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Chapter 405- Battle of Julu

Chapter 405- Battle of Julu

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Jingdou, Handan City.

"Nanjiang Governor-General?" Di Chen muttered to himself.

As expected from the multi-talented and well-read Fenghua Juedai, she was very clear about what the role of Governor-general represented. She directly explained the matter, "Nanjiang ah, the Lianzhou Lord really has a huge appetite."

"He, he wants to rule over the south?"

Di Chen's voice sounded a little weird. It was like he did not agree with Ouyang Shuo’s thinking, but it also seemed like he was gloating. Shanhai City and Handan City, one north and one south, it was probably impossible for the two territories to meet in the game.

On the other hand, his old opponents, Xiong Ba and Chun Shenjun, one was located in Jiangnan Province, the other in Jingchu Province. In the near future, their territories would most likely connect with that of Shanhai Territory.

Thinking about how these two fellows needed to face Qiyue Wuyi in the future, he felt delighted deep inside.

"Why did he request for this position for no reason?"

Di Chen could not understand this matter.

"It probably has something to do with the Battle of Leizhou that has just ended!"


Fenghua Juedai frowned, “The Lianzhou Lord is the first lord to occupy two prefectures. Right after the Battle of Leizhou, he applied for such a position. It is definitely not a coincidence."

Di Chen nodded, breaking into a slight grin. His job was a lot more relaxed thanks to Fenghua Juedai making plans and strategies for him. When compared to other strategists, Fenghua Juedai was comparable or even better.

If she was in the olden times, she would be comparable to Zuo Wenjun and Ban Zhao, both talented women.

"Go investigate!"

Fenghua Juedai was the leader of Handan City's intel collecting network.

Fenghua Juedai nodded; her brows still locked.

"What's up?" Di Chen did not understand. He rarely saw such an expression from her.

"Don’t you find it weird?"

"Weird? What's weird, who's weird?" Di Chen felt really confused now.

"Lianzhou Lord!"

"What's up with him?"

"His understandings toward the game seems too advanced. Since the start, he has been able to take the lead and stay in front of every player. If he was just a beta player, he probably could not do that."

Di Chen's eyebrows rose, “If you put it that way, it really seems like the case." He paused for a while, before continuing, "How's the progress with investigating his real-life identity?"

"That's what I find weird." Fenghua Juedai sighed, "Using our lead on Lin Jing, we finally found out his real-life identity. The problem is that he's just a normal student that has just graduated."

"What about his sister?"

"That little brat is a lot weirder. We wanted to use the civilian information network to search up her personal information. However, Gaia encrypted it, and we do not have the permission level to check it out."


The two looked at one another, speechless. Your personal information must hide some secret if Gaia encrypted it.

Nobody knew that this was a huge misunderstanding.

Gaia discovered that Bing'er possessed huge innate talent. Naturally, it encrypted her personal information.

However, this misunderstanding made Ouyang Shuo's life a lot easier.

Although it was said that he had already reached this level and was unafraid of his identity being revealed, stopping people from spying was still the best.

One had to say that Bing'er was really his lucky star.

7th month, 20th day, yet another system notification.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Zhan Lang for becoming the 5th player in the China region to upgrade to Grade 1 Prefecture, awarded 3600 merit points!"


"System Notification: the China region already has five prefectures, triggering the battle system. The fourth battle—the Battle of Julu, will begin in three days. Friendly Reminder: only lords with grade 3 counties and above can join."


The Battle of Julu was the battle that made Xiang Yu famous; it was the most well-known piece in .

Zhang Han had just destroyed the main Chu Army force. Liu Bang had split his troops to go toward the west. Only Xiang Yu and his remaining few men were left. Giving it their all, they destroyed the hundred thousand Qin forces that Wang Li headed. They also destroyed the two hundred thousand troops Zhang Han led.

Xiang Yu killed Su Jiao, captured Wang Li, made Zhang Han surrender, and totally turned the face of the battle. Xiang Yu pulled the rebellion army from the borders of death and pushed them toward victory.

During this battle, many of the Qin Country's main force died.

However, such a glorious battle left many doubts and questions in the minds of future generations.

For example, Xiang Yu had only brought three days of grain, and they had decided to give it their all. However, Wang Li only surrendered two months later. Moreover, in , they clearly state that he surrendered to the cowardly prince army that did not join the battle.

Xiang Yu's forces managed to single handedly defeat Zhang Han without needing the prince's army to help. They destroyed Wang Li right under the nose of Zhang Han. Despite that, why did they fail to destroy Zhan Han in six months after gathering up with the prince's army?

Furthermore, Zhang Han suggested an alliance that Xiang Yu accepted on the surface before launching a sneak attack. Even that was not enough to destroy Zhang Han.

Xiang Yu's strength was undoubted, and his contributions and merits were undeniably. This general was an absolute monster in battle, and his military commanding ability was also top notch.

Summing up the various sad hero stories, the future generations would remember this West Chu Country king.

However, if you were just talking about the Battle of Julu, the truth had a layer of mist obsure it. What was the logic behind Wang Li’s surrender? Moreover, the helplessness when Zhang Han accepted reorganization, and the Qin Dynasty internal conflict, all these matters became a mystery.

No one knew how Gaia would interpret this historical battle.

Compared to the Battle of Changping, the requirements for the Battle of Julu had risen by two grades.

Out of the remaining two thousand territories in the China region, all of them were above grade 1 county, while most were grade 2 counties. As for grade 3 counties, there were around four hundred.

Based on the settings of the battle, a grade 3 county could not bring three thousand troops. If all the grade 3 counties joined in, the overall numbers would reach 1.2 million.

Such a terrifying number of men would far exceed the numbers of troops present in the Battle of Julu.

During this battle, the most important variable was the players.

This would be the first time that the players brought more troops than the soldiers in the camps.

Why was Ouyang Shuo so sure about this?

Because grade 3 county was a huge bottleneck. If one could pass it, their future was limitless. If one could not, they would be bound for elimination, either by other players or the uprising army.

After the Battle of Julu, the time of prefectures would arrive.

Hence, any lord with ambition would not miss this battle. This would be their best chance to rank up to rank 3 Marquis.

If they missed the chance, it would be too late to feel regret.

Facing such a huge army, the strength of just one alliance seemed really pitiful. Be it Shanhai Alliance or Yanhuang Alliance, they could not call the shots in the battle.

Among the Shanhai Alliance, Ouyang Shuo brought twenty thousand troops, while Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang brought ten thousand each. The rest brought three thousand.

After adding all their troops together, they would have 52 thousand men, only 4% of the total.

As for Mulan Yue, since her territory had merged with Shanhai City, she could independently lead troops. Yashan City was in a similar situation.

Xunlong Dianxue, Xiong Ba, and the like were blocked by the rank 3 Marquis requirement. Hundreds of other players had caught up to them.

Their only advantage was that they were just one step away from rank 3 Marquis. Undoubtedly, after the Battle of Julu, they could all upgrade to a prefecture.

A month ago, Ouyang Shuo had started to think about the role they would play in this battle. What role would the Shanhai Alliance play?

After a month, Ouyang Shuo finally had an answer in his heart.

The moment the system notification sounded, the members of the alliance gathered in Shanhai City once again.

The Lianzhou Lord Manor sign had been removed and replaced with the Nanjiang Governor-General sign.

In the main hall, the members split up and sat.

As for the choice of camp, they were undoubtedly going to choose Qin Country.

Not because of any other reason but because of Baiqi.

Since Baiqi was such a Qin Country military god, be it Wang Li or Zhang Han, they would automatically give up their commanding rights. If Ouyang Shuo did not utilize such an advantage, he would be a fool.

Although Ouyang Shuo respected Xiang Yu, he had no choice. Amongst the players, there were many who also respected Xiang Yu. Who knows what choices they would make?

The moment the system notification went out, Ouyang Shuo sent a letter to Baiqi to ask him to quickly return.

As for the Battle of Zhaoqing that had yet to occur, they could only push it back. During the battle map, player's territories were protected and could not be attacked.

Hence, even if Ouyang Shuo wanted to attack Zhaoqing, he could not do so.

Similarly, the uprising army would take a break and not attack players.

Apart from recalling Baiqi, Ouyang Shuo also recalled another huge General—Er'Lai.

Summoning Er'Lai was naturally to go against Xiang Yu.

Er'Lai would lead the 1st regiment of the 3rd division of the Dragon Legion to join the battle. The other forces included the Guards division and the three thousand palace guards.

In addition to the personal guards unit that Baiqi brought, they had five hundred heavy sword soldiers and a total of 19,500 men. As for the remaining five hundred, Ouyang Shuo gave up the spots.

They had formed the Shanhai City Army long ago.

Ouyang Shuo would not summon another group of troops just for five hundred more soldiers. In a battle of millions, five hundred soldiers were just a drop of water in the ocean.