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Chapter 406- Deploying Troops

Chapter 406- Deploying Troops

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"Wuyi, what are your views on the Battle of Julu?"

The moment Bai Hua said these words, all the members turned and looked at Ouyang Shuo.

In their hearts, Ouyang Shuo's battle understanding was many levels higher than them. The reason why Shanhai Alliance could obtain such stellar results in the first three battles proved this.

Unknowingly, everyone started to get used to listening to Ouyang Shuo's arrangements.

When Ouyang Shuo heard her words, he frowned.

This was not a good sign. If everyone started relying overly on him, they would slowly lose the energy of a team. Ouyang Shuo was not a god, so for some battles, he would not have an idea.

Using the strength of the team to the greatest extent was the best method.

"The Battle of Julu affects many interests and things. It is impossible to team up with a large portion of players like the last three battles. This not only concerns whether or not one can upgrade to prefecture. Hence, scuffles would occur, even within camps."

Ouyang Shuo looked around and continued, “As such, during this battle, we must mentally prepare ourselves for Shanhai Alliance to not be the only shining star."

The moment his words landed, everyone started thinking.

Amongst them, the ones that were the most nervous were naturally those that had not upgraded to prefecture. Xunlong Dianxue and Gong Chengshi were slightly better, as they were just one step away from rank 3 Marquis.

After the Battle of Julu, it would not be much of a problem for them to rank up to rank 3 Marquis.

As for Wufu and Song Wen, they were in a neck and neck battle with the other lords.

"With Baiqi on our side, big brother, are you worrying too much?" Gong Chengshi asked.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “Baiqi's use is definitely undeniable. The problem lies with Gaia. With your knowledge of Gaia in this year and a half, don't you think that Gaia will restrict it?"


"So, even though Baiqi can help us, it will only be within the rules. It can't affect other players. With Baiqi's personality, he will also treat all troops the same." Ouyang Shuo paused for a moment, before continuing, “Hence, we should toss aside wishful thinking and prepare for a hard war."

"I agree with big brother." Xunlong Dianxue stepped out, “It’s time to let the lords in the China region witness our brutality."

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he nodded his head and laughed.

"And also, during the battle period, I might disappear for some time. Don't be too alarmed if that happens." Ouyang Shuo alerted them first, in case misunderstandings arose in the battle map.

Feng Qiuhuang looked at Ouyang Shuo, squinting her eyes viciously and smiling, “Wuyi, what are you going to do? Can you bring me along?"

Ouyang Shuo was speechless.

One must imagine how a goddess suddenly acting tough and gangster must feel.

What Ouyang Shuo felt was such an impact.

Of course, he knew the meaning behind Feng Qiuhuang's words. During this battle, apart from him, neither Bai Hua or Feng Qiuhuang had any pressure. Moreover, everytime Ouyang Shuo acted alone, he would obtain unexpected gains.

"Bring me too!"

Bai Hua joined in.

These two goddesses, who were arrogant in their territories, returned to their usual personalities among the alliance.

As for the others, they could only drool in envy. They knew that during the Battle of Julu, their mission would be to follow the main force and earn merit points.

As for other thoughts, that would have to wait for next time!

In truth, Ouyang Shuo did not want to go solo for this matter. If not, he would not have announced it, "Then prepare five hundred elite forces. When we are in the battle map, follow me to hunt."


The two goddesses were delighted, their expressions indescribable.

At this point, the Shanhai Alliance meeting came to an end.

At the same time, the Yanhuang Alliance were similarly meeting in Handan City. As for what they discussed, it would only be truly revealed during the battle.

A huge war was about to begin.

22nd day, Er'Lai led the heavy armored mountain barbarian infantry troops back to Shanhai City through the teleportation formation.

That afternoon, the cave military factory sent over 150 thousand military grain pills.

During the battle map, Ouyang Shuo could not use his storage bag to transport pills. He would give this batch of pills to the soldiers to bring along.

Of course, the ones who received the pills were the three thousand palace guards. Each member received fifty.

Each pill was placed in a grain bag, a small pouch. At the same time, the Military Logistics Department also prepared a leather water bag for each cavalry.

When a water bag was fully filled with water, it would hold enough to supply a day's worth of water for a soldier.

The learned how to create the leather water bag from the grasslands after recruiting the tribes that surrendered. The leather used was tailored with leftover materials from the Armory Division.

The palace guards were the elites of the elites, so their consumption was also shocking. One palace guard, including his horse, needed to use five military grain pills a day. Hence, fifty pills would only last for ten days.

Large-scale use of military grain pills was no longer possible.

23rd day, 5 PM, Baiqi rushed back to Shanhai City.

Along with him were the five hundred iron eagle swordsmen that he had personally trained.

Baiqi's expression was a little complicated.

After coming to the main map, Baiqi had learned everything about the history of the Qin Country.

They had swept over the lands and finally conquered all six countries. However, they could not last for over three generations, making Baiqi disappointed.

As a person from the Qin Country, his patriotism toward the Qin Country was something others could not understand. Even Wei Yang probably did not feel it as much as Baiqi.

Now, Baiqi would join the Battle of Julu. He would see his country and soldiers once more. As a military god in the Qin Country, such a special feeling was something that outsiders could not comprehend.

That night, Ouyang Shuo had a deep conversation with Baiqi in his reading room.

Gaia 2nd year, 7th month, 24th day, 9 AM, a system notification sounded out.

"System Notification: 209 BC, twelve years after Qin Shihuang took over the entirety of China, the internal court experienced internal conflicts, throwing the country into chaos. With the original noble families of the six counties as the core, the rebellion army and the Qin Dynasty army started an all out war around the nation.

“208BC, the main force of both sides gathered around Julu City, undergoing a huge battle that would decide their fates. This battle ended in a victory for the rebellion. The fourth battle map—the Battle of Julu officially opens!"

Twenty thousand of the most elite Shanhai City soldiers gathered in the square, ready to go.

After checking the requirements for joining the battle and the number of people joining, they chose the camp….

The Battle of Julu was split into the Qin Dynasty Camp and the anti-Qin Camp. Naturally, Ouyang Shuo chose the Qin Dynasty Camp.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating the battle map teleportation. Teleportation number: 19,500 men."

During the second system update, battle map teleportations stopped collecting transportation fees from the players.

If not Ouyang Shuo, would fall into bankruptcy once more.

"System Notification: Teleportation begins!"

After a short while of the sky turning and their vision blurring, Ouyang Shuo and his men appeared on the Julu battlefield.

"System Notification: Welcome player Qiyue Wuyi to the Qin Dynasty camp, Jiyuan City."

210 BC, after Qin Shihuang died, Hu Ke under the help of Zhao Gao and Li Si managed to grab the emperor spot through schemes and continued to rule with brutality and cruel acts, making the entire nation unhappy.

The Chensheng Wuguang uprising in 209 BC started the anti Qin sentiments. Before the Battle of Julu occurred, the 6 counties during the warring states period, Zhao, Qi, Yan, Wei, Han, Chu all succeededin obtaining their own land and weapons.

And the Qin Imperial Court lacked the preparation for this. The number of anti rebellion personnel they could activate were only two forces, the Zhang Han army and the Wang Li Army.

The Zhang Han army was made up of criminals from Yuanli Mountain and when the war broke out, they numbered 300 thousand.

As they were criminals and the time that they were formed was relatively short, their combat strength although was weaker than the main Qin Army force, but they still had some skill.

Wang Li's army was the Qin Army that was camped in the north. As one of the main forces of the Qin Army, they were highly disciplined and their specially was fearless, quick and smart cavalry.

As Qin North army was around 300 thousand as they had the job of guarding the border, they couldn't be shifted down south.

When Qin Shihuang was at his peak, these troops still hadn't went down south. One could see how strong the Qin Army was that didn't even need them to

Move so many troops.

During the Battle of Julu, Wang Li led 150 thousand elite troops to go down south.

Both forces added together, there were a total of 450 thousand men.

At that time, south of the yellow river till the Huai river which originally belonged to Chu Country was where the uprising voices were the loudest. So the two forces of the Qin army came here to head anti rebellion operations.

Zhang Han destroyed Zhang Chu of the uprising army then Xiang Liang of the Chu Country, killed the Qi King Tian Dan, wiping out the Wei King Wei Jiu, pretty much destroying all the anti Qin powers south of the yellow river.

As for Wang Li's army, history books only recorded that he was defeated.

At this point, north of the yellow river an internal conflict occured. The Zhao King Wu Chen was originally a general of Chensheng who after being ordered to Attack Zhao Country, took down Handan and called himself the Zhao King.

His subordinate Li Liang was furious due to him being humiliated by Wu Chen's Sister and killed both of them.

The prime minister Zhang Er and Chen Yu escaped, conferring the title of old Zhao Country noble family member Zhao Xie as Zhao King. They defeated Li Liang who chased after them causing Li Liang to ally with Zhang Han.

With Li Liang's intel, Zhang Han had a better understanding of the uprising north of the yellow river. After Zhang Han defeated the main Chu Army force and killing Xiang Liang, he crossed the river to Attack the Zhao Country.

At this point, the Battle of Julu begun.

The situation in Chu land got better and Zhang Han felt that the uprising army wouldn't cause a huge threat so he swiftly went up north. The first step was to defend Guangyang Path such that the rebellion army couldn't go down south and take over Luoyang.

This strategic point was Jiyuan. Jiyuan City would become the main base of the Qin Army.


Qin 2nd generation 2nd year 9th month, Wang Ali's army surrounded Julu.

A month later, Zhang Han's army broke through Handan.

After which, as the land had deep resentment and rebellion intent, to prevent them from rebelling, Zhang Han destroyed the city wall and moved the people within the river.

This move planned to remove the hidden cancer which was growing between their main base and Julu while also getting grain and shipping it to Jiyuan.

Zhang Han swept Handan and the neighbouring region, sending the sizeable amount of grain back to Jiyuan City. As there was no more grain, the locals could only move to other places.

What happened next was Zhang Han reinforcing Wang Li's army.

Zhang Han at this point had split his troops to go to the south of Julu and to Jiyuan. They built a tunnel from south of Julu through to the yellow river. With this, there was a complete grain route to reach Wang Li's army.

After Julu was surrounded, the connections of Zhang Er came into play. Anti Qin forces kept on coming but facing such a huge and strong Qin Army, no one dared to proceed forwards and only looked on from afar.

At this point, there were a total of 80 thousand Zhao Army troops within and outside of the city.

Adding together all the anti Qin forces, there were 300 thousand men.


When Zhang Han and Wang Li attacked Handan and Julu, King Chuhui ordered Song Yi and Xiang Yu over to help. Song Yi didn't want to save the Zhao Country so he decided to be a bystander.

After the Chu Country army set off, he stopped at An Yang for 46 days.

Song Yi commanded the troops, bringing Xiang Yu to camp at Julu, Yuzhou as well as An Yang to wait for the right chance. The other generals Qing Bu and General Pu had reached the battlefield and camped near the yellow river, waiting for Song Yi's orders.

Xiang Yu who had a deep hatred for the Qin Country decided to kill Song Yi and take over command. He led 60 thousand men to gather with Qing Bu and General Pu.

Out of the 60 thousand Chu Army, the core made up of Jiangdong Baqian disciples took up 30 thousand.

Hence, the entire anti Qin alliance reached 400 thousand men.

On such a huge battlefield, both sides had similar numbers.

However in terms of combat strength, the Qin Dynasty army was slightly stronger.

When Xiangyu rushed over to the Yellow river, it had been 2 months since Julu was surrounded.

The time period that Gaia set the war at was when Xiang Yu and his troops rushed to the yellow river. And the camp for the anti Qin players was set at the camp beside the river.

If no players interfered, the most extravagant battle in the Battle of Julu was about to occur.

Zhang Han had built up a 10 kilometre grain transport route from south of Julu to the yellow river, sending men to defend it.

Xiang yu's tactic was to send when to sneak Attack a part of the passageway to cause grain shortage and weaken their combat strength before sending their main force across the river.

As for the Chu Country sneak Attack, as they had a lot of grain they couldn't bring over, to be able to steal the grain from the enemy, Xiang Yu decided to give it their all and only bring 3 days of grain to ignite the fighting spirit of the Chu Army.

What happened next was capturing Wang Li and making Zhang Han surrender.

To players, this huge war had just begun.