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Chapter 382- The Good Go Up, the Unworthy Go Down

Chapter 382- The Good Go Up, the Unworthy Go Down

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"It's better if Baiqi leads the Battle of Leizhou." Ouyang Shuo had no intentions of personally commanding the battle.

"Yes, my lord!"

After confirming everything, Ouyang Shuo dispersed the meeting.

Next up were matters such as war planning, logistics support, army organization, and the like. The Military Affairs Department would handle all of this.

This was another huge battle after the Battle of Lianzhou. Moreover, just the prefecture preparation work needed half a month or longer.

To attack Leizhou, the fastest method would be from the sea. Hence, the Military Affairs Department also needed to work together with the 1st division of the Beihai Bay Squadron to transport troops and resources.

Ouyang Shuo asked to see Black Mamba after dispersing the meeting.

"The territory plans to take down Leizhou, so it's time for the Black Snake Guards to act. Tell the Quanzhou intel station to quickly infiltrate the various territories in Leizhou and help the military gain an advantage." Ouyang Shuo was really direct.

When Black Mamba heard this news, he was jolted awake and solemnly said, "Do not worry, my lord!"

The Black Snake Guards were formed after heavy investment; it was finally time to check out the fruits of their labor. Black Mamba knew what this meant for them—there was no room for error.


After Black Mamba left, Ouyang Shuo sat alone in his reading room, closing his eyes and thinking.

The Battle of Leizhou was a battle that Shanhai City could not afford to lose. Additionally, it was the first time they would fight outside their territory. It was a huge test on the abilities of the members responsible for logistics and intel.

Apart from activating the Black Snake Guards, the Military Intelligence Division was also in action. Their mission would be to gain details about the geography of Leizhou and the size of the armies of the various territories.

The two intel organizations both had their importance.

As the lord, Ouyang Shuo had to consider more things. He needed to plan for the future of Leizhou. When they set up the Leizhou Prefecture in the future, the position of governor was the biggest problem.

The territory temporarily did not have a passable civil servant that could take up this task. Out of all the prefects, only Wei Ran had the ability. Unfortunately, Shanhai City needed him.

Among the people in the departments, Fan Zhongyan could do the job, but he was also immovable. He had moved Tian Wenjing to Yashan City, so he needed Fan Zhongyan to steer the ship.

Not only that, Leizhou was located outside of the territory. How to manage it was also another problem.

All in all, this matter was highly complicated.

Ouyang Shuo had a headache thinking about this. The current civil servants that the territory possessed were really too little.

Everything would straighten itself out when the time came.

Ouyang Shuo could only console himself like that. However, this kind of mentality was not one that a lord should have.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo called Fan Zhongyan for a talk.

He told Fan Zhongyan his plan of attacking Leizhou and Chiyou City, "Xiwen, from now on, you must choose civil servants that have the potential to take over Leizhou and Wuzhou."

When Fan Zhongyan heard these words, he was placed in a tough spot.

The building of Yashan City and Shenjuan City had taken away two batches of civil servants from him.

Even with the Xinan University, as well as the students from the colleges in each House, the basic-level officials could not handle the demands of two prefectures.

When he saw Fan Zhonguan’s expression, Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Xiwen, you do not need to frown. The most important thing is to choose some young civil servants. As for the basic-level ones, we can choose from their local population."

When Fan Zhongyan heard this, his expression relaxed, "If that's so, I understand!"

Ouyang Shuo waved him off, "Ok then, go get busy!"

"Yes, my lord!"

After Fan Zhongyan left, Ouyang Shuo wrote a letter to Song Wen.

Tianshuang County was located in the Zhaoqing Region. As such, Ouyang Shuo hoped that when they passed through Zhaoqing, the Tianshuang County could provide some logistical support.

In order to thank them, the Shanhai army would stop over at Zhaoqing for a period of time to help them unite Zhaoqing. Whether or not they could grab the chance, it would depend on Song Wen's strength.

Other than this, the Leizhou Region also had some members of the Tianshuang Alliance, so Ouyang Shuo asked Song Wen to provide him with a list. Ouyang Shuo would let them off lightly if they were willing to surrender.

After finishing up all these matters, Ouyang Shuo could finally heave a sigh of relief.

All these plans pretty much set the stage for the Battle of Leizhou. Now, he needed the army to fight the war, while he was in charge of clearing away all the obstacles outside of the battlefield.

4th month, 28th day.

In the morning, Shanhai City welcomed a special guest—Jingjian from the Qin Country. He was the one that supported Wei Yang; his most important right-hand man.

When he heard that Wei Yang took up a role in Shanhai City, Jingjian purposely came over.

This was the influence of the high-level people. For example, Jiangshang’s appearance had attracted Sun Wu, which then attracted Sun Bin.

As the one that pushed for legalism and one of the huge powers of the Qin Country, Wei Yang's influence could not be underestimated.

Among all of this, the title of Mighty Lord also had a hidden effect.

Jingjian was a lanky middle-aged man. Since he was a general, his body was very strong. He was a warm person. However, his heart was really tough, and he was a really good talent.

Ouyang Shuo personally welcomed him and temporarily housed him in the Lord's Manor.

Name: Jingjian (King Rank)

Dynasty: Warring States (Qin)

Identity: Shanhai City resident

Occupation: civil servant

Loyalty: 75

Command: 55

Force: 55

Intelligence: 55

Politics: 70

Specialty: Worthy Talent (Raises reputation of territory by 5%), concerned about the nation (raises efficiency by 20%)

Evaluation: The favored official under Duke of Qin. He once pushed and supported Wei Yang.

After looking at his stats, thoughts filled Ouyang Shuo’s mind.

These all-round stats could be considered ordinary, and he did not have any real outstanding points. However, the hard to understand part was the lack of any obvious weaknesses. He could easily adapt to both military and administrative positions.

Since Jingjian came over because of Wei Yang. When arranging his position, Ouyang Shuo naturally had to consider this point. Fortunately, Ouyang Shuo had planned to make some changes to the Internal Affairs Department.

Coincidentally, the next day, Wei Yang returned to Shanhai City.

When he learned that Jingjian had come over, Wei Yang was exceptionally delighted. Before this, he had not kept in contact with the people from the Qin Country. He did not expect the moment he appeared in Shanhai City, his old friends would come along.

Old friends meeting was naturally a happy occasion.

When he saw Wei Yang’s expression, Ouyang Shuo guessed that in Wei Yang’s one month tour of Lianzhou, he had gained some new thoughts. When he returned and met his old friend, it was happiness upon happiness.

That evening, Ouyang Shuo held a feast to welcome the two.

During the feast, naturally Ouyang Shuo accompanied both of them.

Wei Yang was delighted. He talked a lot about what he saw and heard on his trip.

The foundations of Lianzhou Prefecture were a lot better than he had expected. Compared to the old Qin Country, it was a level higher.

Lianzhou, which he spent so much effort to run, was the life's work of Ouyang Shuo. Be it the standard of rule or the life of its residents, they were both above the passing mark.

Of course, it was not without its problems.

The aspect that left the greatest impression on Wei Yang was that as the income gap increased, the rich had started to grow more powerful. Furthermore, far away from the main camp, some bad things were brewing.

All of these matters were the job of the Internal Affairs Department.

As expected of Wei Yang, he could see the crux of the problem.

After the feast, Ouyang Shuo brought the two into his reading room and handed them their jobs.

Both of them were relatively happy with their jobs. Toward the adjustment to the structure of the Internal Affairs Department, Ouyang Shuo sought their opinions, and they were both happy with it.

4th month 30th day, Ouyang Shuo held an administrative meeting.

Before he started the meeting, he introduced Wei Yang and Jingjian to everyone. Both of them were famous figures. With a simple mention of their names, everyone knew them.

Especially Wei Yang, whose name was really famous.

Ouyang Shuo looked around, "Before we begin, I'll announce a few personnel changes."

The moment his words sounded out, the main hall fell into total silence.

"Tian Wenjing will be the new Yashan City Mayor. Wei Yang will replace him as director."

The first change was already shocking.

They did not expect Ouyang Shuo to change the director.

From director to mayor was a drop in a grade, but there was no emotion or change in Tian Wenjing's eyes. The smart officials could probably guess that within this matter was a great opportunity.

Tian Wenjing and Wei Yang both stepped out and accepted their appointments.

"Thank you lord, for your trust!"

Wei Yang stepped forward and bowed.

When Wei Yang appeared, Procuratorate Secretary Song Yin was delighted. Strictly speaking, he could be considered half a disciple of the legalism school of thought.

Ouyang Shuo continued, "The name of the Auditing Division will be changed to the Supervisory Division. Apart from the original duties, they will be in charge of supervising the officials and civil servants of each House and County."

Yet another huge bomb.

The new Supervisory Division, with its additional power and role, could definitely be considered among the top three.

"Auditing Secretary Qinsheng will be moved to the position of Secretary of Taxation. Original Secretary of Taxation Quan Lifei will become the Shanhai House Taxation Secretary.”

The main hall remained totally silent.

Qian Lifei became the second person after Songsan to be demoted. At this point, his face was ashen white. The other secretaries were all highly anxious.

The message that the lord sent today was really obvious; there was no one that was safe. The able would be promoted, while you would be demoted if you did not have the ability.

Ouyang Shuo announcing these changes in appointment acted as a warning to all of them. Following these appointment changes, he said, "Jingjian will replace Qinsheng as the Supervisory Division Secretary."

"Thank you lord, for your trust!"

At this point, the new round of personnel appointments had come to an end.