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Chapter 392- Falling into the Trap

Chapter 392- Falling into the Trap

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The situation in the mid-south of Leizhou let the north region see a glimmer of hope.

Under the organization of the last grade 3 county, Gantang County, the seven territories swiftly formed an alliance. They gathered a nearly fifty thousand strong army to fight against Mu Guiying's north-side army.

The commander of the alliance army was the major general of Gantang County's city protection squad, Weizhang.

When talking about him, one had to mention one other person, the representative figure of the strategist school of thought—Zhang Yi.

Weizhang and Zhang Yi had a similar relationship to Baiqi and Wei Ran. They were an official in the imperial court recommending a general he trusted.

After the king died and Qin Wu inherited the throne, Zhang Yi was chased out of the country. Similarly, Weizhang was chased out, and his stories were not recorded.

Undoubtedly, Weizhang was also a good general.

Name: Weizhang (King rank)

Dynasty: Warring States (Qin)

Identity: Gantang County major general

Occupation: Advanced General

Loyalty: 80

Command: 75

Force: 85

Intelligence: 55

Politics: 45

Specialty: Push-on (Increases troops movement speed by 15%)

Evaluation: Weizhang, a strong general, date-of-birth not detailed. In 312 BC, he defeated the Chu Country at Danyang, killing eighty thousand and taking over Hanzhong.

Under the leadership of Weizhang, the alliance army restricted the attack of the north-side army.

As the situation in Leizhou entered a stalemate, the entire battle entered its second stage.

Leishan County, army camp.

Baiqi sat in front of his desk. Behind him was a map of Leizhou that the Military Intelligence Division provided.

Although the situation had changed, Ouyang Shuo did not give Baiqi any new orders. Instead, he granted Baiqi the power to do whatever he wanted. Ouyang Shuo would not interfere.

The trust of the lord touched Baiqi; he needed to use results to return this trust.

Luo Shixin’s 2nd division had already set off for Tanmu County to save the south-side troops. Now, the only unit that Baiqi could use was the Guards division.

The mid-south and the north region had formed alliances, so the only place that remained a defensive whole was the middle. The Guards regiment was still charging around and taking over land.



"Send my orders. Guards division 1st regiment will go and attack Yanluo County. Beihai Bay Squadron 1st division will proceed to Leizhou Bay and assist the 1st regiment."

"Yes, general!"

Baiqi was about to set out to kill the head. If the Yanluo County was surrounded, the middle-south region alliance would face a bad situation. Would the lord of the county choose to save the alliance army or his own territory?

As for the problems the north faced, Baiqi was not worried. Both sides were stuck in a standstill. With Mu Guiying’s ability, she would not make the same mistake.

Although the battle situation in Leizhou looked bad for Shanhai City, in truth, the end neared. As long as they took down both alliance armies, Leizhou would quickly collapse.

Now, it would depend on whose plan was more highly skilled.

Just as Leizhou changed, thousand of miles away in Yazhou, a change also brewed.

6th month, 3rd day, morning.

The salty morning breeze blew up the morning mist.

At the borders of the Five Finger Mountains, the birds were chirping atop the trees.

Suddenly, the peace and quiet of the forest was shattered.

Rumbling noises spread out from within the forest.

A while later, a red wave broke out from the forest and charged out.

Upon closer inspection, they were all Li Race warriors.

Each soldier wore red armor and wielded either a pike or a hunting knife. They all had bows on their backs. Their faces had mysterious patterns drawn on with god knows what ink.

This was a battle for revenge.

In the words of the tribal leaders, the stupid invaders had taken over the land that belonged to them. Moreover, they made them unable to hunt boars and leopards.

They needed to use the blood of the enemy to strengthen their honor.

This time, the Li Race tribes had gathered sixty thousand troops. They had suddenly exited the mountains to attack the Tiger Legion.

The troops waltzed forward, sweeping everything in their path.

They let out weird shouts as they passed, like hunters heading to claim their prey.

The moment the army walked out of the forest, a signal bullet flew into the sky and burst apart. Like they had received an order, a signal bullet would rise up ever two to three kilometers.

Looking into the sky, the signal bullets formed a dragon that stretched from the Five Finger Mountains to the base of the Tiger Legion. The whole process took less than fifteen minutes.

And this time, the Li Race army were hundreds of kilometers away.

Tiger Region commander tent.

"Commander, the fish has taken the bait!"

The major general of the 2nd division, Daiqin, walked into the tent.

Sun Bin was really calm; he did not even look up from his book, “Stick to the plan."

"Yes, general!" Daiqin quickly left.

In the mountain regiment base, the soldiers were doing their drills.

Amongst the group, a few soldiers that were not focusing. This included the Li Race young tribe leader, Shanzhu. He had already used a mysterious method to contact his tribe.

Today was the day that they had agreed to attack.

Tiger Legion had separately made the mountain regiment base. It had walls all around, making it easy to patrol.

Daiqin rode his war horse and walked in front of the group. Following behind him were the Guards unit soldiers.


The two colonels of the mountain regiment came over and bowed. They seemed confused and did not know what was happening. To keep matters secretive and confidential, these two had not learned anything about the plan.

"Gather the troops."

Daiqin did not explain anything and just gave his orders.

"Yes, general!"

The two colonels turned and left.


The people of the regiment started to chatter. Amongst them were many soldiers connected to Shanzhu. They knew that today was the day. At this time, any change would trigger their sensitive moods.

They all turned around and looked toward him.

He felt a shiver down his spine and had a bad feeling. He could be considered calm, as he formed up along with the other soldiers.

No matter how slow the colonels were, they could smell the unease in the air. Their faces grew solemn and serious.

"General, the mountain regiment has gathered!"

Daiqin rode on his horse and said, “I order all of you to put down your weapons."

The weapons for the mountain regiment were all Tang Blades. Since they were doing drills, they had brought along their Tang Blades for practical training.

The colonel shivered. They did not ask anything or saying anything. They simply sent down the orders.

"All of you put down your weapons. Put them back into the armory."


The group was sent into an uproar once more, and the unease started to grow.

"Why must we put our weapons down?"

"Yeah, what for!"

Some soldiers retorted unhappily.

"Impudence!" The colonel fumed and scolded, “This is an order! You have trained for so long already. Have you forgotten the most basic discipline?"

"We don't want to!"

The soldiers did not bother and continued to cause a racket.

Their faces instantly turned black. In front of the major general, their own troops were so ill disciplined, which caused them to lose all face.

Shanzhu, who stood amongst them, also looked really ugly. With his instincts, he could feel that their operation had already been revealed.

At this time, if they placed down their weapons, it would be asking for death.

When he thought about this, he strengthened his grip on the Tang Blade, and his eyes grew cold.

Seeing Shanzhu like that, more soldiers broke out of the formation and gathered around him. Amongst which, the faces of those who were not by his side turned ashen white.

Everyone knew that something big was happening.

"Are you all trying to rebel?"

At this point, Daiqin rode over on his horse.

Shanzhu stared right at him, not saying a word.

The air froze at this instant, making it hard for one to breathe.

A mutiny was about to occur.

Daiqin's face instantly turned cold, as he waved his hand forward.

With this action, closely packed archers in the wooden walls around the camp appeared one after another appeared. These archers were the cavalry of the 2nd division.

Tens of thousands of arrows were aimed right at the mountain regiment.


The group fell into chaos once again. The faces of those who backed Shanzhu looked ashen white. The situation was obvious. If they tried to act, they would all die.

Shanzhu's face was white too.

He knew that he had failed.

Not only him, his entire tribe had failed.

Amusing, really amusing.

Amusing that he thought that he was smart and did not think that he was being monitored. At the current moment, he could only give it his all and try to save some dignity.

Thinking about this, he raised the Tang Blade in his hand and loudly said, “Warriors, use the blood of the enemy to reclaim our honor. Are you willing to follow me in death?"

"Die together!"

"Die together!"

As expected from the hot-blooded youths of the tribe.

Daiqin did not react. He moved the internal energy in his body, his voice spreading into the ears of everyone, “Shanzhu, is it?"


Shanzhu was prepared to give it his all.

Daiqin shook his head, “To think that the commander liked you. You're just a coward!"

"You!" Shanzhu raged, “The honor of warriors cannot be taken away from us!"


Daiqin scolded out; his voice buzzing in all their ears.

"Your death here will be quick, but have you thought about your people? To want to be a hero and not think about your tribe, what kind of hero are you?"

When Shanzhu heard these words, his face grew even whiter.

"Surrender, give your people a chance!"


The Tang Blade dropped to the floor and let out a crisp sound.