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Chapter 417- Han Xin“s Plan

Chapter 417- Han Xin's Plan

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"General, what's the next step?"

Although Baiqi heard these words, he did not respond. He just sat behind his desk and wrote his battle report for the lord. At the same time, Baiqi included his plans for the next part of the battle.


"Present!" An iron eagle swordsman walked into the room.

"Send this letter to the lord!"

"Yes, general!"

The iron eagle swordsman took the letter and swiftly backed away.

After replying to the letter, Baiqi turned around to look at Lin Yi, "We will defend the city and not go out. No matter how he provokes us, remember, don't go out."


Lin Yi nodded his head in response.

All the Shanhai City generals respected and listened to commander-in-chief Baiqi.

Talking about a face off, one had to mention the overlord, Xiang Yu.

After successively breaking through the three defensive lines, Xiang Yu led his troops to the east gate of Jiyuan City.

Xiang Yu was not only good in battle but also a great strategist. He knew that even though over ten days of battle had passed, the Qin Dynasty Army had not suffered much losses. Their main force remained in the city.

Facing a fortified place defended by a million soldiers, Xiang Yu did not have the confidence to take it down.

No matter how arrogant he was, he would not act so stupid.

Luckily, Xiang Yu had his own ways of doing things.

He charged ahead with his horse, spreading the word under the east gate. He wanted to fight one against four. No matter which four generals the Qin Dynasty sent out, he would fight them all.

Such provocation instantly sent the Qin Dynasty Camp into an uproar.

Er'Lai was furious and wanted to head out.

Luckily, Baiqi managed to stop him in time.

Xiang Yu’s courage was unmatchable.

However, for him to say that he would take on four generals alone was still really preposterous. He definitely did not know that amongst the players, there were so many strong generals. Er'Lai, Zhang Liao, Qinqiong, Wang He….

Apart from that, the other lords also had many fierce generals.

If Baiqi had not made matters clear, a face off would have been imminent.

Baiqi definitely would not be baited.

To face off against Xiang Yu would be bad whether they won or lost.

If they lost, they would lose a general; if they won, the enemy would surrounded and kill them.

Needless to say, it was hard to win against Xiang Yu and even harder to kill him.

If they could not kill him, it would all be rendered useless.

Furthermore, Baiqi hated such one-on-one battles to the core.

As a military god, the battlefield to Baiqi was between big armies.


Long before Xiang Yu attacked the defence chains, Baiqi had arranged for Wang Li's forces to go along the Taihang route and enter the Henei Prefecture.

From there, they would head north to enter Anyang City.

It was mentioned that Jiyuan City occupied a very special position, the bottom of the pocket. Anyang City was the opening of that very pocket.

Every line of defence the Anti-Qin Army broke through, they would venture further into the pocket. When they broke through all three, they had totally entered the valley.

Just as Ouyang Shuo had guessed, the current Julu was an empty city.

The moment Wang Li's army reached Anyang City, he could coordinate with Jiyuan City to collapse onto the Anti-Qin Army.

Baiqi's arrangements were really simple.

His three defensive lines were defence constructs, but they also acted as bait.

The reason he was so confident that the Anti-Qin Army would fall for it was because he understood Xiang Yu’s personality, and the core problem he faced—grain.

In terms of battle prowess, Baiqi naturally could not beat Xiang Yu. But in terms of strategy, Xiang Yu could not catch up even if he tried.

It was not that no one sensed the trap that Baiqi set. Unfortunately, Xiang Yu would not listen.

The person that noticed something was the grain general, Han Xin.

Han Xin was really smart. When he observed the surrounding land area, he started to suspect that something was up. When the Qin Dynasty Army kept backing off, as they advanced, he grew more and more suspicious.

Han Xin went to look for Xiang Yu to discuss his suspicions, but he only received mocking and indifference.

In Xiang Yu's eyes, he had taken down the defence with his own strength. How could it be a trap? One could tell how much disdain he felt when Han Xin brought up such an idea.

When Han Xin walked out of the tent, he gave out a long sigh.

"Mister, why are you sighing?"

At this moment, a young man slowly walked over.

"Your are?"

They were currently outside Xiang Yu's tent; this was not a place that normal people could enter. Although Han Xin was not treated with importance, he knew all the generals under Xiang Yu. A person like this did not exist.

The young man smiled and bowed, “Player representative Di Chen greets mister!"

"Player representative?"

Han Xin eyes tightened.

"That's right."

Han Xin nodded. He did not saying anything and just wanted to leave. Han Xin had not come into contact with the players before, and he did not want to talk much.

However, Di Chen would not give up.

One must know that Di Chen had waited a week before he managed to meet Han Xin.

The lords in the Anti-Qin Camp had all done their homework. They knew that under Xiang Yu, there was a God General that could match up to Baiqi.

Unfortunately, his position in the army was low and no one recognized him.

Only Di Chen could use his position to look for Han Xin in the camp.

Even so, he did not obtain any rewards so far.

In the end, Di Chen decided to just camp there and wait.

The heavens would not forsake hard-working men.

Finally, Di Chen managed to meet Han xin.

"I've prepared some simple wine. Please, give me some face."

"I don't drink."

Han Xin shook his head and rejected Di Chen once more.

"Mister!" Di Chen bowed, "Please, sir. Give me some face!"

Since he was so sincere, Han Xin could not reject, so he could only nod his head.

Di Chen was delighted to see this response.

Sometimes, if your face was thick enough, it would be of great use.

"Mister, please!"

Di Chen was well-versed in olden culture and led the way.

Han Xin followed swiftly behind. In the camp, there were people that recognized him. When they saw Di Chen treat him so respectfully, their gazes turned weird.

Han Xin did not mind all of this.

When the two of them entered the tent, as expected, there were wine and dishes prepared.

Currently, Han Xin was frustrated, so when he saw the good wine, he gulped it down immediately.

Di Chen did not say anything; he just accompanied Han Xin to drink.

As they toasted to each other, they slowly grew familiar with one another.

Since he saw that the time was right, Di Chen asked, “Mister is a genius, so why just you be a grain general?"


Han Xin sighed; a look of loneliness appeared on his face.

"Unfortunately, I didn't meet an intelligent master!"

"If you don't mind, you can join me."


Han Xin scanned Di Chen with his eyes, as he expressed his doubt.

Di Chen did not mind and introduced the situation in the main map, "if you want, I am willing to grant you the role of commander-in-chief."

These words tempted Han Xin.

"Although there are only tens of thousands of troops under me right now, as time passes, I will have hundreds of thousands and even millions of troops. It will just be a matter of time. All of them will be under you, general."

Di Chen promised Han Xin once again. He even changed the way he referred to Han Xin to general.

Han Xin judged Di Chen once more, still unable to make a decision.

Di Chen bitterly smiled. It was really not simple to convince a God Rank general.

"Toward tomorrow's battle, what thoughts does general have?"

Di Chen knew that such matters could not be rushed, so he changed the topic.

"We will definitely lose!"

Han Xin was very confident about this prediction.


Di Chen was astonished; he did not expect his casual question to receive such a reply. In his eyes, his army would win. How could they lose?

But who was the guy in front of him? He was Han Xin.

Di Chen had to believe him.

"General, please teach me!"

Di Chen bowed once more.

Di Chen’s response pleased Han Xin, who nodded his head. Then, he spoke out his views.

When Di Chen heard Han Xin’s analysis, he felt a cold sweat run down his spine.

Thinking about Baiqi's use of strategy during the Battle of Leizhou, Di Chen could not doubt Ha Xin’s conjetures.

"This can't do. I need to convince general Xiang."

As Di Chen spoke, he was about to stand up and proceed to Xiang Yu's tent.

Han Xin sat there, unmoving, "It's no use."


"General Xiang is too arrogant. How would he listen to you?"

After he drank the wine, Han Xin's words started to grow more fearless and lacking in respect.

When Di Chen heard these words and thought about Xiang Yu's character, he bitterly smile.

That was right!

Although the Yanhuang Alliance helped Xiang Yu gain leadership and control, in this matter, Di Chen had no confidence in changing his mind.

"Do we really have to watch our troops lose like this?"

Di Chen was anxious.

Half of it was true, and the other half was done for Han Xin to see.

To this response, Han Xin judged Di Chen for the third time. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in his eye, as he said slowly, “There's still a way."

"General, please teach me!"

Di Chen was unsure how many times he had bowed to Han Xin.

Whatever, it was all just for show.

Di Chen was determined to use his sincerity to persuade Han Xin.

Han Xin did not bother about whether Di Chen’s words were real or fake. He just said, "If we use a huge army to attack Anyang City, we will break their plan."

These words caused Di Chen’s expression to turn unstable and ruffled.

He naturally understood the meaning.

He needed to take the risk of Xiang Yu’s punishment and disobey orders to attack Anyang City.

If matters did not go well, Di Chen would fail to gain anything from this Battle of Julu.

Di Chen took a glance at Han Xin and was shocked.

This was a test for him.

If he did not even have such determination, how could he deserve Han Xin’s loyalty?

To hell with it!

As long as he could persuade Han Xin, everything was worth it.

Di Chen made the decision.

"Ok, I'll listen to general's arrangements."

When Han Xin heard that, he nodded.

As they were secretly moving their troops, naturally, they could not use too many. However, as they needed to defend Anyang, the numbers could not be too small either. At last, they decided to move thirty thousand troops to attack.

Apart from Di Chen's forces, he persuaded six to six other allies.

As for the other Yanhuang Alliance members, Di Chen did not hold any hope, as they would not take the risk along with him.

Di Chen would take all the benefits, but they would have to share the risk?

Even Zhan Lang would not agree.

Luckily, Di Chen's influence amongst the lords were huge. Amongst the Anti-Qin Camp lords, he had a huge bunch of followers.

Just like that, by night of the same day, Di Chen had arranged everything.

The next morning, he would lead his troops and leave for Anyang City.

The same night, Ouyang Shuo received Baiqi's letter. After Ouyang Shuo learned of Baiqi’s plan, he decided to move to Anyang City to gather up with Wang Li's troops.

The current Anyang was an empty city. Apart from hundreds of civilians, there was nothing else.

After entering, the palace Guards smoothly took over the defence work.

Ouyang Shuo did not know that an unexpected battle awaited him. Moreover, the current Wang Li troops were a day away from Anyang City.