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Chapter 404- Territory Luck and Prosperity

Chapter 404- Territory Luck and Prosperity

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Xiangyang Region, Pill Sun County.

After learning that Zhan Lang had reached rank 3 Marquis, Chun Shenjun's face grew dark and solemn.

Zhan Lang had chased up from behind him. As a result, Chun Shenjun not only lost to Di Chen, even his position as second in the alliance was in danger.

Moreover, Chun Shenjun was helpless and could not do anything.

Pill Sun County was located in Jingzhou, south of Jingchu Province and eighteen thousand miles away from Luoyang Region—the location of the Chensheng Wuguang uprising army.

Relying on the huge amounts of funds his family had amassed, Chun Shenjun trained up a huge elite army. Furthermore, he managed to get the famous general Tiandan to join him.

Unfortunately, Zhan Lang was still faster than him.

Chun Shenjun felt furious; he smashed all the things in his reading room once more.

7th month, 14th day, Dali.

It had been three days since Du Ruhui and Cui Yingyu arrived in Dali.

The two of them made use of the Cui Chamber of Commerce to build strings and bridges. These connections allowed them to make contact with the middle-level officials. Through these contacts, they formed relationships with the officials in the imperial court.

In the end, through the imperial court officials, they spread the word to the emperor.

They had expended a vast amount of gold and resources. After two days, they finally met the Dali Emperor.

Imperial palace, Jinluan Hall.

"Lianzhou Lord subordinate Du Ruhui greets his majesty!"

The emperor sat high up on his dragon throne, dressed in a dragon robe. Strangely, the emperor's face was a blur; a thin layer of fog obscured the emperor's real face.

"Why did you come to see me?"

The emperor's voice was also fuzzy and indistinct.

"My master, the Lianzhou Lord, is really thankful for your title and specially wants to gift something to the imperial court," Du Ruhui said as he passed the gifts he had prepared to the eunuch.

The eunuch carefully accepted the gift and passed it to the emperor.

As the emperor opened the gift, he remained emotionless. After a long while, he said, "The Lianzhou Lord is really filial, I should reward him. Speak, what reward does the Lianzhou Lord seek?"

"Thank you, your highness, for your reward. My lord will definitely not let you down." Du Ruhui carefully said, "The Lianzhou Lord has been exploring and developing the Nanjiang Region. He hopes to be granted a name or title, while he works for the emperor to repay your kindness."

"The Lianzhou Lord really has a huge appetite!"

The emperor was not a simple person. Instantly, he understood the meaning in his words.

"My lord does not dare to be greedy, he only wants to help your majesty open up new lands. He wishes to be an official that guards the animals and the resources."

"?" The emperor did not understand.


Du Ruhui did not reply. At this point, silence was gold.

After a long while, the Dali Emperor took a glance at the gifts and said, "I approve!"

"Thank you, your majesty!"

Du Ruhui was delighted. At least he did not let down the Lord.

At the same time, Quanzhou.

In contrast to Du Ruhui and Cui Yingyu, Wei Yang and Jingjian had a much smoother time.

Not because of any other reason, but solely because of their special gift—a Mazu Statue blessed by the flames of incense in the Mazu Temple.

The civilians of Quanzhou had long looked forward to such a statue.

Ouyang Shuo sending away the Mazu Statue was similar to losing a huge batch of Shanhai City tourists.

Such a heart pain!

The emperor of Quanzhou personally attended the Quanzhou Mazu Temple opening ceremony. Wei Yang took this chance to successfully met the Quanzhou Emperor.

The ensuing question and answer were swift and decisive.

The emperor did not lose much from granting the title of governor-general to Ouyang Shuo. Anyways, the wilderness was not their territory. Moreover, since they could receive such a huge yearly payment, why not?

Of course, Ouyang Shuo’s rank played a crucial important role in the whole affair.

He was the first person in the world to be granted the title of Lord.

Shanhai City was also awarded the title of World’s First Prefecture.

With all these factors stacking up, he managed to increase the chances of success.

The calculations within were not as simple as one would think. It was nearly impossible for Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang to receive a similar treatment even though they were also given titles.

Of course, compared to Di Chen, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang still had their advantages.

7th month, 16th day, Shanhai City.

The two ambassador teams returned to Shanhai City and brought the two imperial decrees from the emperors.

Ouyang Shuo received the two imperial decrees and a notification sounded out near his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, both the Dali Emperor and the Quanzhou Emperor have conferred you a title. Will you accept the position of Nanjiang Governor-General?"


"System Notification: Appointed as the Nanjiang Governor-General, awarded the personal seal of the governor-general!"

With a flash, the two imperial decrees in his hands merged together. Then, a grand looking golden seal appeared.

The Nanjiang Governor-General Seal was much more exquisite than the Lianzhou Lord Seal.

From now onward, the Lianzhou Lord's seal would act as his personal seal. As for official letters, he would make use of the Nanjiang Governor-General Seal.

Name: Nanjiang Governor-General Seal

Type: Accessory

Specialty: Watch over Nanjiang (the territory under the lord's jurisdiction is not limited to the land area of the territory. The entire Nanjiang will be under the authority of the seal wielder, protected and recognized by the imperial court).

Evaluation: With this seal, the lord can establish Houses and appoint officials under his command.

The function of the seal was shown in the specialty [Watch over Nanjiang]. The moment one was protected and recognized by the imperial court, the sentiments of the people in taken over territories would swiftly rise.

The retaliation of the local groups and loyalists would also become too weak to matter.

Once granted power, everyone would submit to you, such was the situation.

If not, Ouyang Shuo would not have tried so hard to obtain such a position.

Just when Ouyang Shuo was checking out the stats of the seal, another notification sounded next to his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, the Nanjiang Governor-General seal and the Lianzhou Lord Seal can be merged into the Gold Qilin Seal to help unseal it slightly. Will you merge it?"

Ouyang Shuo was elated.


Ouyang Shuo did not hesitate at all. The Gold Qilin Seal was an important key to building a country. As such, Ouyang Shuo was willing to do anything to unseal it.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, the Nanjiang Governor-General Seal and the Lianzhou Lord Seal have successfully merged into the Gold Qilin Seal. The two seals have disappeared and the stats of the Gold Qilin Seal have changed!"

With a "Shua" sound, the two seals turned into two golden lights and entered the Gold Qilin Seal. The dark surface of the seal instantly brightened.

Name: Gold Qilin Seal (platinum rank)

Type: Accessory

Specialty: Ward off devils and spirits (incorruptible and helps to chase away evil), Watch over Nanjiang (the territory under the lord's jurisdiction is not limited to the land area of the territory. The entire Nanjiang will be under the authority of the seal wielder, protected and recognized by the imperial court), Conferred Lord (increases sentiments of people by 10%), Injection of Luck (the Gold Qilin Seal has received the added buffs of two huge titles, guiding the luck and people sentiment into the golden seal to help unseal it. The higher the local sentiment and the larger the territory, the faster the seal will break).

Evaluation: This is a sealed emperor seal. It requires the injection of a country protector Qilin essence to be unsealed.

It seems like the functions of the two golden seals were to help inject the luck and prosperity of the territory.

Luck and prosperity were largely mentioned in Fengshui. It was a mostly imaginary concept with no actual presence. When Gaia was gathering details about Fengshui, it had added its settings into the game.

To players, the luck stat in the game was a manifestation of a person's prosperity.

A lord cared the most about the prosperity of the territory and the future dynasty. If it was not strong, calamities could strike and cause unrest amongst the people.

In the game, luck and prosperity had to do with the governing standards and people sentiment. Gaia wanted to use this stat to make the lords care more about the people.

A common goal of the people and a unified sentiment were the greatest prosperity of the people.

At the same time, the luck and prosperity of a nation would affect the lord. Hence, Ouyang Shuo's luck stat would strengthen or weaken due to the territory prosperity.

All in all, the two depended on one another.

After merging, the Gold Qilin Seal gained the stats of both the other seals. It even gave birth to a new speciality—Conferred Lord.

This was a case of one plus one being greater than two. This merger was similar to the territory title merger and received a similar effect.

After the merging, Ouyang Shuo was only left with one seal. He could not use one for work matters and one for personal matters.

Next, a system notification sounded out in the China region.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi. Both the Dali and the Quanzhou Imperial courts have conferred you a title. Appointed as the Nanjing Governor-General, granted the right to build the Nanjiang Governor-general house."


The moment the notification sounded out, the players all felt confused. The title of Nanjiang Governor-General seemed really huge, but the players did not know of its actual use.

However, based on the fact that it could cause a system notification, it must hold some hidden meaning to it. As expected of the Lianzhou Lord, he could do what other players could not expect.

Compared to the adventure gamemode players, the lord gamemode players paid more attention to this notification.

Especially Di Chen and the others, who wanted to guess the deep meaning behind all of this.

As for Bai Hua and the others, Ouyang Shuo directly informed them about the matter.

Instantly, all of them wanted to try and receive the role of provincial governor from the imperial court.