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Chapter 352- Luck Hiding in an Unfortunate Situation

Chapter 352- Luck Hiding in an Unfortunate Situation

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"Sister Gaia?"

Ouyang Shuo finally reacted and realized the weirdness of her words.


Bing'er had a face of doubt. She did not know what was unusual.

"Baby, you talked to Gaia, cough, sister Gaia?"

Ouyang Shuo had to carefully choose his words.

Bing'er rolled her eyes. This little brat was not as dumb as before. She pulled Ouyang Shuo to her side and sneakily said, “Sister Gaia often talks to Bing'er. However, she says I shouldn't tell anyone. Bing'er will only tell you!"

Ouyang Shuo understood and rubbed her head, “You did good!"

As the brain of Skynet, Gaia possessed a much higher intelligence than humans. The federation had already listed it as an AI, not a cold-blooded machine.

Ouyang Shuo did not know why Gaia would pick Bing'er.

He only knew that this matter would be better off if he did not know about it.

"Baby, brother will just act like he doesn't know anything. You also don't need to talk to brother about it, okay?" Ouyang Shuo instructed.


"And also, this gold ticket. Brother will help you take care of it!"

Ouyang Shuo waved the two hundred thousand gold ticket. He was worrying about the funds for Yazhou. Now that he had this, the problem was totally solved.

There was practically no one else who could have so few responsibilities and have it so easy as a lord like Bing’er.

As the siblings continued to talk, it was already 10 PM. The Lottery event was about to begin.

"Baby! Draw your prize!"

Ouyang Shuo passed the platinum rank lottery ticket to Bing'er.


Bing'er was very excited about the lottery; she looked forward to it.

A virtual spinner would appear before the players who won lottery tickets. As there were simply too many items, Gaia made a selection and only twelve items would appear in front of them.

The chances of getting a prize was actually one in twelve.

Of course, different people would have different obtainable prizes.

"Brother, Sister Gaia said that Bing'er can choose one out of the twelve!"

Bing'er had not even drawn her prize, yet she secretly revealed this information to Ouyang Shuo.


"Gaia was simply too good to Bing'er.

The twelve items all had different values. To players, some items were suitable for them, while others were not. Naturally, they wished to obtain a suitable item.

Bing'er, on the other hand, could just choose what she wanted.

"Baby, just choose any item that you like. You don't need to consider anything else."

This was her luck, so Ouyang Shuo naturally would not interfere.


Shortly after, Bing'er chose her prize, only to see a book appear in her hand.

Ouyang Shuo took it over for a look and was stunned. It was actually a secret manual.

Name: Wugou Heart Sutra

Rank: ??

Level: 1/18

Stat: For every level gained, bone structure increases by 4, comprehension increases by 2, and all other stats increase by 2

Specialty: Unique, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded

Evaluation: Unsullied. Heart is pure and calm. Needs to be cultivated from a young age. No impure thoughts, not tainted, pure body.

Note: This cultivation technique is a special heart sutra. It needs a pure environment to cultivate.

Ouyang Shuo was amazed, the Unsullied Heart Sutra was basically made for Bing'er.

Although one could not see its rank, but based on its stats, it was even better than Ouyang Shuo’s Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique.

Ouyang Shuo estimated that only after he manage to merge the three cultivation techniques into one could he surpass the Unsullied Heart Sutra.

Before this, Ouyang Shuo was actually thinking about what cultivation method to get for Bing'er.

Now that the problem was settled, everything was good.

Ouyang Shuo returned the manual to Bing'er and said, “Baby, this book, use it when you are about to sleep."

Since Gaia had such plans, naturally, it would tell Bing'er how to cultivate this technique. As such, Ouyang Shuo did not need to worry.

When he thought about this, Ouyang Shuo removed the cooling bead that he wore and hung it around her neck.

"Brother what is this? It's so cooling."

Ouyang Shuo smiled, “This is my New Year’s gift to you. Do you like it?"


The little brat smiled so sweetly that her eyes formed a thin line.

Bing'er was happy not because of the cooling bead. Instead, she felt joyous because Ouyang Shuo still remembered to give her a New Year’s gift.

This matter was what truly made this little brat so happy.

Ouyang Shuo pinched her nose, as he naturally knew her current thoughts.

A warm feeling built up in both their hearts.

"Oh yeah, baby. When you were drawing, what other prizes were there?" Ouyang Shuo could not control his curiosity. What other items could compare to the Wugou Heart Sutra?

Bing'er scratched her head and said, “Nine Yang Cultivation Method, Sunflower Precious Manual, etc. All such bad names. There was also some city creation token, treasure sword, and treasure bead. Oh, there was also another treasure armor. The rest I can't remember."


"Baby, ah. Do you know that every one of those items are enough to drive players crazy? You even despised their names. If other people learned this, they would feel so jealous."

It seems like Bing'er drawing the Unsullied Heart Sutra was not unexpected.

As for the players with huge prizes, Gaia helped announced them to the public.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Car on Qiuming Mountain for drawing a dark gold sword, Fengye Sword!"


"System Notification: Congratulations player War heart Fengyan, for drawing king rank cultivation method Sancai Sword Manual!


Oddly enough, the system did not announce the Unsullied Heart Sutra that Bing'er gained. Ouyang Shuo knew that Gaia was protecting her. If the system announced her prize, it would be too astounding.

At this point, Mulan Yue had finished drawing her prize.

"Brother Wuyi, look at this!"

She held a sword in her hand.

She bragged,”This is a dark gold sword known as the Shuangyue Sword."

"Not like you can use it!" Ouyang Shuo teased her.

Being worse off than Bing'er was okay, but even Yueyue teased and made fun of him.

"Hehe," Mulan Yue did not care and said," I can't use it, but I can give it to Xue Fei!"

Mulan Yue was a girl that cared a lot about friendship and brotherhood. Since Li Feixue had protected her, she was willing to give away such a precious gift so easily.

"Brother Wuyi, you haven't drawn a prize. Quickly, I want to take a look!"

Ouyang Shuo was speechless. This little girl was just mocking him.

He did not mind and really started to draw his prize. As for whatever he got, he did not hold much hope. He did not even bother to check what items were available. He just directly started to draw.

The needle in the lottery started to spin quickly before it finally stopped.

Ouyang Shuo looked and was rendered speechless.

What did you think? The place where the needle stopped was actually another rusty copper coin.

Don't tell me that Gaia is outright going against me!

This is too much!

Ouyang Shuo was simply furious!

Even if he did not expect to obtain anything good, it should not have given him a copper coin. A dirty copper coin!

Ouyang Shuo even had the urge to kill himself. Big Sister Gaia, we are siblings, so why must you treat us so differently?

When the copper coin appeared in his hand, Mulan Yue laughed out loud.

"Haha, Brother Wuyi, what is this? A copper coin? Haha~" As she laughed, she covered her stomach, “Aiyo, haha, I can't, my stomach hurts!"

Ouyang Shuo frowned, “Yueyue, big miss, please maintain your image, please."

"It's really funny!" Mulan Yue tried to keep it together, but she could not help but mock, “Brother Wuyi, what's your luck stat? How are you so unlucky?"



Mulan Yue had a face of sympathy and muttered, “No wonder! Such low luck, if you walked down the hill, a rock on the mountain will probably hit you."

"Cough cough."

This little girl’s thinking truly triggered Ouyang Shuo.

"Brother, Bing'er also finds this copper coin ugly. Why not throw it away?"

He did not expect for the little brat to join in the fun.

When Ouyang Shuo heard her say that, he actually wanted to throw it away.

At the last moment, he decided to just take a look at its stats.

Name: Yingyang Copper coin (Yang)

Type: Special Item

Speciality: After use, can revive without any losses

Evaluation: Yingyang Copper coin, one Ying and one Yang.

After he looked at its stats, Ouyang Shuo smirked. This copper coin actually had a special effect, the same effect as the substitute doll.

Ouyang Shuo immediately thought about the similar rusty copper coin in his red packet.

As he took it out, as expected, it was the Ying Copper coin.

The moment the two coins touched, they merged together and the rust instantly disappeared. Now, the copper coin looked mysterious.

On the surface, it had a weird grim reaper, which seemed like it was about to come alive.

There was one phrase, ‘Hidden in unfortunate circumstances is some good luck.’

It was true!

This god, Gaia, seemed to have some conscience.

With the Yingyang Copper coin, Ouyang Shuo could give the substitute doll to Bing'er and keep the coin.

When they saw the changed copper coin, Mulan Yue and Bing'er mouths both gaped open.

Especially Bing'er, who had never seen such a magical scene. Her current expression was really cute.

Mulan Yue had seen more than Bing'er, so she instantly guessed that the copper coin was not ordinary. It was definitely special.

"Brother Wuyi, let me see!"


"Hen." Suddenly, she said, “Brother Wuyi, the other copper coin was from the red packet, right?"


"Ha!" When she saw his expression, Mulan Yue acted like she had discovered a new continent. She shouted out loud, “It definitely is! You actually lied and said you won a hundred gold, liar!"

Ouyang Shuo instantly felt awkward and embarrassed. After she exposed him, he naturally could not retort.

"So what if it is? It proves that it isn't a normal copper coin!"


Toward Ouyang Shuo's thick skin, she really had nothing to say.

Amongst the laughter, the New Year's Eve night came to an end.