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Chapter 416- Overlord Xiang Yu

Chapter 416- Overlord Xiang Yu

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Ouyang Shuo received the Chixiao Sword from Wang Feng.

Upon closer inspection, seven colored pearls decorated the Chixiao Sword, Jiuhua Jades. The blade emitted a chilly, eye-piercing light. The blade almost seemed like snow, and engraved on the sword body were two words—Chi Xiao.

It really was a treasure sword!

Name: Chixiao Sword (God Rank)

Hardness: 95

Sharpness: 85

Toughness: 88

Specialty: Blade Breaker (when the hardness of the opposing weapon is lower than the Chixiao Sword’s, chance to directly break it). Unique, cannot be dropped, cannot be traded.

Specialty: Way of the Emperor (raises prestige of lord by 30%, raises attraction of historical figures by 20%)

Evaluation: Chixiao Sword—a sword that reflects the Way of the Emperor, forged from iron, recorded in books as Chi Xiao, it is three feet in length. The weapon of ancestor Liu Bang, a crimson sword created during the uprising. The sword body copied the style of Qin Swords, with engraved patterns.

In contrast to Lin Jing and Song Jia's treasure swords, Chixiao Sword did not have a killing technique. Instead, it had a second specialty.

The Way of the Emperor was obviously great for lords.

In Ouyang Shuo's ear, a system notification sounded out.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, the Chixiao Sword is compatible with the specialty—Way of the Emperor, of the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique. Naturally giving birth to a third specialty—Might of the Emperor.

During Ouyang Shuo’s cultivation of the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique, it gave birth to the specialty Way of the Emperor when he broke through to the 6th layer.

Way of the Emperor: created by the three emperors and the five kings, raises interaction between heaven and man, giving birth to the Might of the Emperor.

With this, the Chixiao Sword had an unprecedented three specialties.

Might of the Emperor: raised morale by 30%, raised lord’s prestige by 20%, raises talent attraction rate by 10%.

That was too overpowered!

This god weapon actually had three specialties.

Although Ouyang Shuo did not know any sword techniques, just the possession of the sword buffed his entire being.

Apart from that, the red dragon spirit sealed inside the Golden Qilin Seal was something Ouyang Shuo prepared for the Chixiao Sword. If he infused the dragon spirit into the sword, who knows what change would occur.

With the Tianmo Spear as an example, a weapon spirit was slowly born. And after upgrading to a God Weapon, the weapon spirit would slowly awaken. However, it would still be very weak.

The dragon spirit was different. If one directly used it to replace a weapon spirit, the God Weapon would experience a huge rise. This also meant that it was not an impossible dream for the Chixiao Sword to become a saint weapon.

The only problem was that to infuse the dragon spirit into the sword, one needed a god craftsman.

Ouyang Shuo thought of one highly suitable fellow—Ou Zhizi. Who knows where this current master was

The journey back was comparatively peaceful.

After four days of rushing day and night, their army finally returned to the outskirts of the Julu Battlefield.

At the moment, it was already the 14th day of the battle.

Outside Jiyuan City, it was total chaos.

The enemy had totally broken through and destroyed the three defensive chains that Baiqi arranged.

Outside the city, corpses littered the ground and blood flowed like a river. Fresh blood dyed the entire land red.

Corpses filled up moat after moat.

Streams of black smoke rose up on the battlefield—the smoke from burning bodies.

Such a scene was like hell on earth.

Even Ouyang Shuo, who was already used to scenes of war, could not help but feel affected.

Ouyang Shuo could not imagine what exactly had happened here in just ten days.

He checked the battle contribution points leaderboard and was aghast.

His name was naturally high up on the leaderboard, as his Guards division possesed undeniable killing ability.

The part that shocked him was the battle contribution points of the others.

The 100th person on the leaderboard had already reached a terrifying 23 thousand points.

Are these people crazy?

Ouyang Shuo made a rough calculation. With everything tallied, close to four hundred thousand soldiers had died on the battlefield.

Four hundred thousand deaths, what kind of concept was that?

This meant that every day, there were forty thousand deaths.

This was too crazy!

For merit points, the lords went all in!

"Wuyi, how do we return to Jiyuan City?"

That's right, how do we return?

Outside the city had already become the anti-Qin forces’ territory.

The closely packed tents formed up line after line outside the city, spreading all the way till the horizon.

At this point, Ouyang Shuo did not even dare to stick his head out.

Their current position was a small hill outside the city, which allowed them to see the battlefield from afar.


Ouyang Shuo shook his head; he did not expect the war to be so intense.

Furthermore, he did not expect the anti-Qin Army to be so ferocious under Xiang Yu. They broke the three defensive chains in just ten days.

Overlord, as expected from an overlord.

Now, the best method was just to stay outside of the city until the battle ended.

If they tried to take the risk to enter the city and were caught, it would be catastrophic for the Qin Forces. The forty to fifty thousand Shanhai Alliance forces being teleported away would cause enough problems for them.

"Why don’t we sneak Attack Julu City?"

Feng Qiuhuang suggested.

"No use." Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “Julu is an empty city. Even if we take it down, it won't help anything. It would just reveal us."

"Why don’t we look for Zhang Liang? Saint strategist ah!"

A light shone from Feng Qiuhuang's eyes; she looked really needy.

Ouyang Shuo was speechless, “We don't even know where he is. How could we find him?"

The vast battle map was not a place for an army to randomly roam around.

If they did not pay attention, they might cause problems for themselves and be wiped out.

"Then how? We can't just wait here, right?"

Feng Qiuhuang felt a little dejected.

"It's good to wait." Bai Hua cut it, “To be able to recruit a king rank general, I'm happy already."

"That's true." Feng Qiuhuang grumbled, “But it's going to be the decisive battle soon. Not being able to personally join seems really regretful.”

When Ouyang Shuo heard her words, he speechlessly shook his head.

He also wanted to return to Jiyuan City. In fact, he needed to return.

In the city, Zhang Han was waiting for him to recruit. If he did not return, there were no guarantees that Zhang Han would follow Baiqi back.

But as a lord, Ouyang Shuo could not take the risk.

He could not risk the entire camp for his personal benefit.

"Let's just wait! Tonight at the latest, we will receive the battle report."

When Bai Hua heard his words, she looked at Ouyang Shuo and nodded. She knew that Shanhai City had a mysterious communication method.

Since the system hotfix, channel communications were prohibited. If not, Ouyang Shuo would not need to use the Feng Birds.

Jiyuan City, Lord’s Manor.

"Commander-in-chief, the lord has sent a letter!"

Huwei General Lin Yi walked in, a document the Military Intelligence Division decrypted in his hands.

Lin Yin did not have the authority to read the lord’s secret letter.

When Baiqi heard the news, he solemnly accepted the letter and opened it.

After a short pause, he let out a rarely-seen smile. He looked toward Lin Yi and said, "The Lord obtained it. He's camping outside the city right now."

"That's great!" Lin Yi was delighted, “General, why don’t I head out to welcome the lord?"

"No!" Baiqi shook his head, “That's too risky. The lord doesn't want to enter temporarily; this battle will rely on us."

Lin Yi nodded his head seriously in response.

Since the start of the battle till now, the Qin Camp had not managed to gain an absolute advantage.

In the siege defence, the anti-Qin camp lost 250 thousand men, while the Qin Dynasty Camp lost 150 to 160 thousand men. Even the Guards regiment lost six to seven hundred men.

The explosiveness of Xiang Yu was too terrifying.

Xiang Yu broke through all three defensive chains, with his Jiangdong Warriors as the vanguard. Under the motivation of Xiang Yu, those warriors could each take on ten enemies.

The soldiers of normal players were like paper in front of them.

Even the Guards division and the heavy armoured mountain barbarian regiment were inferior. Probably only the palace Guards could go head-to-head against them.

Baiqi glanced at Lin Yi with a weird expression.

Since the start of the battle, this general—Lin Yi—was full of confidence. He acted like he had the strongest army on the planet. He did not expect to be disadvantaged against the Jiangdong warriors.

Luckily, after experiencing the setback, he understood that there were always people better.

It was also time for the Guards division to wake up.

During the Battle of Leizhou, Lin Yi's confidence had ballooned too quickly.

Such matters were also a common problem amongst young generals.

Comparatively, Luo Shixin was more stable.

What about Lin Yi? As the flag bearer of the local grown generals, he had been in the army for one and a half years.

Such quick promotion definitely brought with it side effects.

The lord had noticed this.

On the eve of the battle, Ouyang Shuo had personally talked to Baiqi about it.

Not only was Baiqi good at war, he had also taught a bunch of great generals. During the Qin County period he nurtured Wang He, Wang Lin, Meng Ao, and more.

Baiqi had high hopes for Lin Yi.

Although he was young and ambitions, he was of high quality and could be molded.

Thinking about this, Baiqi really had to give it to Ouyang Shuo. Amongst all the local generals, in Baqi’s eyes, only Lin Yi and Zhao Sihu could become great generals.

Even the palace Guards general Wang Feng was lacking in leadership.

Evidently, the lord could see that, so he took Wang Feng out from the Guards division and made him the General of the palace Guards. This positioned required less leadership and commanding skills.

If not, asking Wang Feng to command the Guards division would be too tough a task.

As for the other locally grown generals, only Zhaoyan and Hu Yibiao had a little potential. Li Mingliang was also a great seed. Sadly, he passed early.

The others like Zhang Daniu, Zhou Feng, they all could not make it.

With that, one could see how hard it was to train and develop a general. Even with such great conditions in Shanhai City, they could only develop two worthy generals.

As for how to fight this decisive battle, Baiqi had already arranged and planned a strategy from the start.