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Chapter 362- Guild Alliance

Chapter 362- Guild Alliance

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"The weirder matter is that no matter how we look at it, it still feels so awkward."

Moon Shining Over the River still did not understand, "Since he wants to build a guild, with his identity as a Chi cultivator and his stunning appearance in the auctions, as long as he did a simple advertisement, he could definitely attract players. Why must he be so low profile when building the guild? If you did not tell us this, we would not have known about him."

"Is this the unique passion or tendency of aristocratic children?"

Song Wen and Feng Qiuhuang both fidgeted.

"Brother, I do not have such a tendency!"

"Ah, haha! I'm wrong, I'm wrong~"

Moon Shining Over the River was also stunned, as he realized he had mispoken.

Bai Hua, who was at the side, felt speechless when she saw her brother fail to control his mouth.

Ouyang Shuo was silent. He guessed that perhaps the family behind Xingzhe Zichen was still split on whether to reveal themselves. This would explain his weird behavior and contradictory actions.

"There's something more interesting!"

Although Black Mamba did not know the reason, he had more insider news to leak.


"Have a guess. When Star alliance was formed, Di Chen personally went there to congratulate them."

The pavilion fell totally silent.

This intel that Black Mamba revealed made all of them curious.

Did Di Chen and the others plan to team up with the hidden aristocratic families? After their failure in the Battle of Lianzhou, the Yanhuang Alliance had fallen totally silent, Internally, they were hurting from it.

If they could recruit some hidden aristocratic families, it would definitely be a good move for them.

"Let's not bother about anything else; let's just do our things well."

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and smiled.

Based on the strength and influence of the modern day Shanhai Alliance, they had the power to challenge anyone.

"Wuyi is right. In the end, we speak with our strength."

Everyone present had been through so much. The small actions of the Yanhuang Alliance were nothing to them. Without mentioning Ouyang Shuo, even Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang had benefited a lot in this round of territory war.

The Yanhuang Alliance’s biggest weakness was also their merit points.

If Di Chen and the others did not increase their rank to Marquis, their territories would be unable to stand out.

"Talking about the Star Alliance, I have a thought."

Xie Siyun suddenly said, "Among the top ten guilds, our alliance has taken up three of them. Additionally, there is the Rattlesnake Mercenary Group. Why don’t we build a guild alliance? This way, we can attack and defend together in some guild operations."

"I agree with this idea!" Moon Shining Over the River assented, "I won’t hide it from the rest of you. Actually, I had thought of this long ago, just that I did not have enough power to raise the idea."

"I also agree!" Black Mamba said.

"Since that's the case, call Jianqi Leiyin over. Let's discuss this together."

"I'll go call her!"

Feng Qiuhuang turned and left.

Toward Xie Siyun building the guild alliance, Ouyang Shuo did not interfere, as he was really optimistic about the idea.

Before this, the War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group and the other guilds could only be considered a part of Shanhai Alliance. However due to system restrictions, guilds and territories could not become allies.

The cooperation between the two did not have the insurance of a contract.

Hence, the guilds relationships with Shanhai Alliance could not be considered tight.

Apart from that, some of the cooperations within the alliance was just limited to a one on one cooperation between territory and guild. For example, War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group and Shanhai City, Qingfeng Pavilion and Consonance City, Tingyu Floor and Fallen Phoenix City.

Between the guilds, there was no actual cooperation.

If one could build a guild alliance under the structure of the Shanhai Alliance, everything could change.

Xie Siyun’s idea of building a guild alliance also had a huge background.

As adventure gamemode players started to pop up, between guilds, especially between guilds in the same imperial city, friction would increase and small-scale guild wars would break out.

After territory wars, guild wars would also start to grow common.

Talking about this, one had to go over the settings of the imperial cities.

The nine imperial cities were just one by one separate lonely cities, but they were a complete living environment.

The outer environment of the imperial city could be split into three circles.

The closest area to the imperial city was called the village region—an area closely packed with NPC villages.

Their main function was to provide food and vegetables for the commoners and adventure mode players living in either the wilderness or the city.

To the adventure mode players, the NPC villages were like newbie villages.

In the villages, they could obtain some quests like hunting or collecting items.

The middle-aged players and the old players were the main groups of casual players. If they did not like the life in the imperial city, they could choose to live in the NPC village and spend their life farming.

The second region was the location of resources.

These resources included large-scale farms, pastures, tea gardens, fruit farms, forests and mine fields.

Undoubtedly, these resources were meant for the artisans in the imperial cities.

These spots were also locations that work occupation players loved. Players were hired to work there, and they would earn small amounts of salary while training their skills.

The third region was the main battlefield for the adventure gamemode players.

The forests, grasslands, deserts, cemeteries, mountains, and lakes.

Various land forms had different high-level monsters for players to level up against.

The deeper they went in, the higher the level of the monsters.

At the same time, this was where rare materials were collected.

After the work occupation players upgraded to intermediate rank, they needed rare resources to train their skills. If they just spent time in the second region, it was hard for them to make it.

Outside the third region was the true wilderness, and the territory of the lord gamemode players.

The various guilds would all focus and fight for the third region.

They would compete for leveling spots and rare resources areas.

The guilds basically held up all the good places.

It was really difficult for solo players to survive in the third region. Hence, adventure mode players, even those that really hated groups, would form up small adventuring squads when they ventured there.

Previously, when their levels were still low, and they did not have good equipment, they could only survive in the first and second regions. Now, with the elite groups of the various guilds, they could survive in the third region.

A year had passed, and the situation had changed.

A huge amount of players now had the ability to explore the third region.

Naturally, fights for resources would follow.

Hence, the battle between the guilds had just started to heat up.

War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group was the second largest guild in China region. In Jianye, there temporarily was not any other guild that could shake their position.

Even so, Xie Siyun had to prepare for the future.

If there were enough ants, they could bite an elephant to death.

If faced with millions of players, the strength of a single guild was limited.

Similar to territory wars, guild wars were a total possibility.

Within guilds, the strength of an elite force was highly terrifying, and it could totally change the direction of a war.

Through building a guild alliance, one could help one another.

As they knew one another, the setting up of the guild alliance happened really smoothly.

The four guilds officially formed an alliance. The moment it was formed, they became a huge powerhouse in the China region.

The guild alliance stated that members needed to look out for one another and share intel.

The alliance sent was as simple as just adding a few allies.

With Qingfeng Pavillion as an example, after joining the alliance and having it as a shield, it would have more strength and power to expand in Dali.

For the guilds in Dali to group up and retaliate, they would need to consider to reinforcements.

When he saw the completion of the alliance, Ouyang Shuo threw out the matter regarding Yazhou.

To adventure gamemode players, Yazhou was highly attractive.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to invite the guilds to send their elites to explore Five Finger Mountain.

After they heard his description of Yazhou, the four guild leader's eyes widened. The mysterious Five Finger Mountain and the South Mountain mysterious region was really tempting.

"Little Shuo, you have done a good job keeping this secret!"

This was the first time Ouyang Shuo revealed Yazhou to his allies. Even during the Battle of Lianzhou, Bai Hua and the others did not know where he had gone.

Ouyang Shuo laughed, but he did not reply.

After forming up the tiger legion, Yazhou now had the strength to welcome visitors.

Ouyang Shuo knew that the eyes of other powers would exist in their guilds. So, the moment he invited the guilds, Yazhou would be exposed to the world.

Without the legion’s protection, Ouyang Shuo definitely would not do that.

Ouyang Shuo also hoped to make use of the power of adventure mode players to clear out the wild beasts. Similarly, they would also help develop the economy.

Hence, this was a win win-cooperation. Both sides would obtain what they needed.

The two hundred thousand gold that Bing'er obtained seemed like a lot. But to a city, it was definitely not enough to spend.

Not talking about others, just the enormous grain needed was already a huge sum.

The price of grain on the market was set at twelve copper per a unit.

The tiger legion had twenty seven thousand men. In addition to their horses, they would use a hundred thousand units of grain every day.

In theory, Qiongzhou could have three rice planting seasons a year due to its weather. Unfortunately, due to technological limitations, it temporarily could not be done.

Hence, there were still three months till the first harvest in the 6th month.

As a result, he needed to prepare at least ten million units of grain. Calculating other uses of grain, he needed to spend fifteen thousand gold.

Military grain only accounted for a small portion. The other territory projects and military salary formed the bulk.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo would spend every moment thinking about how to make money.