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Chapter 410- General Soul

Chapter 410- General Soul

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When the Tianmo Spear and the large axe met, sparks flew.

As they crossed swords, Ouyang Shuo felt a numbness in his hand.

After the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique broke through to the 8th level, he had already reached the power of three oxen. He had not expected it to be lacking in this situation.

One really could not underestimate the combat strength of a king rank general.

The two of them turned their horses around and charged at the same time.

During such a standoff, if both sides had similar strengths, it would result in a very long battle of attrition.

Unknowingly, the two of them had battled for thirty odd rounds.

The current Xu Huang was also really solemn. He had not expected a player to actually have such combat strength. Ouyang Shuo was more and more excited; even his mount was brimming with killing intent.

The soldiers of both sides had stopped fighting at this point and split into two sides, closely watching this battle.

Amidst the shouts, Xu Huang waved his cold axe, overflowing with killing intent, as he hacked forward. If one was stuck by this axe, they would definitely be cut into pieces.

Ouyang Shuo was not fazed, as he tilted to a side to dodge. The axe brushed past his skin, leaving a cold air on his body.

Making use of the gap in which Xu Huang was regaining energy, Ouyang Shuo stabbed the Tianmo Spear forward.

This unexpected move stunned Xu Huang. At that moment, he had not even withdrawn the axe in his hand. It looked like he could not block this spear.

However, Xu Huang had vast amounts of experience. In that split second, he leaned back for ninety degrees and barely dogged the spear.

At the same time, the axe in his right hand blocked directly in front of his body, nullifying Ouyang Shuo's spear. Not only that, using the momentum of the block, Xu Huang got back up.

With that, Xu Huang had broken Ouyang Shuo's exquisitely done move.

As the two went at it again, they tried to probe the weakness of one another.

Ouyang Shuo was not rushing to end it, as he savored the feeling of battle.

Seeing that he could not take down Ouyang Shuo, anxiousness flashed in his eyes. He knew that he needed to kill Ouyang Shuo to break this dangerous situation for his lord.

Thinking about this, a red glow flashed across his eyes.

The red glow became brighter and brighter before his eyes grew totally blood red.

Xu Huang had actually opened his bloodthirst talent; he had entered a berserk state, which increased his combat strength by two folds. The giant axe in his hand also emitted a red glow.

Xu Huang, who was on his war horse, seemed like an Asura.

The lord who was watching on felt delighted, and anticipation filled his eyes. Wang Feng, who was opposite, him felt astonished. At this moment, his heart was right up his throat.

Everyone knew that the climax of the face off had arrived.


Xu Huang waved the axe in his hand and charged forward for the umpteenth time. Xu Huang’s aura had stimulated his mount, which also had eyes stained red.

Ouyang Shuo focused his vision and all his energy, his palms sweating.

This was the enemy’s strongest move.


As the axe slashed across, Ouyang Shuo's hand jolted; he had nearly lost his grip on the Tianmo Axe.

Ouyang Shuo was stunned.

Xu Huang did not give Ouyang Shuo any chance to breathe. He was brimming with energy, and the axe in his hand struck down blow after blow, forming afterimages in the air.

Ouyang Shuo tried his best to calm down and block attack after attack. In the face of such a ferocious assault, he totally could not find any chance to fight back.

Ouyang Shuo's body was forced lower and lower.


Xu Huang grasped onto this advantage, as he wielded the giant axe in his hands to the pinnacle of axework. It seemed like a foundation of energy filled his body, incessantly filling him up.

As the battle went on, the blood in Xu Huang's veins boiled. The red glow in his eyes looked like it was about to jump right out.

Ouyang Shuo was screaming out in agony; he could feel the huge power spreading from the spear to him. The huge impact of the axe made his arms numb, and even his organs felt like they were going to shift.

The more terrifying aspect was that red glow. It spread from the giant axe onto the Tianmo Spear, before swiftly proceeding toward Ouyang Shuo's body.

This could not continue on!

Ouyang Shuo immediately rotated the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique. The gold primordial energy flowed around his body, helping him stabilize his organs and veins, relieving him of the numb sensation.

The gold primordial energy also swallowed the red glow that had just entered his arm.

The Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique really was not simple.

Anxiety flashed across Xu Huang's face. His bloodthirst skill was similar to burning all the potential in his body; it could not last for long. Moreover, it would bring about serious consequences.

If things went badly, it might even affect his lifespan.

At this moment, the killing aura slowly influenced his brain, causing him to lose control. His only goal was to take down the enemy in front of him.

Seeing that his attack had failed, Xu Huang hollered once more, his body mutating once again.

Only to see a red glow shine out from his body. The current Xu Huang was bathed in red. It looked as if he was splashed with blood, really shocking.

Xu Huang had actually activated the highest tier of Bloodthirst. Even if he won this battle, he would lose many years of his lifespan. If he did not nurse himself properly, he would even become a vegetable.

Xu Huang was going all out!

Ouyang Shuo felt amazed when he saw that.

During this battle, Xu Huang's killing intent had started to draw out Ouyang Shuo's killing intent, making it thicker and thicker. The devil bloodline in his body had also started to slowly awaken.

At this point, Ouyang Shuo could use the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique to restrict the blood.

However he did not do so!

Ouyang Shuo kept silent and allowed the devil bloodline to awaken.


Ouyang Shuo could feel the veins in his body release feelings of happiness.

The moment the powerful blood activated, it sent a shiver down Xu Huang's spine. If one mentioned Bloodthirst, the devil was the old ancestor of it.

Its bloodline was incredibly arrogant, so how could it allow such a low-level bloodline to challenge it? An almost tangible killing aura charged toward Xu Huang, shaking his body.

Seeing the situation, Xu Huang gritted his teeth and charged forward once more.

Ouyang Shuo was fearless; he grabbed his Tianmo Spear. The red and black glows intersected as they engaged in combat.

The battle was more and more intense and each move was a deadly one.

On the battlefield, many soldiers watched on with baited breath, as they locked their eyes onto the battle.

As time dragged on, it grew worse and worse for Xu Huang.

The Bloodthirst that he activated was too intense. His blood was not simply boiling anymore; it was burning. It was like all the veins and meridians in his body were being roasted, and he felt an intense, surging pain.

Pain and agony flashed across his face.

When Ouyang Shuo saw that, he felt more relaxed. He focused on defence to drag on the battle. His devil bloodline could last for half an hour, which was more than enough.

Seeing the enemy behave so crafty, Xu Huang grew more anxious.

Unfortunately, he already had no more strength, and the bloodline in him could not improve anymore.

Not only that, the effects of Bloodthirst was wearing off. The huge difference made his body shake, and he looked like he would fall off the war horse.

Seeing that the time was right, Ouyang Shuo took the initiative to attack. When the people at the side saw this scene, they roughly knew the outcome of this battle.

Xu Huang was about to lose.

The lord on the opposite side locked his eyes on the scene, he was unwilling!

Thinking about this, he sneakily took out his bow and shot an arrow out.


An arrow shot toward Ouyang Shuo from afar and directly pierced his back.


Ouyang Shuo took in a cold breath.


When Wang Feng saw this action, he was infuriated.

"Kill them!"

Wang Feng ordered the soldiers to slaughter the enemy, while he rushed over to protect the lord.

Ouyang Shuo was similarly furious, and the killing intent in his eyes could not be concealed. He felt a poison seeping into his body and a weakness spread out from within his body.

Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to rotate his cultivation technique to prevent the poison’s invasion.

He was angered!

His killing intent spread out. His eyes were like Xu Huang's, instantly turning red. The Asura from the last life had returned.


Ouyang Shuo was resilient, he blocked the poison and charged toward Xu Huang.

The Tianmo Spear seemed to sense the killing intent of its owner; it grew darker and more devilish. Even Qingdian neighed out.

One man, one spear, one horse, perfectly combined into one.

This was Ouyang Shuo's strongest attack; it contained his belief.

The Tianmo Spear was like the horns of a sheep, stabbing right into Xu Huang’s heart before he could react.

Originally, Ouyang Shuo wanted to recruit Xu Huang.

Now, he just wanted to kill.


Xu Huang looked down, only to see the spear embedded in his chest. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, the Tianmo Spear was like a devil. It crazily consumed Xu Huang’s blood essence, causing a crimson pattern to emerge on the spear.

Xu Huang visibly shrunk and whitened. In less than two minutes, the Tianmo Spear consumed him entirely.

Ouyang Shuo could feel a pure essence transfer from the spear into his body. This essence worked together with the golden primordial energy to stop the poison.

The poison was also not normal, as it still tried to eat into Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo pulled out his Tianmo Spear, causing Xu Huang to fall off the war horse and crash to the ground.

At this very moment, a system notification spread out from his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for killing king rank general Xu Huang. Your reputation will spread far and wide, awarded twenty thousand reputation points, two thousand merit points, congratulations!"

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, rewarded one General Soul."

A jade pendant appeared in his hand.

Upon close inspection, a soul floated inside the pendant, looking really mysterious.

Name: General Soul (Xu Huang- King Rank General)

Type: Special item

Function: Placing it into the Martial Temple can allow the revival of a king rank general.