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Chapter 386- Navy General

Chapter 386- Navy General

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Ouyang Shuo leapt toward Song Jia, hugging and tickling her.

Song Jia feared tickles the most. She immediately begged, "Haha, Wuyi, I’m wrong, haha, I won’t dare anymore."

"Call me husband!"

"Husband, haha, I really don’t dare anymore."

After fooling around, their clothes were really unkempt.

The next day, Song Jia showed Ouyang Shuo her gains from the trip.

Firstly, the reward from the hidden quest, one of the top ten famous swords—Chunjun Sword.

Name: Chunjun Sword (God Weapon)

Hardness: 87

Sharpness: 85

Toughness: 84

Specialty: Blade Breaker (May break opposing weapon if hardness is lower than the Chunjun Sword. Unique, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded).

Killing Technique: Water Hibiscus (releases sword energy. Like the light from the stars, formless and unavoidable). Cooldown time: one week.

Evaluation: Chunjun Sword is a unique sword. It has an appearance like a shining star. When looking at it in the light, it seems like water in a pond. The sword is crafted from tin from the mountains, copper from the lakes, thunder from the heavens, and coal that the gods used. It is truly a heavenly sight.

Next, the spirit beast, a Golden Spotted Butterfly that Song Jia caught on the mountain. In order to capture this spirit butterfly that she called Little Gold, Song Jia had stood in the bushes for five days and five nights.

If she did not have the military grains pills supporting her, she definitely would not have survived.

Name: Golden Spotted Butterfly (Spirit Beast)

Level: 68

Specialty: Illusion (can instantly place the enemy into an illusion that lasts for thirty seconds). Cure (stops blood loss and helps to regain strength and energy).

Combat power: 120

Evaluation: The Golden Spotted Butterfly is exquisite and beautiful. The queen of butterflies. Its wings shine with a green light, and it has curved golden green spots on its front. On its back, it has a few golden yellow spots. Its back wings are shaped in a long and sharp manner with a golden speck at the end.

Armed with the Chunjun Sword and the Golden Spotted Butterfly, Song Jia could enter the top 10 among adventure gamemode players. In addition to her Nine Yin Cultivation Technique and her Yuenu Sword Technique, top three was not a dream.

In the hands of NPC disciples like Cui Tianqi, the Nine Yin Cultivation Technique was only based on how well they trained. However, in her hands, it had layers like the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Techniques.

In contrast to the Nine Yin Cultivation Technique of the legends, the one that Gaia created was only an internal cultivation technique. It did not record other martial techniques.

It had nine layers. After tiring cultivation, Song Jia had reached the 5th layer. As for the Yuenu Sword Technique, she had reached the 4th stage—perform with ease.

For Song Jia to have her achievements of today, apart from her talent, focus and diligence were the key. Not many adventure gamemode player could dive deep into the mountains and forests and spend three months there.

The current Song Jia had the style of a sect leader.

After she learned that Lin Yue had chosen to join the Dongli Sword Sect, Song Jia felt elated. She was raring to go back immediately. As for the disciples that were training in the Five Finger Mountains, she did not want to disturb them.

If one does not experience rain, how will there be a rainbow?

Before she left, Song Jia gave Ouyang Shuo the two items she obtained from the bodies of the pirates.

Two items: one map, one token.

Beihai Bay Treasure map (3): Beihai Bay has given birth to a very famous pirate, who people called Blood Slaughterer. After he died, all his riches disappeared. Prior to his death, he buried his treasures in a forsaken island and drew a map. He split it into three and passed a section to each of his three most trusted generals.

That was interesting. It was actually this map.

Ouyang Shuo had obtained the first map when they attacked Yue'er island. With that, they only lacked the second map. Then, he could search for the treasure.

Now, this mysterious treasure really tempted Ouyang Shuo.

Of course, to obtain the last part of the map, he needed fate and a lot of luck.

Just like how Song Jia had obtained the third piece of the map. Who would have expected an ordinary pirate to hold it?

The token was a summoning token—an item that all lords dreamed of.

This was a king rank summoning token. Who knows what talent he could summon with it?

Ouyang Shuo did not mind who it was. If it was a civil servant, he had a use for all of them. If it was a general, Ouyang Shuo wished to summon a navy general.

After sending Song Jia off, Ouyang Shuo could not wait any longer. He tore the token, only to see a white light shine across. An average looking middle-aged general was summoned.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, recruiting king rank historical person, Cai Mao. Rewarded reputation points 100, congratulations!"

When the middle-aged general saw Ouyang Shuo, he kneeled on the ground and solemnly said, "General's name is Cai Mao. Greetings, lord!"

Wow, he actually summoned a navy general.

Although Cai Mao was not so famous, he was actually a pretty strong navy general during the Three Kingdoms Era. Especially in terms of training the navy, even Zhou Yu feared him.

"General, please rise!"

Ouyang Shuo walked toward Cai Mao and helped him up.

Name: Cai Mao (King Rank)

Dynasty: Three Kingdoms

Identity: Yashan City General

Occupation: Advanced General

Loyalty: 75

Command: 80

Force: 75

Intelligence: 50

Politics: 45

Specialty: Wave treading (movement speed on water increases by 10%), water combat (raise sailor's combat power by 15%), navy training (efficiency of training increased by 25%)

Cultivation Technique: Nil

Equipment: Han Sword

Song Jia was really Ouyang Shuo's lucky start.

Since he had summoned Cai Mao, he could start the construction of Yashan City's navy construction.

Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to stay in Yashan City longer because of this small accident.

On the same day, he pulled Cai Mao along and had a long conversation with him regarding the construction of the navy.

The next day, Military Affairs DIrector Du Ruhui teleported over for a discussion.

Based on the original Nanyang Navy organization, the future Yashan City would have a Yashan Squadron. As such, Cai Mao had arrived at just the right time.

Ouyang Shuo immediately decided to name him the Chief General of the 1st division of the Yashan Navy Squadron.

The Beihai Shipyard built all the warships of the navy. Pei Donglai had also trained a batch of sailors. As a result, they just needed to let the sailors sail toward South Mountain Harbor to finish the process.

Cai Mao needed to recruit real navy soldiers and train them into an army.

Cai Mao appeared very confident about the mission the lord had handed him. That was to be expected. After all, training a navy was not anything difficult with his experience.

In the future, when Yashan City had created its 1st division, Qiongzhou Island would become a step safer. The navy could also sail deeper into the seas and eradicate various pirate organizations.

All in all, the addition of Cai Mao was equivalent to obtaining a squadron.

Shanhai City had finally obtained a decent navy general.

After dealing with the Yashan Squadron, two days had already passed. Just as Ouyang Shuo was about to return, a system notification sounded out in his ear, which stopped him in his tracks.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Nian Beast Little Green has trained well in the Spirit Beast Hall. It has automatically become the protector of Yashan Town, player awarded 500 reputation points!"

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, descendant of the Wolf God, Little White, has trained well in the Spirit Beast Hall. It has automatically become the protector of Yashan Town, player awarded 500 reputation points!"

That was unexpected. The two had actually become protector beasts of the territory.

The mysterious Spirit Beast Hall was really something one could not grasp. Just a short while had passed, but the two of them had broken through.

Ouyang Shuo did not care about this. He simply went and checked their stats.

Name: Little Green (Spirit Beast)

Home: Yashan Town protector beast

Level: 45

Skill: Slayer (raises fury stat by 85%), Charge (raises combat power by 70%)

Combat Power: 100

Specialty: Deterrence (Raises territory safety by 25%), protector (raises territory defence by 15%)

Cultivation Method: Black Qilin Seven Purgatory Technique

Evaluation: Fierce beast of olden legends; the descendant of the fierce dragon and the black qilin. As a protector beast, its qilin blood can be stimulated, and it can evolve.

Compared to its parents, little green's stats were better. Most crucially, it also had a cultivation method, which showed its potential.

The name of the cultivation method also raised many thoughts and ideas in his mind.

Did this mean that if Little Green trained this technique, it had a chance to become a real Qilin God Beast?

Name: Little White (Spirit Beast)

Home: Yashan Town protector beast

Level: 40

Skill: Telepathy (can communicate with all wolf-type beasts), Charm (Charms enemies with its appearance)

Combat Power: 85

Specialty: Deterrence (Raises territory safety by 25%), Protector (raises territory defence by 15%)

Cultivation Method: Wolf God Manual

Evaluation: Legends have it that the white wolf was royalty in the wolf tribe, and the descendant of the Wolf God. It has a high position among all wolves; they all worship it.

Compared to Little Green, the stats of Little White were even more insane. This little fellow really had a mysterious past. Its potential was even higher than Little Green, who could become a qilin.