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Chapter 389- Huwei General

Chapter 389- Huwei General

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The 1st regiment rushed to the battlefield. When they saw that their troops had already taken down the city gate, the 1st regiment colonel ordered the troops to charge.


When the city protection general saw that the enemy still had reinforcements, he panicked, "Defend, our reinforcements will arrive soon. We can't let the enemy succeed, or the territory will be in danger!"

"Rather die than retreat!"

The remaining city protection forces gave it their all to defend.


Lin Yi looked at them coldly. He whipped his Qingfu Horse and instantly appeared before the general. At the same time, Lin Yi stabbed out with his spear.

The general was shocked. He raised his blade and struck out at the spear. With a loud dang sparks flew from the collision.

A powerful energy spread out from the spear and numbed the guard general’s hand. As a result, he nearly lost his footing.

Even with the added momentum of the charge, such power could stun the guard general.

He knew that he definitely was not the opponent of the young general before him.

In the instant that he hesitated, Lin Yi attacked again.

Lin Yi's long spear was highly flexible. Since he had stunned the enemy, he took the opportunity to fake a stab before he aimed straight for the guard general’s chest.


The guard general spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He slowly lowered his head; he looked at the spear embedded in his chest with disbelief.

Lin Yi expressionlessly pulled out his spear, which caused blood to spurt out.

The guard general knelt on the ground and died right there.

A city gate general could not survive three of Lin Yi’s moves.


The personal Guards unit soldiers cheered on for their general.

On the other hand, the city guard soldiers were astonished, and their morale instantly plunged to a freezing point.

"Quickly, clear the city gate entrance!"

Lin Yi's expression remained the same, as he personally led the killing.

"Yes, general!"

After a long, drawn out battle, the city protection unit finally failed to hold on and were forced back.

"General, the 1st regiment is here!" greeted the colonel.

Lin Yi nodded, "Arrange a unit to defend the city gate. The rest, come with me."

"Yes, general!"

Lin Yi knew that the current enemy troops were unstable. Additionally, they lacked intel about the battlefield; this presented a perfect opportunity. With the 1st regiment, he had complete confidence of fighting the enemy division.

If they waited for the rest of the troops to arrive, they would definitely have to fight head-on against the enemy troops.


The invincible iron cavalry were like a black flood. They surged into the city and directly headed for the Lord's Manor.

The shops along the streets had closed earlier when the killing at the city gates started. On the large streets, there was not a single person. It created a very cold and chilly scene.

The residents looked through the gaps of their doors at the iron cavalry that galloped across the streets. The current events terrified them.

Another chaotic time!

The guards regiment had only traveled for a short distance before they met the city protection division.

They had just exited the barracks and were about to head assist the city gates. Who would have expected the enemy to breach their city in just twenty minutes?

Since they had met in a narrow passage, the brave would come out victorious.


Lin Yi did not hesitate at all, as he ordered the cavalry to charge forward.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The guards division was menacing.

"Get into formation!"

The general of the city protection division had no choice but to order his forces to form up and defend. The narrow streets caused the forces of the city protection division to drag out into a long line. As a result, the front could not see the back.

"Raise your shields!"

Under the orders of their commander, the sword-shield soldiers at the front raised their shields.


The archers at the back started to aim at the enemy troops.

All of this seemed systematic and none of them panicked.

Unfortunately, the city protection division was faced with the overpowered guards division. Their shields were like paper.

The guards division was like a lawnmower. They charged forward at 75 kilometers per hour, stamping over the enemies before them into cold corpses.

The narrow long streets became the nightmare of the enemy.

How fast was the charging speed of the Guards division? The archers of the city protection division were the best people to ask about that.

When they took out the arrows from their quivers, the enemy was still a kilometer out. However, when their armed themselves and got ready, the enemy was only five hundred meters away. When they finally aimed and were about to shoot, the enemy was right in front of them.

Sword-shield soldier formation?

Get out of my way!

Cavalry formation?

Get out of my way!

Spearmen formation?

Get out of my way!

Archer formation?

Trample them!

The city guard division was closely packed on the long streets. However, such a formation was useless against the Guards division.

The Guards division was like an Asura from hell. They mercilessly reaped life after life.

One formation after another. Torn apart one by one like paper.

The army that had seemed so orderly and well-formed instantly became a pot of mixed-up porridge.

The cavalry knocked aside numerous soldiers, who fell into the smelly drains on the side. Injured soldiers instantly filled up the drains.

"How can this happen?"

When he saw the strength of the enemy, the city protection division commander's face turned ashen white.

"General, we can't defend. What should we do?"

As they had lined up into formations on the streets, they did not have any space to make any other movements. The face of the commander looked really ugly right now. He shouted, “What can we do? We have no way back. We can only fight to the death!"

"Fight to the death!"


"Fight to the death!"

Unfortunately, facing the iron cavalry that showed no signs of slowing down, their shouts were not in unison. Purely relying on raising morale could not win them the war.

Despair flashed across the face of the city protection division commander.

The Guards division was like a god weapon that bisected the city protection division into two.

Under the leadership of Lin Yi, all the soldiers were determined. No matter who the opponents were or how many they numbered, the Guards division would only charge, charge, and charge.

Blades flashed across, spears stabbed forward, and horse lances charged.

There were simply too many enemies; they could not kill them all. A large half was left in chaos and chased to the sides of the streets.

Facing such an enemy, the city protection division did not dare to take them head-on. They just stared in shock, as the enemy charged toward the Lord's Manor.

The Guards division had created another record.

With the strength of just a single regiment, they had broken through an enemy five times their number.

"General. Should, should we give chase?"

"It's useless!" The commander gave up, “Such a strong army isn't something we can contend with!"

One hour later.

It only took one hour for the Guards division to take down Leishan County.

When Baiqi led the rest of the troops to Leishan County, the Shanhai territory flags already hung from the city walls. At this time, the group in charge of transporting the siege weapons were only halfway there.

The Guards division had opened the war on a good note, which earned them glory and honor. This was the first battle since they were built, and they had performed as expected.

At the time that Leishan County was taken, Ouyang Shuo was alone in his reading room.

Suddenly, a system notification sounded in his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for taking down Leishan County, rewarded one thousand merit points."

Ouyang Shuo smiled, as he picked up his teacup and took a sip.

Less than an hour after the battle, Ouyang Shuo received an in-depth battle report from Black Mamba through the relay.

Using the relay, the Black Snake Guards formed a highly efficient network. Each team and force had members of the Black Snake Guards, who followed them to spread the latest orders and intel.

Ouyang Shuo raised his head. He remained silent for a while before he shouted, “Men!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Bai Nanpu walked in.

"Give my orders. The Guards division has performed well. Reward major general Lin Yi with the title of Huwei General and grant him a badge to commend his bravery. The other warriors will also be rewarded."

"Yes, my lord!"

This was the first time Ouyang Shuo had given a general a title because of war deeds.

Apart from Wang Feng, who became the general of the palace guards. Ouyang Shuo had given him the title of palace general. Before this, only Baiqi and Sun Bin had military titles.

Baiqi was the commander-in-chief, while Sun Bin was the great general

If one followed the old system of the Han and Tang Dynasty, this was the highest level of reward.

The title of Huwei General was often handed to generals that displayed valiant efforts in battle.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Yujing, Lumeng, Zhaoyun, and the like got this title.

For Lin Yi to receive this title was already an utmost honor. It was also a first in Shanhai City.

One could predict how excited the other generals would be when the news spread out. They too would hope to receive such a title.

The Battle of Leizhou was the best opportunity.

In this way, the friendly competition between the Shanhai generals also began.

With reward also came motivation.

In the future, Ouyang Shuo would grant ranks to the generals based on their military credits and contributions.

After obtaining a title, it would not change until the general gained enough achievements to upgrade their title.

After taking down Leishan County, the middle forces treated it as the main camp. Following which, large amounts of siege weapons and grains were transported from the harbor to Leishan County.

Leishan County was temporarily under military rule.

When the lord of Leishan County revived in Quanzhou, he still did not know what had happened.

Even at this point, he did not know who had attacked and destroyed his territory.

After taking down Leishan County, Baiqi did not sweep out to destroy the other bases because he did not want to alert the others. The destruction of one territory could just be an accidental occurrence. If many fell one by one, even a dumb person could guess what was happening.

Baiqi was waiting for the other two groups of troops to arrive.

21st day, the Beihai Bay Squadron returned to Beihai Harbor.

23rd day, Mu Guiying led the north side forces to their destination.

24th day, Fan Lihua led the south side forces to their destination.

25th day, Luo Shixin led the 2nd division to start their journey to Leishan County.

The Battle of Leizhou had begun on all fronts.