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Chapter 361- Military Industry Coordination System

Chapter 361- Military Industry Coordination System

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When Xie Siyun brought up purchasing a set of strong bows, shields, and heavy swords from Shanhai City and the other two territories, Ouyang Shuo realized the need for a military industry coordination system.

With Xie Siyun joining in, Moon Shines Over the River, Black Mamba, and Song Wen all entered the fray. It was not hard to imagine that Jianqi Leiyin, who was not in the pavilion, would also have such a request.

As the leader of the alliance, Ouyang Shuo needed to balance everything out.

The overall rule would be a prioritisation of trading over selling. Additionally, small orders would be completed before large ones. If one faced similarly large orders, they would need to break them into small orders to complete on a monthly basis.

Ouyang Shuo announced his ideas and plans to all of them.

"I agree!"

Feng Qiuhuang was the first to express her opinion. The heavy swords and Iron Futu Armor that Fallen Phoenix City produced was popular amongst both lords and guild leaders. They were the second biggest military industry in the alliance.

One could predict that just relying on these two items, the financial situation of Fallen Phoenix City would slowly improve and they would eventually escape their current financial predicament.

"I also agree!"

Bai Hua followed. The territories and guilds sorely needed the siege weapons and shields that Consonance City produced. However, they only required a limited amount, so there basically would not be the issues in coordinating supply.

With the siege weapons as an example, apart from during a large-scale war, one could not use it.

On the other hand, Consonance City was a huge importer of military arms, so setting up the coordination system was greatly beneficial to them.

Of course, everything would change in the future, and no one knew what kind of technical manuals they would receive next. Hence, it was best to build the system right now.

When he saw the two of them express their agreement, Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Since that's the case, we must appoint a contact in charge of the specifics and for communication. Do you all have a suitable choice?"

Feng Qiuhuang shook her head, "I cannot. I only have Qingluan as an assistant."

When both Ouyang Shuo and Feng Qiuhuang looked at her, Bai Hua laughed in amusement, she thought about it and said, "Then let's let Zi Luolan act as the contact. She has been in charge of this aspect for the territory."

"Great, Zi Luolan is a good choice."

Ouyang Shuo nodded in agreement.

"Who's calling me?"

Coincidentally, at the exact same moment, Zi Luolan walked over with a wine glass in her hand.

Ouyang Shuo was calm. After facing beauties such as Song Jia and Mulan Yue everyday, he had already grown immune. As a rich man, Song Wen was also used to seeing beautiful ladies.

Black Mamba was a mercenary; wine and girls were his medicine after a mission. Meanwhile, the middle-aged uncle Moon Shines Over the River only had Hong Ying in his mind.

After she saw the four males having no reaction toward her, Zi Luolan felt that her action were performed to a wall. She rolled her eyes. Deep inside, she felt somewhat sad.

Bai Hua looked over in amusement. It was not often that she saw Zi Luolan’s dejected face.

"Come over, we’ve something to discuss!"

Bai Hua gave a short introduction and description of the military industry coordination system.

After the briefing, Zi Luolan rolled her eyes and grumbled, "Great lord Wuyi, this must be your idea, right? You treat me as a coolie, so you should take something out to show your sincerity, right?"

Ouyang Shuo was not going to fall for that and calmly said, "Bai Hua recommended you. If you want benefits, look for her!"

"You!" Zi Luolan raged, "I don’t care; if there are no benefits I won’t do it!"

It seems like she was determined to obtain what she wanted!

A beauty doing that, even a god could not stop it, so Ouyang Shuo could only ask Bai Hua for help.

Bai Hua acted like she did not see it. She picked up her tea cup and took a sip; her actions possessed an elegant flair.

Despicable Wuyi, he actually wanted to use her as a shield, and now he wants her help? No way!

As for the others, they were there to enjoy the show.

Song Wen and the other guys sat on alert, afraid of drawing the fire to themselves.

Ouyang Shuo knew that he could not escape this.

Since she wanted a reward, a normal present was not enough.

After he thought about it, Ouyang Shuo took out a small wooden box from his storage bag and passed it to Zi Luolan.

"What is this? You better not take out a stupid cheap present and think that's enough!"

This was the real personality of Zi Luolan; her words had grown more direct and bold. As for the purple enchantress in the fan's eyes, it was all their wishful thinking.

"Won’t you find out when you open it?"

When Zi Luolan opened the wooden box, a gentle white light shone from within. Focusing on the contents, one could see a piece of beautiful yellow silk as the base of the box. A string of twenty four pearls sat on top. Each one was the size of a thumb, luscious and filled. The rare factor of these pearls were their uniform size.

"Wa, so beautiful!"

Feng Qiuhuang exclaimed, as awe flickered through her eyes.

Girls naturally did not have the ability to resist pearls.

If placed in the real world, this pearl necklace would also be a priceless treasure.

"This, are you really giving this to me?" Zi Luolan's words were not as clear anymore. She asked for benefits just to disturb and tease Ouyang Shuo; she did not expect to get such a huge surprise.

"Of course it's for you. Are you satisfied with it?"

These pearls were from Xila Lake and were the highest quality ones collected from the artificial pearl field. After Cui Shousi returned to Shanhai City to find Ouyang Shuo, he presented it to Ouyang Shuo.

Originally, Ouyang Shuo planned to give this to Song Jia.

Thinking about it, Zi Luolan becoming the military industry contact, she was pretty much a volunteer. As the leader of the alliance, he needed to reward her. Hence, he decided to give the pearls to her.

Anyways, as long as the pearl field remained, he did not need to worry about a lack of pearls to give Song Jia.

"This, this reward is too valuable. I can’t accept it."

Zi Luolan was a little embarrassed, and she tried to return the wooden box to Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo waved her off and laughed, "Accept it! Since you’ve accepted this reward, you must do a good job!"

The reason Ouyang Shuo said these words was to ensure that Zi Luolan would not feel awkward.

Zi Luolan was also an old girl. When she heard this, she accepted the pearls happily.

After accepting the present, Zi Luolan was highly motivated. She immediately left the pavilion to look for Jianqi Leiyin and Xunlong Dianxue to discuss military equipment needs and matters.

After Zi Luolan left, Feng Qiuhuang snuck up besides Ouyang Shuo and said, "Wuyi, do you still have more of those? Give me one!"

Even Bai Hua, although she did not ask directly, she still intentionally or unintentionally looked over at Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo instantly felt a headache. He did not expect a string of pearls to cause such a huge problem.

"I won’t hide it from all of you. That string of pearls was the pearl field's three months of effort. If you are not afraid of waiting, within a year, there should be no problem!"

"So long!" Feng Qiuhuang was a little disappointed.

"Those are the highest quality pearls. Do you think they are cabbage?"

"Ok, I'll wait, but you better keep them for me!"


Ouyang Shuo did not expect Feng Qiuhuang to be so stubborn when it came to pearls.


After the small side track, the pavilion bustled again.

While casually conversing, Black Mamba suddenly said, "Do you guys remember the mysterious players that bought out the item during the system auction?"

"How can we not?"

"It's so fresh in our memories!"

"Do you have some insider news?"

"That's right. Based on my news, this player is called Xingzhe Zichen. He's a descendant of an aristocratic family. Two days ago, he appeared in Jingdou as a Chi cultivator. He set up a guild known as Star Alliance."

"Is there really such a thing as hidden aristocratic families?" Moon Shines Over the River did not believe that.

"Yes." Feng Qiuhuang came out to bear witness.

"These aristocrats, why do they need to act so sneaky?"

Feng Qiuhuang was born in a huge family, so she knew a lot about such news. This news was something that even rich people like Song Wen did not have the right to know.

She laughed and said, "Actually, since the start, the outer world has a misunderstanding about hidden aristocratic families. They are not definitely strong families."

Everyone were silent.

That was the truth. Their mysteriousness came from the rumors that people spread about them.

"The current hidden aristocratic families are all descendants of officials and generals from the past. Some were tribes from previous dynasties, others were families that escaped abroad during war and came back. Of course, some famous aristocratic families do in fact have some remaining legacy."

Feng Qiuhuang helped unveil the mysterious mask that covered the hidden aristocratic families.

"They have two special points. Firstly, their family dates back to long ago. So, they still keep some of the traditions of an olden aristocratic family. Secondly, they are very low profile. To maintain their traditions for hundreds of years means that they cannot be too involved in a dynasty. If not, they might incur punishment and the death of their family."

"Out of all of them, there are some that have huge resources and great relationships due to their extended period of existence. As a result, their network of friends is highly complicated. However, there are others who met chaos. Due to other reasons, they are barely surviving. Some hidden aristocratic families are left with just one branch, and three generations only having one kid. The only thing that proves their past glory were family books and stories."

This news amazed all of them.

"Then that's weird." Moon Shining Over the River still did not understand, "Since Xingze Zichen is a hidden aristocratic family member, shouldn’t he be low profile and mysterious?"

"That I do not know."

Black Mamba had unexpectedly obtained such intel during his investigations.