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Chapter 424- Qing Bu, Die!

Chapter 424- Qing Bu, Die!

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After a short while, Xiao He, Bai Hua, and Feng Qiuhuang walked into the meeting room.


Xiao He bowed to Ouyang Shuo.

When Ouyang Shuo raised his head and saw Xiao He, he nodded his head, pleased, “Sit!"

All of them were in the meeting room to discuss post-war matters.

At this very moment, someone arrived at the door to make a report.


"Come in!"

"Lord, Wang Li's army has arrived outside of the city."


Ouyang Shuo felt elated. At least, Wang Li was not totally out of hand and arrived on time.

With that, the danger that Anyang City faced was eliminated.

Wang Li’s fifty thousand vanguard force arrived at around 11 AM. The army set up camp outside the city. Wang Li only brought two guards with him to the Lord's Manor to meet Ouyang Shuo.

After all, since he was not a general under his direct charge, Ouyang Shuo just said a few words and did not scold him.

Based on Wang Li’s words, the one hundred thousand main force had already transported the grain they gathered from Henei and were rushing here. Tomorrow afternoon at the latest, the army would be able to reach Anyang.

With the grain problem solved, Ouyang Shuo heaved a sigh of relief.

If not, the numerous troops in the city would have to starve.

After the greetings, Ouyang Shuo quickly described the next step in the plan.

Purely defending and not attacking was not Ouyang Shuo's style.

Ouyang Shuo immediately ordered that Wang Li's troops did not need to enter the city. Instead, they would hide in the forest outside the west gate. He wanted to prepare a big gift for the Anti-Qin reinforcements.

After they arranged everything, in less than half an hour, Ying Bu's troops arrived outside Anyang City.

How close.

When Ying Bu reached the area and saw the terrible situation, his eyebrows tightly locked.

The situation was not right.

Did the player army get totally destroyed? Based on the intel, the Qin Troops in Anyang City should not be enough to destroy them.

Don't tell me that the Qin Army sent reinforcements?

Ying Bu looked at the Lord Flag that hung on the city wall; his expression cold and unstable.

"General, what should we do now?"

"Continue to siege!"

"Siege? The situation isn't clear. To siege doesn't seem right."

"Because we aren't sure, we have to siege."

"I'm stupid, please explain!"

Ying Bu relaxed a little, “Launch a test assault. Use it scout whether their strength is real or fake."

"General is smart!"

Yiung Bu did not bother about his flattery, “I have already sent a military order in front of General Xiang Yu, so there's no way back. No matter what, we must take the city down. Understood?"


The army pushed a huge number of siege weapons to the front of their formation.

On the city walls, the Guard Division had already taken over the defense work from the palace Guards.

The first to show their might were the arrow towers, the siege ladders, and the small number of trebuchets. Under the employment of these machines, Ying Bu launched his scouting assault.

The attack went unusually smooth.

Huge amounts of soldiers rushed up the city wall and engaged with the Guards Division soldiers.

When Ying Bu saw this scene, he let out a smile.

As expected, the enemy had suffered heavy losses and had pretty much used up all their city defense resources.

"Go all out!"

Since he already had an answer in his heart, naturally, he would not give the enemy a chance.

"Yes, general!"

The huge army swarmed toward the city in wave after wave.

It was true that they had used up the defense resources on the city wall. The Guards Division soldiers had rushed day and night. Now, they had to fight such a huge battle, so their fitness could not keep up.

Most importantly, Lin Yi had received orders to attract Ying Bu's troops up to the city wall.

Thanks to their coordination, Ying Bu's forces naturally held an advantage.

Both sides went head-to-head with one another on the city wall.

Ying Bu was also a famous general. The moment he noticed a weakness in the enemy, he would not give them any chance to breathe and launch a relentless assault.

However, the Guards Division were not useless, and they immediately retaliated.

Just when both sides engaged, Wang Li’s hidden army attacked.

Wang Li's army had rushed day and night to arrive here, which had already tired them. However, after resting in the forest, they had recharged themselves. The army consisted entirely of light armored cavalry. They suddenly appeared and stabbed the enemy from behind like a sharp knife.

More than half of Ying Bu’s army was currently at the foot of the city wall.

With Wang Li’s charge, they instantly fell into chaos.

Ying Bu never would have thought that enemy troops would attack them from behind. As such, he did not set up any defenses and instead arranged troops on both wings.

"Oh no, we fell into a trap!"

Ying Bu panicked; his face turned ashen white. He wanted to reorganize the troops, but unfortunately, it was too late.

"Qing Bu, die!"

Wang Li aimed Ying Bu and led his men to charged forward.

When Ying Bu heard these words, he was furious. He hated people calling him Qing Bu.

"Ignorant Wang Li!"

The two generals crossed swords.

Both sides were fierce generals, and they went head-to-head.

To honestly decide the winner and the loser, they would need at least a hundred rounds.

Unfortunately, time waited for no one.

Currently, the Ying Bu forces who were attacking were at a total lost. They could only back down and assist the main army.

Those that backed down gathered with the main forces but with no one to command them, the situation grew even more chaotic. Wang Li's army slaughtered them as they wished, their goal was to make sure that Ying Bu’s could not gather and get into a formation.

At this very moment, the palace Guards who had rested up came over from the south gate and stabbed into Ying Bu's army.

Stuck in a pincer attack, Ying Bu's forces immediately collapsed.

In the midst of a battle, if one side fell into chaos, there was no chance for them to gather up and fix their formation.

All that remained were their deaths.

The soldiers ran in all directions, and the battlefield was in a total mess.

At the later stages, even the Guards Division soldiers came out to fight.

Ying Bu's army was in chaos, but the Qin Army was not.

The three cavalry forces orderly moved on the battlefield, coordinating with one another to reap life after life. The commander, Cao Can, stood on top of the city wall.

Using order flags, Cao Can moved the three cavalry forces to attack Ying Bu's army.

When Ying Bu saw that, he knew that they were in trouble, and he did not want to remain tangled with Wang Li.

He shouted, as he blocked Wang Li's attacks. He led his men to escape toward the uprising army camp.

Wang Li followed after hism, chasing closely after.

Only after chasing ten kilometers did they return back to Anyang City.

In this battle, out of the fifty thousand, only ten thousand of Ying Bu's army escaped. The remaining all died under the walls of Anyang City. This battle did not take a single prisoner.

If they did not live, they would have to die.

At this point, Baiqi's strategy was truly on track.

He needed to wait for Wang Li's troops to transport the grain to Anyang City.

At that point, Anyang City would be safety theirs.

At that point, he could start the second part of his plan.

The noisy Anyang City had finally regained its peace and quiet after two days.

Under the organization of Xiao He, the civilian in the city went out to clean up the corpses, collect armor and weapons, war horses, siege weapons, grain and the like.

Looking out at the corpse mountains and blood seas, all the aristocratic families looked at the Qin army in fear. All their childish and foolish thoughts immediately disappeared, and they did not even dare to think about it.

After the war ended, Ouyang Shuo returned to his room to rest and did not meet anyone.

He handed all the matters in the city to Xiao He and the two ladies.

Outside Jiyuan City.

After Ying Bu left, Xiang Yu donned his cape and grabbed his spear, ready for battle.

Xiang Yi was a martial arts genius: knife, sword, halberd, spear, he was good at them all. His spear was the Overlord Moon-snatching Spear, his sword was the Leiting Sword, and his halberd was the Dragon City-breaking Halberd.

As this was a one-versus-one battle, and they would fight on horses, Xiang Yu chose the spear.

The news of the battle had already spread across all the troops.

Outside the city, there was a huge empty space.

Er'Lai, Zhang Liao, Qinqiong, and Wang He were similarly well-equipped, as they led their forces out of the city.

The five of them were all born from different dynasties, spanning a total of 1,600 years.

Er'Lai came from the Shang Dynasty, Wang He from the Warring States, Xiang Yu from the Qin Dynasty, Zhang Liao from the East Han Three Kingdoms, Qinqiong from Sui Tang Dynasty.

This was a true battle of the ages.

On both sides, the two troops of soldiers stood in their formations and cheered on their respective generals.

Apart from the shouts, both sides also brought out their war drums to help raise the morale.

One-versus-one was the most intense matter in the military.

Which man did not want to be the focus of hundreds of thousands of people and kill the enemy?

Before the battle even began, the atmosphere had already burned up.

The shouts spread out and echoed across the valley.

Baiqi stood on the city wall; he looked really calm.

On both sides sat Zhang Han and the other lords.

After a short while, Xiang Yu rode on Wuzhui and entered the cleared area.

The moment he appeared, he received loud cheers and claps.

After over ten days of fighting, his prestige and position in the army had climbed higher and higher.

At the start, merely circumstances had forced the alliance to follow his lead. Now, they were all willing. There was no other way, Xiang Yu and the Jiangdong Warriors he led were simply too strong.

Under Xiang Yu’s leadership, this was an invincible iron army.

At the current moment, the three thousand Jiangdong Warriors had lined up at the front of the uprising army as the main force. In their eyes, Xiang Yu was their undefeatable war god.

On the opposite side, Er'Lai felt unhappy when he saw Xiang Yu receive so many cheers the moment he appeared.

Behind the four fierce generals were their elite forces. Formed up behind Er'Lai was the heavy armored mountain barbarians. This steel wall was unbelievably eye-catching on every battle.

There were even some people who termed this force as the Wall of Shanhai.

With them in the formation, it would be as solid and impregnable as stone.

Even the Jiangdong Warriors had suffered losses against the mountain barbarians at the area that they defended.

The mountain barbarian regiment, the earliest formed infantry regiment of Shanhai City. Based solely on combat strength, they could even hold their own against the palace Guards.

This was a true trump card force.

Behind Zhang Liao, Qinqiong, and Wang He stood the trump card forces of Consonance City, Xunlong County, and Fallen Phoenix City.

In contrast to Shanhai City, these three generals were the top generals of their territories, so they were treated differently. Bai Hua and the others had invested all their resources on them.

A history-shocking war was about to occur.