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Chapter 423- Xiao He“s Heart

Chapter 423- Xiao He's Heart

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The rumbling horse hooves spread from afar, and the mysterious army finally showed their true colors. The army that rushed over was not actually the reinforcements from the uprising army, but the guards division that Lin Yi led.

Last night, the Guards Division had sneaked out of the city. They had specially used the mountain routes to head around the Anti-Qin Camp defense region to reach Anyang City ahead of Ying Bu's forces.

When he saw the Shanhai Lord Flag atop of the Anyang City wall, Lin Yi gave out a long sigh of relief.

He had made it in time.

If the lord was captured, Lin Yi could only use death to make up for his sins.

"Troops, charge!"

Lin Yi raised his spear and ordered the troops.


In an orderly manner, the soldiers raised up pole after pole of horse lance, which glinted in the light.

The army charged forward, causing dust to rise from the ground and into the air.

Currently, Di Chen’s army had just backed off from the city wall and were relaxing. How could they expect a sneak attack from outside of the city? How could they know that the recently arrived army were not reinforcements but the enemy?

Everything was too late.

The Guards Division covered the one to two kilometer distance in an instant.

Even with Lianpo's ability, he could not reorganize the formation in such a short time. The moment he saw the Guards Division, Lianpo knew that it was over; he knew that they had no way out.

Lianpo arrived besides Di Chen and anxiously said, “Lord, let's go before it's too late!" The entire army was already in chaos. If they stayed, they would definitely die.

The moment he saw the Guards Division, Di Chen's smile froze. He could not imagine why Shanhai City's army would arrive here, weren't they cooped up in Jiyuan City?

How was that possible? How did they rush here ahead of Xiang Yu's army?

"How did this happen?"

Di Chen could not believe his own eyes. Things had changed too quickly, and it had caught him off guard.

"Go? Go where?"

Di Chen was crestfallen, like his entire being had lost its soul.

Under this huge psychological blow, Di Chen was about to collapse.

F*ck tolerance….

Di Chen wanted to scold out; he wanted to vent the frustration in his heart.

When Lianpo saw these changes, he tried to persuade Di Chen, “If we survive, we can find a way back!"

"Hah!" Di Chen laughed coldly; he did not bother about Lianpo.

"Quick, cover the lord and leave."

When Lianpo heard this response, he could only forcefully bring Di Chen away.

"Yes, general!"

When the guards heard this order, they grabbed Di Chen and hurried away.

The other lords had already run away for their lives under the protection of their personal guards.

This scene was really majestic.

Anyang City Wall.

"Lord, look, it's the Guards Division."

Wang Feng arrived at Ouyang Shuo's side. He pointed at the army outside, delighted.

In a short amount of time, the palace guards dropped from heaven to hell. Then, they quickly rose back up. It was too exhilarating.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, Baiqi was really too dependable.

"Lord, should we go out of the city to kill them?"


Ouyang Shuo shook his head and firmly said, “Defend, don't be stupid. Leave the enemy to the Guards Division."

"Yes, my lord!"

From the reactions of the uprising army, Ouyang Shuo roughly guessed that Di Chen had also asked for reinforcements.

Unfortunately, the Guards Division had arrived earlier.

At the current moment, Ouyang Shuo naturally needed to keep his calm.

How was it a battle outside the city? It was simply a massacre.

The charging Guards Division were simply too terrifying. They were like a pack of hungry wolves charging into a flock of sheep. The sheep panicked and ran around to escape.

Di Chen's army could be considered an elite army. Unfortunately, blow after blow had caused them to collapse. Their lord’s departure was also another element that added to their collapse.

Lianpo led the cavalry forces and hurriedly left the battlefield.

The remaining infantry naturally became sheep for slaughter.

The killing of the Guards Division were undoubtedly highly efficient.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the city wall. He looked at his stat page; his battle contribution points and experience constantly rose and totally did not stop.

After the second system update, the battle maps were fixed and changed. The first change cancelled the rule that players could not obtain experience from the battle maps.

After this huge war, Ouyang Shuo's level, which had not risen in awhile, rose several times.

Once a player's level broke past level 60, adventure gamemode players needed half a month before they could level up once. If Ouyang Shuo did not participate in wars, leveling would be the same as a snail crawling.

Ouyang Shuo checked it, till date, his battle contribution points had reached a staggering 458,530. It had exceeded his total points during the Battle of Changping, and no one on the leaderboard could touch his position.

Considering everything, it was the same as each member of their army killing two people.

The accumulated battle contribution points had the gains of the Guard Division and the mountain barbarians, as well as the palace Guards from the start.

The battles that the three thousand palace guards went through were far more than the Guards Division. As a result, they earned a lot of points. Purely at Anyang City, they had earned seventy to eighty thousand points.

The massacre outside of Anyang City was even scarier.

Seeing such a vast amount of points, Ouyang Shuo's eyes turned to the battle Commerce City.

Till now, he still had not exchanged for a single item.

Guangyao Armor making technical manual, forty thousand battle contribution points.


Guangyao Armor was same as the Mingguang Armor, in the sense that both were types of Tang Dynasty Armor.

Ouyang Shuo brought the Guangyao Armor to increase the variety of armors in the territory. Tang Dynasty Armor had thirteen different types. Comparatively, the current armor types in the Armory Division were pitifully little.

With the crafting experience from the Mingguang Armor, it would be much easier for the Armory Division to make the Guangyao Armor.

Olden Agriculture Tool Technical Manual, one hundred thousand battle contribution points.


Although olden agriculture tools looked unassuming, there were simply too many of them, and there were thirty to forty types. It affected every area of agriculture production.

A few simple examples.

Xuanyuan Plough: The earliest ploughing tool, which appeared in the late stages of the Tang Dynasty in the Dongjiang Region.

Kongming Waterwheel: A watering tool the East Han created and perfected during the Three Kingdoms Period.

Animal Drawn Seed Plough: Appeared during the West Han.

China was an agricultural nation since olden times. Its agricultural tools had improved and changed over the years. This was the collection of all the olden agricultural knowledge.

For this item, one hundred thousand battle contribution points was not expensive at all.

With this manual, Shanhai territory's agricultural level would experience a huge rise.

The people survived on food.

Agriculture would always remain important.

As for the other items, Ouyang Shuo were not interested in them.

What he needed the most now was a sword technique. Unfortunately, those in the Commerce City were only gold rank. Naturally, Ouyang Shuo did not bother about them.

Without mentioning gold rank techniques, Ouyang Shuo would have to consider the merits of learning even king rank techniques.

After buying all the items he needed, Ouyang Shuo closed the shop interface.

Outside Anyang City, it was a total slaughter.

In less than one and a half hours, twenty thousand troops were decimated. Apart from the five thousand cavalry that escaped, the Guards Division killed off the remaining enemy troops.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the city wall and nodded his head, “Open the city gates!"

"Yes, my lord!"

After a short while, Wang Feng turned around.


"Lord, the rocks have blocked the west gate, so we can't open it."


Ouyang Shuo froze.

"Spread the message to the Guards Division. Ask them to go to the south gate."

"Yes, my lord!"

After Wang Feng left, Ouyang Shuo also stood up. He needed to go to the south gate to welcome Lin Yi and his men. Before he left, he called Zhou Bo, Cao Can, and Xia Houying along.

These three generals had really performed well in this battle.

They had witnessed the strength and bravery of the Guards Division, making them feel fortunate and happy.

Such an elite army was really amazing.

The performance of the palace Guards these two days was already stunning enough. However, their numbers were simply too little. Zhou Bo and the others did not expect that Shanhai City’s army division grade troops would also be so strong.

Zhou Bo looked toward Xia Houying with envy.

Xia Houying held his chests up high. When he looked at the lord in front of him, he felt no more doubts in his heart.

Ouyang Shuo's performance yesterday had totally won over Xiao He and Xia Houying. A lord being able to set the example and lead his men, having both brains and brawn, what more can one ask for?

Even Liu Bang might not have done as well as Ouyang Shuo.

Especially Xiao He, who observed things the most closely and gained the most thoughts. For him to come out and help, aside from the two girls persuading him, Ouyang Shuo's performance also played a huge factor.

South City Gate.

Lin Yi led the Guards Division to form up at the city gate.

When he saw Ouyang Shuo, he immediately demounted from his horse and bowed.

"Greetings, lord!"

At the same time, tens of thousands of soldiers got down and bowed at the same time, which created an incredibly alluring scene. The eyes of Xia Houying and the others, who had followed behind him, froze.

Ouyang Shuo nodded.

After a simple welcome, Ouyang Shuo brought Lin Yi into the Lord's Manor.

Under the arrangement of Wang Feng, the Guards Division started to set up their defenses in the city. The Anti-Qin Army could arrive at any moment, so they could not relax.

The only difference was with the Guards Division there, Ouyang Shuo would not need to personally fight.

The consecutive battles had made Ouyang Shuo feel that the poison was nearly going out of control. Upon closer inspection, a faint green vein had appeared on his face.

As the poison acted up, Ouyang Shuo felt tremors of pain in his stomach. To not worry the generals, he could only forcefully hold it in. However, beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

How sharp was Lin Yi? He instantly noticed something weird about Ouyang Shuo.

"Lord, you?"

"I'm okay!" Ouyang Shuo waved his hand, sitting down in the meeting hall, “Speak, what did the commander tell you before you came."


Lin Yi immediately took out a letter and passed it to the lord.

As Ouyang Shuo read it, he did not say anything.

The war had already proceeded to such a stage. It was time for them to haul in their nets.