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Chapter 357- Glory is my life

Chapter 357- Glory is my life

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Ouyang Shuo's arrival into the main hall represented the start of the military meeting.

The main topic of the military meeting was very clear to—discuss the arrangements of the three divisions.

Appointing the three major generals was one topic.

Most importantly, the territory would now add three more divisions to the current four. Now, they had the ability to build a higher level military legion.

Based on the organization, four divisions would form one legion. A legion differed from a division because it did not have a subordinate unit. Only the general themselves would get a guards unit.

If one said that a division was the main pillar of an army, then the legion represented a real military force. Apart from an army corp, this represented the highest unit in an army.

Based on normal circumstances, a military would only form up an army corp from several legions during wars.

Hence, a legion would normally be the highest unit in common day military operations.

Normally, one legion would be enough to control and dictate a war.

To build such a huge and important piece, they naturally needed to be very careful.

One could even say that the establishment of a legion was a historical moment for the military.

As for how to build the legion, Ouyang Shuo already had his plans.

Before the meeting started, Ouyang Shuo had decided to keep it a secret and not directly announce it.

Amongst the military, there was a special unit that would always remain the highest level. The units position could never be shaken—they were the guards of the lord.

The guards were the tools to protect a country.

In his last life, some lords described this unit as such, ‘The guards are the sharp sword in the lord's hand, spreading their name and honor.’

"Honor is my life." This phrase drove the guards on.

The current guards regiment was close to being like them.

If one did not include the city protection forces, the territory had close to a hundred thousand troops. For such a huge army to only have a small and sad guards regiment, it was not right.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo needed to reshape the guards structure.

The first item on his agenda was the guards regiment.

Ouyang Shuo ordered the renaming of the guards regiment to palace guards. Now, they would be based on the structure of three thousand palace guards. Their leader would be appointed as the palace general. They would hold a position on the same level as a major general.

Wang Feng was the first palace general appointed.

No one in the military had any objections to this appointment.

Since the building of the guards, from the guards unit to the regiment, Wang Feng had played the role of Ouyang Shuo's bodyguard.

The palace general role naturally belonged to him.

The place guards were Ouyang Shuo's personal guards.

During peacetime, they took charge of guarding the Lord's Manor.

During war time, they were his personal army. Wherever Ouyang Shuo went, they would follow.

The structure of the place guards was not just a simple change of name.

Ouyang Shuo had set down several requirements—all the members must be trained like special forces, and they must pass several tests.

The palace guards would be the special forces of the army.

If the current guards regiment soldiers were eliminated in the tests, they could not enter the palace guards. Apart from special forces training, Ouyang Shuo had two strict requirements.

Firstly, the set of a minimum rank—rank 10 war elite soldier.

Secondly, their potential could not be lower than B.

With such high standards, it set up the prestige and honor of the palace guards.

Toward the formation of the palace guards, Ouyang Shuo also set really strict restrictions.

In the near future, the palace guards would have three thousand people. Others could only join it if current members were injured and needed replacement.

Ouyang Shuo's goal was to not only let the palace guards possess the same status as a division. He even wanted their strength to be around the same level.

The requirement would be for every palace guard to be able of handle four men on their own.

A day ago, the second batch of migrants had reached Yazhou.

The members of the guards regiment would return with the Beihai Naval Fleet to Shanhai City for their trial.

Their main mission would be to complete their special forces training.

So where would the eliminated members go?

This would be the second level guards in Ouyang Shuo's structure.

Ouyang Shuo ordered them to build a guards division.

The guards division would be under Ouyang Shuo's direct command. Usually, they would be in charge of defending the imperial city—Shanhai City. They would form the last line of defense.

During war, they were the main force.

All the replacements of the palace guards would be chosen from the guards division. The members of the guards division would be chosen in the same manner as the previous guards regiment. The members will be selected from the various divisions.

The selection standards would be the exact same as the ones for the guards regiment.

If one said that the palace guards were Ouyang Shuo's bodyguards, then the guards division was his personal army.

The two of them added together would form his strong and resolute guards force.

In truth, the planned structure of the guards system had two more levels.

Only the current territory did not meet the requirements to set up the two levels. He could only wait till the time was right

For the major general, Ouyang Shuo unexpectedly chose Lin Yi.

Undoubtedly, among all the divisions, the guards division was the most eye-catching one.

Some people could not understand why Ouyang Shuo appointed someone who was not even an advanced general.

The moment his words landed, the main hall sparked into a heated discussion.

The generals didn't have any objections towards the formation of the guards force. However, they did not understand the choice of the major general.

After all, everyone would want this position.

Even special generals like Shi Wanshui and Er'Lai were interested, especially Er'Lai.

However, in the eyes of Baiqi and Du Ruhui, this seemed pretty normal.

Since it was the guards force, then be it the place guards or the major general of the guards division, they would only be in charge of the daily management of the force.

During war time, the lord would directly lead it.

Hence, although these two positions looked great, they lacked chances to show off. Arranging a young general to it was totally expected.

Not only would it strengthen the lord's control over the guards force, it also acted as a chance to train a young general.

This was killing two birds with one stone, so why not?

In truth, Ouyang Shuo wanted to choose Luo Shixin.

Not only was he fearless in war, he also had high morals, making him the perfect choice.

Regretfully, they had already passed the division trial. Hence, Luo Shixin couldn't leave the division or else everything would go to waste.

Balancing everything, Ouyang Shuo decided to choose Lin Yi.

After he received such an appointment, he felt delighted but also anxious.

The eyes of the surrounding generals made Lin Yi feel really uneasy.

Even so, Lin Yi still wanted to thank the lord for his trust. As for the doubts of his comrades, the only way to prove himself was through battle.

The military was a place where one spoke with strength.

After forming the guards division, in truth, only two divisions were left.

As for these two divisions, Ouyang Shuo already had plans.

Ouyang Shuo announced that the first, second, third, and fourth divisions would form the dragon legion.

The dragon legion would represent the first legion of Shanhai City.

Future legions would be based on leopard, tiger, eagle, phoenix, and the like when established.

The Shanhai City army would also break away from the numbers and each legion would be given an unique name.

After the legion trial, each legion would also have their unique flag.

As expected, he appointed Baiqi as the general of the dragon legion. As for the four major generals, they all remained unchanged.

At this point, Baiqi could be considered to be holding the most power in the army.

The name of the General was really showing itself.

The dragon legion itself would be based in the Mulan Stronghold.

The dragon legion would have two roles. They would be in charge of guarding the Lianzhou Prefecture, and they would face the challenges from the Taiping Country and Chiyou City.

As Lianzhou Prefecture grew more and more peaceful, the future dragon legion would focus more on the north.

This was also the main reason why Ouyang Shuo housed them in the Mulan Stronghold.

The Mulan Stronghold was the frontline separating the north from the main camp.

After he appointed Baiqi, the Military Affairs Department would undergo a new change in the defensive regions of the four divisions.

Amongst these changes, the third and fourth division would camp in the stronghold. The third division was a pure infantry division, so it was a good choice to defend the stronghold.

The first division that Shi Wanshui led would take over the third division and defend the east.

The first division was a mix of light armored infantry and cavalry, so they had high mobility. They were enough to defend both the east and the west. Their main objective was the a hundred thousand mountain on the east.

Based on the plan, the first division cavalry regiment would be in charge of patrolling the west. The remaining four regiments would be arranged along the a hundred thousand mountain range.

As for the second division, they would be housed in the grasslands temporarily. Only after it stabilizes would they move based on the needs and status of the north battlefield to assist the Mulan Stronghold.

As for the defense of Shanhai City itself, the city protection division protected the outside and the guards division protected the inside.

This included the outer wall, which was due for completion in one or two months.

The main camp had no more worries!