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Chapter 374- Arrogant? I“m More Arrogant!

Chapter 374- Arrogant? I'm More Arrogant!

Translator: TeamTWO
Editor: Nora

When Ouyang Shuo walked down the stairs, he bumped into a white shirt scholar.

This man looked very handsome. He seemed talented but reserved, making one feel inspired.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes focused; he did not expect to meet such a peerless and graceful figure in the tea house. As he had some matters to attend to, Ouyang Shuo could not start a conversation with him. He just slightly nodded and brushed past the latter.

In the square, Star Alliance and Thread stood in a stalemate.

At this very moment, a team of constables suddenly ran over. They had around two hundred men. A middle-aged constable led them. He wore a Wuliang Crown on his head and a Yulong robe on his body. Additionally, he had a Xiuchun knife on his waist.

"Who dares to create trouble in Jingdou?"

This middle-aged constable was the head of a hall; his position was not low. Above him were the elder, deputy commander, and the commander.

When he saw the police force suddenly appear, Xingzhe Dichen was shocked. He felt a bad premonition. As he noticed the leader asking them questions, Xingzhe Dichen told his advisor to go up and answer.

Although the advisor felt alarmed, he was still calm. He walked out and bowed, "We are members of the Star Alliance. We are only having a gathering here. We do not dare to create trouble."

The middle-aged constable laughed coldly. How could such poor acting fool him? He barked, "Impudence! You are obviously here to affect the order of the teleportation formation. Men, place them all into the jail!"

"Yes, sir!"

In an instant, two hundred constables went up with chains to capture them.

Two hundred constables up against twenty thousand players. Despite that, the constables did not show any fear. In Jingdu, no guild would dare to go up against the police force, as they represented the Jingdu Imperial Court.

Without mentioning the hundred thousand palace guards, even the police force had around ten thousand men. Furthermore, great martial artists filled their ranks.

They really did not need to use any energy to take down the Star Alliance.

The crowd that was just standing around felt dazzled when they saw the sudden change in the situation.

"What happened? Why did the police force come?"

"Did the Star Alliance make enemies with someone? They have knocked into an iron brick!"

"Hehe, there’s something nice to watch now!"

"What is this called? Trying to embarrass someone but being embarrassed instead?"

"I did not expect Thread to have such a backer!"

"If they were so strong, Qing Sikou would not be in such a situation!"

A player retorted.

"You're right, so who is helping Thread?"

Along with these words, the group of people crowding around looked toward someone.

This player was called Dalang Taosha. He could be considered someone with a little knowledge. Once he saw himself become the centre of attention, he did not get happy. Instead, he tried to dampen it, "Are you all stupid? Did you hear what Xingzhe Zichen said? That Thread got Qiyue Wuyi to help them? Think about it, which lord has the most power in Jingdu?"

"That can’t be true!" The other players did not believe it, "No matter how strong Qiyue Wuyi is, he can’t possibly activate the police force!"

In their eyes, the police force was an unassailable presence.

Even their most ordinary member could compete with the pinnacle of players.

Dalang Taosha scoffed, "Shallow. Don’t forget that he's different from us. The imperial court officially granted him his title. Activating the police would be the least of his powers!"

When the players heard this, they threw glances of admiration at Dalang Taosha. In his heart, he felt delighted. However, he acted like nothing had happened on the surface.

When the other players saw this, they were really impressed—this guy was smart!

Some of the smart ones wanted to add him as a Friend and have relations with him.

Dalang Taosha did not reject any; he even pulled the group to a corner very secretively. They looked on in excitement, eager for what he was about to reveal.

However, they only saw him take out an old armor, "Armor making, silver quality. Five gold for one. Do you all want one?"

His current eyes were so sincere.


Their image of him instantly crumbled.

They did not think that this guy was actually a scum merchant. He would try to sell such an old armor for five gold. They all shook their heads and left. Some of them even deleted him from their Friends List.

"Aiyo do not leave. It’s all silver quality from Shanhai City. A definite elite item!"

His expression instantly changed, and he formed a shrewd smile.

"Do not pull me!"

When the other players heard his words, they ran even faster and quickly disappeared.

"Brother, we can discuss the price. Do not leave!"

All of a sudden, all the players had left and no one remained.

Dalang Taosha shook his head and sighed. He saw that one guy at the corner had not left, so he smiled and asked, "Brother, do you want one?"

The player looked at the armor and drooled, "Skilled player, skilled player. I-I only have one gold." He took out one gold as he said that.

It was obvious that this gold was all of his assets. As such, he cherished it a lot.

Dalang Taosha did not know whether to laugh or cry. The armor he was trying to sell came from the War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group. He wanted to resell it to earn the difference in price.

His purchase price was one gold.

When he saw the rookie in front of him, his heart softened, and he decided to sell one to him. Maybe, he had remembered what he was like when he started in the game. As a result, he decided to sow some good karma.

Unfortunately, the kid that started out pure had turned into a scamming merchant.

When the player received the armor, he felt delighted and was emotional beyond words, "You are a good person. Thank you, thank you!"

Faced with the pure small warrior, Dalang Taosha could only act valiant and magnanimous. He said, "It is not worth much. Little brother, good luck!"

"En!" The rookie nodded his head.

Unknown to Dalang Taosha, his actions had created one of the future experts of the game.

However, this was a matter for the future. It was not important now.

He saw that the situation was growing out of hand, so Xingzhe Zichen quickly stepped up.

He walked to the side of the middle-aged constable and sneakily handed over a gold note. Then, he softly said, "Sir, sorry for this. We will leave now. This is just a little token of our sincerity. Please accept it."

Only the heavens knew how angry and annoyed Xingzhe Zichen was now. He really lost too much face today. He really did not expect the police force to suddenly rush over.

Under normal circumstances, if there were no major incidents or assassinations, the police force would not care no matter what the players did. Who knows what medicine they ate today to suddenly bother about this small matter.

It was not that Xingzhe Zichen did not think that Qiyue Wuyi might have caused this, but even a lord could not activate the police force. In Jingdu, there were so many of them.

The elders in the police force would not take orders from the lords and help them solve their problems.

It was just as he had expected. The police force would not easily make a move. However, Ouyang Shuo was different.

During the first day of the New Year, after Ouyang Shuo faced an assassination attempt, the police force had failed to find the assailant. The one in charge was the middle-aged constable before him.

Hence, he felt like he owed Ouyang Shuo something.

Faced with Ouyang Shuo's request for help, he did not hesitate and instantly agreed.

Hence, these series of events occurred.

When he saw the two hundred gold ticket that Xingzhe Zichen passed to him, a look of despise flashed across his face. The Lianzhou Lord had rewarded him with five thousand gold.

Naturally, Ouyang Shuo did not spend so much gold just for this matter. He also wanted to create relations in Jingdou. In the future, the work of the Black Snake Guards would have some backing.

Strictly speaking, two hundred gold could be considered a lot, and it was close to half a year of the middle-aged constable's pay.

Unfortunately, someone had offered a higher price.

He laughed coldly, "Wow, someone actually tries to bribe an official. Men!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Take this man down and hand him over to the Yamen."

"Yes, sir!"

They did not hesitate and immediately chained up Xingzhe Zichen.


Before he could even react, he was taken. Even till now, he did not understand what he did wrong. He followed the usual act of paying a fee to gain better relations. This was the usual method to make the other party give him a chance. However, they actually did not fall for it.

"Bring him away!"

The middle-aged constable was expressionless.

When they saw their guild leader being taken down, the Star Alliance members could only follow on without making too much noise.

The police force were quick and used long metal chains to chain them all up into line after line. Then, they brought them back to the Yamen.

This scene was really majestic.

When the crowd saw this scene, their mouths gaped open.


"Star Alliance won’t be able to survive in Jingdou anymore!"

Being seen as monkeys, the members of the Star Alliance hung their heads low; they felt utterly embarrassed.

When the members of all the powers saw this scene, their hearts tightened.

One would rather make enemies with the God of Hell than the Lianzhou Lord!

The middle-aged constable did not care and went before Qing Sikou. Then, he warmly said, "Guild leader Qing? Please forgive me for not doing my job and inconveniencing you."

Normally, he would not act so well-mannered and polite. All of this was just a matter of giving the Lianzhou Lord face.

When Qing Sikou heard these words, tears nearly rolled down her face. The embarrassment and insult that she suffered, Ouyang Shuo had made up for it by several times; this respect was more important than anything else.

At this moment, the Thread members held their heads up high.

"Thank you, sir, for your help!" Qing Sikou bowed.

The middle-aged constable waved her off. Then, he led his force and left. He had done all that he could do.

Only after the police force had taken away all the members of Star Alliance did Ouyang Shuo finally appear. Although everyone had guessed that he had used his power to create this situation, he did not want to confirm that he had activated the police force.

When they all saw Ouyang Shuo appear, the square was sent into a state of uproar.

In the end, in this whole episode, Ouyang Shuo was the main character.