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Chapter 360- Trading Cooperation

Chapter 360- Trading Cooperation

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As this was not an official meeting, Ouyang Shuo specially chose the back garden as the alliance meeting location.

There was a little pond at the southwest corner of the back garden.

The area contained many white doves and koi fishes that played around in the water.

Three pavilions arranged in a triangular formation stood besides it.

Curved drains surrounded the pavilions, and a really clear water slowly flowed through it.

This place was built according to the olden phrase of Qushui Liushang, which meant for one to drink water from a canal to wash away ominousness. Such a place was the best location to gather friends and spend a good time together.

"Qushui Liushang, Brother Wuyi is really elegant!"

Even Wufu could not help but commend him.

Although Wufu was a man of few words, he was well-read and very well brought up in regards to Chinese culture. Hence, he was very pleased with Ouyang Shuo's arrangements.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Please sit!"

The three pavilions all had teas, fruits, and cakes on the tables.

After Ouyang Shuo gave his instructions, the servants started to place Three Flower wine cups at the start of the stream. As it flowed down and went past the pavilions, whoever it stopped in front of would take it and drink.

Ouyang Shuo invited Song Wen, moon shines over the river, Black Mamba, Xie Siyun, Bai Hua, and Feng Qiuhuang to sit together.

Mulan Yue, who could be considered half a master, invited Lin Jing, Jianqi Leiyin, Qingluan, Zi Luolan, Hong Ying, and Tsing Yi. These seven girls sat together.

Xunlong Dianxue, Wufu, Fat Tiger, Gong Chengshi, and Song Wu sat at the last pavilion.

Out of the three tables, Ouyang Shuo's table was where the most important people sat.

Song Wen was only invited because he was the brother of Song Jia.

Of course, once the feast began, everyone would walk around and not just stick to one spot.

Such an arrangement let Bai Hua and the others feel like VIPs.

During the morning, they pretty much only had casual conversations.

Some of them took the chance to have conversations about cooperation. There were some in groups and others one on one.

Ouyang Shuo took the chance to discuss with Feng Qiuhuang regarding the coal cooperation.

The large-scale steel mill that Liu Mo led had pretty much been built. It was located at the end of the canyon river, opposite the harbour and located in the Qiushui City region.

They chose such a spot because it had a water source and wooden resources. Before they obtained coal, they could only use wood to make charcoal and use it as their main fuel.

Apart from that, building it besides the river would make transporting the steel much easier.

As a large order had appeared in front of her, Feng Qiuhuang naturally did not object.

Just as Ouyang Shuo had predicted, the Fallen Pheonix Prefecture was filled with coal sources. It was just arranging some coal workers to her. After upgrading Fallen Phoenix City, she had worried about how to raise money.

Based on Liu Mo’s estimations, from next month onward, Shanhai City would purchase no less than 1500 gold worth of coal.

"Wuyi, you’re the god of fortune!"

After signing the electronic contract, Feng Qiuhuang giggled as she spoke.

Bai Hua, who was sitting at the side, decided to butt in when she saw them discuss serious matters, "Fengwu, do not get cheated by him!"

"Ah?" Feng Qiuhuang did not understand.

Bai Hua shook her head, "What's the point of Wuyi investing in the steel mill?" Without waiting for Feng Qiuhuang’s reply, Bai Hua continued, "Isn’t it to make better steel for better weapons?"

After she said that, if Feng Qiuhuang still did not understand, then she really was not Feng Qiuhuang.

That’s right, the equipment Shanhai City made would be sold back to them.

In the end, they would all foot the cost of the steel mill.

They were also unable to reject the equipment that Shanhai City sold.

This meant that she was being a free coal worker for Ouyang Shuo.

After she understood that, Feng Qiuhuang's expression grew a little depressed.

Ouyang Shuo bitterly smiled. With two smart partners, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Fengwu, do not listen to Bai Hua. No matter what, as long as you earn, isn’t it good?"

Feng Qiuhuang shook her head and sighed, "I can only think of it that way."

"Talking about equipment, Wuyi, where is the equipment you promised us?" Bai Hua took the chance to lead the topic back to arms trading.

Feng Qiuhuang also paid a lot of attention to this problem.

In the alliance, apart from Shanhai City, the strengths of Consonance City and Fallen Phoenix City were the most important.

Although they were not like the basically self-sufficient Shanhai City, who were building warships, bows, tang blades, horse lance, buren armor, and mingguang armor, they both had their killing points.

Consonance City was good at siege weapons and shields.

Fallen Phoenix City was good at Iron Futie Armor and heavy swords.

These four things were all things that Shanhai City needed.

Siege weapons did not need to be mentioned, as Ouyang Shuo was very interested about the trebuchet.

During the Battle of Lianzhou, the Yanhuang Alliance had brought many trebuchets. As a result, they managed to badly damage Shanhai City.

The shields that Consonance City made through the technical manual were definitely better than the ones built in the factories of Shanhai City.

Although the Iron Tiefu Armor was similar to the Mingguang Armor, Shanhai City still need it. As the Mingguang Armor was too expensive and cost too much to make, it was not suitable for arming a huge army.

The heavy sword was the weapon that Baiqi specialized in. Additionally, his original units used heavy swords.

After he became the General of the dragon legion, Baiqi could build a guards unit.

Based on his intentions, he wanted to train another Iron eagle swordsmen unit.

Unfortunately, compared to the tang blades and the horse lances, crafting heavy swords was totally different.

The only way was to buy these heavy swords from Fallen Phoenix City.

As they specialized in one area each, both cities had the ability to sell their goods.

Although two months had passed since Bai Hu had obtained the siege weapon making technical manual, siege weapons had blueprints, which made it easier to make. Secondly, siege weapons did not need any large-scale production.

As for Fallen Phoenix City, their own strength restricted them. The requirements of the Iron Tiefu Armor to war horses was something that the Mingguang Armor could not catch up to.

Fallen Phoenix City could not compare to Shanhai City, who could build two to three cavalry divisions.

After a year of quick development, the factories and workshops in Shanhai City had the ability to sell their items.

The three of them clicked. After some discussion, they decided to trade their items.

Ouyang Shuo used twelve thousand Tang Blades to exchange for ten thousand shields. He wanted to use these shields to equip the two heavy armored mountain barbarian infantry regiments of the third division. Each soldier would have two shields.

He used eight hundred Buren Armor to exchange for two hundred trebuchets.

He used fifteen thousand Tang Blades to exchange for one thousand heavy swords. Baiqi would use these to build his iron eagle swordsmen. Similarly, each of them would have two heavy swords.

He also used seven thousand strong bows to exchange for three thousand Iron Tiefu Armor.

A heavy armored cavalry regiment would equip this armor.

Between Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang, they similarly came to an agreement.

The three of them agreed that trading to one another would be the priority. Until they completed their deal, they could not sell to others.

A cooperation that involved equipment did not look like much. However, in reality, it actually tied together the three territories. Other territories wanting to shake them faced a near impossible task.

They had no choice. Who asked the other territories to not have any equipment making technical manuals?

Ouyang Shuo also hoped for all the other members to obtain one or two killing blows.

After all, the strength of one territory was limited.

Even Shanhai City could not complete the building of all types of equipment.

When she saw the three heads come to an agreement, Xie Siyun could not remain calm at the side.

The equipment the territory produced was something that even guild leaders would feel highly tempted by.

Out of all the types of equipment, players loved shields, heavy swords, and strong bows. As for full body armor, not many players worshipped this type of thing, as they were too cumbersome.

Only General occupation type players would own mounts and would use such heavy armor.

Similarly, the Tang Blad, belonged to the cold weapons era in the eyes of players. As such, it was suitable for the battlefield.

Adventure mode players loved swords the most.

When territories crafted such equipment, it was split into soldier, sergeant, and general ranks, similar to gold, dark gold, and platinum ranks.

After a year, gold equipment was not rare anymore. Most of the high-end players would own one or two gold rank items.

As for dark gold equipment, it was still rare and only the really high-classed players would own it.

As for platinum equipment, they were the pinnacle.

Hence, to use the territory made equipment to equip the elite forces was highly suitable.

Compared to the lords, the guild leaders did not lack money.

In fact, they were even richer than lords in terms of income.

As the treasury system grew more and more perfect, the guild leader could receive a lot more funds.

During the second system auction, this allowed the various guild leaders to take out so much money.

The thirteen thousand gold that Lin Jing borrowed from Ouyang Shuo during the auction was returned in a short two months. As for the ten thousand gold that Bai Hua had borrowed, she had not returned it even now.

If one compared the two, one could see the advantages of a guild.

It was not that a lord did not have money. However, the income of the territory had to be spent on buildings and military expenses.

After Consonance County upgraded, it required a huge spike in funds.

Not talking about money, if Bai Hua did not continue borrowing funds through the Four Seas Bank, it was already great. This was the benefit of having the support of the Qingfeng Pavillion.