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Chapter 383- Land of Legalism

Chapter 383- Land of Legalism

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Although the administrative meeting ended, the aftermath lingered.

The reallocation of Tian Wenjing was like a layer of dense fog that no one could see through.

However, news that the lord wanted Tian Wenjing to manage Qiongzhou Island slowly spread. Only then did a light bulb light up in all of their heads. No wonder he was not dejected and instead looked pumped and excited.

A governor of an entire prefecture was comparable to a director. In the foreseeable future, governors would also be the highest level administrative personnels.

Qinsheng becoming the Taxation Secretary did not raise any questions or cause any waves. With his experience and ability in the Auditing Division, managing the Taxation Division would not be hard.

Qinsheng's reallocation actually benefited and helped to strengthen the Financial Department.

On the other hand, the appointment of Jingjian instantly raised the value of the secretaries in the Lord's Manor by several grades.

Not long after Zhao Kuo became the war secretary, a civil servant historical person finally become a secretary. As the territory continued to develop and expand, such a situation would become more and more common.

As a matter of course, this came with the instability of the other secretaries’ positions.

The demotion of Qian Lifei shocked all the civil servants.

Previously, Songsan was demoted to deputy secretary, similar to dropping half a grade. Meanwhile, Qian Lifei went from a Lord's Manor secretary to a secretary of a House, a full grade lower.

If one also considered the organization of the prefecture, he would be considered to have dropped two grades.

No one knew the reason for his situation. They did not know why he was not liked and promoted by the lord. Even his boss Cui Yingyu was kept in the dark.

It was apparent that Ouyang Shuo had no intentions of explaining this.

After the administrative meeting, Tian Wenjing brought Wei Yang and Jingjian to take up the duties of the Internal Affairs Department. The next day, the lord would accompany him to Yashan City.

The moment Wei Yang officially took up the job, a notification sounded out in the China region.

"System Notification: Legalism representative figure Wei Yang has taken up a role in Shanhai City, managing internal affairs and accepting disciples. He also meets the three requirements of a school of thought moving in, legalism school of thought has officially moved into Shanhai City."


"System Notification: Legalism school of thought has moved into Shanhai City, rewarded Land of Legalism title. Congratulations, player Qiyue Wuyi!"


Legalism could be taught and spread in the Internal Affairs Department. Members of the department were believers in the school of thought. Naturally, since Wei Yang had taken up the role of director, legalism had officially moved into Shanhai City.

The moment the notification came out, the China region was sent into an uproar.

Last time, when the military strategists moved in, the players were already prepared for it. This time, it was just too sudden. No one expected that in such a short amount of time, the Lianzhou Lord could rope in Wei Yang.

"Legalism legend, Wei Yang, please accept my kneel!"

"I'm a legalism disciple. I'll follow Wei Yang wherever he goes!"

"Forming a team to go to Shanhai City, please register quickly!"


Undoubtedly, the players mainly talked about Wei Yang.

Even Ouyang Shuo himself became a bystander.

With the legalism school of thought moving in, the philosopher debate quest that he started had finally taken its first step. He was now only six months away from the completion deadline.

It was such immense pressure just thinking about it!

Ouyang Shuo suppressed the worry in his heart and took a look at the stats of the title.

Land of Legalism: Civil servant's honesty increased by 25%, chance of civil servants breaking through bottlenecks increased by 10%, quality of civil servants increased by 15%, purifying the administrative environment by 20%.

As a huge school of thought comparable to the Philosophy of War, its stats were equally strong.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head in pleasure; his hard work was worth it.

Thanks to the buff from the title, the quality of the civil servants in the territory received a huge upgrade. For the territory that would soon expand quickly, it was a huge saving grace.

5th month 1st day, Yashan City.

Ouyang Shuo and his group appeared at the Yashan City teleportation formation.

Outside of the it, secretary Bai Nanpu was respectfully waiting. As for Sun Xiaoyue, she would not purposely come over to welcome him. She was probably fooling around with Qing Sikou and Lin Jing.

With these three women at the same place, Yashan City had become more bustling than expected.

Ouyang Shuo walked out of the formation. When he saw Bai Nanpu, he patted his shoulder, “Great job, it has been tough on you!"

When Bai Nanpu heard these words, he felt really emotional, "To be able to work for the Lord, it is my honor!"

In truth, news about the administrative meeting yesterday had already spread to Yashan City. Bai Nanpu knew about the small earthquake of changes that had happened. The meaning was certainly different to gain recognition from the lord at such a time.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and turned toward Tian Wenjing, "This is Yashan City, how is it?"

Tian Wenjing smiled, "To say the truth, it is much better than I expected."

Since they built Yashan City, only two and a half months had passed.

Looking around, the inner city wall had already been built and work on the outer wall had already started. The planning of the inner city was roughly in place, and the city was managed and organized well.

The outer city was still in a mess, and there were construction sites everywhere.

Such a seen was enough for it to be worthy of ‘Not bad.’

Tian Wenjing took a look at Bai Nanpu and said, "You are amazing!"

How would Bai Nanpu dare to accept such praise? He stuttered, "I do not dare to accept such glory. For Yashan City to have such a scale, it is all because of Sister Sun's planning. I only did some simple logistical work."

Tian Wenjing wanted to continue on, but Ouyang Shuo waved both of them off and said, "Let's talk in the Town Hall."

Strictly speaking, Yashan City belonged to Bing'er.

Hence, based on Ouyang Shuo's instructions, they built a town hall to act as the administrative work office outside of the Lord's Manor.

As for the Lord's Manor, Sun Xiaoyue temporarily lived in it.

As the Tiger Legion that moved into Yazhou, they had started to sweep out the aboriginals and the raiders. Firstly, to help eradicate the dangers, and secondly, to help raise Bing'er’s rank.

After an extended period of time, the merit points accumulated raised Bing'er to rank 1 viscount. She was just a little away from rank 3 earl.

Hence, strictly speaking, Yashan City was still a grade 3 town. As such, it could only get seventy-five refugees everyday.

The next step was to help her reach rank 3 earl. This would allow the city upgrade to a grade 1 county. At that time, the city could have a daily refugee spawn rate of three hundred.

As for the raider's siege when the territory upgraded to county, there was nothing to fear with the presence of the Tiger Legion.

Town Hall, meeting room.

Bai Nanpu started to describe the construction situation in Yashan City. From the sides, Ouyang Shuo and Tian Wenjing listened on intently.

Firstly, the administrative structure. Based on the territory standards, Bai Nanpu had already built up the structure of the town hall with basically personnel taken from Shanhai City.

A portion of these people were also recruited from the refugees.

One must not forget that the village token of Yashan City was also gold rank. Occasionally, usable talents would spawn.

Toward the personnel arrangements of Yashan City, Ouyang Shuo would not interfere. He just left it up to Tian Wenjing.

Secondly, the construction projects.

The South Mountain Harbor had already been constructed and many merchant ships travelled to and fro between there and Beihai Harbor. After three batches of migrants, the sea route was basically set, and it was really safe.

Furthermore, the Beihai Bay Squadron 1st Division had been clearing out the pirates around Beihai Bay.

The future merchant trade routes would only get safer.

Some of the merchants from Quanzhou had already started to think about setting up trade routes from Quanzhou straight to South Mountain Harbor.

Of course, this was only a plan for the future. Currently, this region was littered with pirates. Without a navy, merchants would not dare to do such a thing.

The inner city construction of Yashan City was basically completed and only the outer city remained.

Based on the city organization, be it shops or workshops, they were all built in the business region in the outer city.

Hence, the outer city would be more bustling and exciting than the inner city.

Thirdly, industry planning.

Shili Beach's first stage of saltpans had already been reclaimed, and it had started to produce salt. Each month, it could produce eight thousand gold in profits, the largest till date for Yashan City.

Outside the city, many million mu of farmland had been reclaimed to plant crops. The planting of rice had already been completed, and they were growing nicely.

Things like the sugarcane garden, rubber plantations, carrot farms, tea garden, and the like, as well as pig styes intersected in the middle of the farmland. Overall, it created a really interesting scene.

Due to population restrictions, Thread and the Chamber of Commerces ran the farmlands and the gardens. Yashan City only collected land rent, agriculture tax, and business taxes from them.

The factor that attracted the Chamber of Commerces was not just the resources in Five Finger Mountain.

The various farms and gardens were also a huge treasure trove. The natural environment in Yashan was really too suitable for the planting of sugarcane, rubber, and the like.

Fourthly, the territory defences.

The Tiger Legion belonged to the wilderness fighting force. It was not housed inside Yashan City. Instead, they were situated five kilometers north of the city.

Obviously, in Sun Bin's eyes, the aboriginals in the north were the biggest threat to the territory.

In the city, due to population restrictions, they had only set up one city protection unit. Their main job was the daily patrol of the city and to solve internal disputes.

In contrast to Shanhai City, Yashan City was a complicated place with many players. Occasionally, there would be disputes and conflicts.

After hearing Bai Nanpu’s report, Ouyang Shuo nodded his head. The development of Yashan City was far better than he had expected.

Tian Wenjing was really delighted. With such a base and infrastructure, he was a lot more confident in making Yashan City the second biggest city outside of Shanhai City.