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Chapter 373- Arrogant and Domineering

Chapter 373- Arrogant and Domineering

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Editor: Nora

Xingzhe Zichen was furious when he learned that Thread would move over to Yashan City. More so when he found out that Qiyue Wuyi caused all of this.

"Despicable, I won't let you get away with this!"

Xingzhe Zichen gritted his teeth, as viciousness flashed across his eyes.



The advisor walked in. The failure of Star Alliance in recruiting the members of Thread made him very anxious. He was afraid that the guild leader would blame him. However, it was not that he did not put in effort. It was the simple fact that Star Alliance did not have enough strength.

Although Xingzhe Zichen was angry, he was still rational. Since he hailed from an aristocratic family, he had a good upbringing. He called the advisor over and gave them a mission.

After the advisor heard the details, he was astonished. After he thought about it, he held back his words. The guild leader was still really angry. Trying to persuade him was just looking for trouble.

Xingzhe Zichen could see his weird expression and coldly said, "If you have anything to say, just say it!"

When the advisor heard this, he knew that he had no choice but to express his views.

The advisor arranged his words and said, "Guild leader, this isn't beneficial to the Star Alliance. Instead, we will make a huge enemy. Isn't it not the right thing to do?"

Xingzhe Zichen shook his head, "You're wrong! Qiyue Wuyi is the enemy of the Yanhuang Alliance. As such, he's also our enemy. The Star Alliance has just joined the Yanhuang Alliance, and it’s time for us to do good. If we can insult him and also raise our status, isn't that good?"

When the advisor heard those words, he felt that it made sense and could not retort.

"Let's just set it like this!"

Xingzhe Zichen had lost all of his patience and waved the advisor off.

"Yes, guild leader!"

The advisor backed down and followed the orders of the guild leader.

4th month, 1st day, Jingdu.

The Thread members had finished packing up. They officially said goodbye to Jingdu and waltzed toward the only teleportation formation in Jingdou.

It was only now that the other guilds finally received the news that Thread was actually about to leave Jingdou.

When they saw such a scene, many of the players were shocked.

A guild that ranked in the TOP 10 had disappeared in a short two days. This huge change was something normal people could not understand.

Along the way, players pointed and commented on this group.

"Where's Thread moving to?"

"Who knows? They probably just want to leave this sad place."

"Aiyo, the symbol of the work occupation has ended just like this. Is there any way for us to get famous?"

The sighs of one of the tailors received a lot of agreement.

"The strong prey on the weak. What can we do?"

On the sides, there were even old Thread members. The symbols and badges of their new guilds were on their chests. When they saw their old comrades, their expressions were complicated.

Some felt regretful, while others mocked Thread.

Qing Sikou walked at the front, as she expressionlessly faced everyone. In her heart, she swore that she would return. Moreover, they would be even more glorious that before.

The other members were not as calm as her. Being criticized and judged in public was not something that felt good, and many of them felt embarrassed.

They only wished that this journey could end fast.

The teleportation formation stood in the biggest square of Jingdu. Compared to the ones in territories, the teleportation formation in the imperial city was a lot more busy. Every moment, people would teleport in and out.

The current square was a little unusual.

Twenty thousand Star Alliance members formed up circle after circle, surrounding the teleportation formation. Xingzhe Zichen stood at the outermost layer, as he waited quietly for Thread to arrive.

On the east side of the square, in one of the tea houses, Ouyang Shuo and his four guards quietly watched things unfold.

Ouyang Shuo felt that it was to be expected that Xingzhe Zichen would act. However, the latter’s shameless methods left him speechless.


The imperial city did not allow player killing, but it did not control where the players could stand. The Star Alliance members were allowed to stand like that.

With this move, Thread could not teleport out—a huge slap to their face. It was not just a slap to Qing Sikou but also to Ouyang Shuo.

After he thought about this, Ouyang Shuo took out something and passed it to one of the guards. He gave the latter some instructions. The guard nodded and left the tea house, disappearing.

In these two days, Ouyang Shuo had not just lazed around.

When the Thread members rushed to the square and saw such a formation, they were stunned.

"Xingzhe Zichen what's the meaning of this?"

Qing Sikou coldly stared at him, furious.

Originally, she was a little fearful. After all, he hailed from an aristocratic family. However, when she saw him perform such a despicable act, that fear disappeared. Only despise and hatred remained.

"There's no meaning!"

Xingzhe Zichen was delighted in his heart, but he acted really innocent on the surface.

"Don't you think this is too much?" Qing Sikou scolded.

"Too much?" Xingzhe Zichen blew up; his expression changed, as he loudly said, "Despicable b*tch! You dare to talk to me about being too much? You agreed with me but turned and jumped into Qiyue Wuyi's arms. If I don't kill you, how am I supposed to appease this anger?!"

"You!" All of a sudden, Qing Sikou was so furious that she did not know what to say. No one had ever insulted her so badly since she was born.

People filled the current square. Naturally, everyone heard their exchange.


Qing Sikou was one of the four heroines of the adventure gamemode players, yet someone insulted her to such an extent.

"You're too much!"

"That's right. Luckily, we did not join the Star Alliance. What a dog sh*t guild leader, such trash!"

All these men who grumbled only did so quietly. No one dared to stand out to say this.

When he witnessed such a scene, Xingzhe Zichen grew more and more delighted.

As a heir of an aristocratic family, he was asked to act low profile since his birth. Even though they held so much power and money, he could only act as a normal person.

This long period of suppression had made him lose his original nature; it had changed his personality.

Now, he really enjoyed the feeling of attention and the eyes of everyone.

He, the son of an aristocratic family, the mysterious Chi Cultivator, was destined to be the shining light.

Compared to Di Chen, who came from a large power, Xingzhe Zichen had undergone traditional aristocratic family education. In his heart, there was nothing that said everyone was equal.

Hence, that was why he would call her a b*tch and did not even hesitate when he scolded her. He did not find anything wrong with it.

It was not that no one in the square dared to go against the Star Alliance. They were silent as they were digesting the other intel that Xingzhe Zichen had revealed.

Qiyue Wuyi!

Behind Thread actually stood Qiyue Wuyi. This was something that no one had expected.

These two powers had no relation to one another, but they actually grouped up, shocking everyone.

Then, they realized that Xingzhe Zichen was not just going against Qing Sikou. He was also acting against Qiyue Wuyi, the huge giant that stood in the China region.

Just the thought of challenging him would make one tremble.

Hence, they did not do anything because they did not think Shanhai City would just let this side. Since that was the case, they just needed to wait and watch the show.

They were calm, but that did not mean that the Thread members were calm. When they saw their guild leader being insulted, they blew up and looked like they were about to pick a fight.

"**, kill them!"

"Let’s step on them!"

Luckily, Qing Sikou maintained her rationality and stopped her members from fighting. It was impossible for work occupation players to go against combat occupation players twice their number.

Qing Sikou was just waiting for the arrival of one person.

When Xingzhe Zichen looked at the angry faces of the Thread members and saw that none of them dared to rush up, he became more arrogant and laughed, "All you young kids, go back to your mummies!"

Along with their guild leader, the members of Star Alliance also mocked Thread.

Ouyang Shuo picked up his tea, as he sat in the tea house. He took a slow sip, "I don't like this guy."

White Snake heart tightened when he heard those words, as he sat opposite Ouyang Shuo. He knew exactly how much weight those words held. It was basically a death sentence for Star Alliance.

White Snake took a look at Xingzhe Zichen, as pity appeared in his eyes. He was too young and rash. Did he really think that a hidden aristocratic family was very big in the game?

Sadly, he did not know how powerful Ouyang Shuo was.

Even Yanhuang Alliance would act careful and wary when they faced Ouyang Shuo. After failing several times, some members even had a phobia, like Sha Pojun.

White Snake really could not understand why Xingzhe Zichen would feel so confident. White Snake only knew that he needed to infiltrate Star Alliance and lay a path for his lord.

Not only that, it was time to act on the other guilds in Jingdou.

Star Alliance was the first sharpening stone for the Jingdou intel station.

At this point, the guard had returned and whispered something into Ouyang Shuo's ear. Ouyang Shuo nodded and stood up, "We should head down. Let’s not make our friend wait."