shuo was a total bystander. Similar to Ouyang Shuo, a whole bunch of other players could not join the event. As such, they started a ruckus on the forums.

10 minutes later, just when the players had grown really bored, another system notification sounded.

"System Notification: Gaia 2nd year 2nd month 20th day. Today is the traditional New Year's Eve in the China region. To add to the festivities, 10 minutes later, we will open the Red Packet Snatching Event. Please look forward to it!"


When the notification rang out, all the players grew excited.

Red packet snatching was such a memorable phrase, so it instantly triggered all the players' festive spirits.

Along with the system notification, the system released the Red Packet Snatching Event rules on the forums.

Ouyang Shuo scrolled through the forums, as he watched the performance. Mulan Yue, who was sitting beside him, was already on the forums. To a little girl, the performances were nothing interesting.

In truth, there was such an event in his last life. Ouyang Shuo only went online to confirm it.

The Red Packet Snatching Event was very simple.

Firstly, the players who joined must voluntarily send Gaia a red packet. The could place as much gold as they want inside, but they had to at least put in a silver.

Gaia would pile all the red packets together and randomly distribute the gold to participating players.

There were hundreds of millions of players in the China region. If everyone gave a single silver, that would result in a million gold.

If one was lucky, one could strike a jackpot. Maybe if you gave Gaia a silver, you could get a return of a thousand or even ten thousand gold.

Of course, your luck might be bad, and you might only get one copper.

This kind of game was suitable for everyone. It also had a slight gambling edge similar to buying the lottery.

Of course, some players might just decide to give Gaia one silver and take the chance that they might earn a lot. Even if they did not earn much, they would only lose a small amount.

Toward this kind of action, Gaia had taken some preventive measures.

In the rules, there was another interesting setting. If a player gave Gaia a huge red packet, they could receive a lottery ticket. The bigger the amount, the higher the chances.

Additionally, to make the players more eager, if one reached a hundred gold, they were guaranteed to receive one coupon.

If the red packet was big enough, one had the chance to gain a few lottery tickets.

Not only that, the coupons were split into ranks in a similar manner to equipment. The ranks ranged from copper to platinum. Of course, players could not receive the highest god rank, as that would break the game balance.

Gaia also described the function of the lottery ticket.

Naturally, the lottery ticket gave the chance to draw a prize.

At 10 PM sharp, a player with a ticket could participate in a lucky draw. The prizes were dazzling, and it included equipment, cultivation methods, skill books, special items, and more.

The items inside included black iron rank equipment, mysterious region scrolls, emperor rank cultivation methods, and more. They were really attractive prizes.

Some of the items had a rarity equal to those sold during the second system auction.

Gaia made it clear that the higher the grade of a lottery ticket, the higher one’s chances of drawing a rarer prize.

This interesting setting had totally ignited the interest of all the rich players. It involved a complicated gamble, it was not something a calculator could compute.

Gaia's settings were really interesting and took care of all players. Those who had some money could gamble to try and win big. Maybe, they could actually win a grand prize.

One could just treat it as buying a lottery ticket.

Those with assets could even try to obtain a high grade lottery ticket.

Suddenly, all of the players in the China region were totally absorbed and attracted to this event.

From now on, players could send a red packet to Gaia. Each player would only receive one chance. After they sent the packet, they could not change the amount, and they could not send another packet either.

Each player only had one chance.

The deadline was set at 9:50 PM.

"Brother Wuyi, how much are you ready to gamble?" Mulan Yue read the specifics of the event and asked Ouyang Shuo.

Not only Mulan Yue, everyone in the China region was currently discussing this same question.

The Shanhai Alliance channel also brimmed with activity.

Some players had started to talk about this dilemma. If one gave too much and only raffled a piece of normal equipment, they would lose a lot.

If one gave too little, one would not feel good.

After all, the temptation of platinum ranked items dangled right there.

Which player would not have such a dream? Gritting your teeth and spending a hundred gold to obtain a chance of these rare items. If one really got lucky, wouldn’t they become rich overnight?

The China region players were now stuck in a painful predicament. However, they were happy about it.

Not only that, Gaia also brought out another prize. Gaia opened a broadcast channel, and the channel would report the names of anyone who sent five hundred gold or more.

With that, it made the rich people even more tempted to gamble.

All of a sudden, the country channel started to refresh at a crazy speed and numerous people honorably appeared on the new channel.