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Chapter 393- Failing Because of Wine

Chapter 393- Failing Because of Wine

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The two mountain regiments, a total of five thousand warriors, started to collect the weapons and lock up the rebels. The Military Law Division would trial Shanzhu and the other main people who fanned the flames.

After settling the internal tumor, Daiqin led the 2nd division to welcome the sixty thousand Li Race army. To recruit them, shedding some blood was definitely necessary.

After hearing Sun Bin's report, Ouyang Shuo even sent the three thousand palace Guards over to help.

To win against a huge army with a smaller number of men, the best way would naturally be to set a trap.

When the Li Race army approached the Tiger Legion camp, they saw a quiet and silent camp.

The commander of the army was Shanzhu's father, Shan Hu.

"Leader, it looks like an empty camp!"

The one who spoke up was a young warrior known as Shanying. His combat strength was only lower than Shanzhu’s.

"Did the enemy escape?"

"There's a chance that this is a trap. The enemy is really cunning!"

"Then what should we do?"

All of them started to discuss this matter, as they did not know what would be the best course of action. The current scene in front of them was something they had not expected.

Shan Hu frowned, “Shanying, bring a squad over to take a look!"


Shanying was also really courageous. He brought a hundred men and entered just like this.

"Be careful of traps!"

Shan Hu was still worried, so he reminded Shanying.

"Don't worry, commander!"

Shanying and his men carefully entered the camp.

Looking around, they found no one. On the bare ground there were empty sacks of rice. Some sacks had broken, and the white rice grains had fallen to the ground.

Apart from that, there was also some meat, yellow beans, and the like.


The members all looked toward Shanying.

"Let’s search the houses."

Shanying looked like a really arrogant fellow, but he was a very careful person deep inside.


The soldiers all focused and searched house after house.

Ten minutes later, they all returned.

"Reporting to the captain, there's no one!”

"No one!"


"Heh, those bunch of cowards must have escaped." Shanying laughed, “Let's go back to report to the tribe leader."


Shan Hu led the troops and waited outside the camp; he did not hear any fighting sounds. As such, he got a little worried. He did not know what happened to Shanying that made him not appear.

Just at this moment, Shanying ran out.


"How is it?"

"It's an empty camp with grain and meat thrown all over. They probably left in a hurry."

"Have you searched everywhere?" Shan Hu was still worried.

"We have searched it all. Even the houses have no one left."

"Great." Shan Hu was delighted. He turned his head and said, “Listen up, we will all go in and rest for a day. Tomorrow, we will attack Yashan City."


The troops cheered, as their morale was at an all time high.

The Tiger Legion camp was built based on four divisions. Hence, there was enough space for the sixty thousand Li Race soldiers.

Seeing the rice and meat scattered around, the soldiers cheered. When they opened the granary and saw the stacked up rice and meat, they were ecstatic.

There was even wine in the corners of the granary.

Wine, the love of the Li Race Tribe warriors.

When they smelled the wine, the soldiers all drooled.

"Tribe leader?"

Shanying took the lead, looking expectedly at Shan Hu.

Shan Hu was also happy, "look at how hungry you guys are. Tonight we will have a feast!"


The soldiers leaped up in happiness. The smart ones had already ran out of the granary and spread the news.

Instantly, the camp bustled with excitement.

Shan Hu kept his smile and pulled Shanying to the side. He ordered, "Check if the grains have any drugs."


That night, the camp was lively with noise and excitement.

The warriors had fun with singing, dancing, eating meat, and drinking wine.

They continued all the way till the late of night. Finally, the warriors returned to their tents after their sergeants chided them.

Only then did the camp slowly quieten down.

Shan Hu was still worried. He arranged for troops to take shifts to prevent a sneak attack.

Undoubtedly, his worries were unfounded.

The entire night, not a single person appeared.

This lasted all the way till the middle of night. At this time, the outside of the camp was so dark you could not even see your own hands. Finally, Shan Hu returned to the camp.

In such darkness, if you were to attack, you would be just asking to lose.

The huge camp started to quieten down until the sound of insects could be heard.

One soldier after another started to climb out of their tents to look for a toilet.

As there were simply too many of them, a huge line formed up.

Some of them could not hold it in and found an empty spot to solve their problems.

All of a sudden, a huge stench filled the entire camp.

As time moved on, more and more soldiers shouted out in pain. They shouted, as they ran out to deal with their problems.

Even Shan Hu was not an exception.

"Stupid Han Race people. They are too cunning!"

Shan Hu held his stomach as he yelled out.

"Go, call Shanying!" Shan Hu was furious, "Ouch!"


The soldier held onto his stomach, as he went looking for Shanying

A while later, Shanying rushed over. He seemed to lack strength and energy.

"Didn't I ask you to check if there was any poison?"

When he saw Shanying, Shan Hu immediately scolded.

Shanying sulked, as he innocently replied, "We checked everything, from the grain to the meat. We fed it to the animals."

"Then what is all this?" Shan Hu was furious.

"The wine." Shanying replied confidently, "It must be the wine."

"Wine?" Shan Hu was stunned and instantly believed his words, "Dammit, I'll never ever drink wine ever again. It messes up everything!"

The guard at the side had a face full of disbelief.

Who did not know that the tribe leader treated wine like his life.

"Leader, what should we do?"

"What can we do?" Shan Hu muttered, "How many men didn't drink it?"

"No one!"

The Li Race warriors loved to drink and all of them knew how to consume alcohol. Those who had poor alcohol tolerance would even be laughed at. Hence, the whole army was tricked. They had drank more than a thousand vases of wine.

In the night, the army kept on going to the toilet. Some even decided to just do their business on the empty ground.

Overnight, the entire army became weak shrimps.

The next day, the entire camp was horrifyingly smelly.

The next day, when the 2nd division surrounded them, the soldiers all covered their noses.

It was simply too smelly!

Daiqin rode on his horse. Upon seeing such a scene, he really worshipped and respected Sun Bin.

"Rush in and capture them all!"

"Yes, general!"

During wartime, their battle tactics and discipline were obvious.

They were covering their noses moments ago, but when they were ordered to head in, it was like they had no noses. They expressionlessly charged in.

The Li Race soldiers were now weak. Facing the Shanhai Army, they just surrendered.

Seeing that things had proceeded smoothly, Wang Feng, who had followed behind the army, bid goodbye to Sun Bin.

"General, I'll take my leave!"

Sun Bin, who was sitting on his wheelchair, laughed, "Go, help me thank the lord!"

Just like this, the strong and menacing sixty thousand men Li Race army was taken down.

After locking them up, the first order from Sun Bin was to clean up the camp.

Only after a full day of cleaning did they manage to rid the smell.

Shan Hu, Shanying, and the other main members were brought into the commander tent. They had a resentful look.

"Why, unhappy?"

"Despicable!" Shan Hu's eyes were as big as a cow’s.

"If you all really hid in the Five Finger Mountains, I wouldn't have done anything. But you all decided to come out, so I have a hundred ways to beat you. Do you believe me?"

"Stop bragging!" Shan Hu did not care.

Sun Bin shook his head and turned to the guard, "Bring him up!"


Quickly, Shanzhu and the scar-faced man were brought into the tent.


Shan Hu was stunned. However, happiness flashed through his eyes.

Originally, he had thought that in such a situation, Shanzhu was most probably dead. He did not expect him to still be alive and well.

"Father!" Shanzhu solemnly said with a face full of guilt.

"How is it? Do you still have confidence in defeating us?" Sun Bin asked.

"Hen!" Shan Hu knew that since Shanzhu was exposed, his plan had failed long ago. However, he still insisted, "We aren't afraid of you in real combat!"

Unexpectedly, Sun Bin nodded, "This I believe."

Shan Hu was stunned. The young man in front of him was really weird.

"On the battlefield, what matters is the outcome. And the outcome is that we won and you lost. Am I right?"

Shan Hu was stunned and furiously said, "If you want to kill me, just do as you wish."