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Chapter 385-Good Fortune

Chapter 385-Good Fortune

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Ouyang Shuo left the barracks and returned to Yashan City.

That night, he held a banquet in the Lord's Manor to welcome the various power representatives in the city. These people included the team leaders from the three guild's elite forces as well as high-level players from Thread, some of the heads of the Chamber of Commerces, and even the leaders of the Li Race tribes that surrendered.

Apart from that, there were also the civil servants that Tian Wenjing led and the generals Sun Bin headed.

Ouyang Shuo took this banquet as an opportunity to push Tian Wenjing to the forefront.

Most importantly, through the banquet, Ouyang Shuo sent out a clear signal that Yashan City would continue to focus on becoming an open society where everyone could coexist.

Before this, Bai Nanpu had managed Yashan City, and he did not even have a title.

The various powers were worried about the future of Yashan City.

The lord personally coming out and making things clear at this moment instantly gained the welcome of everyone.

Ouyang Shuo was the absolute star of the banquet.

The various powers came forward to drink with him to strengthen their friendship. Ouyang Shuo was already accustomed to toward such occasions. His smile was really natural, as he enjoyed the night.

The next day, Ouyang Shuo was involved in many opening ceremonies and feasts.

After they received the message from the Lianzhou Lord, the Chamber of Commerces naturally were happy. They came forward to invite him to attend their shop opening ceremonies.

Even the shops that were opened before reopened with a grand ceremony.

Under the persuasion of the other members, even the cold Qing Sikou had to personally come out and invite Ouyang Shuo to attend the opening ceremony of Thread's largest overall store, Yi Pin Xuan.

The members of Thread worshipped Ouyang Shuo. The occurrences at Jingdu square were unforgettable.

Needless to say, Star Alliance had recently been embroiled in a tough battle. They were not as strong as before. All of this happened because the Lianzhou Lord was taking revenge for them.

The Thread members were mostly girls. During the opening ceremony, all of them surrounded Ouyang Shuo.

The girls simply went to war. They pulled him over for autographs and pictures, while some of the bolder ones even hugged and kissed him.

It was simply too terrifying when girls went crazy.

Players all had selfie functions. Ouyang Shuo did not dare to think about what Song Jia would think when these photos were placed on the forums.

He begged for Qing Sikou’s help, but she just stood at the side and watched on.

In the end, he barely managed to escape under the protection of his Guards.

"Wah, Brother Wuyi is so handsome!"

"Yeah, even when escaping, he's so handsome. I really love him!"

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he ran even faster.


In the day, he attended the opening ceremonies. At night, the Chamber of Commerces invited them to their mansions for feasts. The feasts were incredibly grand and even better than the one at the Lord's Manor.

Seafood and delicacies, wine and great food, all of these were just the surface. The various performances were the part they put a lot of effort into.

Merchants liked to compete to see who was better.

Some performed dances, and some were more creative; they came in all types. Some even asked for help from their main base to teleport some famous songstresses.

Ouyang Shuo welcomed all of this.

He was determined to go all the way in terms of bonding with his people.

When they saw the delight of the Lianzhou Lord, some of the Chamber of Commerces grew even bolder. For example, a middle-sized Chamber of Commerce from Quanzhou arranged a beauty to take care of Ouyang Shuo.

It would be a lie to say that the beauty before him did not tempt Ouyang Shuo. He was also a virgin, so how could he resist such a temptation?

However, the moment he thought about the female tiger at home, his desires were extinguished, and he declined their good intentions.

Ouyang Shuo could not fall asleep that night.

The next day, when Sun Xiaoyue heard about this matter from one of the guards, she directly rejected that Chamber of Commerce’s application for land.

When that Chamber of Commerce learned this news, they were in tears.

In the future, no other Chamber of Commerce would do such a thing.

Amidst all the festivities, five days passed.

Based on Ouyang Shuo's plan, he would stay a week or so in Yashan City before he headed back.

Leizhou, Chiyou City, Taiping Country….

In the upcoming time, Shanhai City would face foe after foe. He could not feel at ease if he left the main camp for long periods of time.

Unexpectedly, he received a message from Song Jia.

After three odd months, her training had come to an end, and she was on the way back. Not only that, she had actually completed the secret quest.

One had to say that nothing could stop you when luck knocks on the door.

Legends had it that Ahli and Wumai had five children. They were said to have lived a hard life, farming half a mu of land.

One night, Ahli dreamed of a white-haired saint, who told him about a treasure hoe and a treasure sword.

The next day, their whole family went to work, and they really found these two treasures. They used the sword to cut trees and the hoe to farm. As a result, their lives grew better.

Many years later, Ahli died. The children followed their mother’s wishes and buried the treasure sword along with their father.

A scum known as Yawei spread the news to pirates. The pirates gathered hundreds of people to the place. They even killed Wumai and captured the five children.

Yawei placed all of them in chains and tortured them to reveal the location of the treasure. However, none of them revealed the location, and they were all killed.

Their bravery touched all the animals in the region. The beasts united and killed Yawei and the pirates.

The animals shifted large quantities of rocks and mud to make five high graves to bury them. These five burial mountains looked like five fingers pointing upward, hence they were called Five Finger Mountains.

On New Year's Eve, Song Jia entered Ahli's house. However, this time, he had not passed away.

She has not triggered the mission. Naturally, she would not know how special this family she lived with was. She just treated them as a temporarily layover.

After training for a period, she would return to the house to rest.

Just a week ago, Ahli suddenly passed away.

With this, the quest activated. If she had left a step earlier, she would have probably missed this great opportunity.

Next, the events that happened to Wu Mingzhi in Ouyang Shuo’s last life basically happened to her.

She made use of her martial arts to destroy the pirates. After she chased them away, to thank her, the family gave her the treasure sword.

Based on Song Jia’s words, she also found two treasures on the bodies of the pirates.

As for what these treasures were exactly, Song Jia refused to tell him.

Ouyang Shuo decided to just stay in Yashan City until she returned.

5th month 8th day, Song Jia returned.

When she left, it was the start of autumn. Back then, the city was not even built. When she returned, it was already summer.

After training in the Five Finger Mountains, her aura had totally changed. She seemed like a sharp sword that inspired fear.

A swordsman of a generation had officially stepped foot into the underworld.

Ouyang Shuo also noticed that the sword by her waist had changed. The Qingfeng sword from before was changed to the treasure sword.

Since they had just met, Ouyang Shuo did not want to ask about the treasure sword.

Since they had not seen one another for so long, they got close, and no one dared to disturb them.

She looked at Ouyang Shuo, "Wuyi, the forums say that there is a playboy. Do you know who he is?"

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he froze. As he had expected, the photos from the Thread opening ceremony were posted online.

A group of girls surrounding him was really shocking.

As a result of this event, the Brother Wuyi Fan Club even started a war with Thread on the forums. Thread was not good at fighting. However, in terms of arguing, they were still pretty good.

Both of them went at each other and fought unhappily.

Since Ouyang Shuo's reputation was too big, this event naturally spread across the entire China region.

In the end, even if Song Jia did not want to pay attention to it, she could not.

As the person in the picture, Ouyang Shuo could only keep silent.

He also knew that those girls did not have any bad intentions. They were just little girls playing around.

If Ouyang Shuo came out and tried to clear things up on the forums, he would be just asking for it.

"Jiajia, let me explain!"

Just as he was about to speak, Song Jia suddenly raised her index finger and shushed him, "Dummy, I'm just kidding. Do you think that I don’t trust you?"


Ouyang Shuo was speechless; she had teased him once again.

When she saw his stunned expression, Song Jia burst out laughing.

"You actually dare to tease me. Watch how I teach you a lesson!"

Ouyang Shuo charged toward Song Jia.