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Chapter 375- The Enemy of My Enemy, Is My Friend

Chapter 375- The Enemy of My Enemy, Is My Friend

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Ouyang Shuo walked in front of Qing Sikou. Then, he only said one sentence, "Take care!"

She nodded; the two of them had formed a tacit understanding.

Saying anymore would just be a waste of words.

After this simple goodbye, Qing Sikou brought Thread and teleported to Yashan City. At this point, Sun Xiaoyue was already waiting besides the teleportation formation.

Ouyang Shuo did not follow along to Yashan City, as Shanhai City still had some matters for him to handle. He also believed that Yashan City, with both Sun Xiaoyue and Bai Nanpu, could temporarily handle things.

As this matter came to an end, the smart players knew that the animosity between the two men would create future developments.

Jingdu was destined for a lack of peace and quiet.

After he sent away Thread, Ouyang Shuo walked back toward the tea house. Ouyang Shuo felt that the white shirt scholar was not a simple person, and he wanted to get to know them.

Unfortunately, when Ouyang Shuo rushed back to the tea house, he did not see any signs of the scholar.

"Waiter, did you see a white shirt scholar?"

Ouyang Shuo handed over a piece of gold, as he asked one of the waiters in the tea house.

When he received the gold, the waiter smiled widely; this gold coin was equal to two months of his pay, "There's such a person, but he has already left."

"How long? And in which direction?"

"He just left. As for which direction, I do not know!"

Ouyang Shuo felt disappointed, but he did not want to give up. As such, he said to his four Guards, "He should not be far away. Let's split up and chase, quickly!"

"Lord, this...." the Guards were faced with a difficult situation.


"Lord, if we all leave, what will happen to you?"

After the Jingdou assassination incident, Wang Feng had chosen eight of the finest Guards from the Guards Regiment—the current palace guards—to work in two shifts to protect Ouyang Shuo twenty-four seven.

"It's fine. I'll follow the lord!" White Snake stepped out.

The Guards wanted to say something, but Ouyang Shuo interrupted them. He asked them to quickly give chase.

Ouyang Shuo, on the other hand, brought White Snake and chased toward the east.

Compared to Shanhai City, Jingdu was bustling. The roads intersected one another, and there were numerous streets and alleys. Amongst the sea of people, Ouyang Shuo did not manage to see the white shirt scholar.

"Forget it. Let's stop chasing!"

Ouyang Shuo sighed. Half an hour had passed, and all clues were lost.

His stupid luck stat. It really did not give him any opportune moments.

Ouyang Shuo was pretty sure that the scholar was a historical figure from the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.

As for whether he was from a period before that, he would have either come out already or became a hermit, so it was not possible. Even the Shang Dynasty famous figure Yiyin was recruited by a player known as Chen Hang.

Based on the sources, Chen Hang was a strong lord in Jianye. After he recruited Yiyin, his reputation in the area bloomed, and he became the leader of an alliance in the area.

Not just the Shang Dynasty, even a large portion of the figures from the Spring and Autumn Era had already taken up roles. The players tried to keep many of them a secret, but as more and more alliances were built, they were slowly revealed on forums.

The current territories basically all had one to two historical figures, either civil servants or generals.

In regards to this point, Gaia was very fair.

The most stunning one was Wuqi, who had taken up a role in King County. Who knows what Xiongba, that old fox, did to convince Wuqi.

Wuqi could be said to be a presence equal to Sun Bin. In fact, he might even be better.

When White Snake noticed the lord’s disappointment, he said, "Lord, I feel that we might find clues if we return. With the nature of scholars, since they chose one tea house, they would frequent it."

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, his eyes brightened, and he face palmed, "Why didn’t I think of that!"

"Go, let's return to the tea house!"

When they returned, all of the other guards had also gotten back.

As expected, they did not manage to find anything either.

Ouyang Shuo was not dejected. He found the waiter and asked, “Does that white shirt scholar frequent this tea house?"

The waiter knew that he was speaking to a lord, so he did not dare to tarry, "Lord, you've asked the right person. That fellow does not come everyday; he only comes when the tea house has chess games."

"Chess games?"

"That's right, to attract customers, the tea house will hold five chess games a month. Customers can drink tea and watch the games at the same time," the waiter proudly introduced.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “When's the next one?"

"In five days!"

When Ouyang Shuo heard this, he took out another gold coin and passed it to the waiter, "Five days later, I'll come once more. Help me book a room. If that mister arrives earlier than me, lead him to that room. Do you understand?"

"Do not worry, I'll do it!"

After he received this reward, the waiter was elated. Such generosity, as expected from a lord.

After he left the tea house, Ouyang Shuo arrived into the little courtyard that was the Jingdu Office.

White Snake followed and asked, "Is the lord prepared to wait all the way in Jingdou, or?"

Ouyang Shuo thought about it, "I'll just wait here. In the meantime, I'll deal with the Star Alliance."

"Your intention is?"

To deal with the Star Alliance, he had to take into account the interference of Jianqi Zongheng.

"Go and contact one or two of the guilds in Jingdou. I think that they will be interested in working with us."

As a pleasant coincidence, Ouyang Shuo had just wanted to deal with Jianqi Zongheng.

During the last system auction, in order to fight for the god weapon, Jianqi Zongheng had become mortal enemies with the War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group.

If he had a chance, Ouyang Shuo definitely would not mind teaching them a lesson.

Although there was a rise in adventure gamemode players, they did not have the ability to compete. As a result, they needed the backing of Ouyang Shuo.

In the late game, the situation would change.

Now, Ouyang Shuo had enough to go against Jianqi Zongheng.

When White Snake heard these words, his eyes brightened, "I understand. Do not worry lord, it will happen in these two days."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and did not say anything more.

4th month 3rd day Jingdou.

In a pavilion, four young men sat separately.

Ouyang Shuo sat at the host position, while White Snake sat opposite to him. In the dark, he was the conductor of the intel station; on the surface, he was the manager of the office.

On Ouyang Shuo's left, sat a cool-looking young man—he was the guild leader of Shadow Alliance, Ji Yinghu. On the right, sat a gentle and polite-looking young woman—she was the guild leader of Yimeng Pavilion, Mengyun Tunding.

These two guilds were ranked second and fourth on the Jingdu guild rankings.

In the third spot on the Jingdu guild rankings was Star Alliance.

After these two guilds received Ouyang Shuo's invitation, both of them felt excited and anxious at the same time.

The news of what happened in the square had already spread around. They both knew that members of the Star Alliance were still locked up in jail.

Xingzhe Zichen was in the worst position, as he was sentenced to a month in jail.

The fellow in front of them terrified the two.

When White Snake invited the duo, he revealed that Shanhai City wanted to act against Star Alliance.

Ji Yinghu did not express his stance toward this matter, while Mengyun Tunding was eager.

It had been a short two months since Xingzhe Zichen came to Jingdu, yet he managed to usurp Yimeng Pavillion. Mengyun Tunding’s thoughts of Xingzhe Zichen were obvious.

Ji Yinghu came because of his target—Jianqi Zongheng.

As the 3rd ranked guild in the China region, Jianqi Zongheng suppressed every guild in Jingdu until they could not breathe.

However, the waters in Jingdou were deep and there were many hidden tigers.

There were many who wanted to challenge the position of Jianqi Zongheng.

Ji Yinghu was such a character.

When Shadow Alliance first came out, they went straight against Jianqi Zongheng, but their actions failed to bear any results. However, they solidified themselves at the second spot. Even Star Alliance could not shake them.

The strength and toughness of Ji Yinghu was not ordinary.

When he received this invitation, Ji Yinghu knew that his chance had arrived.

Ouyang Shuo could feel something from the short time it took for them to accept the invitation. He could tell that White Snake was very clear about the animosities and relationships between the various guilds in Jingdu.

The ability of this conductor could not be underestimated.

Compared to the previous intel station, the Black Snake Guards were several times better. Ouyang Shuo felt that the hundreds of thousands of gold he spent on them was totally worth it.

"Both of you are the top figures in Jingdu. Are you interested in working with Shanhai City?"

After the greetings, Ouyang Shuo directly delved into the topic.

Based on his current position, whether speaking or doing things, he no longer needed to beat around the bush. Whatever he did he would be very clear and direct.

"We are willing to hear your suggestion!" Although Mengyun Tunding was very eager, the way she spoke still showed class.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Simple, Shanhai Alliance will sell you two a batch of elite equipment including strong bows, heavy swords, and shields. As a requirement, the Star Alliance must not be able to survive in the 3rd region."

The 3rd region of the imperial city was the most hotly contested area for guilds. If a guild was unable to gain a foothold there, that would pretty much mean they were not a first-rate guild.

Ouyang Shuo's requirement basically meant that Star Alliance would fail to prosper in Jingdu.

In truth, his requirements tempted both of them. These elite equipment were the dream of all the large guilds.

Now was the crucial moment for the guilds in the 3rd region. With these equipment, they could form one or two elite squads.

The moment they took the initiative and got ahead, the benefits were limitless.

If not, Xie Siyun would not have been so anxious during the Shanhai Alliance meeting.

Ouyang Shuo agreeing to sell these items did not affect his deal with the other members. He was just taking out half of the equipment he traded for.

After all, when he ordered the heavy swords and shields, Ouyang Shuo prepared half for his own use and half as a reserve.