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Chapter 438- King Beast Scale Armor

Chapter 438- King Beast Scale Armor

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On the subject matter of Zhang Yi, he did in fact have some link with Shanhai City. The first division major general of the Leopard Legion, Wei Zhang was an official from the same place, and they had formed a close relationship.

Because of that, Ouyang Shuo had confidence in persuading Zhang Yi.

However, Wei Zhang was still outside in battle and could not return. Ouyang Shuo could only silently hint at Wei Ran, who was in charge of welcoming them, to reveal the information to Zhang Yi to keep him here.

As for moving in and taking up a role, these matters would be discussed in the future.

8th month 2nd day, Shanhai City.

Just as Shanhai City was preparing for the big occasion, Song Jia had already sneakily returned.

In total, she took less than five days.

Returning along with Song Jia were Cui Tianqi, Banxia, and the rest of the ten disciples. They had spent a hundred odd days out training, similar to Song Jia.

Practical experience definitely helped to mould and shape a person.

The ten young disciples looked tan and had lost their childish feel. They looked more calm and solem. Especially Cui Tianqi, who led the group. As the elder brother disciple, he had taken care of his younger brothers and sisters, and he had grown quickly.

This young swordsman had started to emit the aura of a proper expert.

Ouyang Shuo noticed that the sword by his waist had already changed to the Qingfeng Sword.

The Qingfeng Sword was the sword that Ouyang Shuo originally gave to Song Jia. After she gained the god weapon, she naturally replaced the Qingfeng Sword. For Tianqi to obtain the sword was a form of Song Jia’s recognition.

It seems like Song Jia paid a lot of attention to this disciple.

Although Ouyang Shuo was injured, his senses were still as sharp as before. He could smell the blood scent on Tianqi's body. Evidently, the experience on the Five Finger Mountains was not easy.

The ten disciples all had scars of battle.

Amongst which, one had his little leg ripped off by a desolate beast, making him disabled for life.

Practicing martial arts was never as glamorous as it looked; injuries were common place. Not to mention them, even Song Jia had a body covered in injuries when she returned.

This training had an even larger impact on Banxia and the other girls.

In her eyes, there was less arrogance and a few added points of fear.

Ouyang Shuo frowned when he saw this.

This was not a good thing. How did she become more timid after practical training?

Ouyang Shuo did not say anything. Song Jia probably knew this matter too.

"Greetings, lord!"

In the side hall, all the disciples bowed, as they greeted Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and signaled to the guard that stood at the side.

Almost instantly, they carried a heavy wooden box into the main hall.

After they carried the box into the middle of the hall, they opened it, which revealed ten swords and ten cultivation uniforms.

The Weapons Workshop had crafted the swords; they were all hard to acquire elite products. Qing’er had tailored the cultivation uniforms. Not only did they look exquisite, they also brought with them some stats.

After wearing the uniform, one's internal cultivation speed would increase by 5%.

Although it was not a seismic increase, after daily and monthly accumulation, it would still result in a sizeable sum.

Qing’er had used rare materials to craft the cultivation uniforms. If not, Ouyang Shuo would have just sold it to the outside world. Qing’er had rushed out these ten sets.

Ouyang Shuo naturally bore the material costs.

After Ouyang Shuo chided her, Qing'er had started to refocus on her skills. Cui Yingyu felt heart pained for this little sister, so she told the Cui Chamber of Commerce to acquire large amounts of tailoring blueprints for Qing'er to study.

The cultivation uniforms were one of her proud works.

The first set was naturally given to Ouyang Shuo, as she treated it like a treasure.

Toward Qing'er, Ouyang Shuo had a love-hate relationship.

Through the birth of the cultivation uniform, it was not difficult to see that her talent was heaven-defying. If she put in effort, her future would be limitless.

Just that this girl had headed on the wrong path, falling into the money trap.

If it was not for Ouyang Shuo's scolding, who knows how long it would take for her to learn.

At least it was not too late to turn back.

Probably, in a short amount of time, Qing'er would reach the grandmaster rank tailor.

As an elder, Ouyang Shuo felt heart broken for her.

After spending so much time together, he would naturally develop a lot of feelings for Qing'er and Cui Yingyu. At this point, it was hard for him to look at them as just a bunch of numbers.

In his eyes, they were proper, living human beings.

In the future, Ouyang Shuo would definitely bring both of them out into the real world.

They were the true loved ones of Ouyang Shuo.

Not only him, Bing'er probably felt the same way. Apart from her real brother, that little brat was closest to the two of them.

Especially Qing'er, their ages were relatively similar, and their relationship was closer than even real siblings.

Seeing the disciples drooling as they looked at the swords, Ouyang Shuo smiled, “These are prepared for you. One set per a person, take it!"

"Thank you, my lord!"

Cui Tianqi took the lead to express his thanks, while the other disciples all looked elated.

After splitting the equipment, Ouyang Shuo said, “Guys, since the training has ended, I'll give you all a choice. Either return to the sect to cultivate or join the Nanjiang Governor-General House. The choice is yours; I or your sect leader won't interfere."

Regarding this matter, Ouyang Shuo had already discussed it; this act could not be considered power abuse.

Having some of them join the Nanjiang Governor General House was preparation work for building the Safety Division. The future Safety Division would take responsibility of intel collection and the capture of prisoners.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo needed a group of martial arts experts to join.

In front of him, was there not such a suitable bunch?

Of course, everyone had their own ambitions; Ouyang Shuo would not force them. After all, when a person entered the Safety Division, unless they died, they could not leave.

The disciples looked at one another, not knowing what to say.

Only Cui Tianqi stepped out without hesitation. With one knee on the ground, he said, "Lord, Tianqi chooses to join the Nanjiang Governor-General House." In his eyes, there were signs of emotion.

Seeing their senior brother take the lead, four other disciples decided to join too.

The remaining disciples, including Banxia, decided to return to the sect.

Lastly, he needed to handle the disciple who was handicapped. After gaining his opinion, Ouyang Shuo instructed Zisu to find a management position for him.

This disciple was called Qu Yepin; he was naturally grateful. The moment he was handicapped, he felt utterly depressed. To a martial artist, losing a leg was more difficult to handle than death.

Qu Yepin had already mentally prepared himself for abandonment. Who knew that he would receive such an ending? The position of manager at the Lord's Manor was an honourable position that everyone vied for.

"Thank you, my lord!"

He knelt on the ground and cried out.

"Get up!"

Following which, Banxia led her three junior sisters back to the sect. Cui Tianqi's and the four other disciples stayed. Out of the five, there was one female disciple.

Firstly, Ouyang Shuo arranged for them to train at the special forces base. They naturally would not undergo fighting training there. Instead, they would learn investigation, camouflage, and interrogation skills.

Those that passed were not enough. One had to have elite grades to enter the Safety Division.

Ouyang Shuo allowed a guard to lead them to the special forces base. In the side hall, only Song Jia and Ouyang Shuo remained.

As for Song Jia’s quick return, in truth, Ouyang Shuo was surprised.

Of course, he was also very touched.

Song Jia was probably worried about the poison in his body. As such, she had rushed. Who knows what she went through to find the iron armored king beast.

Just as Ouyang Shuo wanted to thank her, the guard outside suddenly reported.

"Lord, God Physician Bianque is waiting."

Who knew that Bianque was also so efficient.

"Invite him in."

"Yes, my lord!"

When Bianque entered, he bowed to Ouyang Shuo.

Song Jia did not say anything. She simply took out a rhino horn and a small box. Inside the box was naturally the inner pellet of the King Beast.

When Bianque received it, he looked really emotional.

To a god physician, seeing medical resources that he had not seen before was a blessing.

"How is it?"

Song Jia was even more nervous than Ouyang Shuo.

"Elite product, elite."

Bianque was amazed.

When Song Jia heard these words, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Bianque carefully covered the box and raised his head," Lord and madam, please don't worry. I'll finish the pill in three days."

"Thank you!"

Bianque stood up and left.

After Bianque left, Song Jia took out a scale armor from her storage bag and smiled, “Blockhead, look; this is top-grade scale armor."

Ouyang Shuo took a piece, only to see a scale armor which was tough and closely packed. He used his strength to pull at it but could not budge it. How shocking.

One must know that Ouyang Shuo had the strength of three oxen. Although he had not used all of his strength, he had still applied a lot of force.

Such a scale armor was really a top-grade item.

"Infuse your primordial energy and try it again."

Obviously, the secrets of the scale armor was not limited to its toughness.

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he directed a thread of golden primordial energy into the armor. Only to see it swim away and unable to harm the armor’s structure.


Ouyang Shuo was astonished.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo's expression, Song Jia nodded her head in glee and smiled, “This scale armor is not only tough. The rarer aspect is that internal strength can't damage it. It is a top grade armor ingredient."

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head.

Apart from that, the scale armor had other magical uses. He predicted that after using primordial energy on it, the toughness would increase.

"How did you kill this king beast?"

Thinking about that, Ouyang Shuo looked at Song Jia with doubt.

The strength of the king beast was not hard to imagine since it had such an armor protecting it. At the start, when Ouyang Shuo killed a basic iron armor beast, he had expended a lot of energy to do so.

Moreover, that iron armor beast was nothing compared to the king beast.


Song Jia smiled, but she did not reveal her methods.