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Chapter 411- Special Poison

Chapter 411- Special Poison

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The appearance of a General Soul gave the generals in his territory a layer of insurance. At the later stages of the game, the lords would rather revive a general than accept one that surrendered.

An old General, be it in terms of loyalty or familiarity with the territory, was not someone a surrendered general could compare with.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Tianmo Spear has absorbed enough blood essence, automatically transforming into a god weapon."

Surprises really came one after another.

Name: Tianmo Spear (God Weapon)

Hardness: 92

Sharpness: 80

Toughness: 85

Speciality: Blood Absorption (high chance to absorb blood essence of enemy to evolve)

Killing Technique: Devil Kill (Releases the killing aura of the devil, shocking and terrifying the enemy. It can even directly scare the enemy to death. The exact damage will depend on the courage of the opponent), Cooldown Time: one week.

Evaluation: Crafted from an extraterrestrial rock, nourished by the blood of the devil. It has mutated, becoming a god weapon. Recognizes its master by blood, cannot be traded, cannot be dropped, can be evolved.

The Tianmo Spear had finally grown into a god weapon, and all of its stats had experienced a huge upgrade. It even developed a killing technique. Seeing the introduction of the skill, it seemed like a mental attack skill.

A general would not normally have low courage.

Based on his interpretations of the skill, it seemed like normal generals would fall under the might of the skill.

What shocked Ouyang Shuo was that even after evolving to a god weapon, it could still evolve further. Above god weapon, there was the legendary grade known as saint weapon.

During the first five years in his last life, no saint weapon appeared in the world.

Who knows whether Ouyang Shuo will break this record.

Ouyang Shuo's current weapon, armor, and mount could be called very extravagant.

Thinking about his last life, his brother actually turned on him because of a platinum rank equipment, tossing aside years of friendship. Ouyang Shuo felt really emotional. Who knows if they would ever meet in this life?

In his last life, Ouyang Shuo and his three brothers had formed a mercenary group known as the Liangshan Mercenary Group.

Out of the four, Ouyang Shuo was the third oldest. The others were big brother Song Pu, second brother Yi Zhangqing, and fourth sister Zhang Ziyue.

Out of the four, Zhang Ziyue was pampered the most. She had developed a crush on Ouyang Shuo. However, it ended because he could not take hints.

The base of Liangshan Mercenary Group was Quanzhou. They could be said to have possessed a little fame in his last life.

Ouyang Shuo did not let the Quanzhou intel station specially investigate the Liangshan Mercenary Group.

He would leave everything up to fate.

If he really met them, Ouyang Shuo did not mind giving his big brother a little lesson.

If he did not, he would just count his big brother as lucky.

Although it could be said that without that betrayal, Ouyang Shuo would not experience this revival. However, Ouyang Shuo deeply remembered that feeling of being betrayed by the person you trusted the most.

After the battle ended, Ouyang Shuo's Bajiquan finally improved to the 5th stage, mastery through comprehension. Following which, he could genuinely start to try and combine the Bajiquan and Yang Family spear techniques.

The enemy sneak attacking the lord naturally angered off Wang Feng. He led the palace guards to decimate the enemy. Even so, he did not stop and chased all the way till he killed the enemy lord.

When Wang Feng returned, Ouyang Shuo was treating his wounds in the temporary tent.

The side effects of the devil bloodline, in addition to the corrosion of the poison, made Ouyang Shuo's face really pale. Wang Feng did not dare to disturb him and only waited anxiously outside the tent.

At this moment, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang both rushed over.

All the troops had already heard the news that Ouyang Shuo was injured.

Feng Qiuhuang asked with concern, “Wuyi what happened, is it serious?" Don't look at how she often teases and mocks Ouyang Shuo. In truth, she cared about him a lot.

Even Bai Hua gave Feng Qiuhuang a weird expression.

Wang Feng did not dare to be slow and repeated the situation all over.

"This dumbass. He only know how to act courageous." Feng Qiuhuang took out a small porcelain bottle and said, “There's an antidote in here. Give it to Wuyi."

When Wang Feng heard this, he was delighted and reached out for the bottle.

However, Feng Qiuhuang thought about it briefly and decided to keep the bottle, confusing Wang Feng.

"Never mind. I'll feed him personally!"

As Feng Qiuhuang said that, she directly walked into the tent.

Bai Hua followed suit.

Wang Feng was instantly stunned Obviously, he would not stop these two girls.

As she walked into the tent, Ouyang Shuo was rotating his cultivation technique. The more worrying part was the green strand that slowly crawled around his face.

Needless to say, Ouyang Shuo's cultivation was not going as planned.

When the two girls reached the tent, Ouyang Shuo already knew that they had arrived. He sighed and slowly opened his eyes.

He did not expect the poison on the arrowhead to be so potent. The golden primordial energy actually could not suppress it. One strand of the poison could even consume the primordial energy and become stronger.

Such a special poison gave Ouyang Shuo a huge headache.

Moreover, due to the side effects of the devil awakening, he needed to use a large portion of the primordial energy to calm down the devil bloodline.

Who would have known that this poison was so amazing? It would use this chance to rile up and make waves in his body.

On first glance, it seemed like Ouyang Shuo could not hold on anymore.

If his internal cultivation technique was not strong and his body was not of high quality, he would have definitely died.

"Wuyi how are you?"

When the two girls saw the green line on his face, they were terrified. Their voices even shivered. Everyone knew that this was a sign that the poison was spreading.

"I was too careless!"

Ouyang Shuo bitterly smiled. He did not expect the enemy to be so despicable. He did not just shoot him, he also shoot a poisonous arrow.

"Who let you be arrogant. As a lord, you didn't command them. Instead, you lead them to fight. You asked for it." Feng Qiuhuang muttered as she took out the antidote.

"This is an antidote pill. Eat it please!"

Antidote: Can cure hundreds of poisons, has a special effect on special poisons.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, taking the pill and swallowing it.

Feng Qiuhuang passed a water canteen to Ouyang to let him drink some water.

The clean, refreshing water slid down his threat, making Ouyang Shuo feel really comfortable.

"How is it?"

Feng Qiuhuang was really concerned. She might have given up the pill easily, but it was really hard for her to obtain.

Ouyang Shuo rotated his cultivation technique, in his meridians, there was something to be happy and sad about.

The happy part was that the antidote was special; it forced the poison to one small corner. The worrying part was that the poison did not disappear.

Obviously, the poison was special too.

If Bianque was here, that would be great, Ouyang Shuo helplessly shook his head.

"Thank you!" Ouyang Shuo looked at Feng Qiuhuang and smiled, “The poison has been controlled. It won't be a problem in the short term."

"What about after that?"

"Don't worry! After the war, I'll look for God Physician Bianque."

"That's great."

During this whole process, Bai Hua remained a bystander.

The atmosphere in the tent suddenly turned quiet.

"Wang Feng!"


Wang Feng walked in guiltily, kneeling right onto the floor, “General has failed to protect you, please punish me."

Ouyang Shuo waved him off, “Stand up. I don't blame you."

"Please punish me, my lord!"

Wang Feng continued kneeling, his personality was as stubborn as a mule.

Ouyang Shuo looked at this palace guard general. He only spoke up after a while, “Since that's the case, you will be beaten twenty times by the rod. After your punishment, we will continue moving."

"Yes, my lord!"

Wang Feng immediately walked out of the tent.

"Wuyi, why don’t you rest? Can your body handle it?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “Don't worry, it's fine. We don't have much time. if not, things might change. I suspect there are other lords rushing there too."

Feng Qiuhuang look right at Ouyang Shuo, not arguing anymore.

After half an hour, the troops continued on.

Wang Feng rode on his horse, his back dripping with blood.

The military rod was not as simple as a normal one. One hit would split your flesh.

Twenty hits were more than enough.

The palace guards that dished out the punishment did not dare to do it lightly.

Seeing his expression, he felt that he deserved it. Even after twenty hits, this iron-hearted man did not even make a sound.

It was obvious that without these hits, this palace guard general would feel guilt for life.

After the army set off, they still met with a flurry of problems.

On the way, as Ouyang Shuo expected, they met four to five waves of enemies. Apart from armies led by their lords, there were raiders and anti Qin troops.

The three thousand palace Guards and the one thousand elite troops of Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang could be said to have killed their way through to Peng City. The successive battles were enough to let the three earn a sizeable amount of contribution points.

At the current main battlefield, a war was breaking out.

Although Ouyang Shuo did not know what exactly was happening, from the increasing battle contribution points and experience, he could deduce some things.

The strong guards division and the heavy armored mountain barbarian infantry regiment were slaughtering enemies like they were nothing. They terrified the other player force troops.

It was because of this matter that Ouyang Shuo felt afraid of spending too much time on the road.

The more intense the battle, the closer it was to the end.

After two days of rest, the poison in his body was totally controlled, and the green lines on his face had disappeared.

The side effects of the devil bloodline awakening had disappeared. Now, Ouyang Shuo could make use of the primordial energy to control the poison. As time went on, Ouyang Shuo could even join in for fights.

As Ouyang Shuo's condition improved, the morale of the troops increased.

On the 9th day of the battle, the army had finally reached fifteen kilometers outside Su County.

At the same time, a mysterious army also arrived.

An unexpected battle was on the cards.