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Chapter 407- Baiqi Takes Charge

Chapter 407- Baiqi Takes Charge

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Battle Map, Jiyuan City.

After teleporting to Jiyuan City, Ouyang Shuo passed the commanding rights of the Guards division over to Baiqi. Ouyang Shuo himself would only lead the Palace Guards.

This time, the Shanhai Alliance Army was not segmented after it joined the war. They were not reorganized like the first three battles. Their own generals led them, while Baiqi took the overall command.

Zhang Liao from Consonance City, Wang He from Fallen Phoenix City, Qinqiong from Xunlong County, and the like.

After registering in the inner city, the players were assigned to the barracks at the west of the city. Just when the Shanhai Alliance members had some free time after registering, the system notification sounded out.

"Battle Report: Battle of Julu, total of four hundred lords, total number of 1,244,500 men. The Qin Dynasty Camp has 228 lords and 714,500 troops; the Anti-Qin Camp has 172 lords and 530,000 troops."

Shanhai City choosing the Qin Dunasty camp was an open secret.

After the last three battles, the lords in China finally grew some brains. During this battle, many of them decided to choose the same camp as the Shanhai Alliance.

As for the Yanhuang Alliance, needless to say, they all chose the Anti-Qin Camp. This choice was not a result of any incredible plan or tactic. Instead, they made this choice based on their pride; they did not want Baiqi to order them around.

Both camps had their strengths and weaknesses, so there were not any obvious advantages for choosing either.

As for the lords who chose the Anti-Qin Camp, half of them had dreams of recruiting Xiang Yu. Ouyang Shuo could only weep for these lords. With the character of Xiong Ba, how would he let such a person slide?

In his last life, no one managed to recruit him.

Of course, some of the lords who knew history turned their eyes to a quiet general under Xiang Yu's camp.

His fame in the later parts of life rivalled Xiang Yu’s. He even tempted Ouyang Shuo a lot. Unfortunately, they were not in the same camp, so he was helpless. If not, he would have wanted to try to recruit him.

In the Anti-Qin Army, there was also a group of really famous people like Xiao He.

These people were following besides Liu Bang and were currently in Peng City. Peng City was four to five hundred kilometers away from the Julu battlefield.

King Chu Huai granted Liu Bang the title of ‘West Conquering Army Commander’. However, he only had a few thousand men under him. Even though he was really courageous, he did not dare to head west and attack the Qin Country base.

"Battle Report: As the Anti-Qin Camp is weaker than the Qing Dynasty Camp, based on the battle rules, the Anti-Qin Camp will automatically receive a 25% Defence buff."

The difference in the amount of soldiers of the two camps was 184,500, a massive difference.

"Battle Report: Based on rank and merit points, the Qin Dynasty Camp representative figure is Qiyue Wuyi, rank 2 Marquis. Anti-Qin Camp representative is Di Chen, rank 3 Marquis."

Di Chen's position as the player representative had grown more and more stable.

"Battle Report: Officially opening the battle contribution point trading in the Commerce City; players can choose to use their points to exchange for items."

Finally, after the merit point rewards, Gaia threw out another huge bait.

Ouyang Shuo took a look at Commerce City; it sold a huge variety of items. There were even five weapon technical manuals.

In contrast to the super trading platform, the special items in Commerce City were all unique and none of them were repeated. The moment someone bought an item, other players could not trade for it.

Ouyang Shuo counted the number of items in the entire Commerce city; it totalled at two hundred for both camps of players. In theory, half of the lords could buy a special item.

In truth, there obviously was not such a good thing.

Taking Ouyang Shuo as an example. If he accumulated enough points, he would buy several items.

Ouyang Shuo took a look at the special items; the prices were not cheap. The most expensive ones were the five equipment crafting technical manuals.

The Guangyao Armor technical manual cost forty thousand battle contribution points.

Without mentioning how many lords could achieve such a high amount, even if they could, it was hard to say if they would be willing to spend it. After all, their main goal was to raise their ranks.

In conclusion, the opening of the Commerce City was good and bad for the lords.

At the very least, it provided an extra choice.

After settling down, Ouyang Shuo directly brought Baiqi to visit Zhang Han.

Jiyuan City, Lord's Manor.

Zhang Han was a fearless general of the Qin Dynasty. He fought all over the lands; no one dared to go against him. However, because of Zhao Gao’s scheme, he surrendered to the Chu Country.

In history, the most believable reason for why he surrendered was Zhao Gao’s worries that Zhang Han was destabilizing and threatening his position.

Hence, Zhao Gao badmouthed him to the second-generation king and made him wary of Zhang Han.

The pain and fear from the king’s lack of trust forced Zhang Han into surrender. If not, Xiang Yu could not have defeated him.

What happened to Zhang Han was largely similar to what had happened to Baiqi.

Prime minister Fanju could be said to have caused Baiqi's death.

One could say that this was a common problem in the Qin Country.

Similar to Xiang Yu, Zhang Han had also taken his own life. The only difference being that Xiang Yu was remembered and worshipped in history, while because Zhang Han was a defeated general. As a result, he drowned away in the pages of history.

There were people that commented that Zhang Han was only weaker than Baiqi. They felt he held a higher position than even Wangjian.

However, those were only the words of one family.

Talking about it, Zhang Han really had a little connection with Shanhai City, as his ancestor was Jiangshang.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo was confident about recruiting him.

Zhang Han was in the hall to receive Ouyang Shuo and Baiqi.

Looking at him, the current Zhang Han had just gained victory in the south, so he seemed really confident. As a result, his thin features did not look as scary and uncomfortable.

Ouyang Shuo paid attention to specifics however and felt a sense of sadness emanate from him.

After taking down Handan, Zhao Gao started to feel wary of Zhang Han. The sharp Zhang Han probably guessed that the imperial court had started to have a negative change toward him.

When he attacked the south, the king really trusted him, granting him all the power he needed. Even Wang Li was under his command.

Who was Wang Li?

The grandson of the famous general, Wangjian, the son of Wang Ben!

The Wang family's three generations were all famous generals.

With that, one could see Zhang Han's ability.

"Player representative Qiyue Wuyi greets the general!"

Ouyang Shuo bowed and greeted Zhang Han.

Baiqi, who was sitting behind him, looked at Zhang Han with interest.

Zhang Han nodded. Then, he raised his head and looked at Baiqi. His actions were simply too eye catching.

As he looked up, he froze.

He looked the same. Exactly the same!

The painting of Baiqi was something that all the generals in Qin had seen before.

"Th-this general is?"

Zhang Han, who was always calm and composed, was now a little rattled.


Baiqi looked at Zhang Han, as a flash of praise entered his eye. A god general like him could appraise someone with just a look.

It was apparent that Baiqi paid attention to this fellow’s ability.

Baiqi's voice was really calm, but it was like a bolt of lightning in Zhang Han's ear.

"Wu An Lord! It really is you!"

Zhang Han was astonished, as he bowed.

"Zhang Han greets the Wu An Lord!"

Based on the settings of the game, the China region would cross five thousand years. As a result, such scenes would commonly happen. Hence, Gaia made certain changes to the NPCs.

When Zhang Han saw Baiqi, he would not ask questions about revival, or why he was not dead. He would just accept it, saving a lot of time.

Baiqi nodded, accepting his greeting.

After the greetings, the three of them sat down.

Zhang Han naturally would not dare to sit in the main seat. He wanted Baiqi to sit there. However, Ouyang Shuo was Baiqi's lord. Of course, he could not sit below Baiqi.

This resulted in Ouyang Shuo sitting in the main seat.

Ever since the battle maps started, this was an unprecedented even. A player representative was actually sitting in the main seat of the camp.

Luckily, Ouyang Shuo was smart and just kept silent throughout the entire process.

As for the question and the answers, they were already exchanged between Zhang Han and Baiqi.

Zhang Han did not even hesitate and told Baiqi about everything that happened in this year, the battle situation, as well as the current problems they faced. After finishing, he bowed once more, “Wu An Lord, please command the troops, Zhang Han is willing to lead them!"

He was going to hand over his power!

Ouyang Shuo looked at Zhang Han; the meaning in his look was indescribable.

To be able to give up power so easily, Zhang Han really was not a simple person.

Power was the life of a general.

Zhang Han giving it up power was similar to giving up his life to Baiqi.

If it was another general, Zhang Han naturally would not do so. One must know that the current him had not met any failures; he was just building up his fame and contributions.

However, Baiqi was different, he was the god general of the Qin Country.

Changing generals all of a sudden was the worry of military strategists.

However, such a worry was non-existent to Baiqi. His reputation in the Qin Country was simply too huge. When he died, all the people prayed to him.

Hence, none of the soldiers would reject him. Instead, they welcomed him.

As for the other general, Wang Li, he would not likely do the same as Zhang Han. He was the most traditional Qin Country soldier, so he worshiped and respected Baiqi to the core.

Just like that, Baiqi easily obtained the Qin Dynasty Camp commanding rights.