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Chapter 351- 100 thousand points of pain

Chapter 351- 100 thousand points of pain

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So, how popular was the Red Packet Snatching Event that Gaia pushed out?

From two details, one could probably make a good guess.

The 1st was Bing’er’s reaction.

The little brat was playing a fool outside. However, when she heard the news, she immediately ran before Ouyang Shuo. Then, she opened her hands and said, “Brother, where’s my red packet?”

“Baby, what would you need it for?”

Ouyang Shuo had his doubts. This little brat took everything she wanted in Shanhai City. Then, Zisu who followed her would just pay for the items. Hence, Bing’er would not need any gold.

“Snatching red packets!”

Ouyang Shuo nearly fainted on the spot.

This event really attracted people of all ages.

Helplessly, Ouyang Shuo handed Bing’er a hundred gold. As she was still young, Ouyang Shuo did not want this little brat to come into contact with too much gold.

Bing’er did not say anything. Instead, she directly handed all the money that Ouyang Shuo had passed her to sister Gaia.

As for Ouyang Shuo himself, after he considered everything, he bet 500 gold. He did not think about obtaining any big prizes; he just wanted to participate.

With his sad luck, his chances of winning the jackpot were really slim.

Mulan Yue was more casual, and she directly placed two thousand gold in. She had obtained this gold from the first huge payout from the Mulan House. As such, her wallet brimmed with money.

Another detail would be the broadcast channel that Gaia opened.

The channel had opened for less than 10 minutes. However, too many people had bet five hundred gold, so the number of players that spoke in it caused their words to just flash across the channel. One could not even see carefully.

Due to this occurrence, Gaia had no choice but to raise the cost to one thousand gold.

This was also the first time Gaia had to change the rules all of a sudden.

The strength of the China region players was really unique.

At 9.50 PM sharp, the system sounded out.

“System Notification: The New Year’s Red Packet Snatching event in China has officially closed. A total of 87,503,472 red packets were obtained, and a total of 158,236,550 gold and 72 silver was amassed. All the gold will be randomly distributed to the players who have joined in. The lottery tickets will be given out at the same time!”


The moment the notification rang out, the first reaction of the players was to look at their mail boxes.

Ouyang Shuo made a quick calculation using the stats that Gaia provided. Around 90% of the China region players had participated in this event. Additionally, on average, everyone had sent two gold.

Such a huge amount could really give birth to two super jackpot winners.

Just as Ouyang Shuo was feeling some hope, a system notification sounded out by his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations Player Qiyue Wuyi for obtaining a red packet and a black iron lottery ticket. Thank you for your participation, and Happy Chinese New Year!"

Ouyang Shuo bitterly smiled; he had used up five hundred gold and only obtained a black iron lottery ticket. He had such bad luck. He held no hopes for the money inside the red packet.

He sighed, as he opened it. He only saw a copper coin that quietly laid inside.

The copper coin was like a stick that directly smacked his head.

There was nothing worse than this.

His bad luck could not be this bad, could it?

Gaia! God!

Why do you have to bully me like this? You're just smacking me in the face!

Can't we just be good friends?

Ouyang Shuo really felt like crying. He felt like a hundred thousand alpacas had run across his face.

Ouyang Shuo held the pain in his heart. He was about to place the red packet into his storage bag, as he did not want someone to see it. If someone saw it, he would lose a huge amount of face.

Unfortunately, things did not happen as he wished.

Mulan Yue, that little kid, was sitting right next to him.

She had just opened her red packet and was delighted. Obviously, she had obtained something good. She turned around and saw Ouyang Shuo, just as he was about to place his packet into his storage bag. She asked, “Brother Wuyi, how much did Gaia give you? Mine had a five thousand gold ticket!"

Five thousand gold, five thousand gold, five thousand gold.

Ouyang Shuo really felt like running into a wall. How could the difference between people be so huge?

"Cough!" Ouyang Shuo tried to calm himself down and forced a smile, “Congratulations, Yueyue. I’m not as lucky, only getting a pitiful a hundred gold."

When he told this lie, Ouyang Shuo's facial expression did not show the slightest change.

"Actually, a hundred gold isn't that bad, as long as it's not one copper. Who knows which unlucky fool got one copper!"

"Cough cough!" Ouyang Shuo's face stiffened up, “Yeah, that's true."

“Unlucky fool~ Unlucky fool~"

Yueyue, ah. The unlucky fool you're referring to is sitting right next to you!

Ouyang Shuo could feel a hundred thousand points of pain.

It's the New Year’s, so why did it feel so painful?

Why couldn't it be fun?

Ouyang Shuo held much resentment toward this Red Packet Snatching Event.

Mulan Yue did not realize that her current brother Wuyi was badly hurt. She happily waved her lottery ticket and continued stabbing, “And also, brother Wuyi, I got two silver tickets, and one dark gold one. What about you?"


Ouyang Shuo had given up all hope. He just waved his ticket, “I only have a useless black iron ticket."


Toward Ouyang Shuo's luck, Mulan Yue was stunned. She did not know how to console him, “Brother, it's okay. Maybe your black iron lottery ticket can give you a dark gold item?"

As she said these words, she did not believe in them herself.

"Haha, it's fine. What's important is participation!" At this point, Ouyang Shuo had adjusted his mindset, and he had a greater understanding of his own luck.

At this moment, another flurry of system notifications sounded out.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Tong Yan for receiving a ten thousand gold red packet!"


"System Notification: Congratulations Player Fengyi for receiving a twenty thousand gold red packet!"


Any player who received more than ten thousand gold would receive a system notification in the country channel.

"Wa, they are the lucky ones!"

Mulan Yue also heard the notifications and exclaimed.

Just at this moment, another system notification sounded out through the China region.

"System Notification: Congratulations Player Ouyang Bing for obtaining the special prize, the two hundred thousand gold red packet!"

The moment this notification came out, the China region fell completely silent.

After a short lull, the region sprang into an uproar, as the country channel bustled with excitement.

"Oh my god, who is Ouyang Bing?"

"Super lucky girl! Why wasn't it me?"

"Two hundred thousand gold! The richest player is born!!"

"Getting rich overnight is no longer a legend!"

"Ouyang Bing, let me be your friend!"


Those who knew of Ouyang Bing's real identity were also shocked.

Ouyang Shuo's first reaction—another player with the same name.

Once he thought about it, he realized that could not be right. After all, the game would not allow it.

Bing'er's overpowered luck really made others despair!

At this moment, Ouyang Shuo felt both happy and depressed.

They were siblings but their difference in luck was too vast.

That brat received such superstar treatment. It really made one unable to feel calm.

The Yazhou Territory building had actually stunned Ouyang Shuo already. He did not expect to receive such a surprise now.

If there was some luck, Bing'er would have a limitless future.

Apart from Ouyang Shuo, only a few such as little aunt, Sun Xiaoyue, and Song Jia knew of her identity. Even Bai Hua and the rest were not clear. They only knew that Ouyang Shuo's sister was called Bing'er.

Of course, Mulan Yue knew.

She was so shocked that she did not know what to say.

"Little Shuo, you gave Bing'er money to join?"

Such a huge bomb, even little aunt could not help it. So, she directly asked Ouyang Shuo through the alliance channel.



Suddenly, the alliance channel exploded.

Everyone was smart. They guessed that Ouyang Bing was the sister of Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo did not bother about the chaos in the channel. Right now, he needed to find Bing'er. When he thought about her holding two thousand gold, he felt terrified.

After Bing'er took her red packet, she had disappeared.

Just when Ouyang Shuo was about to look for her, she suddenly ran back.

"Brother, look at what Sister Gaia gave me!"

Ouyang Shuo looked closely, only to see two tickets in her hand.

She ran over and passed the two tickets to Ouyang Shuo.

"Brother, here, give it to you!"

Ouyang Shuo accepted it. One ticket was the two hundred thousand gold ticket, and the other was a platinum rank lottery ticket.

When he saw the lottery ticket, Ouyang Shuo already felt a little numb.

Since she received the special prize, obtaining a platinum rank lottery ticket was normal.

Mulan Yue also came over. When she saw the two tickets, she drooled. Compared to Bing’er’s luck, Mulan Yue felt that her rewards were so dull.

"Bing'er, do you know you won the special prize?"

Mulan Yue carried Bing'er and pinched her cheeks, “Lucky fellow!"

Bing'er laughed," I know, Sister Gaia told me!"