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Chapter 420- Drunken Beauty

Chapter 420- Drunken Beauty

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The skies above Anyang City were blood red.

The flames from the battles burned from morning till night in an endless blaze.

The blood glow that rushed into the sky mixed with the sunset.

Like a dream, like an illusion.

Among the flames of war, the unassuming Anyang City stood tall and did not fall.

Lianpo rode on his war horse; his eyebrows locked tight.

The stubbornness of the enemy troops far exceeded his expectations. In the afternoon, there were three to four times when they nearly took down the city wall. Time after time, they were repelled.

A true iron army.

Thinking about the current Jiangdong Warriors, who were going all out on the main battlefield, probably only they could go head-to-head against these enemy troops.

Amazement was amazement, but his eyebrows tightened up more and more. Although the lord did not make matters clear and did not blame anyone, he could feel that the lord was not happy with the situation and him.

Thirty thousand troops, attacking one whole day, yet they still could not take down Anyang City.

If this dragged on, things would change.

In just one afternoon, they had lost seven thousand soldiers. Such huge casualties were too scary. Under the city wall of Anyang City was a dense graveyard and a blood river.

A group of eagles circled in the sky, waiting for a chance to make their move.

Under the cover of the dusk sky, the eagles’ eyes flashed with red glows. Influenced by the killing, some grew crazy and did not care about anything. They simply rushed down to eat the ‘delicacies’.

On the city wall, the Lord Flag of Shanhai City fluttered, looking more and more extravagant.

The generals of the palace Guards were similarly infallible.

In this battle, only a few remained of the 1,400 aristocratic family Guards.

The elites that Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang brought had similarly suffered heavy casualties. Compared to the palace Guards, they were weaker in terms of not just combat strength, but also in morale and killing intent.

The three thousand palace guards now had the same army spirit. That infallible body was their spirit. From that moment onward, all of them were willing to die for their lord.

They would not regret it, even in death.

This day, another five hundred palace Guards left this world forever.

As the sun set, the last inch of red disappeared.

The night was about to arrive.

Lianpo let out a long sigh, "Tell the troops to fall back!"

"Yes, general!"

Amongst the thunderous noises, the sieging soldiers backed off like a receding flood. When they passed the corpses of their allies, they only felt a sense of fortune in their hearts and endless amounts of tiredness.

They could not imagine why the enemies on the city walls seemed to have boundless amounts of energy.

Lianpo took one last look at the city wall and turned his horse around. He made his way back toward the camp.

Tomorrow, tomorrow morning, no matter what price he had to pay, he had to take down Anyang City.

In his eyes, a killing aura flashed out.

Anyang City, city Lord’s Manor.

The Ouyang Shuo that the soldiers revered and worshipped collapsed when he returned to the manor. The aura that surrounded him disappeared.

Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang carefully took care of his wounds, feeling pained for him in their hearts.


Suddenly, Feng Qiuhuang tapped onto his wounds, making him shout out in pain.

"You asked for it!"

In her eyes, tears had built up.

Drunken beauty, cares a lot about relationships.

Young man, when will he sigh.

Plays a sad song on the flute.

Tears of the beauty, heartbroken.

Even Bai Hua grumbled at Ouyang Shuo.

"Wuyi, you must know that to Shanhai City, to Shanhai Alliance, and even to the entire Qin Dynasty Camp, how important you are? A lord doesn't join in the war and put themselves in danger. Don't you know that theory?"

"I understand, but…."

"There are no buts. At most, we will just back out of Anyang City. From the time the war started till now, we still have the advantage. We don't need to take this gamble and put ourselves in danger."

"That's right!"

Feng Qiuhuang agreed; her expression filled with unhappiness.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “In theory, that's true. But you all know that if we miss this chance, Baiqi would have to plan for a new strategy. That would take really long. During this period of time, how many more people will die?"

Silence. Total dead silence.

It was not that they were heroes and feeling righteous for their men.

It was just that on the death list, the names of their soldiers would definitely appear, and they would definitely take up the bulk.

War was just so cruel.

After a long while, Ouyang Shuo broke the silence, “This attack, someone definitely orchestrated it from the back. That's why we shouldn't let Di Chen get away with it. If not, who knows who will win."

"Someone orchestrated it?"

"That's right. Baiqi's plan was so obscure, yet this guy still saw through it."

"Who is it?"

"Think about it. Who in the Anti-Qin Camp could go up against Baiqi?"


"No." Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “If it was Wuqi, Xiong Ba would have come instead of Di Chen."

"Is it him?"

Suddenly, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang exclaimed.

Both of them could be considered knowledgeable. Moreover, as lords, they had to increase their knowledge of history.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “That's right. It should be Han Xin."

Feng Qiuhuang was not entirely convinced, “Why are you so sure?"

"Because Di Chen came. As a player representative, only he had the chance to meet Han Xin."

Ouyang Shuo had been the player representative four times already, so he was familiar with the related powers.

"Why not Lianpo?"

"Lianpo? If he thought about it, they wouldn't be here so late."

Although Lianpo and Baiqi were among the four generals of the Warring States Period, they still had a gap in skill level.

"That makes sense."

"Han Xin. Ah, that's a real talent." Ouyang Shuo even had a look of envy in his eyes, “If he went head-to-head against Baiqi, who knows how long this war would last."

"So tomorrow, we definitely need to hold on until Wang Li's army arrive."

Ouyang Shuo's voice was resolute.

Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang looked at each other; they could not say anything else.

"Wuyi, is there anything we can do to help?"


Ouyang Shuo's words were astonishing.

"You two forgot that our squad has four more strong generals." Ouyang Shuo smiled, “If they are willing to go all out, our chances of winning will increase."

"That's right, how can we forget Zhou Bo and the others!"

"Ha! With the three of them, wouldn't it be like adding wings to a tiger?"

"Don't be happy too early." Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “Their problems with us won't be solved so easily.”

"Don't worry, leave it to us!"

Feng Qiuhuang was highly confident. Although she could not fight on the walls, she was good at handling such matters.

"Then, I'll wait and see."


Feng Qiuhuang turned around stylishly. She pulled Bai Hua along, as they both left.

After the two of them left, a young official walked in.


He was the intelligence division intel officer, who had followed along. Worship and respect filled his eyes, as he looked at the lord. The lord's actions this afternoon had spread across the army.

"Did Wang Li reply?"


The intelligence officer passed the reply letter.

When Ouyang Shuo opened the letter, his tightened brows relaxed slightly.

Wang Li had hastened his troops; they would reach the city by tomorrow afternoon.

"You can leave!"

"Yes, my lord!"

As the intelligence officer backed down, a look of worry appeared on his face. Although they had won today, it was a tough victory. Even if they managed to hold on tomorrow, the palace Guards would suffer heavy casualties.

Most importantly, he was exposed, exposed in front of the Anti-Qin Camp. Ouyang Shuo could not imagine what kind of scene would form if hundreds of thousands of troops attacked Anyang City.

If that was the case, he could only give up the city and escape.

If not, the moment he was caught, they would definitely lose.


In such a situation, what should he do?

He could not retreat; he could not defend.

Who cares; he would just leave this to Baiqi. Right now, his job was only to defend.

Thinking about this, Ouyang Shuo started to write a letter for Baiqi. In the letter, Ouyang Shuo introduced the situation, as well as Wang Li's movements.

In his letter, he made it clear that he would defend Anyang City till reinforcements arrived. As for the job of dealing with Xiang Yu's army, Baiqi would be in charge of that.

Baiqi would definitely think of a way.

After all, Ouyang Shuo only needed Baiqi to buy him half a day.

Under the cover of the night sky, the boisterous Anyang City regained its silence.

All the ugly things were hidden in this cover.

Outside the city, Di Chen's camp.

Di Chen sat dazed alone in his tent, drinking.

A huge sense of defeat, along with the tipsy feeling, rushed up his heart.

Di Chen did not expect that the trump card of Shanhai City would be so strong. Compared to them, the elites he was so proud of were not even dog farts.

The most dejected matter in the world was not losing to an enemy. It was crossing a mountain and thinking you had caught up, only to find that the enemy had already ascended a step higher.


Viciousness flashed across his eyes.

Under his observations, in the current situation, even after tomorrow, their army might not be able to take the Anyang City down.

Di Chen did not dare to gamble anymore.

Qiyue Wuyi, since you are so confident, let’s have you face a huge army tomorrow!

Thinking about that, Di Chen placed his heart into writing the letter and quickly finished it.

After he thought a little more, he wrote a second one.



"Pass this letter and rush it to General Xiang. Say that it's important military intel."

"Yes, my lord!"

Di Chen took out a second letter out and said, “Pass this to General Han."


This guard was the right-hand man of Di Chen, so he knew of the existence of Han Xin.


Di Chen waved him off; he had a weird expression on his face.

Tomorrow, it would be another diamond-cut-diamond battle.