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Chapter 403- Game Hotfix

Chapter 403- Game Hotfix

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Just as Ouyang Shuo was planning on how to obtain his position, the battle on the southeast front had entered a crucial moment.

7th month, 2nd day, Zhan Lang and twenty odd territories in Jianye Region formed a 120 thousand men strong alliance army. They crossed over the the border of the Wannan Province to attack Fengyang City.

Blood Red County's mysteries middle-aged general finally appeared and acted as the commander of the alliance army. Under his leadership, the alliance army suddenly appeared right outside Fengyang City on the morning of the 8th.

The Huangchao uprising army was caught completely off guard.

After learning a lesson from the Huangjin uprising army, they did not expand in all four directions. Out of their 110 thousand men, they only sent sixty thousand down south. The remaining fifty thousand all camped in Fengyang City.

Compared to people like Hong Xiuquan and Zhang Jiao, Huangchao and Chensheng were a little weaker in terms of attracting the masses.

The difference in strength of the various uprising armies was really evident.

The destroyed Huangjin uprising army had 150 thousand troops. After Taiping Country took over Zhen An Prefecture and Guilin Prefecture, their numbers reached a terrifying 180 thousand. The Chengsheng, Wuguang uprising army only had 120 thousand men. Huangchao was even more pitiful at just 110 thousand men.

Even so, it was still highly difficult and really risky for the Jianye Alliance army to try and attack a city guarded by 50 thousand men.

No one felt that they could smoothly take down Fengyang City.

One must know that Huangchao was a through and through nutcase. In history, under the circumstances where their grain supply was cut-off, Huangchao started a large-scale planned cannibalism activity.

Such a thing was totally unheard of and rarely happened in history.

In the first three days of the war, as expected, the alliance army launched a relentless assault but it did not work.

Fengyang City stood tall.

Just as everyone thought that the alliance army would fail badly, their chance came.

The one that broke the balance was the Blood Red Army that Zhan Lang had trained in secret.

The Blood Red Army temporarily only had one division, the soldiers all retired military personnel. They all wore Suozi Armor, and the army was heavily disciplined and well-structured.

The three days of attacking was just a trick to lower the Huangchao Army’s guard.

On the morning of the 4th day, the hidden Blood Red Army finally made their move.

Their probings during the first three days allowed the middle-aged general to see clearly the defence schedule and mechanism of Fengyang City, allowing him find their weakest point.

The Blood Red Army precisely attacked this weakest point.

The huge army braved the arrow rain and proceeded toward the city wall in an orderly formation. The three days of siege was not totally useless, as the city protection rivers outside were totally leveled.

The army quickly arrived under the city walls for a really small price.

When they stood at the foot of the city walls, the Blood Red Army soldiers’ actions made one drop their spectacles.

The ones at the front, row after row, followed their training to toss out stone slabs from their storage bags.

Stone slab after stone slab was quickly passed to the front and placed at the foot of the city wall.

Following which, the first soldier backed down and a soldier from another unit went up. They took out the stone from their back and formed the second layer.

Just like that, layer after layer was formed.

In less than half an hour, the Blood Red Army had braced the rain. With discipline and fearlessness like steel, they built a flight of stairs under the city wall.

This flat of stairs led from the bottom of the wall all the way to the top.

The soldiers on the city walls were stunned. With their little knowledge, how could they understand such a magnificent and mind-blowing construction process? It just seemed like magic.

The alliance army also watched on with their mouths agape.

Just like that, the Blood Red Army made use of the player storage bag to create a brand new siege method.

Obviously, this strategy was premeditated to catch the enemy off guard.

While the others remained shocked, the Blood Red Army naturally would not stand there and wait. The soldiers stepped onto the stairs and easily attacked up the wall.

What followed next was imaginable.

During a city wall defence, once a point was broken through, it would cause a whole scale collapse. As the Blood Red Army showed off their might, the morale of the alliance army ballooned. The taking down of Fengyang City was within sight.

After an afternoon of battle, Fengyang City officially fell.

Huangchao was a famous coward and was really experienced in escaping. When the Blood Red Army managed to breach the wall, he had already brought a group of people and left.

As long as the south army lived, his chances of rising up again remained.

Before his departure, he ordered his men to burn up all the grain in the city.

As they were a travelling army, their grain supply and logistics were a problem. Since Huangchao had led some troops to escape, the alliance army could only give up and not chase him.

As for Fengyang City, it was sold to the Wannan Alliance.

Although they did not succeed, the Blood Red Army grew instantly famous overnight in the China region.

When the other lords received the news, they felt amazed that such a siege tactic actually existed. It seems like adventure gamemode players were becoming more and more attractive.

Immediately, many lords were prepared to build a similar player squad. Of course, it was nearly impossible to become as fearless and regimental as the Blood Red Army.

Unfortunately, a system notification wiped such thoughts from their minds.

"System Notification: Due to players using storage bags or communication methods during war time to gain a huge advantage, badly affecting the game balance, the game will have an update."


"System Notification: During war time, players cannot use their storage bags, guild channels, alliance channels, global channels, or any similar communication method. Players are also restricted from logging onto forums."


The moment the notification sounded out, the players were sent into an uproar.

Zhan Lang and his Blood Red Army were really famous this time. To make the strong Gaia god change the game all of a sudden was a first since the game’s release.

Compared to the adventure gamemode players who were just watching the fun, lord gamemode players felt totally annoyed.

The moment the update was out, Gaia had totally nullified the advantages of players during war. Such tactics as the one they had just seen would cease to exist.

One had to say that it was a real waste.

This time, Gaia was really ruthless. It did not allow players to use storage bags or communication channels, and even forums were disallowed. This meant that during war time, players were on a similar level to NPCs.

The only difference being that players could revive after dying. Unfortunately, the death penalties made it the same as just dying.

When Ouyang Shuo heard the system notification, he had a really complicated look on his face.

When the tactic the Blood Red Army employed was revealed to the public, Ouyang Shuo had already expected such an outcome.

This series of changes were totally the same as what had happened in his last life.

No matter who managed to figure out such a tactic, Gaia would come up with a hotfix to remedy the problem.

Hence, all of this did not surprise Ouyang Shuo.

His revival had changed many things. At the same time, there were some things that still proceeded along its intended path. Even he could not affect these matters.

Zhan Lang had probably foreseen such an outcome when he designed this tactic.

Hence, he would throw out this killer tactic at the most crucial battle.

Similarly, Zhan Lang had obtained huge benefits. Through the merit points gained from killing the uprising army soldiers, Zhan Lang had surpassed Chun Shenjun and upgraded to a rank 3 Marquis.

The upgrade of Blood Red County was imminent.

At the same time, this event meant that the fourth battle loomed.

The hotfix that Gaia applied would have vast consequences and effects on future territory wars. Any lord with a brain would know that this fix did not just have the effect of stopping insane tactics.

Some specifics on the battlefield would change too.

For example, Ouyang Shuo and Di Chen had previously used storage bags to transport siege weapons. The system even prohibited this kind of tactic now.

This update also nullified the strategy Ouyang Shuo used during the Battle of Muye.

Apart from that, the restriction on communications affected war time information spreading.

During the Battle of Lianzhou, the Yanhuang Alliance made use of the alliance channel to communicate over regions. Such a method would not appear in future wars and battles.

The only way left was a messenger system.

At this time, the Feng Bird system that Shanhai City had established grew exceptionally precious.

In the future, other players would discover similar communication networks. After all, the creatures in the game were more vast than in real life and more mysterious.

Apart from the Feng Bird, there were the common messenger pigeons. They could even employ rats and the like.

Based on the logic of Gaia, the future wars would have a decreased chances of players cheating. Gaia would likely restrict and stop the current mailing system at a certain time.

War was becoming more and more realistic.

Be it lords or generals, the number of elements they needed to consider was increasing.

Most simply, just the problem of logistics was enough to give them a headache. In ancient times, logistics decided the outcome of war; it was pretty much a lifeline.

A series of adjustments and changes would follow.

Who could adapt to the new rules and changes? Who could rise up and shine?