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Chapter 378- Teen Swordsman

Chapter 378- Teen Swordsman

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With the merger of the titles, Ouyang Shuo thought that maybe the other titles like Home of Forging could also merge.

For example, Home of Forging, Home of Tailoring, and the like could merge into a title that encapsulated all work occupation players.

There seemed to be a chance if one thought about it that way.

The regretful matter was that the lucky break that Qing'er still had not obtained the lucky break she needed to break through to tailoring grandmaster. On the other hand, master rank shipbuilder Zheng Dahai had a chance to become a grandmaster through the Ming Dynasty Shipbuilding Technical Manual.

Since Lin Yue had upgraded, the necessary matters had to be completed.

The moment Song Jia entered Five Finger Mountain, they had lost contact with her. Till date, she had not returned.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo had to help out with the sect matters.

In the afternoon, Lin Yue arrived as expected.

After becoming a grandmaster, his aura had changed. Although he still restrained his aura, he had undergone a qualitative change.

Before this, he had no choice but to restrain his aura and energy since he could not control it. Now he could freely manipulate it as he wished, making him look really stable.

There were already no need for formalities between the two of them.

"Lord, the Bajiquan Dojo disciples are all ready. They can go up to the mountains at anytime."

The way Lin Yue handle things was always so decisive and crisp.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "The dojo in the city does not need to be closed down. Brother can arrange a good disciple to run it. The place can act as the outer building of the Dongli Sword Sect."

With the buff of the title, it was the best time to recruit disciples. Dongli Sword Sect was located so far away. Moreover, it was not a place that could handle many disciples.

When Lin Yue heard these words, he laughed, "Lord has thought it through. Let's do it as you say."

Lin Yue was emotionally invested in the Bajiquan Dojo, so if he did not need to close it down, that would be for the best.

"Sect Leader Song is not here. As such, I'll personally accompany you up the mountain tomorrow."

Lin Yue did not reject this proposition. For someone from the underworld, joining a sect was a grand matter. It was acceptable to have the lord personally come along.

The two of them had a brief conversation before parting ways.

4th Month 8th day, Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo brought four Guards to lead the five hundred odd Bajiquan Dojo disciples to Dongli Sword Sect.

Without Song Jia, Cui Tianqi and Banxia performed the daily duties in the sect. When they heard the news, both of them led all the disciples and waited to welcome them.

After not meeting for half a year, Cui Tianqi had already become a handsome teen that brimmed with energy.

Based on Song Jia’s words, Tianqi had strong potential, and his comprehension was also very high. He had already gotten a grasp of both the Nin Yin Cultivation Method and the Yuenu Sword Technique.

If placed in the underworld, he would be considered an exceptional teen.

The negative aspect was that this originally open and extroverted kid now had a more dark aura that incited fear. This was probably a result of him training in the Nin Yin Cultivation Method. Ouyang Shuo also heard that in the sect, this elder brother had really high prestige. He was also very strict to all the other disciples, making all of them fear him.

Luckily, he was a cultivation maniac, and he spent most of his time training in his room or practicing in the back mountains. He rarely hung out with the other disciples.

On the other hand, Banxia, as the elder sister, was not strict toward them. As a result, none of the disciples showed disrespect toward her.

When a male cultivated the Nine Yin Cultivation Method, he would become dark; if a female cultivated it, her charm would grow as her strength increased.

Banxia originally looked good, so it was no wonder she charmed many male disciples.

"Greetings, lord!"

Cui Tianqi led all the disciples to kneel down.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. He walked beside him, patted his shoulder, and smiled, "Not bad!"

Cui Tianqi's heart felt warm; his relationship with the lord was highly complicated. The lord was his benefactor, his brother, and also his liege.

Obtaining the lord’s praise was undoubtedly the greatest joy.

Unfortunately, since he gained mastery of the Nine Yin Cultivation Technique, Cui Tianqi had forgotten how to smile. His current expression looked very stiff. Moreover, when he smiled, it looked worse than crying.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this, he kept his silence.

Every successful person had to invest a lot to reach their current level.

For example, Banxia. Both of them became disciples at the same time, and her potential was not bad either. However, her skill was far from Cui Tianqi’s. Why was that?

The environment of the sect, the honor of the position of elder sister, and the love and attention she received.

All of this made her forget why she became a disciple in the first place. Furthermore, she even thought that her influence in the sect was higher than Cui Tianqi.

She also looked down on his crazy training.

The difference between the two really made one emotional.

Ouyang Shuo was not her master, so naturally, he would not lecture her. He just slightly smiled.

Banxia similarly had complicated feelings toward the lord. She was grateful and respected him; she even worshiped him.

All of this changed during that morning.

The lord wanted to set up rules in the manor. He did not care about their master-servant relationship and kicked her out. If Zisu and the rest did not beg for her, Banxia would not even have a chance to become Song Jia's disciple.

In that instant, hatred grew in her heart.

That thorn still grew in her heart; she could not totally remove it.

Half a year had past, and she still felt really complicated when she saw the lord once again.

Compared to half a year ago, the man in front of her had become more and more charming. His every action displayed his might and prestige.

In front of the lord, she unknowingly displayed her charm. She hoped to get him to notice her. When she learned that the lord was coming, she specially woke up early and dressed up.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Shuo had seen so many beautiful girls. In his eyes, Banxia was just a green apple.

He only slightly smiled and did not spend any time on her.

When Banxia noticed that, her heart felt cold, and the smile disappeared from her face.

"Let's go to the main hall!"

"En!" Cui Tianqi nodded as he led the way.

After half a year of construction, Dongli Sword Sect had grown more and more majestic. It had the appearance of a large sect, at least in terms of infrastructure.

In the main hall, Ouyang Shuo officially introduced Lin Yue to them.

Ouyang Shuo looked around, "Brother Lin is a fist style grandmaster. He has accepted the position of elder in the sect. When your sect leader comes back, we will have the official ceremony. At the same time, he will open a hall known as Baji Hall for the teaching of Bajiquan."

When Lin Yue heard these words, he stepped up and cupped his fist at everyone in greeting.

"Welcome Elder Lin!"

"Welcome Elder Lin!"

All the disciples shouted; it created a really ecstatic scene.

The sect developing and expanding more was naturally a good thing to them.

"Elder Lin will handle matters during the period that your sect leader is not here."

Ouyang Shuo announced a series of rules to ascertain Lin Yue's position in the sect. Basically, Lin Yue was the second-in-command in Dongli Sword Sect.

"Yes, lord!"

All the disciples replied unanimously. However, their voices were not as loud and united as before.

Joining the sect was one thing, the sect having another leader was a different matter.

Naturally, the disciples felt wary and alert since Song Jia was not in the sect. As a matter of course, they did not feel as relaxed now that a new elder would come in to handle daily matters.

Especially Banxia, her heart jolted.

Banxia was similar to a young master in the sect. After all, Cui Tianqi basically did not care about matters.

Lin Yue's arrival removed her from her position of power.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this scene, he frowned. However, after he thought about it, he did not lecture them. He believed that Lin Yue had ample ability to handle all of them and develop some prestige.

Who was Lin Yue? Naturally, he saw through everything that was happening. Before he came, he had already predicted this much. Of course, he was not afraid.

Ouyang Shuo dispersed them after announcing these matters.

Banxia led Lin Yue toward the prearranged courtyard.

Ouyang Shuo called Cui Tianqi to have a conversation.

"Lord, Sister Banxia…."

Cui Tianqi stopped; he looked really calm, but he had many thoughts in his heart.

Ouyang Shuo waved him off, "Let's not talk about her. Tianqi, what plans do you have now that Elder Lin is taking over?"

"Plans?" Cui Tianqi did not understand, "Train!"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "To become a real expert through purely training is not possible. You need to go out and explore like your master."

"Can I?" Excitement flash across his eyes.

"Of course. Why don’t you pack up and leave the mountain today? If you do not want to go alone, you can choose a few other disciples."

"En." Cui Tianqi nodded his head furiously.

Ouyang Shuo took out a heavy sword and a gold ticket; he passed these items to Cui Tianqi. The heavy sword was specially designed; it was a highly valuable dark gold weapon.

This was not Ouyang Shuo acting biased, since this weapon did not suit Banxia.


Cui Tianqi recognized the specialness of this sword and felt astonished. When he looked at the gold ticket, he saw that it was a thousand gold, which freaked him out. Since a young age, he had never seen such a huge amount.

"Take it. Without a good weapon, how can you train?" Ouyang Shuo smiled, "The gold is what your Sister Yingyu told me to bring."

"Thank you, lord!"

Cui Tianqi felt warm in his heart. When he thought about his sister, he felt very thankful and grateful.

"When you go off, you should go and see your sister. She misses you, and she'll be delighted to see you progress so much."


"Ok, since that's all, I'll take my leave!" As Ouyang Shuo stood up, Cui Tianqi quickly followed.

Ouyang Shuo patted his shoulder once again, "You do not need to send me off! Continue training hard. When you become a true expert, I've plans for you!"


To help the lord was Cui Tianqi's ultimate goal.