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Chapter 381- Going Through Lingnan

Chapter 381- Going Through Lingnan

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Ouyang Shuo briefly introduced his raising wolves plan. Then, he looked around and said, "This is the current situation, so please state your opinions."

As soon as his words sounded out, Zhao Kuo stepped out and bowed, "Lord!"

"Please speak!"

Ouyang Shuo knew that Zhao Kuo possessed really good strategic foresight.

Thinking back, the Zhao Country had accepted Shangdou from the Han Country because of Zhao Kuo. Although they lost in Changping, the original strategy was correct.

If not, the Qin Country would have easily taken down Shangdou, and the Zhao Country would have been lost even faster.

Zhao Kuo unintentionally looked at Baiqi. Based on their ranks, Baiqi should speak first as the commander-in-chief. Who knew what Baiqi was feeling now that Zhao Kuo had snatched the opportunity.

Baiqi remained expressionless on the side; no one could see what he was thinking.

Zhao Kuo shook his head, facing such an opponent, he really was inferior, "In the face of the current situation, we need to make a strategic choice between Taiping Country and Chiyou City. To take down Taiping Country, then wipe out Chiyou City, or take down Chiyou City, then wipe out Taiping Country?"

When Ouyang Shuo heard those words, he nodded.

In truth, with the way that both sides were developing, he had to control one. If not, the Dragon Legion would be unable to stop and keep both powers in check.

"Based on your strategy, it’s apparent that we should not attack Taiping Country. Hence, the only choice would be to take down Chiyou City first. With that, we can eliminate the threat from a hundred thousand mountain. We can also increase our troops and build one or two more heavy armored infantry divisions”.

Zhao Kuo tossed out his view—take down Chiyou City.

"What do you all think?"

Ouyang Shuo did not take a stance. He just asked for the opinions of Du Ruhui and Baiqi.

Du Ruhui's specialty was his decisiveness, not coming up with plans.

When Baiqi heard the plan, he said, "I also agree with taking down Chiyou City. Only that if we want to attack them, we need to go across Xunzhou. What plans do the Military Affairs Department have about that?"

When Zhao Kuo heard these words, he froze. He was gleeful that Baiqi had agreed with him, but he did not expect Baiqi to directly throw out such a hard question.

To attack Chiyou City from Lianzhou, there were only two roads. Firstly, they could head out of Mulan Stronghold from Xunzhou into Wuzhou. With that, they had to face both the south and east forces.

It was obvious to deny this route.

The only remaining way would be to go across the hundred thousand mountains.

Thinking about this, even Ouyang Shuo felt a headache.

It was the hundred thousand mountains, even when the Military Intelligence Division spies went through, they felt into a bad state. it was highly difficult for a huge army to move through.

Apart from the 3rd division's two mountain barbarian heavy armored infantry regiments, the others did not have the confidence to say that they could definitely do it.

However, Ouyang Shuo did not dare to use these regiments to attack Chiyou City.

The position of Chiyou in their hearts was really too high, so making them attack Chiyou City was really taking a huge risk.

Even under the restrictions of military law, although they would not do anything out of hand, their morale and focus would both definitely be affected.

Why not just not let them go to the front lines?

The more troublesome part was that half of the Dragon Legion were cavalry. How could they cross the mountain?

Facing Baiqi's question, Du Ruhui and Zhao Kuo both pondered. Especially Zhao Kuo, who yearned and desired to beat Baiqi, even in terms of strategy.

All of a sudden, the reading room became quiet.

Ouyang Shuo looked at Zhao Kuo, only to see cold sweat appear on his forehead.

It was obvious that Zhao Kuo was thinking really hard.

Ouyang Shuo really hoped that this war secretary could bring him some surprises.

After a long while, just as Ouyang Shuo started to feel a little disappointed, Zhao Kuo suddenly raised his head as his eyes glistened.

"I've got it! Lord, I found a solution!"

Zhao Kuo suddenly stood up and started dancing; he could not hide the happiness and excitement in his voice.

Ouyang Shuo laughed, "Please speak!"

When Zhao Kuo saw this response, he felt a little embarrassed. He calmed himself and sat back down, "Lord, actually there's another place in Xunzhou that we can use to enter Wuzhou and that's Zhaoqing.”

"Zhaoqing?" The one that asked this question was Du Ruhui. As the director of Military Affairs, he understood the surrounding area. Although Zhaoqing was connected to Wuzhou, it was within Lingnan.

"That's right!"

"But Zhaoqing is in Lingnan, and it's totally not connected to the territory. How will we reach it?"

Du Ruhui did not understand Zhao Kuo’s confidence.

When Zhao Kuo heard these words, he laughed confidently, "There are two ways."

"Oh? Speak!"

Du Ruhui did not expect that Zhao Kuo would actually think of two methods.

"First would be for the army to teleport to Tianshuang County before travelling to Wuzhou."

"That would not work!" Du Ruhui immediately rejected this possibility; he felt a little disappointed in his heart, "Attacking Chiyou City, we need to send at least three to four divisions, along with huge logistical support. It would cost fifty to sixty thousand gold. It's not suitable."

As the Military Affairs Director, Du Ruhui had to consider the financial expenditure.

Since the financial expenditure of the military had risen by the day, the Financial Department was already complaining. Luckily, Ouyang Shuo had personally helped to appease both sides.

As the director, Du Ruhui naturally felt a lot of pressure that the troops and generals could not feel.

Attacking Chiyou City would use a lot of gold and resources.

Furthermore, after taking it down, one could foresee that it would not be a positive on finances. It could even become a burden with the building ability of the mountain barbarians.

One did not even need to mention the one or two new divisions that would come out of it.

Du Ruhui could imagine the face of Cui Yingyu. This time, he naturally would not approve of such a wasteful military operation.

When Zhao Kuo heard this reaction, he was not discouraged and said, "Since that's the case, then we will use the second method."

"What is it?"

When Du Ruhui heard this, he was already riled up and not as calm.

Zhao Kuo said, "First, we take down Leizhou. Then we cross Zhaoqing to attack Wuzhou."

The moment he dropped these words, everyone was astonished.

His idea was really bold.

To take down Chiyou City, Zhao Kuo actually suggested they start a pre-war war. First, they would take down the southest point of Lingnan. Then, they would use Zhaoqing as a stepping board to attack Chiyou City.

Leizhou was an ocean away from Qiongzhou Island and was just a forest away from Lianzhou Prefecture.

Before this, Ouyang Shuo had already thought about taking down Leizhou to prevent others from disturbing Qiongzhou Island.

His suggestion was totally the same as Ouyang Shuo's Lingnan strategy.

One had to say that it was really bold.

Ouyang Shuo and the others had a fixed thought; they had never thought of entering through Lingnan.

Even Baiqi's eyes brightened up; he looked at Zhao Kuo with praise.

The current Zhao Kuo was very calm. Faced with Baiqi’s praise, he did not look delighted or happy. It was apparent that successfully one upping Baiqi had wiped out the knot in Zhao Kuo’s heart.

With that, it was like gaining a new lease of life.

Zhao Kuo was very thankful, thankful that he had joined Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes were like lightning and he saw all of this.

He was also very happy. Before this, Zhao Kuo was very emotional when he did things and would not have become a good secretary. Now, Zhao Kuo could be said to be on the right path.

Ouyang Shuo looked around, "I agree with his suggestion. What's next would be for you to make a battle plan for me to review!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Du Ruhui and Zhao Kuo both stood up and bowed.

In the Shanhai City military, the Military Affairs Department would do the war planning. The leading generals would only be decided during the war.

Ouyang Shuo looked at Baiqi, "Commander, do you have anything to say regarding these arrangements?"

In contrast to the other generals, as the commander-in-chief, Baiqi had the right to participate in such high-level decision making. He was not a general that just followed instructions.

When Baiqi heard these words, he thought about it before he said, "We cannot easily give up on the route from a hundred thousand mountain. We can still arrange an infantry force to go across the mountains to sneak attack."

This suggestion displayed his ability.

One actual force and one surprise force; this was the right way to use troops.

When Zhao Kuo heard this proposal, he also felt awed. He really could not underestimate Baiqi.

"Please describe your plan!"

"The 3rd division will defend Mulan Stronghold. The mission to cross the mountain will be given to the 1st division. The remaining second and fourth will form the main force and enter through Zhaoqing. To play it safe, it's better if we make use of the Guards regiment."

Shanhai City would use four divisions, a total of 54 thousand troops. Their goal was to storm and take down Chiyou City before Taiping Country could react.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Okay. The Guards regiment and the 2nd division will perform the mission of attacking Leizhou.”

The 4th division will temporarily camp in Mulan Stronghold!"

For one small Leizhou, they did not need to move three elite divisions. Moreover, once they sent out troops, they would expend a huge amount of resources.