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Chapter 363- Warlords

Chapter 363- Warlords

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Based on the agreement, on the 3rd month, 1st day, the three guilds would each send an elite force and teleport to Yazhou.

Each elite force would have five hundred men. Since the rattlesnake mercenary group only had six hundred men, they could not participate in this.

After their discussion about Yazhou, it was close to noon. Ouyang Shuo held a feast in the back garden.

After the feast, it was free time for everyone.

Everyone grouped up to either tour Shanhai City or find spots to discuss projects with one another.

Who knows what Zi Luolan was thinking. She actually persuaded Mulan Yue to bring the girls over to Beihai Bay for a swim. At this time, the seawater was really chilly, and it was not suitable for swimming.

Luckily, players had special bodies, so they were able to enter the waters.

Ouyang Shuo had totally underestimated the attraction of the beach and ocean to the girls. Not only Zi Luolan, out of the ten, only Hong Ying did not want to go.

Hong Ying not going was probably because moon shining over the river had booked her.

Gong Chengshi, Fat Lion, as well as the other males wanted to follow along but were cruelly rejected.


Zi Luolan rejected them like that.


Their attempts died in this simple manner.

Gong Chengshi dragged his good friend and went to the brothel. He even shamelessly said that he was trying to learn from the entertainment industry of Shanhai City.

Song Wu followed them there.

Compared to the pure and clean Song Wen, Song Wu's private life was totally rotten. He was a typical playboy, and he would change girlfriends at least once a month.

Song Wen, on the other hand, followed Xunlong Dianxue and Wufu to tour the city.

As a living example of territory building, Shanhai City had so many things for them to learn from and copy. Many details of city building could only be learned when lords personally experienced these factors and observed them.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Shuo called Black Mamba over to his reading room.

Ouyang Shuo personally brewed a cup of hot tea and pushed it in front of Black Mamba, "Brother, in regards to Blood Blade, have you found anything?"

Since he handed over investigations to rattlesnake, Ouyang Shuo had not checked up on it. This time, he invited Black Mamba over to the Shanhai Alliance meeting to help him expand his connections. He also wanted to ask about the investigations.

Rattlesnake Mercenary group had investigated them for two months, and it was time to stop. If they dragged on any longer, it would be useless. After all, Blood Blade would soon wipe clean all clues.

"This matter is more serious than we thought." Black Mamba was really solemn, and he rarely had this kind of expression. This clearly showed how good the Blood Blade were.

Ouyang Shuo did not speak and just took a sip of tea.

The current him would not feel anxious over anything. It was thanks to his martial arts cultivation.

"Based on the clues you gave us, we actually located the meeting place of Blood Blade in Jingdu. Unfortunately, we were late. When we reached there, everyone was gone."

Black Mamba was a little depressed. Just chasing this clue had used up a lot of resources, to think that it was all for nothing.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Blood Blade knew that after their assassination attempt had failed, Ouyang Shuo would seek revenge. Hence, they gave up their meeting spot in Jingdu.

It was a huge headache to face such a well-trained opponent.

"Apart from this, was there any other news?"

Black Mamba froze and gave an awkward smile, “We found out by chance that they have stopped their killing order regarding you."

As they had easily received this intel, Black Mamba was wondering whether or not Blood Blade intended for them to find out.

This was really interesting!

Ouyang Shuo frowned, "They probably intentionally released this news. When did your men get this intel?"

Black Mamba said with certainty, "Ten days ago."

"Ten days ago?" Ouyang Shuo smirked, "Ten days ago? When the Battle of Lianzhou ended? Blood Blade seems to have fast intel sources."

"Oh? Your meaning is?"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and did not explain.

With how it went, Ouyang Shuo could roughly guess that the strength Shanhai City displayed during the Battle of Lianzhou had stunned the higher ups of Blood Blade.

Probably, amongst the alliance army, there were some spies from Blood Blade.

Facing such an opponent, Blood Blade naturally needed to weigh up the pros and cons. If they went up against Shanhai City and wanted to assassinate him, even if they succeeded, they would gain nothing.

In addition to the secret investigations of the rattlesnake mercenary group, Blood Blade could feel the strength and influence of Shanhai City. They could tell that it was not limited to Shanhai City’s own territory.

Even in the grey regions, Shanhai City had connections and help.

Going against such a Shanhai City was totally not worth it.

Hence, they would release this news; this explained their intentions.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it, "How about this? Brother, can you help me leave a word for Blood Blade."

"Please speak!"

During the Battle of Lianzhou, Blood Blade was not the only one shocked. Even Black Mamba, who was working closely with them, felt astonished when he heard the news.

From an outsider point of view, the Yanhuang Alliance was a huge behemoth.

Even such a power that planned so much and went all out lost.

Maybe Ouyang Shuo himself did not know how much outsiders feared Shanhai City.

Hence, Black Mamba worshipped and respected Ouyang Shuo more and more.

Ouyang Shuo could feel it and did not say anything. He continued, "Tell them that I want to see Chun Shenjun assassinated in public. Once it is done, everything is forgiven."

Toward Blood Blade, Ouyang Shuo did not want to continue having problems with them.

Who knows, maybe there would be a time when he needed them. Since they wanted to make up with him, Ouyang Shuo did not mind gaining one more friend.

However, Ouyang Shuo could not forgive Chun Shenjun.

Although, Chen Shenjun had died during the Battle of Lianzhou and even dropped the Qilin Gold Seal, Ouyang Shuo could only bury this anger if assassinated was Chen Shenjun.

When Black Mamba heard these words, he laughed,"This idea is great! You are really evil!"

Ouyang Shuo wanted Blood Blade to kill Chun Shenjun. This obviously told them that he knew who had hired them in the first place.

At the same time, he was telling Chun Shenjun that he had seen through his little parlor tricks.

As for how they chose to act, it depended on their sincerity.

It seems like when their higher ups receive Ouyang Shuo's message, their faces would be very interesting.

"Let's not talk about them." Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and continued,"Brother, have you thought about my suggestion?"

Ouyang Shuo had suggested for Cobra and Viper to take up roles in Shanhai City. Cobra as the secretary of military intelligence, and Viper as the overall examiner of the special forces training base.

During this period of time, Ouyang Shuo had talked to both of them. Both of them were willing to take up the respective roles. After all, the positions that Ouyang Shuo had arranged for them were all high and really crucial.

Especially for Cobra, the position of secretary of military intelligence was really tempting.

On the other hand, both of them were very sentimental and could not bear to leave their war buddies.

Black Mamba kept his smile, he felt very conflicted internally.

In the mercenary group, apart from himself, there were five other core members, Cobra and Viper being two of them.

The moment the two left, it would have a huge impact on the group.

Black Mamba was also worried that the moment this precedence was opened, it would make the guild harder to run in the future.

This was fatal.

When Ouyang Shuo saw Black Mamba’s expression, he understood.

He naturally knew that if he could not come up with a solution, this dream would fail and it would even affect the cooperation between the two.

After all, the moment doubts were raised, it would become impossible to continue working closely together.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it and decided to throw out his trump card.

Just like Black Mamba had worried about, Ouyang Shuo actually wanted to start taking one or two members from the group, eating up the entire group.

Thinking about it, his original plan lacked some thinking.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo wanted to try and see if he could totally solve the problem with one step.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is your end goal with the rattlesnake mercenary group?" Ouyang Shuo threw out a fatal question.

When Black Mamba heard this, he formed a bitter smile.

"We actually haven't thought about it. You also know that we are a bunch of militants. Apart from war, we don't know anything. Be it in the real life or in the game, we can only accept jobs and earn money. Use the money to drink and get girls, that's our goal."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Although his words were crude, it made sense.

"Since that's the case, why don’t you let me be the sore hirer of the rattlesnake mercenary group?"

"How so?"

He knew that for Ouyang Shuo to say those words, he definitely had plans.

"It's easy." Ouyang Shuo did not brag about anything, "All of you move to Shanhai City and work for me. I'll double your total income."

"How about that?"

Black Mamba had to admit that Ouyang Shuo had totally stunned him.