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Chapter 371- Relocating

Chapter 371- Relocating

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3rd month 29th day, Ouyang Shuo arranged to meet Qing Sikou.

Their meeting location was a tea house in Jingdu known as Yi Pingxiang.

Ouyang Shuo arrived half an hour early and chose a room on the second floor. Not only could they admire the scenery outside, this move also ensured their secrecy.

Qing Sikou was a cold girl. When she came in, Ouyang Shuo was brewing the tea.

"Lord Wuyi, I've heard so much about you!"

"I've also heard much about you, guild leader Qing." Ouyang Shuo smiled. He personally poured a cup for her and said, "Golden emperor chrysanthemum tea, please enjoy!"

Qing Sikou picked up the cup, her actions very gentle and graceful. As she took a sip, her eyes lit up instantly, "I did not expect Lord Wuyi to know so much about tea."

Drinking flower tea in spring, there was nothing more perfect than that.

As the guild leader of Thread, Qing Sikou naturally knew all about tea, wine, food and the like.

In real-life, Qing Sikou was an especially refined and elegant lady. Not only did she look graceful, her taste was also refined. It was not easy for Ouyang Shuo to receive her praise.

In his last life, Ouyang Shuo did not like to drink wine, but he loved to drink tea. This became his hobby, so he knew a lot about tea.

"I just know a little. It's nothing compared to guild leader Qing."

Qing Sikou looked at Ouyang Shuo expressionlessly. In her eyes, there was a tangible tiredness, she did not want to beat around the bush and directly said, "For Lord Wuyi to invite me here, it definitely is not just to drink tea, right?"

To tell the truth, if it was not Ouyang Shuo, she would not have come. The current her had too many problems, and she did not have any energy to attend such meetings.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "You can probably guess the reason why I am here!"

"Oh? You are also interested in Thread?"

In her words, there was an obvious coldness. The atmosphere was not as friendly as before. Recently, a similar strong man had forced her, making her feel really annoyed.

When she saw Ouyang Shuo, she could not act too rudely, but her originally good impression of him was gone.

Ouyang Shuo expected this reaction, "Guild Leader Qing, why not hear me out?"

When he thought of his identity as the best player, Qing Sikou held down her unhappiness. Xingze Zichen had recently forced her into a corner, and she even had thoughts of quitting. When she met Ouyang Shuo, she only held a slim hope of him being able to help.

She said calmly, "Please speak!"

"Guild Leader Qing, have you heard of Yazhou?"

"Yazhou?" Qing Sikou was confused.

Players, especially adventure gamemode players, were not very sensitive toward the China region map.

Ouyang Shuo added, "Qiongzhou island?"

"Qiongzhou Island?" Qing Sikou was astonished.

One of the two biggest islands on China. Naturally, Qiongzhou Island had a thunderous fame amongst players.

When he saw her reaction, Ouyang Shuo nodded.

That was right.

The secrecy of the three elite guild forces till date was something that pleased him. Evidently, no news regarding Yazhou had spread to the adventure gamemode players.

He noticed that Qing Sikou still had her doubts, so Ouyang Shuo gave her a simple introduction to Yazhou.

After she heard his, she kept silent for a long while.

As a guild leader, she naturally was not stupid. From Ouyang Shuo's description, she could roughly understand that Yazhou was a paradise for work occupation players.

"Lord Wuyi is not afraid that I will leak this?"

Ouyang Shuo laughed confidently, "I trust your character, and I also trust my own eyes."


What a confident person.

"Can you be more specific?"

Qing Sikou realized that maybe this was the chance she had been waiting for.

"Of course." Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Thread will move their headquarters to Yashan City and will be protected by it. Outside the city, there are swathes of land that work occupation players can use. In the city, there are also different places for talents and artisans to practice their craft."

"What about rare resources? How will you solve this?" Qing Sikou was not satisfied. The reason Thread was in such a situation was still due to the other guilds hogging the rare materials.

"The future Yashan City will attract large amounts of adventure mode players and also many guilds. The resources of the Five Finger Mountain are plentiful, and I believe Thread will be able to cooperate with these players.”

Qing Sikou's eyes brightened.

When he saw that she was a little tempted, Ouyang Shuo threw down his last assault, "War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group, Qingfeng Pavillion, and Tingyu Floor. Toward these three guilds, I have some influence. Even if Thread is not able to get rare resources from other players, I can help you out."

When Qing Sikou heard this, she was astonished.

"I have to say, Lord Wuyi has nearly persuaded me but…."

Qing Sikou stopped.

Ouyang Shuo frowned; he had not expected this reaction.

Rationally speaking, compared to the merger plans of the Star Alliance and Jianqi Zongheng, his proposal had less restrictions on Thread.

Basically, it was an equal-level cooperation.

Ouyang Shuo could not think of a reason why she would reject this deal.

"Guild Leader Qing, why not speak out your qualms or fears? Please do not doubt my sincerity."

"I naturally do not doubt your sincerity."

Qing Sikou sighed; she was also feeling regretful about missing such an opportunity, "Do you know Xingzhe Zichen’s identity?"

Ouyang Shuo understood; no wonder she was worried. Naturally, a hidden aristocratic family scared and terrified normal players.

In his last life, Ouyang Shuo was similar, and he was very respectful to such big powers.

This life, it was very different.

Different experiences had given Ouyang Shuo a different determination. He calmly said, "It's just a hidden aristocratic family, it is not enough to worry me. There’s no need for you to worry about this.”

"What? You actually know his identity?"

Qing Sikou was shocked. She looked at Ouyang Shuo with awe.

This man was really unfathomable.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Guild Leader Qing, you do not need to worry. Shanhai City will help you out against Star Alliance and Jianqi Zongheng."

"With your promise, I have nothing to worry about!"

Ouyang Shuo's promise had totally helped rid Qing Sikou of her worries.

In a short half an hour meeting, the man in front of her had totally convinced her. Her confidence and impression of Ouyang Shuo had increased by many folds.

Ouyang Shuo smiled and raised his hand, "Happy cooperation!"

"Happy cooperation!"

The two of them had officially agreed to work with one another. Next, they had to work out the specific details.

As one of the TOP 10 guilds, apart from a main guild, Thread also had ten branch guilds. All of them were maxed member large-sized guilds, with a total of 110 thousand.

Compared to the other top guilds, they could be considered to have relatively lesser members.

The ones with the most were the first-ranked Blood Evil Mercenary Group, with a total of three hundred thousand members. Basically, all the other guilds in the TOP 10 had around two hundred thousand.

Due to the recent changes, many had quit Thread, mostly from the branch guilds.

Hence, their numbers had fallen to around a hundred thousand.

Toward these members, Ouyang Shuo was still wary of them. Among these people, there would be many spies.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to use this chance to clean out the guild.

Qing Sikou did not express any objection toward Ouyang Shuo's views.

In truth, large numbers of members leaving was the reason why Qing Sikou felt so disappointed. She did not think that the guild she tried so hard to run would actually fail to withstand this test.

Ouyang Shuo also promised Thread a series of benefits after they shifted over their headquarters. For example, half rent and tax for a year.

At the same time, the Four Seas Bank branch in Yashan City would loan money to Thread members to open shops or farms.

As for the specifics, it needed both parties to discuss.

After they reached an agreement, both of them left.

Qing Sikou needed to tell the members about the move, while Ouyang Shuo had other matters to handle.

The two of them agreed that Thread would need to move over two days later, on the 4th month 1st day.

This news definitely could not be hidden from the Star Alliance.

Ouyang Shuo could not foresee what would happen. He could only prepare for the worst. Based on Ouyang Shuo's character, he always thought the worst of people and made preparations based on such a premise.

When Qing Sikou returned to the headquarters, she immediately sent a message through the guild channel.

"Members, I’m Qing Sikou!"

With her sudden appearance, the guild channel went from total silence to total excitement.

During this period of time, Thread was in chaos. She had not expressed any opinions about this, causing the members to panic.

Now that the guild leader had stood out, it seems like everything would be solved.

Some members were distraught, while others were excited.

They were about to face the judgement of fate.

The spies that the Star Alliance had arranged in Thread were excited. The way they saw it, their master must have successfully taken her down.

When they thought about this, these spies did not even wait for her to announce anything. They spread the news to their superiors because they wanted to gain credit.

In less than ten minutes, Star Alliance leader Xingzhe Zichen received the news.

The spies were delighted. Based on their work, they could definitely get a position inside the Star Alliance. The identity of their leader was not some secret in the inner segments of the guild.

Hence, the members felt that the guild had potential. As a result, they worked so hard.

If they could be highly regarded by Xingzhe Zichen, would that not settle their lives?