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Chapter 421- Overlord, Will You Battle?

Chapter 421- Overlord, Will You Battle?

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This night was exceptionally long.

Jiyuan City, Lord’s Manor.

Ouyang Shuo's letter had reached Baiqi's table in less than two hours.

Baiqi opened it. After he read the letter, he muttered, “Han Xin? That's interesting."



"Raise the tent for the meeting!"

"Yes, general!"

The guard took this matter really seriously and immediately informed the other generals. Although it was late at night, no one would grumble about raising the tents for a meeting.

Military matters were really urgent, so being woken up in the middle of the night was normal.

In less than fifteen minutes, Zhang Han, Er'Lai, Zhang Liao, Qinqiong, Wang He,Lin Yi, and the rest all gathered in the meeting hall.

These generals all knew the way that Baiqi handled things, so they did not dare to tarry. As for the generals of the other lords, they all came late, which displeased Baiqi.

"Tomorrow, which of you dare to accept the battle against Xiang Yu?"

The moment his words sounded out, the generals were shocked and could not react. Didn't the commander not agree to go one-versus-one against Xiang Yu? Why did his attitude change?

Baiqi sat expressionlessly behind his table.

"Commander, I'm willing!"

Er'Lai was the first to step out. He was not one to care about the reasoning behind matters. In these few days, Xiang Yu’s provocations had infuriated Er'Lai.


Baiqi nodded, as expected from a general under him.

"Who else?"

"I'm willing!"

Zhang Liao, Qinqiong, Wang He, and a few others were all raring to go.

These few generals had all been holding in their anger.

"Great!" Baiqi raised his head and looked around, "Tomorrow morning, General Er'Lai, General Zhang Liao, General Qinqiong, and General Wang He will face off against Xiang Yu."

"Yes, commander!"

The generals that were named were unanimously delighted. Those that were not, like Lin Yi, felt dejected and disappointed.

When all the generals left, Baiqi called Lin Yi to discuss some matters.

After a while, Lin Yi finally left the tent.

Making use of the night, the Guards Division sneakily exited the city and disappeared into the darkness. Thanks to their unique special forces training, they were confident about traveling at night.

Night, Anyang City.

Apart from sending Baiqi a letter, Ouyang Shuo did not sit just still and do nothing.

Before the war ended, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang moved the civilians to clean up the battlefield. They removed the corpses on the city wall to create space for the soldiers.

Most importantly, they retrieved the stone pieces and rolling wood they had thrown out. They moved these items back onto the city wall.

They had no choice; their resources were scarce, so this was the only way.

As for reopening the city protection river, firstly, the commoners did not have the ability. Secondly, it might alert the enemies on the other side.

Apart from that, one had to mention the two ladies.

During the day, apart from settling food matters, they also handled something important.

There were so little civilians left in the city, so there were many empty houses.

The two of them ordered people to dismantle all the houses to obtain stone and wood. In just one day, hundreds of houses were dismantled.

Making use of the night, they moved these resources to the city wall.

With that, they had more defensive resources for the next day.

Ouyang Shuo admired the intelligence of these two.

After being busy all the way till the late of night, Anyang City finally regained its peace and quiet.

Even so, the civilians inside could not sleep. As long as one was not blind, they would know that a tough battle awaited them tomorrow.

No matter which camp took over Anyang City, the commoners and civilians would experience a hard life.

If they won, the civilians would have a tough life.

If they lost, the civilians would still have a tough life.

These statements were not false.

Anti-Qin Camp, Chu Army Camp.

When Di Chen's messenger rushed to the camp, it was the middle of the night, and the camp was totally silent.

"Who is there?"

Before the messenger even got close to the camp, the guard on patrol stopped him.

"I'm the messenger of player representative Di Chen. I have emergency intel for General Xiang Yu."

The guard asked in a testing tone, “Di Chen's messenger?"

"That's right!"

The messenger calmly replied. As the player representative, Di Chen's position in the army was still quite high.

However, the messenger did not foresee that an unexpected situation would occur.

"Hen, so bold." The guard's face changed, and he scolded, “Take him down!"


Four guards appeared and took him down in just a few moments.

"What are you doing?" The messenger fumed, as he struggled, "You're delaying military intel. Do you want to die?"

"Hen!" The guard gritted his teeth, “The General has orders. Di Chen left his post and deserves death. How bold, sending himself to die."

When the messenger heard these words, he felt bitter.

They had considered everything, but they had made incorrect assumptions about Xiang Yu’s personality.

Who was Xiang Yu? How arrogant was he?

How would he allow people to challenge his honor in the military?

Di Chen dared to go against his orders. Naturally, Xiang Yu wanted to capture him.

The messenger was helpless, so he said respectfully, “Brother guard, I have serious matters that need to be reported to General Xiang Yu."

"No, general has already slept. He can't be disturbed."

The guard did not want to budge.

"Brother guard, how about this. Pass this letter to him."

The messenger could only beg and beg.

Only then did the guard nod. He received the letter and waved his hand, “Take him away!"


"Brother guard, you have to pass it to General Xiang Yu. It’s urgent!"

As the messenger got dragged away, he did not forget to look behind to remind the guard. As for the letter, it was up to the heavens.

How would the guard listen to him? He just kept the letter and continued his patrol.

At this time, how would he dare to disturb the general?

The next morning, after washing up, Xiang Yu finally received the letter.

After he saw the letter, Xiang Yu remained silent.

"Han Xin, Hen!"

Xiang Yu was not a fool. He guessed right away the person who had started this scheme.

This was a slap to his face. He had mocked Han Xin's conjecture, and the results proved that he was wrong.

"I'll punish you after all this ends!"

Being angry was being angry, but as the overall commander, he still cared about the entire situation. He also knew that if the enemy launched a pincer attack, they would immediately lose.



"Let Ying Bu come over."

"Yes, general!"

In a moment, Ying Bu arrived in the tent.

Ying Bu was punished under tattoo punishment, and he was also called Qing Bu. Originally, he was under Xiang Liang. Afterward, he became a general of Xiang Yu. After the Han Dynasty was built up, he was titled the South King, and he was one of the three famous generals along with Han Xin and Peng Yue.


Xiang Yu simply introduced the situation at Anyang City, “You lead fifty thousand troops and take them down before the Qin Army troops arrive."

"Don't worry, general!"

Ying Bu was a great general. Naturally, he was highly confident.

If they could not take down one small Anyang City with fifty thousand troops, he should just knock his head and die.

At this very moment, someone came in from outside to make a report.

"Come in!"

"Reporting to the general. The Qin Army wants to face off against the general."

"Good!" Xiang Yu was delighted, “These bunch of cowards finally show themselves."

"Men, give me my armor!"

Xiang Yu was so excited that he wanted to immediately don his armor and head to battle.

When Ying Bu heard this report, his eyebrows frowned, and he said, “General!"


"I need to go and assist Anyang City. Coincidentally, the Qin Army accepts the battle request. Are there any schemes behind this?"

Ying Bu carefully spoke. He was afraid that Xiang Yu would misunderstand.

"Hei!" Xiang Yu laughed, "The Qin Army wants to occupy you so that we can't assist Anyang City. How will such a simple plan succeed?"

"No matter which general they send, I'll definitely kill him." Xiang Yu was highly arrogant, “Go ahead. With me here, nothing will go wrong."

After Xian Yu spoke these words, there was not much Ying Bu could say.

Shortly after, fifty thousand troops charged straight for Anyang City under Ying Bu's lead. As they wanted to launch a siege, Ying Bu brought large amounts of siege weapons.

Hence, Ying Bu's troops could not move as quickly as Di Chen's troops.

The sun rose up into the sky and shone down.

Under the morning sun, a layer of gold covered Anyang City. The blood stains of yesterday’s battle hung on the city wall.

In the future, Anyang City was destined to be remembered because of this battle.

Going against the rising sun, Lianpo led his army to launch another attack against Anyang City.

Although Di Chen had asked for Xiang Yu’s assistance, he held a little hope that he would be able to take down Anyang City before reinforcements arrived.

This time, Lianpo changed his attacking strategy.

Without siege weapons, it was simply too hard to take down the city wall.

Lianpo aimed his eyes at the city gates. If they could take that down, they could take down the city. The only problem was how to fix the gates in a short time.

After all, if they took over the city, they would face the attack of the Qin Army's main force.

However, to take down the city, Lianpo could not care about much anymore.

The city gate was small and narrow, and it was certain that only small amounts of soldiers could be stationed there. Lianpo sent out the most elite-force to battle at this area.

The main aim of the attack was the city west gate.

As for the other gates, Lianpo did not bother about them.

Water surrounded Anyang City, so attacking two to three gates would necessitate the filling up of more parts of the city protection river. With their current numbers, it was not possible.

Hence, Lianpo chose to focus on the city west gate.

Ouyang Shuo wore his symbolic red cape. He reached the city wall really early.

After a night of treatment and the use of Bianque’s metal inflicted wound medicine, Ouyang Shuo's wounds were all okay. Only the poison in his body was slightly moving and affecting him.

Behind him there were three more generals, Can Can, Zhou Bo, and Xia Houying.

Ouyang Shuo could not understand what the two ladies had done to make the four of them come out.

The current Xiao He was taking care of the logistics in the city.

The flames of war would start once again.