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Chapter 358- Tiger Legion

Chapter 358- Tiger Legion

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Apart from forming the dragon legion, Ouyang Shuo also built the second legion—the tiger legion.

Ouyang Shuo gave the order and appointed Sun Bin as the General. He was now only second in power to Baiqi.

Sun Bin was the second person after Baiqi to be granted a title. Baiqi was titled as the commander-in-chief, while Sun Bin was titled the great general.

Currently, the tiger legion would only have two divisions.

The first division would have Fan Lihua as the major general. The main troops would be the prisoners from the Yanhuang Alliance—mainly a mix of cavalry and infantry.

The second division would have Daiqin as the major general, with the grassland alliance army as the main force—a pure cavalry division.

These two divisions were the same as the first and second division of the dragon legion.

The Military Affairs Department would be in charge of reorganizing the prisoners of war. Apart from soldiers, there were also some middle level generals. Out of them, there were some generals from the alliance army and some from the grassland alliance.

Ouyang Shuo had his own plans for this bunch.

The overall principle would be for them to take up roles on the opposite force.

For example, the second division colonels Sun Tengjiao and Heiqi would be shifted to the position of colonels in the second division of the tiger legion.

Of the seven generals of the grassland army, one died, one was badly hurt, and one was unsuitable for the role of colonel.

Of the remaining four, three were arranged to the second division of the dragon legion, while the last one was sent to the tiger legion to work under Daiqin.

The remaining two colonels of the tiger legion would be chosen from the surrendered generals of the alliance army.

Similarly, the first division of the dragon legion and the tiger legion would swap generals. Zhao Zhan and Li Mingliang would be moved to the tiger legion.

The generals who surrendered or chosen majors would fill up the remaining positions. The three Guards unit majors Guoliang, Suwang, and Liaokai were all promoted.

Promoting old generals ensured Ouyang Shuo's control over the two legions.

The main base of the tiger legion would not be in the Lianzhou Prefecture. Instead, it would locate itself in Yashan City.

When the Beihai naval fleet returned, the tiger legion would follow the third batch of migrants to Yashan City.

Qiongzhou island would be their battlefield.

Sun Bin and Daiqin wanted to conquer Yazhou; it was also where Fan Lihua belonged.

Such a plan was a masterstroke.

Shortly after its inception, Yashan City had two strong divisions.

Ouyang Shuo believed that a normal aboriginal tribe would not dare to face Yashan City. When the tiger legion reached the city, the city would enter a booming development phase.

At this point, the reorganization of the military came to an end.

After Ouyang Shuo finished appointing people and setting up the structure, he handed the remaining matters to the Military Affairs Department.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo gave himself a break.

From the first day of the New Year till now, he had been busy all the way. He did not have any time to rest.

Now, he finally managed to find half a day!

Tomorrow, he still had many matters to attend to, as the members of Shanhai Alliance would gather in Shanhai City for an annual feast.

Apart from the lords, Ouyang Shuo invited guilds like the War-Snow Rose mercenary guild, Qingfeng Pavillion, Tingyu Floor, and Rattlesnake Mercenary Group.

Tingyu Floor was the guild that was working together with Feng Qiuhuang in secret.

After Fallen Phoenix City upgraded, Feng Qiuhuang announced her relationship with the guild leader, Jianqi Leiyin. Only by relying on the strength of Tingyu Floor could Feng Qiuhuang upgrade quicker than Bao Hua.

Before the Feng Family broke up, Feng Qiuhuang had started funding them in secret.

Because of animosity with the Jianqi Zongheng sect leader Yijian Xilai, Jianqi Leiyin had left and set up Qingfeng Pavilion to go against them.

When she started the guild, it was hard for Jianqi Leiyin as a girl. Feng Qiuhuang was smart. Although it was her first time playing, she had a huge investment foresight.

Feng Qiuhuang had gone to find Jianqi Leiyin. Then, she said that she could support the development of the Qingfeng Pavillion.

This was how the two of them started working together.

Even after the Feng Family broke up, Jianqi Leiyin did not give up on their cooperation.

The two of them had stood the test of time, and their relationship had grown more solid.

Feng Qiuhuang looked for her for the same reason she looked for Ouyang Shuo—to break away from her family control and to amass strength.

Time had proved that her decision was highly successful.

One had to say that her manipulation of the whole field was really great. In Ouyang Shou’s last life, for her to be named the TOP beauty was definitely not just for her looks.


In the back garden, Ouyang Shuo casually sat in a pavilion.

On the grass patch outside, Bing'er was playing catch with a bunch of kids.

Some of these kids were aboriginals, while others were children of players.

The world of kids was totally different from the adults.

To them, they were no different to the aboriginals; they were all friends.

If some kids did not bother and looked down on them, it would be the result of their parents' teachings.

When he saw that Bing'er could make friends, Ouyang Shuo was really happy.

As he was free in the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo let Bing'er bring her friends to the back garden and play there. In the back garden, apart from the beautiful scenery, Zisu had also prepared various fruits and cakes.

To the kids, it was a happy thing to be able to play in the Lord's Manor.

Normally, the back garden was a restricted area.


Bing'er ran over; her head covered in sweat, while her cheeks blushed red.

"Baby, you must be tired!"

Ouyang Shuo passed her a towel and helped her wipe her sweat.


She took the towel, wiped a bit, and ran off again.

Such a monkey!

Ouyang a Shuo laughed in amusement, stopping her, "Playing for so long, why not ask your friends to have a rest here? Sister Zisu has prepared some food for you!"


The little brat ran back to the grass patch to call her friends.

All of a sudden, over ten kids ran over.

The oldest kid was only ten, and the youngest was around six to seven. As they ran to the pavilion, they did not forget to greet Ouyang Shuo.

The greetings came in a huge variety.





The ones who called him lord were mainly the aboriginal kids.

When their parents learned that the princess invited their kids to the Lord's Manor, they were so honoured they spread the news to all the neighbors.

Before leaving, they had reminded their kids to greet the lord.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and greeted them one by one.

At Bing'er's age, a person’s view of the world started to form. Ouyang Shuo would naturally allow her to mix with her friends. If he did not, it might be bad for her or even annoy her.

As expected, when she saw her brother welcome her friends, she laughed sweetly at the side.

There was one little girl who was only six. She had round cheeks and huge eyes. Along with her long eyelashes, she looked really cute. When Ouyang Shuo saw her, he could not help but carry her up.

This little fellow was not afraid of strangers; she continued laughing.

Her crisp laughter made him instantly energetic; it wiped away all his tiredness.

When a person saw these cute kids, any problems and worries would fade away.

Just as they were happily playing , Zisu walked over.

"Lord, Lin Yue requests to see you!"

"Oh?" Ouyang Shuo thought about it and guessed the reason. When he thought about the time, Bianque had probably made the pill and gave it to Lin Yue for consumption.

The reason he came was most probably because Bianque had cured his illness, so he had come to thank Ouyang Shuo.

"Lead him in!"

Ouyang Shuo did not want to return to the reading room. He would rather just see him in the garden.

"Yes, my lord!"

A short while later, Lin Yue entered the back garden.

When he saw the lord playing along with a bunch of children, Lin Yue felt shocked. In his eyes, the lord was mysterious. It was truly rare to see his lively side.

"Brother Lin, come over!"

When Lin Yue heard that, he sat down anxiously, only taking up half of the seat. With the status of the lord, not many people could sit opposite him. Lin Yue asked himself and knew that he was not on the same level.

Although Bing'er was playful, she was also very well-behaved.

The little brat brought her friends to another pavilion to play.

"The little princess is really smart!"

Lin Yue could not help but praise.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and smiled, "She only knows how to play; I cannot handle her!"

Lin Yue did not reply, he just stood up and kneeled onto the ground.

"Thank you lord, for your kindness."

When Ouyang Shuo saw these actions, he helped Lin Yue up, "Brother Lin, you do not have to."

Lin Yue bowed, "Luckily, Bianque managed to cured me. The lord has basically saved my life."

"This is a good thing, we must celebrate. Men, bring the wine!"

"Yes, my lord!"

A while later, a small spread was prepared.

Ouyang Shuo raised the wine glass, "Come, Brother Lin. Congratulations on your illness being cured!"

When Lin Yue saw the lord’s actions, he grew very emotional and trembled, as he raised the wine glass. Although he was a man, his voice had gotten a little hoarse at this point. His voice contained his gratefulness, and also his joy of curing his illness, "Thank you, lord!"

As he finished these words, he emptied the wine glass in his hand.