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Chapter 439- Iron Armored Beast Division

Chapter 439- Iron Armored Beast Division

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Ouyang Shuo looked at Song Jia with love and pity.

This silly girl just wanted to seem strong.

"Give me the scale armor. I'll pass it to Qing'er. So many pieces, probably enough to make three to four sets of inner armor."

The inner armor was secondary, the primary matter was that with so many valuable materials, Qing'er had a chance to reach the grandmaster level. Last time, that little girl was still grumbling to him about not having enough rare materials to break the bottleneck.

Ouyang Shuo had passed her the scale armor from the iron armored beast, but it was not good enough for her.


Song Jia passed them all to Ouyang Shuo, ‘Oh yeah, there's also this." As she spoke, Song Jia took out a book from her storage bag.

"What's that?"

Ouyang Shuo received it and took a look. Then, his mouth gaped open.

Iron Armored Beast Domestication Technique Manual: After use, naturally learns the technique to domesticate the iron armored beasts.

"This king beast also dropped this?"


"That's not bad!"

Ouyang Shuo smiled. In his heart, there was not too much shock.

One must know that even on Qiongzhou Island, the iron armored beasts were a rare species. Hence, even with this manual, one could not start a large scale domestication process, as they would lack the numbers required.

"You ya."

Song Jia looked at Ouyang Shuo. She was somewhat speechless, so she unhappily said, "Don't look down on people. What if I said that I found a valley with thousands of them living in it?"


Ouyang Shuo did not notice that his voice was quaking; her words had shaken his entire train of thought.

A valley with thousands of them? What kind of concept was that? Combining the manual and these beasts, it would birth a whole new type of cavalry.

Iron Armored Beast Division? The thought alone made one emotional.

One must know that the iron armored beasts were actual desolate beasts; they could compare to spirit beasts. Such beasts could be much better mounts than Qingfu Horses.

After all, no matter how you compared them, the Qingfu Horse was just a normal warhorse.

Think about the massive size of the iron armored beast. In tandem with their strength and explosiveness, such a cavalry would create a nightmare.

Probably, the only lacking aspect would be stamina.

However, that would not pose a problem. An iron armored cavalry force must form the strongest heavy armored cavalry. They would be a terrifying presence that could decide the outcome of a battle.

Heavy armored cavalry did not need to embark on long distance battles.

Their goal was to directly slaughter the enemy in front of them.

Of course, to control such a strong mount, it would ask a lot from the rider. The first people to come to Ouyang Shuo’s mind were the mountain barbarians.

Probably only the similarly strong mountain barbarians could ride such a desolate beast.

Quickly, a basic plan formed in Ouyang Shuo's mind. As he thought about this matter, Ouyang Shuo turned around and looked deep into Song Jia's eyes, "Jiajia, you really are my lucky star."

As he spoke, he suddenly hugged her.

"Stupid blockhead."

Song Jia could not block his sneak attack. Her face reddened with embarrassment.


Ouyang Shuo was on cloud nine.

When the guards outside of the hall heard the noises from within, they acted obliviously. These Guards were the soldiers of the Divine martial Guards, his most loyal soldiers.

At this moment, Ouyang Shuo thought about actual matters.



"Invite Du Ruhui, Zhu Hongliang, and Xia Houying over to the main hall."

"Yes, my Lord!"

When she saw that Ouyang Shuo needed to hold a meeting, Song Jia was ready to leave.

Song Jia knew her place. Although she was the female owner of the manor, she would not interfere in his work matters. She knew that along with Ouyang Shuo’s rise in power, some matters would become untouchable.

Especially with her family behind her, who did not know their place.

Political interference would always worry a Lord.

Relatives interfering was an even more worrying matter.

Song Jia was a smart girl, as she had grown up in such an environment. She knew how she should behave.

Ouyang Shuo was very pleased about this point.

"Wait up."

Ouyang Shuo called her and laughed, "Invite your mom and dad over tomorrow."

Since Song Jia had returned, the matter of dealing with the Song Family had shifted up his agenda.

Ouyang Shuo knew the Battle of Zhaoqing like the back of his fingertips.

Compared to the Battle of Leizhou, he had only sent three divisions to the Battle of Zhaoqing. They were the 2nd and 4th division of the Dragon Legion and the 1st division of the Leopard Division.

Amongst which, the Leopard Division had newly formed, so they lacked combat strength in comparison.

In theory, they should increase the number of troops in this attack.

However, Du Ruhui considered everything and could only shake his head and say no.

The 1st division of the Dragon Legion and the 3rd division of the Tiger Legion had already gathered in Broken Blade House. They were ready to go past the hundred thousand mountains to attack Wuzhou.

The 3rd division of the Dragon Legion was housed in Mulan Stronghold.

Along with the establishment of Taiping Country, as well as the swallowing of Zhen An and Guilin Prefecture, Taiping Country's troops had increased to nearly 200 thousand in number.

The troops housed north of the fortress had increased to 40 thousand. With only the 3rd division, the defence was really nervous.

Thanks to the stronghold, they could use one division to go against 40 thousand troops with little issue.

The key question was what if they suddenly increased their troops?

In that case, Mulan Stronghold would fail to remain rock stable.

With the ambitions of the Taiping Country, there was a chance that it might happen.

After all, as long as they took Mulan Stronghold down, their troops could directly attack Lianzhou Prefecture.

However, Hong Xiuquan did not know how many elite troops were housed in Lianzhou. If not, he would definitely launch an attack.

Since Shanhai City had the Military Intelligence Division and the Black Snake Guards, in terms of intel, the Taiping Country were totally on the back foot. They were not even on the same level.

Their every move was known to Shanhai City.

On the contrary, they knew nothing about Shanhai City. No one could pass through Mulan Stronghold. Even a fly could not enter.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo was confident in their ability to crush and suppress Taiping Country.

The other three divisions of the Tiger Legion had just finished the Battle of Qiongzhou, so they needed to rest up.

Apart from that, there was another reason—some of the aboriginal tribes had not submitted. The resistance and sneak attacks happened constantly, which affected the construction in Qiongzhou Prefecture.

These aboriginals were very crafty. They would not attack the large cities. Instead, they chose small settlements and villages.

Under such circumstances, Ouyang Shuo naturally could not move the Tiger Legion.

He sent a letter to General Sun Bin and Governor Tian Wenjing. He asked them to with one another. The officials would take a soft stance, while the military would take a hard stance to suppress the violence and situation.

Although Ouyang Shuo did not scold anyone in the letter, both of them could sense his fury.

The moment he blew up, Qiongzhou Prefecture would experience another bloodbath.

Before he moved into Yashan, Ouyang Shuo could tell that the aboriginals there were hard to handle. However, he did not expect them to face so many problems even with a full legion defending.

Their toughness had far exceeded his expectations.

He could only send a letter and hope for them to clear up the matter. If not, he did not mind fighting fire with fire and killing them all.

During the entire Battle of Qiongzhou, he had not ordered the extermination of any tribe. If the situation really went out of hand, he could only take such an action to send a message.

Apart from the two legions, only the Guards division and palace Guards remained.

Unfortunately, the Battle of Julu caused heavy casualties to both these groups. The losses in men could not be replenished in a day or two.

The palace Guards were still okay, as they could directly chose men from the Guards division. At the same time, the unit was renamed to the Divine Martial Guards.

The Guards division faced more of a problem. They were already lacking men. Now, 1400 were taken away; it was tough.

The major general Lin Yi ran over to complain once every few days.

Unfortunately, as it was still war time, they could not reduce the combat strength on the frontline forces. As such, the Military Affairs Department could only choose from the 3rd division of the Dragon Legion, 1st division of the Dragon Legion, and 3rd division of the Tiger Legion at Broken Blade House.

They could only slowly fill up the missing members of the three divisions,

Shi Wanshui and the other generals all had small grumbles about this matter. One must know that although they were not on the frontlines yet, they would soon be.

At this time, suddenly taking hundreds and thousands of elites, although it was not enough to affect the essence, it was enough to give them a headache.

Ouyang Shuo did not let this matter fester.

In order to alleviate their complaints, he could only promise to quickly replenish their members. At the same time, he promised to give them more equipment and grain.

Only then did this matter come to rest.

When the territory enlarged, problems would arise.

As the Lord, he could not just protect the Guards division and the Divine Martial Guards. If not, the other units would start to have problems and unrest.

The new members sent from the three divisions were not directly used. They had to be sent to the special forces base for two weeks of training.

Trump card forces like the Guards division and the Divine Martial Guards were strong. However, the moment they suffered loses, it was difficult to regain strength. Otherwise, Ouyang Shuo would not have just built group of them.

Hence, everything considered, they could not increase the number of troops to attack Zhaoqing.

Baiqi and Han Xin could only lead three divisions.

Apart from that, there was the help from the Tianshuang County city protection division.

Although they had a logistic supply advantage compared to the Battle of Leizhou, it was much harder in other aspects.

For the Battle of Leizhou, they had caught the enemy off guard. When Leizhou fell, not only the Lords in Zhaoqing, but the Lords in the entire Lingnan Province were shouting that the wolves were here.

At this point in time, it was impossible to launch another sneak attack.

They could only attack head on.