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Chapter 390- Hidden Killing Intent

Chapter 390- Hidden Killing Intent

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Yazhou, Tiger Legion station.

The moon hung high in the dark night sky. Only a few little torches burned brightly.

In the camp of the mountain army under construction, two young soldiers made use of the chance when patrolling to come into contact with one another.

When Sun Bin set up the mountain regiment, apart from the colonel and the majors taken from the 1st and 2nd division, the remaining captains and sergeants were all selected from the Li Race Tribes.

The Li Race soldiers were really wild. They naturally used martial art skills as the only standard to determine the boss.

The ones with high skills would become sergeants.

Those with even greater skill would become the captain.

They were both dressed in the clothes of captains; their positions in the military were not low. They could be said to be unordinary.

"Young tribe leader, I've found out that the 1st division has boarded a ship. However, we don’t know where they’ve left to,” said a thin-faced middle-aged man. He had a long scar on his face. It looked like some wild beast left it.

When he talked and the scar on his face moved, he looked very vicious.

"That's great. It's really an opportunity sent by the heavens."

If Ouyang Shuo was present, he definitely would have noticed that this young tribe leader was the soldier that had knocked into him. His name was Shanzhu, and he had the title of the bravest warrior of the Li Race Tribe.

Shanzhu's identity was also not simple. Out of all the Li Race tribes, he was the young tribe leader of the largest tribe. The leader of that tribe was called the Li Race Ruler.

One could see that his position as the young tribe leader was very important.

When the normal tribe leaders saw Shanzhu, they would have to bow in respect.

For Shanzhu to earn the title of bravest warrior, he did not depend on his identity. Instead, he relied on his fighting results.

Since he was eight, he had started to enter the mountains to hunt.

The first time he hunted, he killed a 150 kilogram wild boar.

During that time, this event caused a huge uproar. However, that was only the start of his story.

Following which, everytime that he hunted, he managed to kill the most ferocious of beasts. His prey included creatures such as wolves and leopards. Even the strongest black bear was not his match.

Because of his ability and his bravery, Shanzhu was appointed as the deputy leader of the tribe hunting squad at merely ten years of age.

When he was fifteen, he became the leader of the hunting squad. His name and reputation spread far and wide, and he was deemed as the only choice for the next tribe leader.

At this time, Shanzhu's targets had already changed to desolate beasts.

Shanzhu was born with god-given strength. During his hunting time, he had created and perfected a set of killing techniques that were effective against even desolate beasts.

Apart from hunting, Shanzhu did not even blink when it came to killing.

Although Li Race tribesmen came from the same roots, they often got into fights because of hunting spots.

Rumors had it that a Li Race soldier had to cut off the head of an enemy before he could be considered to have come of age. If not, the tribe would not recognize him.

Through this, one could see the ruthless and merciless nature of the battles between the tribes.

And Shanzhu, who had gotten his first kill at the age of ten, broke the record for being the youngest to have come of age.

Since then, his name had reverberated through the mountains and the forests, terrifying the enemy.

The nearby tribes, in an attempt to stop this tumor from growing, attempted to assassinate him several times. However, they did not succeed.

When Shanzhu reached the age of fifteen, there was already no one who dared to face him head-to-head.

After Shanzhu took charge of the hunting squad, the tribe grew bigger and bigger each year.

The Tiger Legion moving into Yazhou also became a turning point of Shanzhu's life.

When he saw each tribe being beaten back by the Tiger Legion, as the young tribe leader, he decided to volunteer.

One time, the Li Race tribe he was assisting to fight against the Tiger Legion was about to lose. They wanted to wanted to bring Shanzhu away. However, he thought of an idea; he wanted to infiltrate the enemy as a prisoner and gain intel.

Such a method could be considered really bold.

Luckily for him, Sun Bin coincidentally wanted to create a mountain regiment. As a result, the strong Shanzhu was naturally chosen; he was even promoted to captain.

Shanzhu was also a hardworking person. He studied the Art of War, as he investigated the enemy.

When he saw the 1st division leave the camp, Shanzhu started thinking about activating his tribesmen who had retreated to the Five Finger Mountains. They would attack the Tiger Legion.

Shanzhu was not only strong, but he was very smart too.

In his short encounter with the Tiger Legion, Shanzhu clearly knew that if he could not deal a deadly blow to the Tiger Legion before the mountain regiment formed up, they would not have any chance in the future.

"But the 2nd division is still here. Can we win?"

The scar-faced middle-aged man was a little hesitant. The 2nd division had surrounded and captured his tribe. So many strong and courageous warriors could not even struggle under the might of the 2nd division.

"Heh, don't we still have people on the inside? As long as the mountain regiment acts, victory is in our hands."

Many prisoners in the mountain regiment still recognized and worshipped this young tribe leader. Naturally, they would be loyal to him. This scar-faced man was one of them.

"Young tribe leader is smart!"

The two could be considered as careful. After a few sentences, they left and disappeared into the darkness.

Little did they know that a pair of ghostly eyes were staring at them from within the darkness.

"Hei, the prey has finally taken the bait!"

Even Shanzhu would not believe that solely because of that meeting with Ouyang Shuo, the Military Intelligence Division would spy on him. The division monitored all of his actions.

After learning of his identity, general Sun Bin still did not decide to act yet.

Firstly, Sun Bin admired Shanzhu. He had the intentions of appointing him as a major. Based on Sun Bin's thinking, he wanted to develop a few Li Race generals to become majors or even major generals.

Only true blue Li Race warriors could tame and placate other Li Race warriors.

Secondly, Sun Bin wanted to take the chance to investigate their motives.

In the dead of night.

In the commander tent of the Tiger Region, the flame was still shining bright.

The orange-yellow light gave one a sense of warmth.

Sun Bin sat on his wheelchair inside the tent, using the light to read his war books. Before he came to Yashan City, he had borrowed over ten war books. Every night, he would research and analyze them.

The guard on duty walked in, “Commander, the Military Intelligence Officer wants to meet you!"

"Please let him in!"

"Commander, there's a new development with the big fish!"

When Sun Bin heard these words, he placed down his book and rushed forward, “Quickly speak!"

The officer repeated everything that he had seen from head to tail.

After a long while, Sun Bin sighed, “Unfortunate, really unfortunate!"

"Commander, did you overestimate him?"

Seeing Sun Bin sigh so regretfully, the officer felt a little peeved.

Sun Bin shook his head, “You won't understand."

"Then what should we do next? Should we just take them down?"

The officer knew that the territory was fighting a huge war in Leizhou. At this time, they could not allow anything to happen to Yazhou.

"Take them down? No." Sun Bin shook his head resolutely, “Amidst the danger, there's a chance. I was worrying that I had no way to get them out. Since they chose to leave the mountains, I'll gladly welcome them."

When the officer heard these words, he did not express his views.

He was only an intel personnel and could not interfere in military decisions.

Sun Bin also did not expect him to give any reply, “Continue to monitor them."


The officer backed off.

The full-scale invasion of Shanhai City was like a huge bolt of lighting, blowing Leizhou apart.

5th month 24th day, Mu Guiying led the north side army and took down Hengshan County.

5th month 25th day, Fan Lihua led the south side army. After a day of battle, they took down Hai An County.

The next day, with the three grade 3 counties as cores, the three armies crazily swept forth. Each army basically swept up Leizhou at the speed of a city every two days.

Beitan County, Jishui County, Liangdong County, Chengyue County, Songzu County, Dianjie County, and Qianshan County.

One after another, the territories fell. The moment the residents of the territories woke up, they realized that their lord had already changed.

The reincarnation hall in Quanzhou had stream after stream of players reviving.

Those who did not know would think that outside Quanzhou City, a huge war had occurred. Who would have expect that these players were killed in their territories?

The entire Leizhou screamed and cowered under the might of the Shanhai City army.

In less than a week, half of Leizhou had fallen.

Leizhou was shocked; Lingnan was shocked; the entire China region was shocked.

Who would have expected that the Lianzhou Lord would have such ambition to use his troops to attack Leizhou like this?

In contrast to the uproar that Ouyang Shuo had created, the Yanhuang Alliance seemed unusually quiet.

Yanhuang Alliance seemed to have no intentions to interfere. In Leizhou, many lords sought help from them, but they were all rejected without exception.

Hence, there were rumors that Yanhuang Alliance were afraid and did not dare to accept the challenge.

Ouyang Shuo naturally would not be so arrogant. The way he saw it, there were two reasons.

Firstly, even if they helped, they would gain no benefits.

They were not stupid enough to let others use them as a weapon.

Secondly, they could not be distracted, as they were preparing for their own military actions.

After a period of inaction, Yanhuang Alliance, be it members or the internal workings of the powers, they had washed away all their differences.

The important matter before them was to raise their rank to Marquis. If not, everything else was useless.

They also needed to quickly rise. Without a battle map, the uprising armies were the best target. As long as you took them down, the merit points awarded would definitely be more than joining one battle event.

After all, this was an actual extermination of a rebellion on the main map.

Since Yanhuang Alliance did not interfere, Ouyang Shuo was naturally delighted.

To smoothly run the ten territories that he had taken over, Ouyang Shuo sent the four directors to Leizhou.

All of them would each take care of one aspect each.

Du Ruhui would be in charge of choosing people from the prisoners to form an army; Fan Zhongyan was in charge of choosing civil servants and assigning roles to them; Wei Yang was in charge of law and order and also the investigation of the important people; Cui Yingyu was in charge of rebuilding the economy and restoring it.

They each brought their helpers to run between each city.

Ouyang Shuo was in Shanhai City as usual, taking overall control of the situation.

Based on the current situation and momentum, taking over the whole Leizhou was something that would happen soon.

However, 6th month, 3rd day, the situation in Leizhou suddenly changed.