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Chapter 399- End of Huangjin

Chapter 399- End of Huangjin

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On the 6th month, 25th day, guards escorted Bao Shuya and Yanhuo Yaonie into Leishan City.

Once they met, Yanhuo Yaonie opened up, "Lianzhou Lord, I guess you have some questions for me?"

"That's right!" Ouyang Shuo said expressionlessly.

"The theory is simple. If I cannot become a lord, so I'll become the right hand of a lord; that's my style."

Ouyang Shuo nodded.

"What makes you so confident that I will use you?"

In the eyes of players, Ouyang Shuo could not be considered an open player. Instead, he seemed strict and unfriendly. The matter with Yashan City South Mountain Cave was a perfect example.

“Lianzhou Lord, why don’t you take a look at my stats."

Yanhuo Yaonie laughed confidently and showed his stats bar to Ouyang Shuo.

When Ouyang Shuo raised his head and scanned Yanhuo Yaonie’s stats, his eyes froze.

Yanhuo Yaonie was also a general. His stats could be considered normal. However, two things astonished Ouyang Shuo. Yanhuo Yaonie’s innate talent—Naval Warfare Adept, and the king rank cultivation method—Surging Wave True Technique.

Naval Warfare Adept: During naval warfare, raises cannon or bow range by 10%, raises ship speed by 20%, raises warship defense by 25%, reduces chance of ship sinking by 15%.

It was a totally overpowered talent, simply made for a navy general. No wonder Yanhuo Yaonie was so confident. With such a talent, being a lord was simply a waste.

Ouyang Shuo could not imagine what would have happened if the Ming Dynasty warship building technical manual from the auction had landed in Yanhuo Yaonie’s hands. What kind of broken lord would be born if that happened?

Not only that, the cultivation method he trained in was similar, and it helped to buff his talent.

This guy was really lucky; he actually found such a matching authentic secret manual.

"State your terms!"

One had to say that Ouyang Shuo felt really tempted.

The lack of navy generals was the weakness of Shanhai City. Ouyang Shuo would not want to let any go.

Weirdly, in his last life, Ouyang Shuo had not heard of such a lord. Who knows if he was too low-profile, or if he was KO-ed early like now.

As long as it was not an infamous player, Ouyang Shuo was confident of ruling over them.

"I've heard that Shanhai City has built a Beihai Bay Squadron. I just want to work in the squadron."

"That simple?"

"Yes, that simple." Yanhuo Yaonie was very frank, "Compared to being a lord, I want to roam the seas. Instead of being restricted to China, why not attack other regions?"

Ouyang Shuo kept silent. In his last life, the reason why this fellow was not famous probably had something to do with this.

"Ok, I agree!"


This time, it was Yanhuo Yaonie's turn to feel surprised. He did not expect Ouyang Shuo to agree so quickly.

"You feel very shocked?"

"That's right!" Yanhuo Yaonie nodded, "The Lianzhou Lord from the rumors is not someone who trusts other lord players."

Yanhuo Yaonie was beating around the bush to avoid directly saying that Ouyang Shuo was too wary of other players.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Times have changed. Shanhai City already has a perfect system, so if you try anything funny, I'll know."

Yanhuo Yaonie was shocked yet again. He did not need to be so direct, right?

"Of course, the place of appointment has to change. The Beihai Bay Squadron is more of a close water squadron. With your specialty, it's better if you go to the Yashan Squadron."

"Yashan Squadron?" It was already very impressive for Yanhuo Yaonie to know of the Beihai Bay Squadron, but he knew nothing about the Yashan Squadron.

Ouyang Shuo roughly explained, "The leader of the 1st division of the Yashan Squadron is Cai Mao. You can work under him and be his deputy!"

"No problem!"

Yanhuo Yaonie's eyes brightened. He was not sad or dejected because of the low position.

He also knew that although he had an insane talent, he lacked practical experience. The chance to learn from Cai Mao was a blessing.

When he thought about that, Yanhuo Yaonie bowed, "General greets the lord!"

At this point, Ouyang Shuo had genuinely persuaded and awed him.

If you doubt someone you would not use them, but if you use someone, you would not doubt them. Such magnanimity was not something a normal lord could achieve.

Undoubtedly, this decision would be his changing point in the game. When the sailors get their break, he would have a stage to display his brilliant skills.

Just as Ouyang Shuo was busy calming down the situation in Leizhou Prefecture, the Huangjin uprising army in the north had reached their end.

Earlier in the 6th month, Di Chen had started to plot a plan to destroy the uprising army.

At this time, it was not long since Shanhai City had started the war in Leizhou. Naturally, Di Chen had his own problems, so he rejected the Leizhou lords call for help.

After half a month of communication and discussion, Di Chen used all the methods available to him, not even using his family, to successfully make the thirty odd territories in Jingdou form a temporary alliance.

Although the lords knew that cooperating with Handan County was helping the enemy, they could only form an alliance to face the Huangjin uprising army that was growing stronger day by the day. They would think about the consequences later.

After all, if the Huangjin uprising army wiped them out, everything would be for naught.

One had to say that in terms of recruiting and persuading players, Di Chen was leagues ahead of Ouyang Shuo. Adding Juedai Fenghua into the mix, who helped thread the needles, the alliance formed up really smoothly.

6th month, 16th day, Lianpo acted as the commander of the Jingdou alliance army. He led a total of 150 thousand men to launched their assault against the Huangjin uprising army.

At this time, the uprising army had cleared out Zhending House; they were ready to expand outward.

120 thousand troops split into four directions and attacked outward.

Similar to the Taiping Country uprising army, famous generals filled their ranks. Apart from the three brothers Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Liang, there was also Zhang Mancheng, Bocai, Han Zhong, and the like.

In addition to Zhang Jiao possessing his memories from the past, they formed a deadly force.

Who would have expected that the alliance army would deal a fatal blow to Zhang Jiao at such a moment.

Lianpo took the chance when the uprising army split their troops to lead the alliance army to battle. They destroyed the north and east forces in just four days.

The north general Zhang Man died, while the alliance captured the east general Zhang Liang and deputy Bocai. At the same time, there were a few small generals that the lords split up amongst themselves.

With the first battle ending in a victory, the morale of the alliance army rose. As a result, they did not even bother about the south and west troops. They just directly attacked Zhending City.

The ones in charge of Zhending City were Zhang Jiao and Yi.

General Yi died in history because Tang Zhou leaked a secret. Naturally, he became Zhang Jiao's right hand man. He led thirty thousand guards to defend the city.

With the base under attacked, even with his memory, Zhang Jiao could not do anything. He could only recall the south and west troops and order them to save the king.

Zhang Jiao fell right into Lianpo's trap.

Lianpo attacked Zhending City to bait the reinforcements. Then, they changed targets.

A tragedy fell just like that.

The south and west troops that had hurried back were ambushed. In just two days, both forces were broken down.

The south general Zhang Bao, the west general Guanke, and some small generals were either killed in battle or captured.

In this battle, it was a total victory for the alliance army. Not only did they recruit many rare generals, they even recruited many prisoners. Their morale had reached its peak.

The prestige and honoor of Di Chen in Jingdou naturally climbed.

The only one that was not friendly with him in Jingdou was probably Stone County.

Wufu's Stone County belonged to the Shanhai Alliance. Naturally, they were excluded from the alliance army. In this war, he became a total passerby.

After decimating the south and west troops, the alliance army started to surround and siege Zhending City.

At the Zhending City gate, Zhang Jiao looked out at the stream of forces. He had a dejected expression on his face. He did not expect that even after reviving, he could not change the fate of Huangjin.

Destiny was always so cruel.

Yi walked over and said, "General, let's take the chance to escape. Even if I die, I'll definitely be able to protect you."

"Escape? To where?" Zhang Jiao's eyes showed that he had already given up, "Even if we escape, we will have to live in hiding. What's the difference between that and dying?"

"If we survive, we do not need to feel afraid!"

Zhang Jiao shook his head, "You do not need to try and persuade me. Just let me die together with the city."


Yi was speechless.

6th month, 22nd day, the alliance army launched its final assault on Zhengding.

The Zhending City protection force viewed death as a reprieve.

The hundred thousand civilians inside the city were all loyal Huangjin believers.

In this battle, they let the alliance army see and realize the meaning of passion.

Under their relentless assault and their use of trebuchets and scaling ladders, they finally broke through after five days. Their losses in the siege alone was more than all the previous battles combined.

Zhang Jiao and Yi both died in battle.

Along with them, twenty thousand soldiers and several tens of thousands of civilians had perished.

As Zhending City fell, a system notification announced the end of the Huangjin uprising army.

The moment the notification sounded out, the China region was sent into an uproar.

Only half a year had passed and the Huangjin uprising army was already destroyed; this really made one feel respect and worship.

Di Chen's prestige and fame ballooned; he chased right for Ouyang Shuo.

Based on the merit points from this battle, Di Chen became a rank 3 Marquis.

Handan County would soon upgrade to prefecture.