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Chapter 409- Face-off

Chapter 409- Face-off

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Battle map, Julu City.

Although Xiang Yu was strong, but the princes would not just follow his commands so easily.

In history, Xiang Yu could form up his prestige in the Anti-Qin Army after he ordered his troops to cut off their own retreat path through burning their boats and destroying their cooking woks. During this battle, he had not found the opportunity to do so.

Hence, the current Julu City did not follow his instructions.

The various princes might seem unopposing or useless, but they each had their own plans.

How should he tame the thre hundred thousand odd men prince army, including eighty thousand Zhao troops to become the only leader of the Anti-Qin Camp. This was biggest problem Xiang Yu had ahead of him.

Without the cooperation of these two groups, it would be impossible to succeed.

To Xiang Yu, the easiest method would be to kill someone to make everyone else fear him.

However, there were not any living targets like Song Yi for Xiang Yu to show off his might.

Just when Xiang Yu was deep in thought, Di Chen represented Yanhuang Alliance to step out.

Similar to Shanhai Alliance, famous generals filled the ranks of the current Yanhuang Alliance.

Amongst which was a person that had a deep relationship with Handan City, with the Zhao Country—the old general, Lianpo.

During the Battle of Huangjin, Lianpo had proved himself and earned the trust of Di Chen. The current him had become the most trusted general under Di Chen's charge, similar to Baiqi’s position in Shanhai City.

Similar to Baiqi, Lianpo felt conflicted about the Battle of Julu.

The Zhao Country from before had already disappeared and become specks of ash in history. The revived Zhao Country was just a small ripple in a wave and did not amount to much.

Even so, Lianpo felt really emotional.

Zhang Han had totally destroyed Handan, the capital of Zhao Country. It became a total wasteland.

Toward the Zhao Country, Lianpo still felt guilty.

The Battle of Changping was where everything went south for the Zhao Country.

Similarly, in the hearts of the citizens of the Zhao Country, Lianpo was a general deserving of respect.

Hence, with the coordination of Lianpo and Zhao Zhuang, the eighty thousand strong Zhao army smoothly joined Xiang Yu's camp.

Apart from that, Wuqi, who was under Xiong Ba, had a certain influence on both the Wei and Chu countries. Chun Shenjun's general, Tiandan, also had an influence on the Qi Country.

With the cooperation and help of the Yanhuang Alliance generals, all the attitudes of the princes changed. In the end, they decided to let Xiang Yu lead them.

After this matter, the position of Yanhuang Alliance in Xiang Yu's heart rose.

What followed next was how to fight this war.

The generals discussed and discussed; the only solution they came up with was attacking Jiyuan City.

A head on war laid before them.

The geographical location of Jiyuan City was simply too good, and they could only take the initiative to attack.

Most crucially, Julu City did not have enough grain. If they did not attack before the grain ran out, the consequences would be dire.

On the 5th day of the battle, the war between the two cities finally broke out.

At this point, where was Ouyang Shuo?

Before the battle even started, Ouyang Shuo had already turned his attention to Liu Bang, who was far away in Peng City. The current Liu Bang did not have any strong soldiers under him. However, the bunch of famous generals alongside him were great targets.

Apart from that, Liu Bang also held onto an item that Ouyang Shuo badly needed.

After Baiqi took over command, Ouyang Shuo followed the plan he had set out and sneakily left Jiyuan City.

Alongside him were the three thousand palace Guards, as well as Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang, with the five hundred elite each that Ouyang Shuo had told them to bring along.

The elite troops that the two brought were of a similar standard to the palace guards and only a little weaker.

This group was actually not really eye-catching and attention seeking. Apart from trying to travel unnoticed, they were also trying to travel quickly.

From Jiyuan City to Peng City, there were many Anti-Qin camps.

If they waltzed in, they would definitely be asking for trouble. Although most of their forces were gathered in Julu, there were still scattered troops along the way.

Needless to say, there were many bandits and raiders that rose up because of the chaos.

Although Ouyang Shuo did not fear anything, he did not want to fight all the way till he reached Peng City.

Time was of the essence.

Julu City had limited grain, so the war between the two sides would not be a war of attrition. Hence, Ouyang Shuo needed to end the fighting before the war at the main battlefield ended.

Jiyuan City was around four hundred kilometers away from Peng City.

In his hands, he only had a compass and a rough and simple map of the area Zhang Han had passed him.

The personal guards that Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang had brought along were riding on high grade horses comparable to the Qingfu horses. If everything went smoothly and they rushed day and night, they would reach Peng City in three to four days.

When Di Chen and the others were still discussing and coordinating matters in Julu City, Ouyang Shuo was already a hundred kilometers out.

This morning, Ouyang Shuo was travelling ahead.

Suddenly, the vanguard, Wang Feng, rushed over.

"Lord, we’ve noticed an enemy army."

Ouyang Shuo froze. Finally, they had bumped into an enemy force.

"Who are they?"

"The enemy is really weird. They aren't raiders, but they aren't the rebellion army. They are really similar to us and are moving really carefully."


Ouyang Shuo smirked. He turned around to look at Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang, as he smiled, "Guess we aren't the only smart people. Seems there are others who are interested in Liu Bang."

"En, everyone is like you, greedy with bad intentions."

Feng Qiuhuang laughed, teasing Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo was speechless. Why did he take all of the blame?

"How many enemies are there?"

"Three thousand!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded, it seems like it was a lord of a grade 3 county.

Not only were they ambitious, they seemed to have their own methods.

The moment the player force appeared and registered themselves, they could not move out of the camp at will. If there were not any restrictions, such a huge number of players would just engage in slaughter in the battle map.

The reason why Ouyang Shuo could come out was because Baiqi was the commander. The enemy must be an Anti-Qin Camp lord, who escaped the rules with a special method.

For them to get ahead of Ouyang Shuo’s group, it seems like they had set out a long time ago.

Ouyang Shuo did not hesitate and shouted, “Chase up to them and kill!"

"Yes, my lord!"

All of them whipped their horse and charged forward.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, looking toward the two ladies, “You two stay back. I'll go meet up with them!"

"Be careful!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded, spanking Qingdian.

After a few months of developing their relationship, Qingdian finally submitted to Ouyang Shuo. This was also the first time Ouyang Shuo had ridden it to battle.

Qingdian loved war and was really smart. He knew what was about to happen, so he could not help but neigh loudly.

Ouyang Shuo seemed to understand its meaning and laughed.


Seeing Ouyang Shuo charge ahead, Feng Qiuhuang muttered," The man and the horse are the same. Both just like to fight."

When Bai Hua heard these words, she burst out laughing and nodded her head vigorously.

When Ouyang Shuo rendezvoused with the main force, they had already engaged the enemy under Wang Feng’s lead.

Seeing this, Ouyang Shuo retrieved his Tianmo Spear and jumped right in.

The old Ouyang Shuo could not compare to the current him. His combat strength was terrifying, especially after the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique broke through to the 8th layer.

A group of palace Guards automatically gathered around Ouyang Shuo to protect his safety.

Where his spear pointed, a head would definitely plop to the ground.

The Tianmo Spear had not tasted blood for a long time. At this moment, it gave out a ghostly aura. The killing stimulated the devil blood in Ouyang Shuo's body to a boil.

The killing aura of the Asura had started to spread.

The palace Guards around him could not help but feel a shiver down their spine.

Currently, they looked at Ouyang Shuo with even greater respect and worship.


Ouyang Shuo was feeling great, as he let out shout after shout.

Influenced by Ouyang Shuo, the three thousand palace Guards were like drugged up men, fighting harder and harder. The enemy troops were losing badly, and they were on the verge of collapse.

Just at this moment, the enemy lord recognized Ouyang Shuo.

There was no way around it, the current Ouyang Shuo was just too eye-catching. He was like an Asura charging all around, and no one was his opponent.

"Lianzhou Lord!"

The lord was shocked. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to go all out.

He decided to take a gamble.

"Focus your fire and kill the Lianzhou Lord!"


To be able to walk till this step, this lord was not ordinary. The three thousand men under him naturally weren't total scrubs. If not, he would not have been so confident in bringing three thousand troops to kill Liu Bang.

At this very moment, a general walked out besides the lord.

This general was his greatest trump card.

Who was he?

He was the general under Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms Period, Xu Huang.

"Give me your life!"

Xu Huang hollered, as he waved the axe in his hand and charging forward.

"Protect the lord!"

Wang Feng immediately shouted, dashing forward to welcome the battle.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes focussed; he could feel the blood in him boiling. The reason why his martial arts had not broken through was because he had not meet a comparable opponent.

When Luo Shixin and the others sparred with him, no matter what he told them, they would act a little careful and would not use all their strength.

Wasn't Xu Huang the best whetting stone?

The Asura from the last life was not a person that feared battles.

Ouyang Shuo took in a deep breath, "Wang Feng, back down."

When Wang Feng heard those words, his mouth gaped open.

As the General of the palace Guards, his duty was to protect the safety of the lord.

If the lord was hurt, let's not mention how the lord would punish him. Du Ruhui, Baiqi, Fan Zhongyan, and more would skin him.

The problem was that in the current situation, he did not dare to go against the orders. The position of the lord in his heart was simply too, too high.

Wang Feng had an anguished face, as he brought a squad of the most elite soldiers to form a circle to protect the lord.

The palace Guards looked toward the lord with awe and worship.

Ouyang Shuo smacked Qingdian, grasping the Tianmo Spear, as he charged toward Xu Huang.