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Chapter 384- Mountain Army

Chapter 384- Mountain Army

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At 10 AM, Ouyang Shuo ordered the officials in Yashan City to see him. He also announced the appointment of Tian Wenjing.

After Bai Nanpu completed the turnover, he would return to Shanhai City. Yashan City's training would become one of his greatest riches.

To show his support for Tian Wenjing, Ouyang Shuo did not move into the Town Hall. Instead, he stayed in the Lord's Manor. Although the town grade manor was shabby, it was still okay to stay in for a period of time.

Ouyang Shuo was not a person greedy for such enjoyments in life.

When he walked into the Lord's Manor, Sun Xiaoyue, Linjing, and Qing Sikou were all coincidentally there.

When she saw the four Guards behind Ouyang Shuo, Lin Jing teased, "Stupid brat, you’re getting more and more powerful!"

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he could only keep silent. After all, she was his elder. Deep in his heart, he kind of enjoyed this teasing. As his position and power increased, there were very little people who would dare to treat him in such a manner.

It was cold when you were so high up.

When Qing Sikou saw their exchange, she felt that it was really interesting. The Lianzhou Lord that everyone looked at highly was just a little boy being mocked.

Ouyang Shuo asked the Guards to step down. Then, he sat opposite his little aunt, "Have you all passed through the South Mountain Cave yet?"


Lin Jing frowned when she thought about this issue.

The exploration in these two weeks had really been an unforgettable experience. After all, the three guilds had taken turns. They were far different from the Blood Evil Mercenary Group, who had entered all by themselves.

Although two months had passed, they still had not fully explored the cave. However, from her words, the exploration had reached a crucial moment.

In a week, they would pass the cave if nothing went wrong.

Who would claim the riches was still unknown.

Although the three guilds were allies, in this exploration, they were competing against one another. Their exploration progress was kept a secret from one another.

He saw that her expression seemed really confident.

The reason why Ouyang Shuo paid attention to the exploration speed was because it concerned his plans.

He could officially open up to adventure gamemode players the moment they completed the exploration. The first batch of players would mainly be members of the three guilds. Apart from them, small teams would also be picked.

The Black Snake Guards and the Military Intelligence Division would set up an intel station here at the same time. This would strengthen their control over Yashan City and allow them to monitor every move in the city.

Ouyang Shuo turned and looked at Qing Sikou. He smiled and asked, "Guild leader Qing, are you okay here in Yazhou?"

After he had tried so hard to move Thread into Yazhou, this lord had come around one month later. It did not feel right.

Qing Sikou did not mind and nodded her head, "It's much better than I expected."

Thread had taken root in Yazhou. Using the resources that she had gathered in Jingdou, they had invested in numerous workshops and shops in Yashan City. Outside the city, they had also opened up four manors and two farms.

Their investments in Yashan City was even crazier than the Chamber of Commerces.

The ten thousand members left in Thread were not only loyal, but they were also intermediate rank and above. This just happened to nicely fill up the gap of talented individuals in Yashan City.

The current Thread was a power in Yashan City that could not be underestimated.

As for rare resources, they bought these from the elite groups or from the headquarters of the three guilds. As Yashan City started to grow more open to the public, rare resources would not be a problem anymore.

Thread was on the road to being reborn.

Even though she had talked to Ouyang Shuo before, Qing Sikou was still expressionless. This woman definitely would not reveal her thoughts and feelings to people easily.

Her coldness was a level higher than Bai Hua’s.

Oddly enough, she actually became close friends with Sun Xiaoyue.

Sun Xiaoyue was not ready to move before Yashan City was built. Leading the construction of a city gave her a huge sense of achievement.

Naturally, Sun Xiaoyue would not speak any words of thanks toward him.

A tacit understanding had formed between the two of them.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo headed for the Tiger Legion camp.

Since Yashan City had already gotten on the right path, in addition to Tian Wenjing taking charge, Ouyang Shuo would not interfere too much. The only thing that worried him was the clearing of the aboriginals.

For the minute details, he needed to discuss with Sun Bin face-to-face.

Sun Bin was a master of formations. He had built up the main base of the Tiger Legion with well with hidden formations. In the camp, apart from the troops that were sent out to clear the aboriginals, the remaining trained in the fields.

The whole army camp, apart from the sounds of training, lacked any other sound.

Sun Bin's strict rule was evident.

On the way to the commander's tent, Ouyang Shuo met a young soldier and nearly bumped into him.

The soldier was holding a sack of potatoes that weighed around fifty kilograms. It looked like he was about to feed the horses in the stables. He effortlessly carried the huge sack.

Maybe because he was in a rush, but he did not see Ouyang Shuo.

"Who dares to bump into the lord!"

The guard took out his blade and wanted to take down the soldier.

Ouyang Shuo raised his head. The soldier was only around seventeen to eighteen years old. His skin was slightly tan. He was really tall but exceptionally strong like a leopard.

He could feel the soldier’s bloody scent and untamable spirit. This was really interesting; a small soldier actually had such an aura.

When he heard how the guard referred to Ouyang Shuo, the soldier was so nervous his heartbeat quickened.

However, this was not a result of fear, but a result of excitement.

As he had trained the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique to the seventh layer, his senses had grown really sharp. He had captured the emotional changes to the soldier.

Really weird!

"Sorry lord, sorry lord!"

At this point, the soldier regained his senses and knelt on the ground. The words that came out of his mouth were not fluent. It was like he had just learned to speak them not long ago.

Ouyang Shuo frowned and stopped the guard, "Stand up!"

"Thank you lord; thank you lord!"

The soldier picked up the potatoes and quickly left.

The guard walked up and said softly, "This person is a little unusual."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Contact the Black Snake Guards to investigate. Remember, do not alert him."

"Yes, my lord!"

After this small interruption, Ouyang Shuo finally arrived at the commander tent.

"Lord!" Sun Bin sat on his wheelchair and greeted Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and sat down, "Talk about the situation regarding the aboriginals!"

Qiongzhou had two big groups. One was the desolate beasts, and the other was the Li Race Aboriginals. Especially in the Yazhou Region, the Li Race tribes were scattered everywhere.

The arrival of the Tiger Legion naturally alerted all these tribes.

In the beginning, the tribes retaliated. Unfortunately, in front of an elite army, the aboriginals still using wooden spears could not compare. Furthermore, they fought on plains, so they were badly defeated.

When the aboriginals saw that things were not going well, they backed off into the Five Finger Mountains.

The deep mountains and forests were their real home. Even Sun Bin did not dare venture in carelessly.

The war situation had entered a stalemate just like this.

Luckily, the plains region was enough to let Yashan City gain a foothold.

Hence, Sun Bin's strategy had changed. The current mission of the Tiger Legion was to clear out the beasts and desolate beasts on the plains. They also had to train their forces.

Of course, to the aboriginals that retreated into the Five Finger Mountains, Sun Bin did not give up and sent out spies to investigate, preparing them for future military operations.

The Li Race were really the king of the forests and mountains. Even the well-trained spies from the Black Snake Guards got lost in the mountains or fell into traps.

There were more than thirty spies that were sacrificed in the Five Finger Mountains.

Based on the military organization, one division only had one scouting squadron. All the spies in the legion added together were only two hundred men.

These sacrifices could not be considered small.

The Five Finger Mountain was about to become a forbidden region.

Luckily, when Sun Bin saw one plan failed, he made another.

On the grassland fields, the Tiger Legion had already destroyed ten Li Race tribes and captured thirty thousand of their people.

80% and above of the prisoners were sent to work in the various farms and gardens. The remaining 10% and above, around five thousand people, were all young and strong men. They were chosen to enter the army.

Sun Bin's strategy was to train the Li Race teens into a strong mountain region army. He was ready to use the Li Race warriors to fight against other Li Race members.

One had to say that this plan was really bold.

If Ouyang Shuo had not given Sun Bin the power to make decisions before he left, Sun Bin would not have dared to do this. One must know that in normal circumstances, the Military Affairs Department must raise the idea and Ouyang Shuo must approve it for one to organize and expand the military.

Ouyang Shuo only decided to give him such power because Qiongzhou Island was located out in the ocean, and Sun Bin was also a god rank genera.

To make the Li Race teens submit was not an easy task. Training a loyal force was also a tough matter.

Since Sun Bin was so confident, Ouyang Shuo was also looking forward to it.

Ouyang Shuo suddenly thought of the soldier that he had met, Don’t tell me that he was a Li Race teen?

Just at that moment, the Guard that left walked into the tent, "Lord, that soldier's identity has been identified. He's a newly recruited Li Race teen."

As he had expected.

Toward the doubt on Sun Bin's face, Ouyang Shuo explained in simple terms what had just happened.

"The lord's meaning is that the fellow's identity is not so simple?"

Sun Bin was a really smart person, from Ouyang Shuo’s words and actions, he could roughly guess everything. With the power and rank of the lord, if it was just a normal soldier, he would not have made such a big fuss.

"Let's just wait and see!" Ouyang Shuo turned toward the guard, "General Sun will be in charge of the investigations."

These things could not be considered difficult for Sun Bin.

"Yes, my lord!"