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Chapter 376- Mysterious White Shirt Scholar

Chapter 376- Mysterious White Shirt Scholar

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As for the terms that Ouyang Shuo suggested, Ji Yinghu instinctively wanted to bargain.

"Going against the Star Alliance is not an easy matter."

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he laughed. Ji Yinghu looked like a cool fellow, but he liked to beat around the bush when he spoke.

"You're wrong. To me, going against them is just to vent my frustrations. However, for the two of you, it's a great opportunity. What you get is proportionate to how much you put in, isn’t that right?"

Ji Yinghu froze, he had not expected for Ouyang Shuo to actually be so confident.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo was confident. If Shadow Alliance did not work with them, he could just find another guild. At that point, the ones facing troubles would be the two in front of him.

He believed that Ji Yinghu would not give up this opportunity.

For negotiations, as long as one grabbed the other’s bottom line, everything was easy to discuss.

Ji Yinghu could only smile awkwardly when he noticed that he was baited. He was also a decisive person. Since he saw that he could not bargain for more, he immediately gave up and agreed.

With this, the cooperation of the three sides was achieved.

Ouyang Shuo did not want to draw these two guilds into the Shanhai Alliance. Even if he considered such a matter, it would have to wait till they finished off Jianqi Zongheng and Star Alliance.

On the other hand, Thread had successfully entered Shanhai Alliance under Ouyang Suho's recommendation.

In truth, Ouyang Shuo did not expect Shadow Alliance and Yimeng Pavilion to take down Jianqi Zongheng. Just taking down Star Alliance would suffice.

How strong was Jianqi Zongheng to rule Jingdou? The hidden ariocrastic family behind Star Alliance would go all out since they decided to come out.

Ouyang Shuo's goal was to let the guilds in Jingdu fight one another and stunt each other’s growths.

With this, Ouyang Shuo would be pleased.

When the time where he needed to finish the two guilds arrived, the Shanhai Alliance would probably do the deed.

After sending them away, Ouyang Shuo was left cooped up in the courtyard with nowhere to go. As a result, he planned to spectate and enjoy the action that would happen in Jingdu.

That afternoon, the promised batch of equipment arrived at Jingdou. The batch included one thousand strong bows, one thousand God arm crossbows, five hundred heavy swords, and two thousand shields.

Ouyang Shuo sold them to Shadow Alliance and Yimeng Floor for a total of 44 thousand gold.

He sold it to them at a price 10% higher than what he paid for internally. Even so, it still made the two of them delighted.

Such elite equipment would be a further 10% more expensive if placed on the market to sell.

For the funds he gained from the sale, Ouyang Shuo kept twenty thousand gold to make up for the investment on the Black Snake Guards. He did this to keep his gold at hand to fifty thousand.

As for the remaining 24 thousand, he sent it to the Financial Department.

This sum would flow into a specialised fund used to expand the four military workshops.

Based on the plans of Shanhai City, the east region military workshops would continue to expand toward the east, all the way toward the Canyon River. Even a portion of the harbor would be used as a military harbor.

After the expansion, the military workshop region would be five times larger. After a year of development, numerous intermediate artisans were born, which helped to lead the fast development of the military industry.

Since they had gained the support of Shanhai City, both Shadow Alliance and Yimeng Pavillion felt confident.

On the 4th day of the 4th month, Yimeng Pavilion secretly attacked the Star Alliance levelling squad in the 3rd region. As a result, they caused heavy casualties.

The core members of Star Alliance were still in jail, so Yimeng Pavillion could force them back. They were forced out of their training spots and resource collecting areas.

When they saw this, Jianqi Zongheng wanted to send reinforcements but Shadow Alliance stopped them.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere around Jingdu became very tense.

On the 5th day, the main force of Star Alliance was released. They counterattacked and fought against Yimeng Pavilion under the leadership of all of the heads.

Yimeng Pavilion had the momentum, so they were naturally fearless and welcomed the battle.

The war fires in Jingdou burned stronger and stronger, officially unveiling the start of guild wars. The various guilds in the China region were similar to the territories, as they welcomed a series of tough battles.

The strong would survive while the weak would die.

Thanks to their influence, many challengers from the nine imperial cities appeared. They tried to challenge the TOP 9 guilds.

With Thread out of the picture, each imperial city coincidentally had one guild in the TOP 9. Which guild would replace Thread? All the players looked forward to the answer to this question.

The Guild Alliance under Shanhai Alliance made use of this chance to show themselves.

Three of the TOP 9 and one ex-member of the TOP 9 caused the war fires to stop.

The guilds in Jianye, Luoyang, and Dali instantly kept their flags and stopped fighting.

With the wars stopping in three imperial cities, the wars in the other cities grew fiercer and more intense instead.

Apart from Jingdu, Xianyang had the Blood Evil Mercenary Group, which no one dared to challenge. Xiangyang had the Eighteen Swordsmen of Yanyun, which Chun Shenjun supported. Hence, they were pretty stable.

The Jin Yi Wei in Chang An, Streamer in Quanzhou, and Laojun Temple in Chengdu had not allied with any territories. As a result, they became the targets of ambitious players.

Especially Laojun Temple, which was ranked last. Thanks to this, they faced the highest amount of pressure.

Chengdu had a guild known as Spark, its leader, Mingye, was similar to Xingzhe Zichen. They were both heirs of hidden aristocratic families. Mingye’s ancestors were also from the royal family.

The appearance of Spark caused Chengdu to go from one main guild to two. Rumors had it that Spark had started to work together with Swordsmen County.

With that, Laojun Temple faced an even larger pressure.

As Spark grew stronger, they became the best example of this messy guild war.

The Black Snake Guards took this opportunity to plant spies in all the guilds. Ouyang Shuo just sat on and watched. Little did he know that he was the spark that caused this huge fire.

4th month, 6th day.

Ouyang Shuo brought White Snake to the tea house.

The waiter recognized the two, and he warmly brought them to their room.

"That white shirt mister has not arrived yet?"

"Not yet!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded and waited on patiently.

After half an hour, the white shirt scholar finally entered the tea house.

The waiter had been waiting at the door. When he saw the scholar, he immediately went up to welcome the latter.

"Mister, please!" He said as he led him toward the room.

The scholar followed behind him. When he saw that their destination was one of the rooms, he said, "I'm just looking for a seat in the main hall. I do not need a room."

The waiter smiled, "I won’t hide it from you. There's actually a VIP waiting for you."

"VIP? But I don’t know anyone in Jingdu?"

"You'll know once you go in!"

The white shirt scholar did not mind it much, "Okay, then I'll go take a look!"

Once he pushed open the door, he only saw a young man brewing tea. The young man seemed highly focused on the task.

When the young man heard the sound, he looked up. He was Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo placed down the teaware. Then, he stood up and adjusted his shirt. He followed the olden customs. He cupped his hands together, the back of his palm faced outward, and he pushed the front forward before he placed it in front of his chest, "I am Qiyue Wuyi. Sorry for disturbing you!"

The white shirt scholar froze. He obviously knew who Qiyue Wuyi was.

Among the historical people, nearly everyone knew of him.

He returned the greeting, "I am Wei Yang. Greetings, Lianzhou Lord!"

When Ouyang Shuo heard this name, his heartbeat slowed by half a beat. He was even more shocked than Wei Yang.

Wei Yang, the representative figure of legalism. He was the one who pushed for the Qin Country to unify the land. Any one of his achievements could make anyone worship him.

Ouyang Shuo’s decision to wait on was right.


White Snake stood up and sat behind Ouyang Shuo.

Wei Yang sat opposite him; his actions were really respectful and polite. At this point, Wei Yang recognized that Ouyang Shuo was the young man he met on the stairs.

It seems like the Lianzhou Lord had purposely waited for him.

In an instant, Wei Yang had deciphered all that had happened and the current events.

Both of them were smart people, and they did not need to state the obvious. Since they were sure of each other's identities, Ouyang Shuo did not rush. Instead, he happily accompanied Wei Yang to watch the chess game downstairs.

A huge hall with a giant chess board. When the two people made a move, men would replicate it on the large board. They would move the huge pieces on the board for the customers to watch.

Ouyang Shuo did not know much about chess.

In his last life, he was an adventure mode player, so he did not have so much time.

It was only after Jiangshang moved over did Ouyang Shuo occasionally play chess with him. Although he lost every time, his skills had improved really quickly.

Hence, when he watched the chess game downstairs, Ouyang Shuo could understand it. As for Wei Yang, he was the pinnacle of the game.

The whole chess game lasted for two hours.

White Snake, who sat behind Ouyang Shuo, could not handle it anymore.

As a mercenary, he would rather kill people or go undercover. But chess? It was basically torture.

He felt like looking at the full chess board was the same as reading books. He really did not understand why the lord would not ask Wei Yang immediately after recognizing him. Instead, the lord would do this.

Doing such a thing with low-efficiency was not how lords handled matters.

How would White Snake know that Wei Yang was different? Such a talent, it would be difficult to persuade him unless he personally wanted to take up a role.

Based on his style, he would rather spent his time in the tea house than go to other places to visit. Ouyang Shuo knew that Wei Yang was already starting to have thoughts of becoming a hermit.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo seemed to be just waiting on the surface, but deep down, he was contemplating about what Wei Yang needed. What could he do to persuade this legalism representative?

So difficult!