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Chapter 434- Territory Situation

Chapter 434- Territory Situation

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All the happenings in Xianyang City, Shanhai City was only an onlooker.

Ouyang Shuo was calm about it. A setback was only a setback; there was nothing he could do about it.

Shanhai City, Nanjiang Governor-General Manor.

Within the main hall, the 7th month administrative meeting was currently taking place.

The 7th month was an unusual month for the territory. In this month, they officially had control of three prefectures of land, and they had formed the Nanjiang Governor-General House.

7th month, under the leadership of wheelchair general Sun Bin, the Tiger Legion swept across Qiongzhou Island. Be it aboriginals or players, they were all mercilessly destroyed.

Clearing out Qiongzhou Island was of little test to Sun Bin’s ability.

This young commander would definitely perform more eye-catching acts in future big battles.

The most terrifying aspect was that Sun Bin was still improving.

Ouyang Shuo had casually talked to Sun Wu. He knew that Sun Bin would write letters back to his grandfather to discuss military strategies and theories.

From Sun Wu's tone, it was not hard to see that the War Saint had high hopes and commendations for this young man.

This was the good fortune of the War Saint and also the good fortune of the territory.

The 2nd division major general of the Tiger Legion Daiqin was awarded the title of Dangkou General for his fearless performance. This ‘grassland black tiger’ had finally climbed out of the shadow of the Battle of Lianzhou and regained his glory.

Apart from Daiqin, the deputy major general of the 3d division, Shanzhu, also had stellar performances. Based on the simple description from Sun Bin, this Li Race young leader was a god of improvement.

Under the teachings of Caogui, Shanzhu's commanding abilities grew stronger by the day.

A star was slowly rising on Qiongzhou Island.

After the battle, the Tiger Legion had captured a total of seventy thousand warrior prisoners. Amongst which, there were soldiers from territories, Li Race people, as well as aboriginal soldiers.

As for the normal commoners, they had captured over four hundred thousand. There were more than forty Li Race tribes. The entire Qiongzhou Island groaned under the sharp blade of the Tiger Legion.

After their deflection, the combat prisoners formed the Qiongzhou Prefecture Garrison Division. Su Wang, previously the 2nd division third regiment colonel, was appointed as the major general.

After establishing the Garrison Division, the Tiger Legion could assist other battlefields at any time.

Under the flames of war, the Tiger Legion 3rd division, and the 1st mountain division of the territory had slowly taken form. They now possessed terrifying strength.

Especially in mountain battles, where they were exceptionally eye-catching.

To be able to take down the north mountain region in one swoop, it all depended on them.

After receiving the news, Ouyang Shuo immediately ordered the Military Affairs Department to move the 3rd division to gather at Shanhai City. They would move along with the Dragon Legion 1st division toward the hundred thousand mountains to attack Chiyou City.

Shi Wanshu’s Dragon Legion 1st division had been housed in Broken Blade House, on the border of the hundred thousand mountains. During this period of time, Shi Wanshui had not slacked off.

He had trained his units hard in mountain battle. He even purposely found mountain barbarian tribes to learn the experiences needed to survive in the forest, as well as tips and tricks.

Apart from that, they needed to send out scouts to find a suitable route. Along the route, he set up resource points to ensure that the army had enough resources and logistics.

Not only was Shi Wanshui a strong fighter, his commanding experience was very vast. With the two divisions gathering up, Ouyang Shuo had more confidence in them passing the hundred thousand mountains.

The moment this force succeeded, it would result in a whole different battle. Not only did it provide a route for the soldiers to attack Chiyou City, it also opened up a contact route from Lianzhou Prefecture to the outside.

As the territory expanded, the geographical weakness of Lianzhou Basin would slowly be exposed.

Being boxed in had its pros and cons.

When the territory was weak and small, locking one in was naturally the best choice. After all, this would prevent the interference of other powers.

The uprising army failing to disturb them was the greatest proof.


After the lord grew stronger, this had more cons than pros.

As the heart of the entire territory, the location of Shanhai City was too secluded, which made it hard for the Nanjiang Governor-General House to run the other parts of the territory.

In olden times, good official channels and water routes were the lifeline of a rule. Without one of them, it was easy to lose control of the territory.

In the case of Shanhai City, this posed an even more serious problem.

Apart from the Mulan Stronghold, Shanhai City did not have a second pathway out to the outside world. The current Qiongzhou and Leizhou Prefectures were both run from water routes.

But what about the future?

Zhaoqing Prefecture, Wuzhou Prefecture, Xunzhou Prefecture.

All these places could not be managed from water passages.

Hence, opening up a pathway from Lianzhou Prefecture to the outside seemed to grow in importance.

After the war, the entire Qiongzhou Island had totally been inculcated into their rule.

Qiongzhou Prefecture had officially established the Yashan House, the Danzhou House, as well as the Qiongshan House.

Yashan City was confirmed as the governing area of Qiongzhou Prefecture.

The three Houses would be governed by the three tier 1 subsidiary territories of Yashan City.

Yashan City used a gold-rank village creation token, so its tier 1 subsidiary territories were all silver rank. They had a huge potential as a governing area.

Qiongzhou Island was large but lacked men. The most important factor was the need to unify the aboriginals on the island.

Governor Tian Wenjing had previously taken up of the role negotiator with the mountain barbarians, so he had vast experience with dealing with other races. Under his charge, the aboriginals of Qiongzhou Island were integrating into the territory.

The completion of the first season of rice crop harvesting in the first half of the year helped in particular. It solved the grain problems of Qiongzhou Prefecture, and they did not need to import any more grain. This helped make administrative matters much easier to handle.

Qiongzhou Prefecture was located in a divine location; they had fertile soil, which was highly suitable for agricultural development.

To support the agriculture development of Qiongzhou, Ouyang Shuo even instructed the Xinan University to form an agriculture consultant group to visit Qiongzhou. They would help to set out agriculture projects.

Agriculture was also the base. If Qiongzhou wanted to develop further, they needed to make use of the adventure gamemode players.

The entire island, apart from the Five Finger Mountains, and the South Mountain mysterious region, there was a place that attracted the players—the boundless oceans.

The vast oceans had many islands and numerous pirates.

Treasures? Rare materials? Adventures?

These matters filled all of their imaginations.

The vast ocean was far more tempting to adventure gamemode players than the Five Finger Mountains.

Sun Xiaoyue, who took charge of Yashan City, had written messages to Ouyang Shuo based on the news she got. She suggested they construct a shipyard to build merchant ships and small-sized war ships.

The ships would either be sold or rented to adventure gamemode players to sail the seas.

When Ouyang Shuo received the letter, he immediately replied—agreed.

Sun Xiaoyue's eyes were expectedly sharp.

The unassuming suggestion would bring Yashan City endless amounts of fortune in the future.

The members of the Shanhai Alliance Guild Alliance had heard the news, and they immediately agreed to form a squadron to explore the neighboring islands.

Lin Jing was the worst. She directly asked Ouyang Shuo to gift her a turreted ship to act as her flag ship. She wanted to personally explore the oceans.

After they explored the South Mountain Cave, Lin Jing had hung around the Five Finger Mountains.

At that time, similar to Song Jia, she had also obtained a golden-spotted phoenix butterfly.

After which, the attraction of Yashan to Lin Jing decreased a lot. Just when she was ready to return to Jianye, such huge news appeared; how could she not feel excited?

When Ouyang Shuo heard her request, he could only agree. After all, she was his little aunt.

The built turreted ship was named War-Snow. It was docked in the harbor and looked really stunning.

The only unhappy one was probably Xie Siyun. This strong woman grumbled that Lin Jing went crazy and did not help out at Jianye.

Toward their relationship, naturally Ouyang Shuo just kept silent.

In the sale of ships or exploring vessels to outsiders, Yashan City had signed extra agreements.

Those who wanted to buy had to promise to share any geographical intel they found through exploration with the Yashan Squadron.

At the same time, Yashan City had the first rights to occupying the various surrounding islands.

After calming down the entire Qiongzhou Prefecture, it was time for Ouyang Shuo to open it up. The entire Yashan City would now open to adventure gamemode players.

When they received the news, the China region players were delighted.

Following which, the news of the sale of warships made their passion and eagerness explode.

All of a sudden, Yashan City became a gathering ground; all the major guilds and organizations swarmed in. Solely the teleportation fees made Yashan rich.

One could foresee that the future Yashan City would be a cash cow and bring in unprecedented profits.

The development of Qiongzhou Prefecture was only one small part of the territory.

Apart from that, Leizhou Prefecture was also stellar.

Under the support of the Four Seas Bank, Leizhou Prefecture's rebuilding and expansion projects had reached their end. Only huge projects were left, such as the few harbors.

If Leizhou Island became stable, it would definitely help the territory greatly in the future.

Governor Bao Shuya’s performance was also eye-catching. Under his charge, the entire prefecture regained its prosperity, and the dark figures ceased to exist.

Especially after the establishment of the Nanjiang Governor-General House, the internal resistance in Leizhou Prefecture got weaker and weaker.

Before this, Ouyang Shuo also treated those territories that helped Shanhai City nicely.

Based on the promises, the territory allowed them to be merchants in Leizhou.

With such new business powers, they used their gold advantage and local connections to go up against the various Chamber of Commerces.

This was the outcome that Ouyang Shuo wanted to see.

Toward Hequanji and even Cui Chamber of Commerce, Ouyang Shuo maintained a necessary level of wariness.