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Chapter 379- Mighty Lord

Chapter 379- Mighty Lord

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On the 4th month, 10th day, Cui Tianqi brought eleven fellow disciples down the mountain toward the Lord's Manor.

When Lin Yue heard that Cui Tianqi would head out to train, he sent six of the disciples with the most potential from Baji Hall. They totalled at twelve, six males and six females, including Banxia.

Ouyang Shuo recommended they head for the Five Finger Mountains. Who knows, they might bump into Song Jia.

The administrative matters of the Lianzhou Prefecture were now running smoothly. Ouyang Shuo did not need to personally handle all of the matters. Bing'er had also started school, so the entire Lord's Manor had become much colder.

Little Green and Little White were together with Xue'er. They had been training together in the Spirit Beast Hall. Who knows what changes would happen to them.

Since Ouyang Shuo needed to wait for Wei Yang’s return, he purposely pushed back his trip to Yashan City.

Ouyang Shuo made use of this free time to pay more attention to training his martial arts. The assassination attempt in Jingdou had affected him after all.

Ouyang Shuo started to place more emphasis on his own strength. After all, even though he had guards, increasing his own strength was still safer.

Situations change. In the future, there would definitely be times when the guards could not protect him.

Even the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique needed to be cultivated daily. Apart from that, there was also the tiring training of spear techniques and palm techniques.

Ouyang Shuo would not just train alone. He would also find a few Guards to spar with him. First, he would take on one, then two, then three, slowly increasing.

Ouyang Shuo could feel his body and skills improving everyday. Every time he trained, the Guards would hurt him; it was really painful for him.

In an intense fight, one would definitely get hurt.

Ever since his Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique reached the sixth layer, he had welcomed tremendous progress.

At the start of the third month, when he was touring Lianzhou Prefecture, he had already broken through to the seventh layer. The new upper limit for his primordial energy was five hundred points.

Even with this increase, Ouyang Shuo's efficiency did not change. He could only increase the energy by three points each day. If things went smoothly, it would take him till the seventh month to reach a break through.

Every time the technique increased a level, it did not just bring an increase in primordial energy, as it also increased the strength of his meridians. The expansion of his dantian would also result in an all round improvement of his body.

One could say that only by training the technique to the sixth layer could they be considered a martial arts practitioner. At this stage, the strength of his body had reached that of one ox.

Do not look down on such a level, as it was actually really amazing.

A normal person could be considered really strong if they had the strength of a hundred kilograms. The power of one ox was six hundred kilograms, which was enough to shatter rocks.

Every time he leveled up his Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique, his strength would increase by one ox unit of strength. As a result, Ouyang Shuo, who had reached the seventh layer, had reached the power of two oxen.

With one punch, he could kill a man even without using his Bajiquan.

When he wore the current 45 kilogram armor, it felt really comfortable. Moreover, he could wear it for long durations without feeling worn out.

The 35 kilogram Tianmo Spear felt like an extension of his body—like it was a part of him.

Not only that, the primordial energy helped him to recover quickly. Oftentimes, when Ouyang Shuo trained till he was drained, he would use the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique at night. After that, he would fully recovered by the next day.

Under the nourishment of the Yellow Primordial Energy, the injuries to his muscles that the training and cultivation caused all disappeared. They became as good as new.

Not only that, the toughness of his muscles also rose, which gave rise to flexibility and explosiveness.

A strong body, terrifying explosiveness, and a fast recovery speed.

Finally, Ouyang Shuo could be considered a passable general thanks to these three positive facets stacked upon one another.

As his body quality continued to rise, the combat experience hidden in his subconsciousness from his last life started to awaken.

In his last life, Ouyang Shuo did not gain the title of the ‘Two-faced Shura’ by luck.

His combat experience did not fit with his body due to its relative weakness. Hence, it had hid itself in his mind and did not awaken along with his memory.

Hence, although Ouyang Shuo was an adventure gamemode player in his past life, in terms of martial arts, he had to start from scratch when he reincarnated.

Additionally, as this portion of his memory awakened, his skills also improved quickly.

In his last life, Ouyang Shuo had wielded the halberd, a similar weapon to the spear. Hence, after his combat memories awakened, his spear technique vastly improved day by day.

In a short time, his Yang Family Spear Technique broke through to the fifth layer. At this point, he had achieved mastery through comprehension. Next, there were only two more layers—peak of perfection and back to basics.

After comprehending the technique, Ouyang Shuo did not need to think about which stroke to use. Instead, he would subconsciously adapt based on the enemy's attack.

His adaptive abilities on the battlefield rose tremendously thanks to this.

The battlefield was an unpredictable ground. It was a place with different strokes, different angles. As such, the adaptive ability of a martial artist was the most important factor.

Even more so when one was surrounded.

Martial God Zhao Zilong from the Three Kingdoms Era could effortlessly fight thousands of troops. Apart from his skill in the spear, his adaptive ability was another reason for his might.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo had just reached a passable level. He could only show the strength of the Yang Family Spear Technique when he achieved perfection.

Out of the Shanhai Alliance generals, Shi Wanshui and Luo Shixin were both spear masters. Their spear skills had reached the pinnacle of perfection.

As for the highest level, back to basics, it was impossible unless one had become a spear grandmaster.

Hence, compared to Luo Shixin, Ouyang Shuo was still a huge distance away.

Apart from the Yang Family Spear Technique, Ouyang Shuo also tried to merge Bajiquan into his spear technique to create his own art.

This was a huge goal.

To merge martial arts techniques, one needed to totally understand both techniques.

The basic requirements would be for his Bajiquan to also reach the level of mastery through comprehension. Luckily, as Lin Yue had reached fist style grandmaster, the territory had received a title. Hence, it had gotten much easier for Ouyang Shuo to train his Bajiquan.

He had a feeling that in less than a month, he could reach that level.

Apart from his improvements in spear techniques, the awakening of his past memories also brought him a huge surprise.

In his last life, the other techniques that Ouyang Shuo trained were basically all gold rank, except for two king rank techniques—one halberd and one movement technique.

The halberd technique was useless now.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo searched his memory. After spending an extensive amount of effort, he managed to let his famous martial art, Floating Ghost Shadow, appear in the game once more.

"System Notification: Congratulations Player Qiyue Wuyi for the self-created technique, Floating Ghost Shadow. Player is rewarded ten thousand reputation points!"

The Floating Ghost Shadow Technique was considered a king rank movement technique. Since it inculcated special techniques, it was an authentic secret technique.

In his last life, Ouyang Shuo’s use of the Floating Shadow Ghost, in addition to his bloody eyes when he killed, earned him the epithet of Shura.

This technique helped him to fill the gap of not possessing a movement technique.

In a short half a month, Ouyang Shuo's ability took a huge leap.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the generals in the territory, apart from Shi Wanshui and Luo Shixin, were all not his opponent.

Ouyang Shuo even dared to fight Daiqin, who was called the black tiger of the grasslands. In Shanhai City, his force stat could rank in the top 10.

Out of all the of generals, Baiqi had the highest stats, followed by Er'Lai and Shi Wanshui. Then it was Luo Shixin. Further behind was Fan Lihua and Mu Guiying.

As for Sun Bin, although he had created his own fist technique, he was only slightly stronger than a normal person. Lin Yi, Wang Feng, and Zhao Sihu were the three at the back.

Not only that, the ten thousand reputation points that the system awarded him let his reputation stat break a hundred thousand points and upgrade to .

Next was the last grade for reputation points, known as . However, it needed one million points, which could not be done in a short time.

He could only reap such great rewards by joining world wars. It was also the meaning behind the title. Only by winning against other countries could one be well known in the world.

"System Notification: Player reputation points have broken one hundred thousand, becoming . Specially awarded the title Mighty Lord, congratulations!"

As for the last stage, the title he would earn was most probably Overlord.

Mighty Lord: Raises good feeling of historical people by 45%, raises historical people recruitment success rate by 20%.

Undoubtedly, after he gained this new title, his fame amongst the circle of historical people had risen.

One could foresee that in the future, many more historical people would come over to Shanhai City.