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Chapter 425- The Overlord“s Last Song

Chapter 425- The Overlord's Last Song

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Along with the deafening beats of the war drums, the one-versus-one battle started.

At the front of the formation.

Xiang Yu mounted his Wuzhui Horse. He held the god weapon, Overlord Spear, in his hands. The weapon looked menacing and created an untouchable aura around him. Under the cheers of tens of thousands of people, the current Xiang Yu seemed like the pet of the heavens.

The glory of a war god was on full display.

Although it was four-versus-one, and they could go at him all at once, it would not look good. On the Qin Dynasty’s side, the strongest Er'Lai went up first.

Er'Lai had donned the Buren Armor, and he wielded a halberd in his hands. His mount was Luosha, who was not in the slightest bit weaker than Xiang Yu's Wuzhui horse.

The moment he appeared, loud cheers and shouts welcomed him. The ones that cheered the loudest were the mountain barbarians.

Luosha, this special mount, also instantly became the focal point of everyone.

"What beast is that?"

"Don't know. It doesn't look like something you would want to provoke."

"Hei, both the man and the mount are ugly."


"Who are you? Report your name."

When Xiang Yu saw that his opponent was not ordinary, he grew more and more excited.

Er'Lai smacked Luosha and arrived at the front of the formation,"I am Er'Lai, and I am here to teach you a lesson."


Excitement flashed across Xiang Yu’s eyes. Although he was a fierce general, he was not a dumb person. Not only was he well-read in military books, he also knew about history, so he had heard of Er'Lai.

In history, Er'Lai was a strong warrior that could go up against rhinoceros, bears, and tigers.

Facing such a strong opponent, Xiang Yu naturally relished the chance.

Er'Lai was also born with god given strength. In terms of strength alone, he was similar to Xiang Yu. However, Xiang Yu’s strength did not purely come from his god given strength. He also possessed exceptional martial arts.

In terms of martial arts, Er'Lai was much weaker than Xiang Yu.


Er'Lai was fearless and took the initiative to attack.

Luosha was a smart beast and instantly charged forward.

Everything happened in an instant.

Xiang Yu gave out a confident smile and smacked his horse.

As the two of them approached each other, Xiang Yu made use of his weapon's length to causally stab across.

Er'Lai did not dare take to take this blow lightly, so he raised his double iron halberd to block the attack.


As expected, although Xiang Yu’s strike looked casual, it was still really powerful.

If Er'Lai did not possess god given strength, and if Luosha was not a spirit beast, that hit would be hard to take. If it was a normal general, this move would easily fling him off his horse.


When Xiang Yu saw Er'Lai easily receive his stab, excitement built up within him. The Overlord Spear in his hand swung down. But whether it swept out or blocked, his expression was casual and not serious.

Er'Lai, on the other hand, was growing more and more solemn.

Xiang Yu's spear technique had already reached a level where he made the difficult look easy, and the seemingly easy strokes hid many exquisite martial concepts. If Er’Lai did not pay attention, he would be badly hurt.

If he failed to block or was too late to block, he would be badly hurt at any moment.

Even with Er'Lai's terrifying body qualities, under the successive hits, he still felt a terrible sensation in his chest.

If the Overlord Spear swept someone, even if they did not die, they would still lose a chunk of skin.

What an overlord, expectedly different.

Just like this, the two of them fought for thirty odd rounds, and Er'Lai slowly felt the difficulty rise.

In the battle, Er'Lai was basically forced to defend and remained on the back foot. Even so, he still felt his energy draining. On the other hand, Xiang Yu did not even break a sweat.

Xiang Yu was relaxed from start to finish.

Anyone could see that Xiang Yu held the advantage. Even without putting in his full effort, he made it difficult for his opponent to breathe.

Seeing their general's strength, the anti-Qin uprising army let out deafening roars.

On the other hand, the Qin Army was totally silent.

Only the heavy armored mountain barbarians were trying their best to raise the morale with their shouts.

At this point, Er'Lai finally realize the extent of Xiang Yu’s strength.

Zhang Liao, who was watching on from the side, came over when he saw the situation, "General Er'Lai, let me help you."

Zhang Liao's eyes were really sharp. He knew that if this situation dragged on, an accident might occur. Zhang Liao used the Moon-tooth Halberd, a long weapon similar to the Overlord Spear.

When Xiang Yu saw his actions, he did not panic at all and laughed, "Great timing!"

Such a figure, in a one-versus-two scenario, he was still so relaxed.

He struck out with his spear and chased after Er'Lai. Then, he used his spear to push aside Zhang Liao's halberd. Each spear was like the horn of a sheep, hard to see but totally deadly.

To Xiang Yu, his spear techniques acted as an attack and a defense.

Zhang Liao's halberd technique was also exquisite. However, his strength was far weaker than Xiang Yu. As such, he fell into a disadvantaged state.

It was clear that he had landed a blow on Xiang Yu, but his attacks were easily pushed aside.

Like a skilled kid facing a giant. No matter how good the swordsmanship, without strength to back it up, one hit from the giant would be enough.

The current Xiang Yu's martial arts had already reached a certain realm—the peak of martial arts.

Facing such a war god, everyone would feel weak and useless.


The uprising army camp cheered out when they saw their general show off his strength.

One-versus-two and not falling behind.

One must know that the people battling him were not scrubs. Be it Er'Lai or Zhang Liao, they were the pinnacle of their generation.

The three of them fought for thirty odd rounds more, yet they still could not do anything about Xiang Yu. At this time, Er'Lai was already exhausted. On the other hand, Xiang Yu only let out small beads of sweat. He possessed such terrifying stamina.

The strength of an overlord did not just come in power and skill; his body was also overpowered.

One could say that he had no weakness.

Such a general, only the war god Lu Bu during the Three Kingdoms Period could compete with him.

Who knows if one could witness the day when these war gods went head-to-head.

Just thinking about it made one's blood boil.

The charm of the game was on full display in these series of battles. Even the lords on both sides could not help but feel their blood heat up.

The generals that did not come out to fight fidgeted in their positions, and they wished that they could join in.

The atmosphere outside of Jiyuan City grew more and more intense. It had reached a point that was even more intense than a huge war.

"Since Xiang Yu is so savage, I'll join in!"

The one that spoke up was Wang He.

At this point, Xiang Yu was going one-versus-three.

"Who cares, do I look like I have any fear?"

Xiang Yu was still so arrogant; he did not see anyone as his level.

Only overlords had the ability to look down on everyone his age.

Er'Lai, Zhang Liao, and Wang He, these three generals formed up a three pronged formation and surrounded Xiang Yu within.

Xiang Yu showed no fear; his horse was also highly intelligent. It could move about freely in the tight space, changing his positions to coordinate with Xiang Yu's attacks.

One man and one horse combined into a whole.

The heavy Overlord Spear was not a weapon a normal person could wield. However, in his hands, it seemed so light, and he wielded it perfection as if it was a wooden stick.

The three of them attacking at once had piled a little pressure onto Xiang Yu.

Wang He was not a total no name, and he was a fearless General under Baiqi. When he was looking on from the side, he could already feel his blood boiling.

Once he joined the fight, he did not care about anything and just attacked.

If Zhang Liao did not help out, Xiang Yu would have struck Wang Li several times.

The three generals helped one another attack and defend.

Xiang Yu grew more and more solemn.

These three generals could not be found in the entire Qin Dynasty. Such a battle left Xiang Yu contented.

This huge battle was dazzling for all the soldiers watching on.

One might ask, had anyone seen a bigger battle than this in their lifetime?


Another forty rounds passed, yet the winner and the loser remained undecided.

At this point, even Baiqi had to admit that Xiang Yu’s words were not merely born of arrogance; he had the ability to back it up.

Seeing the three of them attack together and still fail to win against Xiang Yu, the uprising army grew even happier, and their cheers got even louder.

The last general of the Qin Army could not sit still any longer, so he joined in.

Four-versus-one, this was unprecedented in history and was taking place outside of Jiyuan City.

The addition of Qinqiong also increased the pressure on Xiang Yu.

Qinqiong used a horse lance, which was the long weapon out of long weapons. His lance technique was similarly perfected. If not, Ouyang Shuo would not have allowed him to be a lance technique teacher.

In additon, he was young and filled with motivation and energy.

The four generals surrounded Xiang Yu and attacked.

Xiang Yu's eyes grew more and more intense.

Since the start of the battle till now, Xiang Yu's full strength was finally forced out. Only the residue image of the Overlord Spear remained visible, as Xiang Yu kept up with all their attacks.

Such a scene was really alluring.

One must know that the Overlord Spear weight hundreds of kilograms; it was not a small wooden stick.

As Xiang Yu showed off his skills, their battle entered its climax.

The soldiers on both sides led out ear piercing shouts to cheer on their generals.

Being influenced by these voices, the five generals could feel their blood boil.

One must not underestimate the influence of the environment on a general. It even influenced the overlord, Xiang Yu. This environment relaxed his body and mind.

To him, this battle was much more fun than commanding hundreds of thousands of men.

It was not often that he met such a suitable opponent.

This feeling, if one was not at the same level, one could not understand it.


Xiang Yu laughed out boisterously, as he wielded the Overlord Spear in his hand with more and more strength.

Being provoked and influenced by Xiang Yu, Er'Lai and the other three generals pushed their skills to their maximum.

Through this battle, Qinqiong could even feel his skills, which had stagnated for years, actually experience signs of breaking through.

Meeting an expert was like that.

This battle was destined to be recorded in history.

Even Baiqi, who sat on top of the city wall, could not help but focus.

Although, he had arranged this battle, he could not control the procesl. Baiqi just wanted to waste Xiang Yu's time. It was obvious that he had achieved this goal, but the price was a bit too steep.

After this battle, Xiang Yu was pretty much immortalised in the uprising army.

In the previous battles, the soldiers had witnessed Er'Lai’s strength. They had not expected Xiang Yu to be able to one-versus-four and not fall to a disadvantage.

The entire Jiyuan City was bustling and raucous.