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Chapter 400- Heroes Rising

Chapter 400- Heroes Rising

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After occupying Zhending City, the atmosphere within the alliance army became really weird.

In this battle, the alliance army had captured Zhang Liang, Bocai, Hanzhong, as well as Guan Ke. They had obtained twenty odd small generals and eighty thousand prisoners.

Such a huge cake, how would they split it?

Apart from that, there were the territories that the uprising army had occupied, especially Zhending City, who would take it?

The interests involved in this matter were simply too huge.

The lords were not dumb. In order to defend against Handan County eating up all the rewards, they had formed smaller alliance earlier to go up against Di Chen.

Di Chen was also really tempted, if he could make use of this battle to destroy the alliance army, the entire Jingdou region would belong to him.

Unfortunately, he was up against a bunch of smart people. None of them were that stupid. In this battle, the lords were really wary of Handan County.

During this war, be it in terms of generals, equipment, or battle strength, Handan County had sent higher level personnel than the other territories.

Hence, many other lords formed up into groups to rival him. After five days of discussions, they finally decided on how to split the cake.

In the end, Handan County would receive Guan Ke and two other generals, as well as ten thousand prisoners.

As Zhengding City was too far away from Handan County, Di Chen had no choice but to give it up.

An alliance formed from the five closest territories took the city; they would manage it together.

After splitting the cake, the alliance disbanded and everyone went off in their own directions.

Di Chen rode on his horse. He turned back to look at Zhending City and muttered, “The benefits I gave out today will one day return to my hands."

The end of the Huangjin uprising army only caused a small ripple in the chaos of the China region.

Gaia 2nd year, the year of chaos was not over just like that.

As they entered the second half of the year, the various territories started to surround and fight back against the remaining uprising armies.

In the middle region.

The Chengsheng Wuguang uprising ran rampant around the mid plains.

Chun Shenjun was located in the Luoyang Region, while Piao Linghuan and Sha Pojun were in Xianyang. Feng Qiuhuang was in Taiyuan. These three regions boxed in the mid plains.

The one closest to the uprising was Fallen Phoenix City.

In contrast to Wufu, Feng Qiuhuang had already formed up an alliance army with the other Phoenix Alliance members to face the uprising army.

Although Chun Shenjun, Piao Linghuan, and Sha Pojun had some animosity between each other, they would still group up to fight against the Chensheng uprising army.

The mid plains were different from Jingdou, as it covered a far bigger region. To replicate Di Chen’s feats was impossible. The only people that were closest to fighting them was the Luoyang Alliance, a regional alliance.

Although they asked for help, unfortunately for them, neither side was willing to send forces. It was similar to what Ouyang Shuo had considered.

Zhongyuan was in a struggle under the suppression of the uprising army.

It was only a matter of time before they occupied the entire Zhongyuan. At that time, Chun Shenjun, Feng Qiuhuang, Piao Linghuan, and Sha Pojun would show their might.

The only change happened in the Zhongyan province, imperial city Luoyang.

If the uprising army was arrogant and stupid and tried to attack Luoyang City, they would just be courting destruction. Ouyang Shuo knew that each imperial city had a hundred thousand men strong elite force housed.

In the first few years of the game, no territory would dare to touch the imperial cities.

Southeast Region.

Compared to the middle plains region, the southeast region was much bigger, covering over five to six provinces. Zhanlang, Xiongba, Gong Chengshi, and Xunlong Dianxue were all located in separate provinces.

Coincidentally, the base of the Huangchao uprising Army was located in the Wannan Province.

Connected to that province was Jianye Region, where Blood Red County was located, Jiangnan Province, where King County was located, and Jiangzhou Province where, Black Lion County was located.

As for the Quangzhou Region, where Xunlong County was located, it had nothing to do with the Huangchao uprising Army. If he wanted to join this battle, he could only teleport to Black Lion County and attack together with Gong Chengshi.

The difference with the mid plains region was that Jianye Region was very long and narrow. Zhanlang's territory was only two hundred to three hundred kilometers away from Wannan Province.

Based on the news, Zhanlang had copied Di Chen and formed up an alliance with the lords in the Jianye Region. They would attack Fengyang City, where the Huangchao Uprising army was based.

Of course, compared to Jingdou, Jianye Region was only a quarter in the size. If he wanted to make use of one battle to totally destroy them, it would not be so easy.

Especially with the destruction of Huangjin, it would definitely make the other uprising armies wary.

Zhan Lang's goal was just to earn merit points and to raise his rank to Marquis soon.

The weird part was obviously the southwest region.

Feng Qingyang's territory was located in Shu, which was nearly impossible to attack. Shanhai City, Consonance City, and Tianshuang City formed a three way pincer on Taiping Country.

However, Ouyang Shuo's attitude was not obvious at this moment. Shanhai City did not attack Taiping County. Instead, they went to attack Leizhou. Be it Bai Hua or Songwen, they had both sought his opinion and asked about his intentions.

Ouyang Shuo made it clear that he temporarily had no intentions of attacking Taiping Country.

Bai Hua and Songwen could only keep silent.

After all, the territory which was truly connected to the Taiping Country uprising army was Shanhai City.

Be it Consonance County or Tianshuang County, they were still a distance away. Especially Tianshuang County. With Chiyou City between them, it was basically impossible for them to attack Taiping Country.

If Shanhai City did not attack, the two could only stay put and not move.

The only one badly affected was the Willing to Die Alliance located in Guangxi Prefecture.

Just when Shanhai City went to attack Leizhou Prefecture, the north and west troops of Taiping Country had successfully taken down Guilin Prefecture and Zhen An Prefecture.

The Willing to Die Alliance had fallen.

After taking over three prefectures, Hong Xiuquan officially announced in Tianjing the setting up of the Taiping Country.

Hong Xiuquan could still be considered logical. After setting up the country, he did not opt for a quick expansion. Instead, he started to consolidate the prefectures he had taken over.

At the same time, he ordered his generals to start forming an army. They needed to train the original peasant army into a real army.

The strength of the Taiping Country was like a snowball, rolling larger and larger.

Ouyang Shuo naturally did not just watch on as this matter developed.

Be it the Military Intelligence Division or the Black Snake Guards, they both made use of the chaos for infiltration.

Shanhai City’s plan was progressing steadily.

In the entire 6th month, the flames of war rose up in the China region.

Apart from Shanhai Alliance and Yanhuang Alliance, many regional alliances started to show themselves. The most dazzling ones were naturally the Dare to Die Alliance, Luoyang Alliance, and Wannan Alliance.

The common point of the three was that they were all directly facing the invasion of the uprising army.

The Dare to Die Alliance was already destroyed, so how long could the other two alliances last?

Who could survive, and who would drown out?

This was just the beginning.

The flames of war in the next half of the year would only burn brighter.

7th month, 1st day, a system notification sounded out in the China region.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Di Chen for becoming the 4th player in the China region to upgrade to Grade 1 Prefecture, awarded 3,800 merit points."


In just one week, Handan County had managed to upgrade.

This upgrade meant that the time of prefectures was slowly creeping forward.

After they upgraded, Handan County had reached the same starting line as Shanhai City again. On the same day, Di Chen announced on the global channel that he would recruit two hundred thousand adventure gamemode players to move into Handan City.

Two hundred thousand players was pretty much the advantage in population that Shanhai City had accumulated in this half a year.

To attract players to move over, Di Chen listed a bunch of benefits on the forums. One of these benefits included a mansion for each family.

The moment the news got out, the China region was in an uproar.

Adventure gamemode players were exceptionally warm to the idea, as they had enough of being cooped up in the imperial cities. If they could receive a mansion, they would be willing to do anything. Furthermore, Handan City did not make them do anything; it was all for free.

As the competition between the guilds grew more intense, more players, especially those in small groups, would choose to leave the imperial city because they were having a hard time.

Di Chen's proposal exactly aligned with their needs.

The moment the post went out, Handan City received many tens of thousands of applications.

It was apparent that Handan City was going on a totally different path from Shanhai City. With his family supporting him, Di Chen was confident in managing all the players.

Not only that, using his performance in the destruction of the Huangjin uprising army, all the uncertain elements from before were temporarily wiped out.

Di Chen's family had reached an agreement to support Handan City's development. All their resources, be it the above ground ones or the hidden ones, would all start to funnel into the city.

Although he was half a year later than Shanhai City, their development speed was not slower. The further behind, the bigger the platform to show the family's strength.

The more terrifying aspect was that compared to the arrogance he possessed when he entered the game, Di Chen had grown more task-oriented and mature.

One had to say that the lord gamemode in Earth Online really helped to train and develop leaders.

Di chen's growth was the best example.

Gaia wanted someone that could take control and rise up; there was no difference between a commoner and someone from a big power to it. It would not be biased to one side.

Di Chen's family would probably feel very happy about this.

Compared to the achievements in the game, a superb heir was the biggest gain to the family.