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Chapter 419- Forming an Army Spirit

Chapter 419- Forming an Army Spirit

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Anyang City, City West Gate.

As they headed deeper into autumn, the wild grass grew a withered yellow, and the freezing autumn breeze blew.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the top of the city wall, scrutinizing the enemy troops from afar. His red cape rustled, as a gust of great wind blew it around. Qing'er had personally tailored this cape for him, not only was it waterproof, but it could also act as a mattress.

As he raised his head, he saw a massive flag that danced in the wind. The word ‘Lian’ was written on the flag in a large font, looking really eye-catching.


Ouyang Shuo grew solemn; he did not expect to actually meet an old friend. He and the Yanhuang Alliance were really enemies to the core. They could meet everywhere.

This time, he had no way out.


Wang Feng walked over and bowed.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, but he did not turn his head, “Tell the boys that we have to defend for a day. Tomorrow afternoon at the latest, our reinforcements will arrive."

"Yes my, lord!"

Wang Feng acknowledge his command. However, he did not leave.


Wang Feng gritted his teeth, “Lord, you are injured. Please return to the city manor to command. Leave the city wall to me. I won't let you down!"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head.


Wang Feng was a little anxious.

Ouyang Shuo waved him off, “Say no more!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Helplessly, Wang Feng could only back down. His attempt had already used up all of his courage.

For such a dangerous and important battle, Ouyang Shuo needed to personally lead the troops to raise their morale.

This battle was bound to be a bloodbath.

On the bright side, at least he could use this fight to test the results of the palace Guards’ training. Baiqi had said that Xiang Yu's Jiangdong Warriors could one versus ten. Ouyang Shuo believed that his palace Guards were no weaker.



"Erect the Lord Flag on the city wall. This city is Shanhai’s."

"Yes, my lord!"

The guard was jolted to his senses, and he quickly went to work.

Amongst the palace Guards, there were designated flag bearers in charge of the Lord Flag.

When the Lord Flag flew high on the Anyang City wall, the palace Guards had no way to back down. At this moment, the three thousand palace Guards were motivated. They were willing to die to protect this flag.

Far away, astonishment broke out.

"Look lord, Anyang City wall is flying a huge flag!"

When Di Chen heard these words, he raised his head. In an instant, he froze, before breaking out in delight, “Shanhai Flag. Hei, it actually is Shanhai Flag. Enemies always meet, ah. Qiyue Wuyi, this time, let's see where you run to."

"Men, attack Anyang City with everything you have. Whoever climbs the wall first, I’ll reward him with five hundred gold!"


Under the monetary motivation, the morale of the troops soared.

The huge army waltzed toward Anyang City; they quickly reached the city protection river.

Anyang City was located on the north shore of Hengshui River. The same river flowed through its other three sides, forming a natural city protection river.

To break into the city, they had to first break this city protection river first.

Long before the army had arrived, the drawbridge had already been pulled up.

After Gaia published the hotfix, the players could not use their storage bags during battles. Naturally, Di Chen could not bring huge amounts of siege weapons.

Furthermore, in Di Chen’s eyes, Anyang City was just an empty city.

Hence, although the thirty thousand of them were mainly infantry, they still lacked sufficient siege weapons.

However, this did not pose too big a problem for Lianpo.

Thirty thousand troops, even if they used the lousiest of ladders, it would still be enough to take down Anyang City.

The Battle of Anyang started at an intense climax without any build up.

Tens of thousands of sword-shield soldiers raised their shields and dragged sandbags, which they threw into the city protection river. The palace Guards on the city wall immediately returned fire with arrows.

Palace Guards, elite equipment, familiar with both horses and bows, good at both infantry and cavalry.

The Shanhai City strongbow brought forth an air shattering sound, as it sentenced the enemy troops to death.

Lianpo, who stood far away, was unmoved.

If they had moving arrow towers, they could retaliate. Unfortunately, they did not.

Before they filled up the city protection river, they could only endure the hits.

Their current sacrifices were all temporary.

In less than half an hour, blood dyed the city protection river red.

Corpse after corpse floated on the river surface and flowed the current toward Hengshui.

At the start of the battle, Di Chen naturally handed control over to Lianpo.

He sat at the back of his army, deep in thought.

He was wondering whether or not to report this matter to Xiang Yu. If Di Chen informed him, Xiang Yu could lead his men over. Anyang would be taken over in an instant.

However, in that case, his glory would be taken away from him.

Let us wait a little longer!

Di Chen was confident that the thirty thousand men could take down Anyang City. At that point, he would be the greatest contributor to this battle.

Under the steel-like mental strength of Lianpo, the army was not afraid of sacrifices. They filled up the city protection river in an orderly manner. Even the corpses were used as materials to fill the river.

Two hours later, they had totally leveled a portion of the city protection river.


Lianpo waved his sword forward, and the raring to go army carried the ladders and flooded toward the city wall.

The siege was about to begin.

Anyang City was only an empty city, so it lacked defence items. Even basic rocks and rolling wood were scarce. As for alchemical fire oil and other resources, do not even think about them.

The defence machines were also old; it truly made one feel helpless.

In less than half an hour, the enemy army was already on the wall and engaging with the palace guards.

At this point, they could only fight head on.

Ouyang Shuo shouted. His Tianmo Spear swept out, pushing down the three soldiers that had just climbed up the city wall.

They were still in mid-air, but they each spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

His sweep did not only cause them to fall off the wall; it also caused internal injuries.


Seeing their lord show off his strength, the palace Guards felt their blood boil.

The battle on the city wall had entered a white-hot stage.

Lianpo had the numerical advantage, so he did not think about giving them any chance to rest. Under his command, they rushed up the wall wave after wave unceasingly.

The palace Guards stood on the city wall. It was like they were standing in front of the waves, as wave after wave struck.

The huge waves looked like they were going to swallow them at any moment.

Facing the waves, one had to be stubborn, like the current Ouyang Shuo.

He stood at one position, unmoving. No matter how many enemies rushed up, his Tianmo Spear would either sweep, pierce or block. He took them all on.

The fresh blood of the enemies flew everywhere. Some onto his helmet, some onto his armor, and even some on his face.

Under the cover of the fresh blood, his red cape grew more and more evil looking.

The continuous battle was a huge test on a person’s physical ability and mental strength.

Ouyang Shuo was already numb. He stood still; his mind without any thoughts. He only wanted to wipe out any enemy in front of him and welcome the next wave.

Below the city wall, the corpses of the fallen enemies had already reached the height of two people.

In the city protection river, corpses litter the river surface. It was to the point that one could not even see a single drop of water. It looked more like a mountain of bodies than a river.

Ouyang Shuo did not fall, nor did his palace Guards.

His body stood strong. His body was the soul of the palace Guards.


In a momentary lapse of attention, a sword-shield soldier hacked at Ouyang Shuo’s left arm. He resisted the pain and pierced the enemy with his spear.


The Guards at his side surrounded him to help relieve the pressure.

"I'm fine!"

Ouyang Shuo's expression did not change, as he took out bandages from his storage bag as well as medical ointments. He applied them to his wound and bandaged it after that.

In his last life, such bandaging was a simple routine, like eating rice.

After which, Ouyang Shuo returned to the battlefield.

When Ouyang Shuo was injured, the frontline was stunned.

The enemy troops took the chance to rush up the city wall.

When Ouyang Shuo reappeared, the palace Guards could put down their worries and continue killing. Their killing aura grew stronger. Those scums had actually injured their lord.

Each palace Guard exuded a killing aura.

The gathering of hundreds and thousands of these auras were enough to scare the enemy.


Ouyang Shuo swept left and right. He killed the enemies that climbed up the wall.

"Wang Feng!"


Blood covered Wang Feng’s body, as he hurried over. He had always hung around Ouyang Shuo’s side.

"Lead a squadron to clear out the trash on the city wall."

"Yes, my lord!"

The enemies that managed to charge up had already impacted their defence. If they did not clear them out, it might cause their entire defence to collapse.

Wang Feng also understood this fact, so he brought a squadron to sweep out along the way.

He could not lead an army to war, but in the aspect of killing enemies, Wang Feng was simply an Asura.

The eyes of this palace Guard general were crimson, while blood covered his body. He simply looked like a devil from hell. The palace Guards around him were all the same.

The strength of the palace Guards were revealed to the world for the first time.

With his operation, the situation calmed down once more.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head in glee, as he killed the enemies.

Outside of the city, Lianpo's expression turned exceedingly cold.

He could feel that he had nearly crushed the enemy.

He did not expect the enemy to regain their footing at the last moment.

Such a strong army!

Even so, Lianpo did not waver. Instead, a smile broke out on his face.

Since there was a first time, there would definitely be a second time.

Their attack strategy was correct. The longer this battle dragged on, the harder it would be for the enemy to hold on. No matter which side started to fall, it was enough to make the enemy collapse entirely.

Lianpo was very confident.

While Lianpo could notice that, Ouyang Shuo, who was deep in battle, could notice it too.

Although Ouyang Shuo could not be considered a person born to lead troops, the influence of the generals around him had greatly improved his ability to analyse the situation.

If not, he would not feel confident enough to personally lead the palace Guards and the Guards Division.

Ouyang Shuo immediately told Wang Feng's squadron to not return to their original defence region. He wanted them to continue their current job. Whenever danger showed up, they would assist that area.

This was in truth a fire fighting squadron.

The flames of battle were still burning, and it only grew stronger.

In the following fight, Ouyang Shuo was injured several more times. Ever time, he would just treat it simply before he raged on.

As they watched on, the palace Guards started to worship their lord more and more.

Their lord was an unbeatable Asura; no one could take him down.

The enemy could not, neither could the pain.

Ouyang Shuo was leading the palace Guards and forming an army spirit.

An undefeatable army spirit.