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Chapter 364- Black Snake Guards

Chapter 364- Black Snake Guards

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Even though Ouyang Shuo had proposed such a high offer, Black Mamba still had many doubts.

"Money is only one aspect." Black Mamba paused for a while, "Most crucially, we are used to going around. We might not be used to staying in one spot."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Brother doesn't need to reject me so quickly. You can hear my plans first before deciding."

"Please speak!"

"Upon joining Shanhai City, you can choose from four jobs. Firstly, be a spy for the Military Intelligence Division. Secondly, be a teacher at the special operations base. Thirdly, enter the military and become a captain or a major. Becoming a colonel is also possible."

The position of colonel was where Ouyang Shuo drew a line. Only a NPC could take up the role of major general. No matter how much he trusted a person, he would not dare to hand a ten thousand man army to one player.

Ouyang Shuo's first three points had already tempted him, especially the third.

Black Mamba knew that the current Shanhai city military did not contain a single player in it. To pull them in, Ouyang Shuo was willing to break that precedence.

His sincerity was there for everyone to see.

Most importantly, there were three different jobs that covered the three types of people. This would allow them to live happily and find a suitable position for themselves.

Even so, Black mamba did not express anything.

After all, although the first three were tempting, they all needed them to stay in the territory. As such, it failed to solve the crucial problem.

As mercenaries, their members liked scouting for news and going around. They did not want to just stay at one spot.

"The last one has something to do with you."

Ouyang Shuo looked at Black Mamba and smiled.

"It has something to do with me?"

Instantly, Black Mamba was really interested.

The reason for Black Mamba’s hesitation, apart from the fact that the members were scattered, was that he subconsciously also rejected the idea.

A big part of it was a lack of anything for him. As the leader, he could not accept suddenly losing all his power.

"That's right." Ouyang Shuo nodded, "You should know that Shanhai City has built an office in all nine imperial cities. On the surface, it is just a contact point. In actuality, it's an intel reporting station."

Black Mamba understood; such an arrangement was all too common. In real life, embassies often acted the same way and carried the same responsibilities.

"Building the intelligence reporting station is a good idea, but it is hard to execute. Their work has been unsatisfying. They have not given us any important intel."

As he said that, Ouyang Shuo could only shake his head and sigh. If the various intel stations worked harder to investigate some matters, would he even need to ask Rattlesnake Mercenary Group?

"You mean you want me to lead these intel stations?"

Black Mamba felt a little annoyed. A small intel reporting station manager was nothing compared to the secretary of military intelligence.

He could not be worst off than Cobra, right?

Ouyang Shuo laughed, "naturally I wouldn't belittle brother like this. I want to create an organization known as the black snake guards. With the 9 intel stations as the core, to go across the china region to do intel gathering and analysis. Will you be interested in building up and leading them?"

When Black Mamba heard that, his eyes brightened up.

Based on his description, the power of the Black Snake guards was huge. They were similar to the American CIA and were in charge of foreign intel.

In Ouyang Shuo's planning, the military intelligence division, black snake guards and the not yet built safety division will be the future 3 important intelligence organizations.

The intelligence division will be in charge of military intel, the black snake guards will only work outside of the territory.

The safety division will monitor any activity inside the territory. It's position was higher than even the military intelligence division and black snake guards, the most core organization.

With the monitoring work of the safety division, only then would Ouyang Shuo be able to relax and allow Black Mamba to build the black snake guards.

The reason why the safety division was not yet built was because Ouyang Shuo couldn't find a suitable candidate to lead it.

Undoubtably, the one in charge must be someone that Ouyang Shuo trusts the most.

At the same time, since it must monitor the military intelligence division and black snake guards, his skills must be much superior. For the current NPCs, to hold up the military intelligence division was already difficult, how would they be able to do such a task.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo could only push back his plans.

As the military intelligence division and black snake guards slowly built up, building the safety division was becoming a priority.

The promise that Ouyang Shuo made had a lot of sincerity.

After weighing all pros and cons, Black Mamba accepted it.

Following which, he got up and bowed towards Ouyang Shuo, "Black Mamba greets the lord!"

Ouyang Shuo accepted it.

Black Snake, officially became Black Mamba's code name in the black snake guards.

Following which, the two discussed some specifics.

Firstly was to quit the newly formed guild alliance and disband.

The 500 members will choose where to go based on their preference.

From today on, the rattlesnake mercenary group will seize to exist and become a name in history.

Secondly, every member will get 200 gold to settle them down. The 5 core members will obtain a one time off amount of 1 thousand gold.

As for Black Mamba, he will get 5 thousand.

The families of the members will all be moved to Shanhai City. Each family will be given a free courtyard along with a set of living necessities.

Just this used up a total of 120 thousand gold.

Towards Ouyang Shuo's free spending and huge gesture, Black Mamba had nothing to say.

To Ouyang Shuo, to use only 120 thousand gold to achieve all that was worth it. One can see that their entry into Shanhai City would bring an all round upgrade.

Not talking about others, just intelligence gathering, it would improve by leaps and bounds.

As the territory continued to expend and the outside environment started to get more and more complicated, intel will be of crucial importance.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo wasn't a fool, there was definitely a need to sign a contract.

500 members will each sign a employee contact and a confidentiality agreement, the cost of breaking it was huge.

With that, he could largely prevent betrayals from occurring.

For Black Mamba, this was equally an important test.

Handing the black snake guards over to him, he had to ensure the loyalty of the members.

Thirdly was regarding the spending of the black snake guards.

Ouyang Shuo promised that every month this year they would get 3 thousand gold.

The next year costs will be determined by their performance. The overall principle would be that the expenditure of the next year wouldn't be lesser than this year’s.

Apart from that, Ouyang Shuo also prepared 10 thousand gold as funds for the black snake guards.

With that, the spending he planned was truly shocking.

Helplessly, Ouyang Shuo could only make use of the 200 thousand gold coupon that Bing'er had gotten.

Luckily he had the 2nd month profits and also the cooperation with the other guild members that Ouyang Shuo planned, in a short time, he could earn a large amount of funds.

When he had a cash flow, Ouyang Shuo would be able to fill up his cash that he used. The 200 thousand from Bing'er was used to build Yashan City so Ouyang Shuo wouldn't use it recklessly.

After discussing everything, Black Mamba didn't stay and instantly returned to Jianye. The disbanding of the mercenary group and the move to Shanhai City will be orchestrated by Black Mamba.

After he left, Ouyang Shuo looked for Wufu.

Wufu's Stone County was located in Jingdu Region.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to understand Di Chen's latest movements through Wufu.

Based on what he said, after the battle of Lianzhou, Di Chen suddenly quickened his act against neighbouring territories.

In less than 2 months, in the Basin that Handan County was located in, all other lords were wiped out. They either submitted or were destroyed.

Although Handan County didn't upgrade to a prefecture, but it had achieved the same strategic goal as Shanhai City.

When Ouyang Shuo heard it, he frowned.

As expected, the ability and foundation of the large powers weren't to be underestimated.

Probably ever since choosing the starting location, Di Chen's family had been planning for this.

The actions that they had done today were just them reaping their rewards a little earlier.

Di Chen probably noticed that under the circumstances that he couldn't upgrade to a prefecture, to prevent being tossed far back by Shanhai City, this was the only way.

Of course, if Di Chen didn't have a merger token and continued such a strategy, it would breed problems. For example, his population numbers will take a hit.

To Di Chen, to solidify his position, such a small problem could be accepted.

After all, these large powers had great recruitment and attraction so at most they would just get players to enter their territory.