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Chapter 356- General Picture

Chapter 356- General Picture

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2nd month 24th day, 4th day of the New Year, sunny.

It was another tiring day for Ouyang Shuo.

Yesterday, he had held the administrative meeting. Additionally, he would the military meeting today in the morning.

The location was similarly the main hall.

Compared to the civil servants, the generals looked more like a star-studded group.

Du Ruhui led the Military Affairs Department. The department also had Zhao Kuo, Zhu Hongliang, and Song San. Baiqi and the other four major generals led the army. Apart from them, there was Sun Bin, Fan Lihua, Daiqin, and Lin Yi. There was also guards regiment colonel Wang Feng, who had teleported over from Yashan City.

Out of all of the stars, only one person felt uneasy and out of place.

He was the secretary of Military Intelligence, Song San.

If one said that Zhu Hongliang had a bit of skill and thus the confidence to sit behind Du Ruhui, then Song San felt a sense of low esteem when he faced the generals of legends.

Furthermore, the Military Intelligence Division was one of the most important divisions in the department.

All of a sudden, Song San felt like he was sitting on needles.

If it was possible, Song San even wanted to resign from his position and return to the army. Based on his experience, he could easily become a colonel, and the position would be far more relaxed.

Even Lin Yi and Wang Feng, these two high potential generals, were really serious. They did not dare to take this meeting lightly.

In this year, Lin Yi had participated in numerous battles. Now, he was at the brink of breaking through to advanced general. He would become the first to upgrade to advanced general amongst the home grown soldiers.

As for Wang Feng and Zhao Sihu, they were still a distance away from becoming advanced generals.

As for the other generals, it was even harder.

Some generals could not even see the hope of breaking through.

The difficulty of upgrading to an advanced general was evident from this fact.

In Ouyang Shuo’s last life, some territories had to compromise because of a lack of advanced generals. The divisions that they built could not find a proper major general. Either the lord himself took up the role, or handed someone the role of deputy major general. In these cases, the deputy would perform the duties of the actual major.

It was similar to the situation with the city protection division deputy major general Zhao Sihu.

As a city protection force general, Zhao Sihu did not have the rights to participate in this military meeting.

Out of all the generals, Zhao Kuo, Sun Bin, Fan Lihua, and Daiqin were here for the first time.

Hence, before the meeting started, Ouyang Shuo decided to arrive half an hour late.

He intended to leave some time for them to get to know one another.

Out of the four of them, Zhao Kuo could be considered somewhat familiar. During the Battle of Changping, many of the generals in the Shanhai Army had crossed swords with Zhao Kuo's forces.

During that time, he was an ambitious young commander.

Now, he had willing decided to work in the Military Affairs Department.

Among the generals, Baiqi was the one most familiar with Zhao Kuo.

Although they were familiar with one another, they could not be considered friends. When they met, it often felt awkward.

Of course, this was only because of Zhao Kuo’s overthinking.

To Baiqi, be it the battle map or the main world, he considered Zhao Kuo a small general. Although he had huge potential, he was far from being Baiqi’s opponent.

As for the lord placing Zhao Kuo at the helm of the War Division, Baiqi thought that this move was a master stroke.

With Zhao Kuo's ability, the War Division was most suitable for him.

As for the rivalry between him and the Military Affairs Department, Baiqi could keep calm and notice that. As long as the lord trusted him and his methods, then there was no need to object to any of the plans and arrangements.

Only a lack of their lord’s trust could make a general afraid

Restricting him, on the other hand, proves that the lord trusted him a lot.

Out of the four of them, although Sun Bin was a stranger, he could be considered a famous person.

Apart from Er'Lai, many of the generals were around during Sun Bin's period.

Most importantly, as a general, who wouldn't have read Sun Bin's art of war?

Sui Bin created the chariot circle formation that Zhao Kuo used during the Battle of Changping.

Be it Baiqi or Shi Wanshui, they all worshipped Sun Bin.

Hence, the moment this teen who sat on a wheelchair entered Shanhai City, although he had not done anything, he had established prestige and power amongst the generals.

As for prestige in the military, it could only be built up during real battles.

Since he possessed such fame, Sun Bin had the highest number of generals looking for him for a chat in the main hall.

As for Sun Bin himself, he also felt shocked when he saw all these famous generals.

At this point, he realized what his grandfather was talking about.

And his blood started to boil at the same time.

Thinking about it, with so many famous generals, his dream had a chance of coming true.

His grandfather was right. Shanhai City was the best place for him to take up a role.

Although it was his first time joining the military meeting, he knew some matters concerning the Shanhai City army.

After their first meeting, Ouyang Shuo had met with Sun Bin for a deep conversation.

No one else knew about the specific details of their conversation.

Most crucially, it had something to do with the military meeting today.

When they were talking, Sun Bin had still lacked confidence. But today, after he learned of all the generals in the main hall, Sun Bin's heart had grown calmer and calmer.

Soon, he would lead a huge army.

Of the four, only the female general Fan Lihua appeared a little awkward.

A few days was enough to let Fan Lihua realize the relationship between her princess and the Lianzhou Lord. Hence, Fan Lihua was very self-aware and integrated herself into the Shanhai City system.

Of course, in her heart, she felt a little closer to Ouyang Bing, her little princess.

Bing'er was a natural diplomat.

As long as one came into contact with her, there would not dislike her.

During these few days, Bing'er did not just play around. Her main mission was to bring her sister around Shanhai City.

It made Fan Lihua realize the prosperity of the city.

Of course, as a commander, Fan Lihua had seen the world. Although Shanhai City was prosperous, it was far from Chang An city.

Fan Lihua was not nervous. However, she did not know anyone, which made her seem a little cold.

Only one other general talked to her.

She was also one of the four heroines in Chinese history - Mu Guiying.

Based on the legends, they were both disciples of the same master.

When she saw Fan Lihua keeping quiet and not talking, as an old general in the territory, Mu Guiying took the initiative to look for her.

It was only then that the two golden flowers of the Shanhai City army officially met.

Between the two of them, there were many similarities.

They were both daughter-in-laws of famous generals. Both of their husbands were captured in battle, which made them widows. However, they both managed to win a huge battle and received the reward of the imperial court, making them famous generals.

Similar situations would naturally make them feel close to one another.

The two of them, although meeting for the first time, felt like they were sisters.

Fan Lihua was just feeling awkward. In comparison, the last person out of the four, Daiqin was more similar to Song San. Daiqin felt really uneasy.

At this point, after sitting in the main hall, Daiqin finally had a new understanding of the Shanhai City army. To think that he was actually confident when he attacked. Now, he felt embarrassed.

It was obvious that the Shanhai City army did not even treat the grassland alliance army as an actual opponent. They only defended against the Yanhuang Alliance.

Daiqin had stayed in Shanhai City for a period of time.

As for the arrangements the lord had for the grasslands, he had heard about them. To say the truth, for the grassland alliance to end up in such a state, he held the responsibility as the commander of the army.

However, deep down in his heart, he did not feel that submitting to Shanhai City was a bad thing.

It was only bad if you were a member of the noble families.

If you were a normal farmer or herder, you could count yourself lucky.

When he saw the prosperity of Shanhai City and how advanced it was, Daiqin realize the backward living standards of the grasslands.

Even though he thought in such a way, it did not mean the grassland people would trust him.

To them, they would only believe in what they could see.

In truth, they had trusted Daiqin and sent their sons and husbands to the military. What returned were ice cold corpses.

Daiqin also heard that on the grasslands, many unfavoring rumors had spread about him.

Some said that he was a total novice and he cost the grasslands.

Some said that he was greedy for glory and had submitted to the enemy. As such, he was not fit to be honored by the grassland people.

Ever since he surrendered, Daiqin had not seen Mengke even once.

That was probably for the best.

Daiqin did not even want to imagine what it would be like if he met Mengke Kehan.

Although he did not feel any guilt in his heart, he could not hide the sadness.

All in all, the grasslands had already become a knot in his heart that could not be untied.

Daiqin only wanted to lead an army to fight wars outside and leave this sad place.

In truth, Ouyang Shuo was full of praises for Daiqin.

Since returning to Shanhai City, when he chatted with Baiqi or Du Ruhui, all of them gave high praises to Daiqin. All of them said that he was an amazing general.

None of the homegrown generals could compare to him.

Even the Tianqi tribe general Lakeshen was nothing compared to him.

As he possessed a deep hatred for Ouyang Shuo, after the alliance army surrendered, Lakeshen did not join the army. Instead, he decided to return to the grasslands.

To Lakeshen, it was better if he became a normal herder for the rest of his life.

Everyone had their own ambitions. Ouyang Shuo did not try to keep Lakshen. Nor did he do anything to him. Afterall, Ouyang Shuo had caused the events that happened to Lakeshen.

Amongst the uproar, Ouyang Shuo finally arrived!